Monday, June 30, 2014

Late night open thread

"The problem is that the people with the most ridiculous ideas are always the people who are most certain of them."
 -- Bill Maher

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is closing...for 5 months

Yes, five months. Rehabbing the old gal and all. Expanding the kitchen and what not. Still...

World Cup Today -- Day 19

Mexico deserved better. Look, the USA and Mexico are arch-rivals but that Arjen Robben diving penalty kick was bullshit and everyone on the globe knows it. Even Robben said he dove in the game but earlier (which PROVES once again and finally in his own words, Arjen Robben is a professional diver who puts Cristiano Ronaldo to shame. Mexico deserves fair officiating as does any team. Who to blame? We all know Robben's a diver, let's focus on the referees whom, if they pulled out yellow cards for simulation against a diver early in the tournament, the diver would have to make a decision if the next dive might be worth sitting out a game on a second yellow in the next few games. Until the referees hold up yellow cards for diving, it's gonna continue. Look, if NFL referees never called defensive pass interference on pass plays those guys would grab, hold and molest any and all receivers. Officials are in charge of cleaning up the malfeasance on the pitch in Johnny's opinion. They're not doing it.

Brazil is whistling past the graveyard for now but the grim reaper is at the other end and he wears Columbia yellow.

Today's matches can be called Underdog Monday. We had South American Saturday so today is Underdog Monday. Looking to revel in the success of Costa Rica both Algeria and Nigeria hope to stand tall against powerhouses Germany and France. First off the goal scoring machine of France takes on Nigeria at noon EDT. We have high hopes of wild upsets and crazy bracket busters but, well, yeah. Johnny has looked at this game and no matter how the Rubik's Soccer Cube is moved it lands on 3-0 France. But wait, there is a second game, the Desert Foxes of Algeria, playing their best soccer in their nation's history against ruh ro, Germany. Johnny has looked at this game and no matter how the Rubik's Soccer Cube is moved it lands on 3-0 Germany.

So yes, today might be not the day to overload on the soccer if you have things to do. Massive upsets DO happen but today maybe not so much. We hope for competitive matches and lotsa golazos nonetheless.

France vs Nigeria noon
Germany vs Algeria 4pm

Terrence T. McDonald hosts How well do you REALLY know Mayor Fulop...

Our favorite reporter comes out with a Top Ten Things We've Learned About Steve Fulop (Who the Jersey City Desk is grading a "B" for his first year in office) this AM in the Jersey Journal and while some results might be obvious others won't be. A fun read on a soul crushing Monday morning, last week before the 4th weekend.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Late night open thread

Well the Group of Death kept it's appointments, with Portugal and Ghana anyway. Heh heh, not today death, not today.

Right at this critical weekend in the tournament Johnny is heading north to Boston for the weekend. Badly needed stress relief is at hand. So you're going to have to look elsewhere for World Cup previews until Monday. Saturday is being called South America Saturday with Brazil playing Chile and Columbia playing Uruguay. Do enjoy.

Congrats to Team USA who had what, a 9% chance to advance when they started? Certainly was a stressful 45-60 minutes this afternoon hoping Ghana didn't get a second. When the Ghana goalie batted the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo about 20 feet in front of the Ghanaian net in the 80th minute Johnny jumped off his couch (he did) and screamed "OhMyGod." because he'd seen this Ronaldo fellow finish plays before. Sure helped everyone breathe easier. Funny some are crediting Portugal for saving the USA when it didn't happen like that at all. It saved USA soccer fans from heart attacks is all.

So until Sunday night have a great weekend, be good, and don't bite anybody.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

If you'd like to leave work to watch the USA vs Germany match you're covered

US Men's national Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has written you an excuse note to give to your boss so you might watch the game, what a guy:

Word Cup Today -- Day 15

Here we are, it has come to this. Back when the groups were drawn back in December, everyone looked at the USA draw in Group G, the "Group of Death" and said the ONLY way the USA gets out is with a win over Ghana (got that) a tie with Portugal (got that) and hold onto your ass vs. Germany. The ass holding begins at noon.

So, here's the long and the short of it. Johnny's not going into long winded tactical discussions because the Germans win most of those. The USA and Germany are tied on 4 points (Germany win any tie in the group currently on goal differential) while Ghana and Portugal each have 1. Best scenarios for the USA?

1) Beat Germany win group
2) Tie Germany come in second in group
3) Have Portugal and Ghana tie, move through
4) Have Portugal beat Ghana because the USA has a +2 goal differential on Ghana but a +7 vs. Portugal

Worst things? Ghana starts kicking the hell out of an uninterested Portugal. Germany starts crushing the USA. That's when our +2 goal difference might go astray. Still the USA has a 74.6% chance to advance according to number crunchers.

BREAKING NEWS!!! -- Ghana has sent home TWO top players from their team, from ESPN:

Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari have been suspended "indefinitely" and sent home from Ghana's World Cup camp following alleged rows with their coach and and an official.

As Syrio Forel said to Arya Stark, "There is only one Group G, and its name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today'.”

There are two other matches today, at 4pm if you're either hiding under blankets in a huge funk or so excited and happy you just want to watch all the soccer today.

Algeria and Russia will play to see who follows Belgium out of their group. This is the group by the way that the USA's Group G will start against in elimination rounds.  The second place team in Group G will play Belgium while the winner in Group G will get either Algeria or Russia. The Desert Foxes of Algeria impressed last time out with a massive three goal surge. Fabio Capella was paid a LOT of do-re-mi by the Russian Soccer Federation to get into the knockout stages. Let's go Algeria!

USA vs Germany noon
Ghana vs Portugal noon

Belgium vs South Korea 4pm
Russia vs Algeria 4pm

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Late night open thread

“Summer camp: the second worst camp for Jews.”
 -- Sarah Silverman

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

BREAKING: Mayor Steve Fulop sacks Police Chief Robert Cowan

In what our friend Terrence T. McDonald at the Jersey Journal is calling a potentially "unprecedented" move, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop has fired now former Police Chief Robert Cowan. As to why he decided to make the move Fulop cited "low morale on the police force, Cowan's "refusal" to implement "structural changes" sought by the Fulop administration and a growing number of lawsuits accusing Cowan of political retaliation as reasons for the change, which takes effect in 20 days."

Fulop also said he's not done making moves. You can get much more from the story on the Jersey Journal.

Look, like the story says it's been a bloody mess out on the streets over the last couple months and summer is just starting. Fulop cannot look weaker on crime than former Mayor Healy. Sounds like a Red Wedding coming over at City Hall. Stay tuned to this infotainment outlet.

World Cup Today -- Day 14

Two weeks in and things are starting to shake out. Enjoy today, tomorrow things get nutty all over again.

The early games give you one really watchable choice. You CAN watch already eliminated Bosnia-Herzgovina play one point Iran OR you can watch Lionel Messi and Argentina try to close out group play with a perfect record over Nigeria, still in shape to make it out of the group as well. Your choice. It's your house.

The later matches bring some intrigue as chances are Ecuador is going to need some kind of result over one of the tournament's brighter teams, France. You'll remember back at the beginning Johnny said France was a dark horse to keep an eye on. They have been superb. Switzerland is playing on three points, same as Ecuador. Switzerland has a playdate with the little CONCACAF team that couldn't get over the hump, Honduras. The Hondurans will play hard and they are a big strong team that can maybe knock Martina Hingis into next week but we see Switzerland winning. Keep an eye on the Ecuador vs. France game, that'll be a firecracker.

OK, the bite yesterday. What a classless guy Luis Suarez is. He may seriously have some kind of mental issue to not just fight back by biting but to use it to GAIN the advantage. That is seriously messed up. Plus, look at him, he has giant horse teeth. Those things have to hurt. Like Johnny mentioned yesterday on the Twitter, Milton Bradley could come out with an updated version of Hungry Hungry Hippos and instead of hippos use Luis Suarez heads. He's gotta go. Liverpool is trying to desperately unload Suarez to either Real Madrid or Barcelona it is said and probably feel a lot like Duke and Duke at the end of Trading Places watching their price drop knowing he might not be playing in quite a few World Cup and Champions League games.

Argentina vs Nigeria noon
Bosnia-Herzgovina vs Iran noon

Ecuador vs France 4pm
Switzerland vs Honduras 4pm

Don't forget to ask for seconds campers, this morning it's all the gruel you can eat

It's 43º on the old Camp Northstar weather dial, kinda nippy for a June 25...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Late night open thread

Johnny shot his first turkey ever today. Scared the shit out of everyone at Shop Rite.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

World Cup Today -- Day 13

So, we have our first knockout rounds set; Brazil will play Chile in what promises to be an offensive showing while Mexico, so strong in making it out of Group A, lands The Netherlands. Ouch. More on this game on the weekend.

We'll have two more groups find out just who their top two sides will be playing by 6pm this evening. England who has already been eliminated will play group winner Costa Rica at noon. Costa Rica can actually rest players against England. Who had that happening? Italy and Uruguay play a match to the death game today with the Azzurre the winner of all ties. Uruguay has to win to go through and yes, they well could. Still it's hard to pick against Italy who only need a tie today. In another group finale Greece who has no hopes plays the Ivory Coast who can advance should things break their way. Japan and Columbia will be playing later with Columbia already having won the group (and looked really good in doing so). Japan needs points, period.

Costa Rica vs England noon
Uruguay vs Italy noon

Ivory Coast vs Greece 4pm
Japan vs Columbia 4pm

The Jersey Journal is running a great series on the history of Jersey City's MLK Drive

Or Jackson Ave. if you've been around town longer than 1976.

A fascinating series on how Jackson Avenue later MLK started as a hub of businesses for African Americans who even looked the other way when trolly drivers who drove into the black sections of town would announce ""Coonie Avenue" instead of Kearney Avenue, "Niggie Avenue" instead of Ege Avenue, they said." The old shops are fondly remembered, including a live chicken/poultry store. The times they are a changing and Ken Thorbourne at the Jersey Journal is doing a great job in this series spelling out the issues holding the area back even today. If you read this article you are going to be surprised just how much money residents there spend and how zoning laws are keeping real investment from happening.

Everyone complains there's no real journalism going on? Go read.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Late night open thread

"Chase after the truth like all hell and you’ll free yourself, even though you never touch its coat tails."
 -- Clarence Darrow

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

World Cup Today -- Day 12


Much better now thanks for asking. Sorry to those who aren't in the habit of seeing that word here. It IS however justified. What an effort by the USA vs. the #4 team in the world. The heat, the humidity, needing to take water breaks, coming back from behind and then keeping a nation on edge before giving Cristiano Ronaldo one chance to show why he's one of the best who have ever played. Players at his level, and it's maybe four or five who can play at that stratospheric level, show why they are the best. As bummed as you may feel today that was the perfect pass and it took just that to ruin our party. The biggest issue facing USA? How much is left in the tank. They have one less day to prepare than mighty Germany and are drained. A win gets USA the victory in the Group of Death. A tie gets the USA through but so would scoring a couple goals and not losing by say, more than two. Portugal is realistically out unless they win something like 7-0 over Ghana and the USA gets waxed by Germany. The scenario to look out for Yank fans, is that Portugal is drained from yesterday's game, and they allow Ghana to run up a 3-0 win. Then you can start worrying. If Germany is up 2-0 against the USA at halftime you can start worrying. Until then the good number crunchers at still say the USA has a 74% chance to go through, up 10% from this time yesterday.

Today brings importante matches but done a bit differently. Because of this debacle match in 1982 in Spain when Germany was basically allowed to score on Austria as long as they didn't score more than once and both teams went to the knockouts, the final games in the groups start simultaneously. It is supposed to prevent something like the Germans and Americans kicking off, sitting down with a few bags of Bavarian pretzels, a few steins of beer, and then going home knowing both teams would move on.

Australia and Spain play out the tournament in a meaningless game unless one enjoys gallows humor. The Socceroos will be without Tim Cahill their all-time World Cup scoring leader on yellow cards. See, what's not to love about this match? Maybe that one of the best matches of the tournament, the Netherlands and Chile, will be played at the exact same time. Winner wins the group, the Dutch win all ties. Why does it matter? The loser gets Brazil most likely in their next game, the winner might get...

...Mexico and Croatia lock horns in a very vital match to decide who gets out of the group and who goes home. Let's go out on a limb and predict Brazil somehow magically finds a way to beat Cameroon they'd have 7 points. Mexico has 4 points while Croatia has 3. Mexico goes through with a tie or win. A big win though doubtful could vault them over Brazil though unlikely. Mexico is playing stronger than expected yet have shown some weakness on 50/50 balls and have shown sloppy stretches in the midfield, somewhere Croatia is strong. A first goal would be huge for Mexico because if the Croatians get it that doomed feeling starts to creep in.

Netherlands and Chile, just sit back and enjoy. That's all you need to do. Futbol done right.

Australia vs Spain noon
Netherlands vs Chile noon

Croatia vs Mexico 4pm
Brazil vs Cameroon 4pm

Gentlemen, it's always bad form to leave your underpants outside

C'mon men of Jersey City, do not leave your Hanes underpants unattended outside, you're gonna lose them. Someone's just gonna walk by and take those and you're just gonna go without.

"I got a new pair of underpants. Well, they were new to me..."

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Late night open thread

When a tie against the #4 rated team in the world in a jungle stadium in the Amazon feels like a loss, soccer in America has TRULY arrived.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

"I Believe That We Will Win!"

Play this 5 minutes before the 6pm match tonight. Like Clint Dempsey you will be ready to wreck fools.

World Cup Today -- Day 11

Thanks but no thanks Germany. If Germany hadn't gone to sleep after they scored first yesterday and let Ghana escape with a 2-2 tie the USA could have advanced with said tie today. But alas, they'll have to do it themselves. More on this epic USA match later.

The day starts out with Belgium and Russia at noon. A great mix of styles in this one as Belgium looks to rebound from a dicey start (albeit a win) and prove they are indeed a pre-tourney favorite. The second game today is the Desert Foxes of Algeria against South Korea. S. Korea had a rather dull 0-0 tie with Russia starting their tournament and need a win vs Algeria, who play everyone tough yet usually end up losing late. Tonight's dinnertime matchup is the "Big One" if you're an American. Here's the story as of press time. If the USA beats the depleted Portugal side (and Portugal is ranked #3 in the FIFA world rankings) they go through to the knockout rounds, an amazing feat for the lightly considered USA in this "Group of Death." If they tie and have 4 points they would be tied with Germany while Ghana and Portugal would have 1 point each with a game against each other left this upcoming week. The USA plays Germany (#2 in FIFA world rankings) this week in their final group game. Germany cannot advance from any USA vs. Portugal result today so that means against the USA, Germany will be forced to play their best players and perhaps get some points off the USA to advance themselves. That's a SCARY thought. The USA can end all speculation and all hand-wringing with one win. One game, 90 minutes of hell in the Amazon to become heroes. Ronaldo, Portugal's elite as elite comes striker is hobbled. Their top defensive payer, Pepe is supended. One of their top midfielders who plays for Real Madrid (as Ronaldo and Pepe do) Fabio Coentrau will not play. Other Portugal midfielders Hugo Almeida and Bruno Alves are not expected to play. So here's the thing, if the USA does not seize the opportunity before them today they may well regret it forever. Getting points off of Germany is certainly so sure thing. Win today and this World Cup will have been a HUGE success and the knockout rounds merely frosting on a red white and blue cake.

The USA seem confident going in. They are far more used to playing in the tremendous heat and humidity of the Rainforest site in Manaus. All the USA's MLS players play in that weather as they play through the summer, not the winter like European sides. While Ronaldo vacations the American players play in 110º heat at places like Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City.

So here we go America, this is OUR day and OUR time. The United States Men's National Team WILL win tonight and they WILL make us proud.

USA 2 Ronaldo 1

Russia vs Belgium noon
Algeria vs South Korea 3pm
USA vs Portugal 6pm

You can never have too much America on days like this!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Late night open thread

If you're the type of person who keeps a voodoo doll, can you please rename it Cristiano Ronaldo tonight and get those pins working? Thanks in advance.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

World Cup Today -- Day 10

Now we're really getting into the meat of this tournament. Some teams are booking passage into the knockout rounds while some teams are gonna play a pretty meaningless game next week. We are just giddy watching the #CONCACAFFED hashtag come out during the afternoon on the Twitter. But for Honduras it's been a great ride for our local soccer orbit. Costa Rica has absolutely captured the fancy of many.

Today brings the Great Illusionist Messini and his Argentine Band of Merry Men in one of those matchups that yeah, let's just say can get out of hand and make for some bad feelings. Argentina vs. Iran, which is sure to be an all-star type game of score-o for La Albiceleste. The meat of our soccer sammich today is of great interest to USA fans. Germany is playing Ghana and if you're a casual fan and might not know about  group stage scoring USA fans want Germany to beat Ghana into next week. Every time Germany scores drink a stein of beer. If Ghana loses they'd have zero points which means the USA would clinch a spot in the knockout rounds with a win OR tie tomorrow vs. Portugal. The trouble with this is that Ghana will not go down quietly. The makings of a great match. The dinner selection is a bit weaker, we'll be honest here. An early dinner out or a movie are not out of the question if you've been a good soccer fan and watched your fill. Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Nigeria is by no means a classic matchup but both sides will be desperate and that can make for a great couple of hours.

Know what else is great about he World Cup games and soccer in general? There's no, "This corner kick brought to you by Chevrolet because America loves a recall." This goal kick sponsored by Tampax, "We're not number one but we're up there." Just good announcing or sounds from the pitch. Surely within ten years this will change if soccer catches on even more in the USA.

Argentina vs Iran noon
Germany vs Ghana 3pm
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Nigeria 6pm

Friday, June 20, 2014

Late night open thread

How do you get down off an elephant?
You don't... you get down off a duck.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Kicking off the Music Series this week, a son of the Bronx, Dion Demuucci better known by his stage name Dion. This song was his big hit after splitting with The Belmonts. No soup for them. Dion kicking things off tonight with 'Runaround Sue.' She was a hussy.


This is exactly the kind of cut Johnny would be tossing on the turntable late on a Friday night back in the day if he'd had a DJ gig on the old style FM radio. FM radio, back when the people who put the needle on the record loved music as much as you did. *Sigh*

David Bowie with 'Panic in Detroit'


So what were you doing in 1982? If you were Tears for Fears you were releasing 'Pale Shelter' to the masses which to this day is one of Johnny's fave-O-rite all-time songs by any artist.

World Cup Today -- Day 9

England, LOL.

Lunchtime brings a wonderful David vs Goliath contest with suddenly hot Costa Rica matching up with World Cup powers Italy, both victorious in their openers. Can the imaginative Los Ticos attack break the Azzurre defense, as legendary as "The Wall" in Game of Thrones. As much as Johnny wants to hope the CONCACAF magic can continue you get the feeling Italy got to be Italy on the world stage by winning matches like this. The 3pm match features the timeless battle of chocolate vs. wine so settle back with a box of wine and a Hershey bar, play both ends against the middle, and watch France try and crack the tough Switzerland defense. After that box of wine and THREE Hershey bars maybe you'd like to order some dinner? Well spice it up as the nightcap at 6pm features a loser beats the postcards home game between Honduras and Ecuador. Johnny would cheer for Ecuador after seeing a human interest piece on their side last night but, well, CONCACAF!

Italy vs Costa Rica noon
Switzerland vs France 3pm
Honduras vs Ecuador 6pm

Tomorrow, you have to go do this, for food's sake

Say Billy, do you like food? Really good food prepared the right way? Then friends tomorrow right at Journal Square the Egyptian Festival runs from 12 noon to 10pm. Falafel with that warm bread and off the grill amazing shish-kebabs with that sizzling meat and all kinds of Egyptian foods. It'll be 72º wonderful degrees so do yourself a favor and know you can be just a train stop or to from something like this in Jersey City.

Late night open thread

If you're old like Johnny you may have had an AM radio when you were younger. The great thing about AM radio was at night you could listen to radio stations all over the country on a clear night. Johnny vividly remembers listening to WBBM out of Chicago, WCBS in NYC, WRVA in Richmond Virginia, KMOX in St Louis and many many more. Well here's a far off radio wave and while not from a radio station per se, is all radio and it's further than any station on Earth. In fact if you click this link you can listen to Saturn. Well, the radio waves of Saturn. Yes, they make quite a noise.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Cup Today -- Day 8

What an amazing tournament this has been. More goals at this point than any World Cup since 1958 and isn't that what Americans supposedly hate about soccer, no scoring? Hats off to all the managers who have decided to unleash their teams rather than playing it safe. Also, before one laughs off Spain's crash and burn let's take a moment to realize how they changed this game. They may be the reason we're seeing so much scoring with their tiki-taka, ball possession, move it forward game. Since 2008 Spain has been the best in the world and proved it at the Euro 2008 and 2012 sandwiching a World Cup win in 2010. A tip of the cap to Spain might be a better send-off than a snicker or a derisive snort. But back to today. Columbia plays the Ivory Coast in a very important game and none bigger than The Three Lions of England who play a survival match against La Celeste of Uruguay, both losers in their opening matches. Ypsilanti Michigan, named after Greek General Demetrius Ypsilanti, will no doubt be cheering hard for Greece at 6pm. Today's matches:

Columbia vs Ivory Coast noon
England vs Uruguay 3pm
Japan vs Greece 6pm

While we enjoy a respite from the heat and humidity of the last few days...

Now would be a good time since summer made an early appearance the last few days that the Farmer's Markets around Jersey City are now just packed with the wonderful FRESH fruits and vegetables you crave. Sure, there are other things at the Farmer's Markets, empanadas from Argentina, and what Homer Simpson refers to as the heroin of Farmer's Markets, kettle corn. That being said nothing beats the freshness you can get, often for much less than you'd ever spend in a grocery store or certainly a bodega. Johnny, where can we find these markets? Glad you asked, Follow this handy link and you'll get all the info except for the Grove St. Farmer's Market. That is Monday and Thursday from 4-8pm through Thanksgiving.

Happy marketing!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

World Cup Today -- Day 7

So, here we are one week in and WHAT a phenomenal World Cup we have shaping up. Plenty of goals, late goals, lead changes, substitutes scoring goals and plenty of fan enthusiasm. With that here is today's lineup featuring a 3pm battle where World Cup defending champions Spain for for their very soccer lives and continued dynasty against Chile.

Netherlands vs Australia noon
Chile vs Spain 3pm
Cameroon vs Croatia 6pm

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Late night open thread

It was 20 years ago tonight that we as a nation asked the questions, "Who the hell is Al Cowlings and why is he such a shitty driver?"

TIme for Jersey City, After Dark

World Cup Today -- Day 6

Well wasn't that USA win last night a good feeling to wake up to?

We've got three games today, with Group H starting today. Belgium is the favorite and shouldn't have too much trouble today against the Desert Foxes of Algeria. The middle game is Mexico and host Brazil, what a great afternoon matinee! Later South Korea will tangle with an up-tempo Russian side.

Belgium vs Algeria noon
Mexico vs Brazil 3pm
South Korea vs. Russia 6pm

Monday, June 16, 2014

Late night open thread

See, 2-1 with an early goal and a late goal, just like Johnny said. This day worked out very well indeed for the USA. Better than anyone could have hoped at noon today.

"It's John Brookes, it's John Brooks!" Yes, yes it is...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

World Cup Today -- Day 5

Finally it's here, the USA plays today! First off though we have a real barn shaker of a matchup in the USA's own "Group of Death." Germany's might vs the great Ronaldo and Portugal. The Ironbound area of Newark has to just be uncorked today. Next up it's a game on teevee while Johnny does actual business things and makes actual real money as Nigeria and Iran drones on in the background. We hope the people of Iran and Nigeria really enjoy this match. Then, 6pm the time of reckoning is here. Ghana has dumped the USA out of the last two World Cups, that's eight years to stew over just one country. The USA could be a better side today on sheer willpower. When challenged by head man Jurgen Klinsmann they have stepped up over the last 18 months. Klinsmann said this game is everything and they are putting everything into getting the tree possible points from it. The USA's hopes for this World Cup will rise or fall between 6 and 8pm EDT today.

How about an early goal from Jozy Altidore and a late one from Mix Diskerud get the USA a 2-1 victory. You got a problem with that?

Germany vs Portugal noon
Iran vs Nigeria 3pm
USA vs Ghana 6pm

To protect and serve...and nap...

OK, don't get Johnny wrong, there is nothing funnier than developers like Toll Brothers or Mill Creek, Tish, Trump, or Lloyd Goldman or anybody else getting ripped off. They are required to foot the bill for the too many to count police officers often seen standing around construction projects doing nothing, sipping coffee, enjoying a cigarette and so forth. Well this guy, we'll call him Mr. Sleepy, has been tapped by one of these developers and he's found a great way to pass the day, sleeping in his car while he should be standing on a street corner looking important in his police vest and sipping coffee (picture taken at 8:55AM). Again, nothing makes us happier than a developer losing money BUT this guy is also supposed to be the one stopping truck and crane and backhoe traffic so people can cross at intersections. He should be the one stopping traffic from going down closed streets (because the police unions insist only someone with a badge can correctly point to a road closed sign). He should be another set of eyes out there looking out for the public or at least for the people paying him.

Also, what does Mr. Sleepy tell the residents who see him not only sleeping in his police vest, no, he's going the Full Monty with a sleepers blindfold on to boot. Johnny had seen this guy doing this before but spared him the embarrassment (not to mention the city) but figured maybe it IS time to break some eggs over at City Hall and get Police Chief Robert Cowen hipped to what really happens on the streets of Jersey City. Maybe he'd agree it's time to move these poor overburdened police officers off these gravy assignments and let citizen-tasked traffic coordinators handle pointing at road closed signs.

Maybe they can at least stay awake...

Late night open thread

"It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was."
 -- Anne Sexton

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads out there (and we also mean you father of Jersey City, Peter Stuyvesant). Though Johnny's dad has passed he'd like to share words of wisdom from good old Russ that hopefully you can use in your own lives:

"I want my hash browns crispy, next-door to burnt. If they're not, I'll send them back."

Johnny's sisters can repeat that line verbatim, too. The moral here? Know what you want and make sure you get it.

Wold Cup Today -- Day 4

An upset, referee controversy and a comeback that took all of 100 seconds yesterday, not bad! Costa Rica (As Johnny warned on these very pages) isn't a typical bad CONCACAF (The USA/Mexico/Caribbean grouping for FIFA) team and showed it. England did what England usually does which is what makes them a little dog who thinks they're a big dog. How about the Ivory Coast's 100 second two-goal comeback? Very exciting.

Today brings three games, none of which have a lot of buzz about them. The Argentinians get going today at 6pm and that might be the highlight. Your games today:

Switzerland vs Ecuador noon
France vs Honduras at 3pm
Argentina va Bosnia-Herzegovina at 6pm

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and or disgust with us in comments.

Late night open htread

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Cup Today -- Day 3

A full slate of four games today soccerheads and a real firecracker this evening with Ingerland taking on La Azzurri (Italy). Johnny gets to watch the Columbia game in a few minutes with Columbian art curator and style maven Diana Cordoba, and he is looking forward to some real South American passion in his teevee room. Today's schedule:

Columbia vs Greece Noon
Uruguay vs Costa Rica at 3pm
Italy vs England at 6pm
Japan and Ivory Coast at 9pm

Italy will be without their famed style king goalie GiGi Buffon so somebody is gonna have to sing that Italian national anthem in his place. No word on whether Uruguay's Luis "Bitey" Suarez will play vs Los Ticos or be resting his bad knee.

Check your local listings., and Go Columbia!

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Now if Johnny didn't know nay better he'd swear these young men were signing about the marijuana. You know the stuff the kids and hippies like. Johnny even asked Zoltron if this was about teh weedz and he said "What?"

You kids stay off this stuff. You stay in school. Get jobs. Like Bill Maher says, "You can have fun without pot. But why take a chance?"


Cypress Hill with 'Insane in the Membrane'
A word of warning about the lyrics if you're without headphones or have the kids hanging around. You'd have your choice of colorful words to explain to your kids. Also, you sure don't want the school calling telling you your 8 year old just told the class "A nigger like me is going insane."



Rick James and the AM radio version of 'Super Freak'


Johnny is a big believer that if you're going to remake a song you should bring your own vision to it with certain different creative ideas than the original. This cover by the great Pete Townshend had eluded Johnny's ears until this week. Townshend's cover of the English Beat's hit 'Save it for Later' is a cut above 99.9% of most covers. The use of those Tommey-esque rapid fire guitar riffs overlayed with piano in lieu of the familiar saxophone on this is fantabulous. Just leave it to the guy who wrote Tommy, Quadrophenia, Who's Next, Who are You, and a Quick One While He's Away could arrange the shit out of an already great song. Wrapping up another Music Series is Pete Townshend with 'Save it for Later'

Friday, June 13, 2014

Mayor Fulop doing the opposite of what candidate Fulop said

As you'll recall while running as a candidate for mayor of our fair city candidate Steve Fulop said he'd stop the handing out of large tax abatements downtown, saying the downtown was fine as far as construction abatements went and he was only offering the tasty 20-30 year abatements to developers who wanted to build in The Heights or Greenville of Journal Square.

Well guess what, the mayor simply brought some goal posts with him to the mayor's office he can just keep moving when he wants to pretend he's not going back on his word. How often did you hear Fulop say during the campaign "no more tax abatements downtown over 5% UNLESS the developer was willing to:

Build pre-k centers
Contribute 1.5 percent of gross construction costs for various city purposes
Commit 35 percent of the project's jobs to city residents
Purchase 35 percent of their materials from city vendors.

You're damned right you never heard those goal post moving particulars because he didn't ever mention them. No, candidate Fulop said nothing over 5% downtown. His demands to get a bigger abatement are HOLLOW. Tell us mayor, how much money and effort has the city under your stewardship spent and done to go after developers who break the agreements? Toll Brothers agreed to a million things to get in at Marin and Morgan, as soon as they had the permits in hand they began telling the city No, no no and no on things they'd agreed to and the city just shrugged and walked away. Until you hold someone's feet to the fire, Mayor, your words are hollow.

Our guess is you're a smart reader (hey you chose to come here didn't you?) and have heard the city council on a 7-2 vote (with Ward C councilman Rich Boggiano and Ward D rep Michael Yun being heroes and voting no on Fulop's plan) approved the introduction of the 20 year abatement for Hyatt House, but it must also be voted on again. This is one of those votes in council the Jersey City Desk is writing down names and how they voted. They (mostly) all wanted to run on Fulop's ticket, well now comes a time to remind the mayor of his promises.

World Cup Today -- Day Two

So soccer fans we had a great matinee yesterday except for the referee who has most likely seen HIS World Cup come to an end but there's more games today baby, three in fact with one being a real firecracker!

Mexico vs Cameroon at noon -- Mexico must win this game to have any chance to advance.

Spain vs Netherlands at 3pm -- A rematch of the 2010 Final right out of the box. All eyes on Spain in this one, how strong are they against good competition.

Chile vs Australia at 6pm -- Sorry Soccerroos, you've got the worst draw in the tournament.

And add to these games a Game 5 tonight in Los Angeles for the Rangers and you have a very full day on the couch.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jersey City Beer? Oh how awesome!

Now Johnny's a teetotaler, but he drank (like a Viking) many great beers/bieres in his day. According to the good folks at Seen in Jersey City, Cool City is getting it's own new brewhouse as the Departed Soles Brewing Company is moving into 150 Bay St. Here's Departed Soles, from their website:

Departed Soles Brewing Co. is proud to call Jersey City, New Jersey home, where we craft both regular and Gluten Free Craft Beer. Our offerings aren't meant to be "a good gluten free option" but a great beer that happens to be Gluten Free.  
Craft with a Kick!

What a great get for the Powerhouse Arts District. Much more from the Departed Soles Brewing Company on their story can be found right here.

World Cup Today: The group picks

Never one to run from a prediction, here are Johnny's picks to come out of their groups and play in the single-game eliminations. Remember the top two sides in a group advance.

Group A
Johnny is picking the two teams who play each other this afternoon. Croatia has just enough to stay ahead of Mexico who have been an utter mess in qualifiers.

Group B
So Johnny you're really leaving out the Netherlands who played Spain in that magnificent 1-0 title match in S. Africa? Yep, unless Van Persie carries this side, Chile with Alexis Sanchez and magnificent midfielder Arturo Vidal will keep Chile a nose in front.

Group C
Ivory Coast
Columbia without superstar Rafael Falcao is still the class in this weak group. So weak in fact Johnny has the Cote' D'Ivorie side sneaking into the second slot ahead of Japan.

Group D
Costa Rica
Two things about this very tough (in name anyways) group. Has Italy put the 2010 debacle behind them and how fit is Luis "Bitey" Suarez, top scorer in the English Premiere League who plays for Uruguay. It's our guess that Bitey isn't in good health and England will grab the second slot. Oddly, the "Ticas" of Coasta Rica who aren't that in over their heads could decide this group depending on how other teams get results, or don't, against Costa Rica.

Group E
Like Italy before them has France put the 2010 debacle behind them? They embarrassed their nation more than the Italians in S. Africa. We like them in this group and as a dark horse. Ecuador playing close to home noses out Switzerland.

Group F
The battle here is for second between the Bosnians and Nigerians. No team with Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Angel DiMaria and Sergio Arguero is going out in the group stage.

Group G
Yes, Johnny is being a homer and going against all common sense picks that have Portugal and the Great Ronaldo grabbing second. Germany is going to win the group unless their goalkeeper Neuer can't handle the German high defensive lines. Doubtful. So Ghana who has knocked the USA out of the last two World Cups (but are not as good of a side as they have been FYI) and Portugal the #3 ranked FIFA team that when pressed into the middle can have their offense stultified. If you're betting money take Portugal as the second in group, if you're posting on a blog for fun pick the USA.

Group H
South Korea
Belgium is the best side you've never heard of. Unspectacular but they just do all the little things better than your nation. That second slot is very hard. Russia has some go-go juice but the South Koreans have greatly improved their international game. Putin's an ass so it's South Korea.

There you have it. Johnny and the staff would love to hear your opinions and wants to hear where You think he went wrong.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Late night open thread

Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.  None of them use their turn signals either.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

World Cup Today -- The Golazo

Johnny misplaced a day and the World Cup starts tomorrow, so the group previews for World Cup 2014 will be tomorrow for those scoring at home. Sorry about that for any -- oh look, a kitty!

Kicking off (heh) our first World Cup Today thread we thought we'd start with help in defining a word you're going to hear hopefully quite a bit -- Golazo (GO-laz-OOO). Yesterday we learned about the term howler and today we turn to the term Golazo! It shall refer to a simply exceptional effort to score a goal. Something with some special sauce on it. Here Netherlands captain Giovanni Van Bronckhorst shows you one:

They needn't be from distance but yes, something out of the ordinary, something that brings you off your couch. We'll let Alexis Sanchez (who will be playing for Chile) of FC Barcelona show you another:
So let's hope for plenty of golazo action this coming month.

Late night open thread

No matter how bad your day was, Eric Cantor's was worse. His polling outfit had him up 34% going into today. That'll be an interesting discussion.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A World Cup primer -- The Howler

You will hear the magnificent Martin Tyler describe this monumental gaffe by England's Rob Green vs the USA in 2010 as a "howler." You may hear that term a couple times over the next month. Watch England's goalkeeper. That is a howler.

This never gets old. Except the part an in-over-his-head Eric Wynalda tries talking around the great Martin Tyler. Still, the Tyler line "But if you buy a ticket..." line describes this Clint Dempsey shot best.

Over the next few weeks we're going to try something new

Johnny is a huge fan of the World Cup and soccer in general. He knows there are a lot of you soccer fans out there as well who are very very excited for tomorrow's Brazil vs Croatia kickoff to World Cup 2014. Because Johnny's excited here's where the changes come in.

Each day we're going to have an open thread dedicated to the World Cup and the games being played. If you're a fan of Italy or England or the Ivory Coast or whomever, please drop by and share your thoughts. Johnny is going to try and make the Jersey City Desk World Cup Central for us locals. Feel free to discuss the matches, the players, the officiating, ANY of that which encompasses the World Cup (including possible riots from the Brazilian people) we want to hear from you. Do it signed in, do it anonymously, we're just interested in good soccer discussion.

Tomorrow Johnny will give you his tops in the group stage predictions in our first installment of World Cup Today...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Late night open thread

A strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Guess who turned 80 today?

The original angry bird, Donald Duck!

80 years ago Donald, who would star in such Disney classics as "Ritalin for an Angry Duck" and "My Three-Fingered Paymaster" (his first movie with Mickey Mouse), debuted with this classic, "The Wise Little Hen."

Late night open thread

State trivia night:

This state is home to the first hamburger (1895), Polaroid camera (1934), helicopter (1939), and color television (1948). You have a 1 in 50 shot so give it a whirl. You can find the answer here.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, June 8, 2014

So, the Big Apple BBQ...

First here's a panorama of the fun in Madison Square Park yesterday (and the BBQ is going on today until 6pm):

Did you count the strollers? Here comes the waking that fine line without offending those with kids. The food of course is all first class or these pitmasters would not be at the Big Apple BBQ. Johnny, a veteran going back to the first BABBQ, expected this event would grow as people learned about how great it was.

It has reached critical mass, however. The event organizers, in a money grab have completely oversold the Fast Passes that allow holders along the inside of the BBQ tables, along the sidewalk, while those without use the streets for access. It began to really get crowded last year and Johnny suspected then they had oversold for what the event would well handle. However last year the Fast Passes were still quicker than not having one. This year that tipping point changed at some pitmaster stations. There were actually shorter lines for those without the Fast Passes and that is a problem. When you get the dozens of strollers inside that inner ring in the Fast pass area, they continually block the passageways, block food lines and block access to porta-johns. As always they seem to not notice they are holding people up. One woman with a stroller actually told someone Johnny was at the BBQ with to quiet down as her baby was sleeping in the stroller. Yeah, right, OK, lady. If you listen to music in the video you think she might have been a little out of line?

So yes, the stroller crowds are making the Saturday BABBQ their own to the chagrin of many of us veterans. Johnny thinks he'll try Sunday next year and if it's overrun with the strollers then he might have to give it up. A great event suffering under the weight of it's own success, both externally and internally.

Now, on with the pictures!

Late night open thread

What a long, fun filled day (Well fun filled until about midway in the second overtime of you're a Rangers fan). Johnny will have a full update along with moving pictures and a fair criticism of the Big Apple BBQ on the morrow.

Til' then.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Late night open thread

Time is what keeps things from happening all at once.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, June 6, 2014


Because sometimes you gotta get up, move the furniture to the edge of the room and get your dance on. Ray Charles with 'Mess Around' and unless you live on the ground floor somewhere your neighbors should be upset with you if you're doing this one right...


Making a long overdue Music Series debut tonight is Mindy Smith. Mrs. Johnny had long been a fan of Mindy (can we call you Mindy?) and when Johnny heard this song one day on the shuffle he wasn't where he could see who the artist was. A couple times he wanted to say Patty Griffin then, nope nope, not quite. Being a huge fan of Patty Griffin, it's wasn't a stretch for Johnny to start listening to and enjoying Mindy Smith's music. 'I Couldn't Stand the Rain' tonight as we dim the lights a little.


In honor of the Big Apple BBQ and Block Party tomorrow we'll play off the Music Series to 'Pigs (Three Different Ones)' this week. When the song is over it'll almost be time to go!

It's almost here, the porkiest weekend of the year!

Too much pork for just one fork? Not possible. That's right BBQ fans, tomorrow and Sunday in NYC's Madison Square Park brings one of Johnny's fav-o-rite events all year, the Big Apple Barbeque and Block Party.

Pitmasters from all over the USA are gathering around Madison Square Park at 23rd and 5th Ave. as we speak getting ready to amaze your tastebuds and tickle your tummy. This is quite simply a wonderful event in the absolute best place you could have it in the city. It's just pitch perfect.

Temps tomorrow will be rising to around 83º degrees and it'll be in the 70º's under the canopy of trees in MSP. Add the beer tents and live music to the mix and baby, you've got something.

So come on out and eat yourself silly. You can learn more about the event here.

Here's Southern Culture on the Skids (Who played the Big Apple BBQ in 2012) with 'Too Much Pork for Just One Fork'

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Late night open thread

In chess, there are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways to play the first ten moves.

That'll be on Friday's quiz.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A rainy morning in Jersey City; Also Johnny's getting soft in his old age

A few images from around town this rainy AM. The part where Johnny gets all soft and shows mercy was the part where he walked by a DPW worker idling nasty diesel fumes while catching a nap and 15 minutes later when he walked back by the nap sure seemed to be still in progress. Johnny chose to blur the worker's face. That won't happen often and no, Johnny had never seen or met this guy before. Can't civilians get tickets for just letting their vehicles idle? This truck was no hybrid.

So on with rainy Thursday and a homemade animated gif to boot...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Late night open thread

Jesus Christ Dan Girardi, with turnovers like that who needs cronuts?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The quintessential Stanley Cup Final preview; Rangers vs Kings!

It seems just two short years ago the Devils dispatched the heavily favored Rangers at the Prudential Center in game 6. The Rangers were favorites to make the cup final out of the east but indeed fell short. Two years and a new coach later the Rangers have returned to the Final for the first time since 1994.

So New York vs. L.A. Kings vs. Rangers. East vs. West. What's it all about Johnny?

These teams are such a mirror image of each other, strong young defense protecting a great netminder and teams that like to get the forecheck going to let their defense work through the middle. So what are the little differences that will make all the difference in the end? Let's find out.

The Kings have one of the best two-way forwards playing in Anze Kopitar. He's been nothing short of amazing and otherworldly some nights. He reminds Johnny a little of Sergei Fedorov back in his days in Detroit. Freakishly fast, able to cover a mistake, checks the opposing centers into the ground and yes, scores. Jeff Carter is only the second line center and has almost as many points as Koptiar. Add to that former Rangers castoff Marian Goborik who has finally found his comfort zone seemingly in L.A. and the Kings have a very scary couple of scoring and checking lines. The Rangers may actually be deeper up front than the Kings but to have that aspect possibly play out someone named Rick Nash is finally going to have to carry his weight offensively. The Rangers will need scoring from Nash to take the pressure off Richards and St. Louis whom the Kings will be all over. The biggest advantage of the entire series for L.A. will be their faceoff winning percentage and how they hold onto the puck. They are an elite possession team and to do that one must win faceoffs and plenty of them. The Rangers cannot cede this battle to the Kings. The Rangers HAVE to be close to 50/50 on faceoffs or they already start the play chasing the faster Kings. One thing, and it's a dicey thing to call an advantage, is the Kings have "ice assassins" in guys like Dustin Brown that are willing to not only throw an elbow or take a head shot that can turn a series, they don't much seem to care they are doing it, which is sad.

Defensively both teams sport fantastic, young, strong bluelines. The Rangers have one of the absolute breakout stars of the 2014 playoffs in Ryan McDonagh, who along with Dan Girardi have been very solid. The Rags #2 pairing of Marc Staal and Anton Stralman has been better than advertised going into the playoffs. The Kings also have a great young defensive corps led by Drew Doughty and Jake Muzzin. The Kings also have a good #2 pairing with Alec Martinez and Slava Voynow. We'd say the Kings have an ever so-slight advantage here.

Goaltending stands to be the Rangers biggest advantage IF the Rangers can stop the Kings puck possession game. They can't hang King Henrik out to dry. He's great but he's not Terry Sawchuk, not yet. Everyone talks about the Kings netminding advantage with Olympic goalie and 1012 Stanley Cup winner Jonathan Quick. As Lee Corso is fond of saying, "Not so fast my friend." The Rangers DO have a decided advantage in Lundqvist. Quick has given up 13 goals in his last 3 games. He's not been the shut 'em out goalie he was in 2012. Advantage Rangers.

Both teams have played a LOT of hockey this spring. Harry Neale, the great CBC announcer, used to say you wanted to make the Final having taken no more than 15 or 16 games to stay fresh and ready. Well the Rangers have already played two seven game series and the Kings have played the maximum 21 games to get to this point. Conditioning will matter but we don't think unless there is a major injury this will be the difference maker.

So, without going into micro-managing stats we'll say this. These teams are mirrors of one another and the one who plays their game better will win. Johnny will be cheering for the Rangers as it's an Original Six thing. That respect goes back many many decades and it's like a brother fighting for the title. That being said here's Johnny's fearless forecast:

L.A. Kings in seven games.

P.S. You are ALL going to hate Eric Cartman by the end of this series? Don't know what Johnny is talking about? You will....

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today (June 3) you share it with actor Tony Curtis who was born in 1925.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Good on us: Jersey City ranked #8 in the nation as a LGBT-friendly city

Jersey City has been named the #8 LGBT-friendly city in America by Nerdwallet. New York City nor Philadelphia made the list.

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop was quick to praise the poll:

“We are excited to have such a diverse community in Jersey City that is recognized nationally. As we prepare to celebrate LGBT Pride Month, it is a great honor to see Jersey City ranked alongside such large cities as San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago.”

So just what is it that helped Cool City rank so highly? A very low percentage of hate crimes against the LGBT community and a perfect equality score. So good on us Jersey City. A #8 ranking is a good place to start, it might even get us into a LGBT bowl game but we can always do better. Let's see that we do. Hopefully NYC and Philly can learn from Jersey City's example.

Where do you get your coffee fix Jersey City?

Because according to the Village Voice, Jersey City has some pretty darned good coffee houses around town.

The Village Voice decided to leave dreary old Manhattan and come to the good side of the Hudson River in search of great coffee houses. They listed the "Top Ten Coffee Shops in Jersey City and Hoboken." The ones they listed in Jersey City?

9) WORD Bookstore, 123 Newark Avenue, Jersey City
8) Tea NJ, 262 Newark Avenue, Jersey City
7) Sam AM, 112 Morris Street, Jersey City
5) The Warehouse Cafe, 140 Bay Street, Jersey City
2) Dames Coffee Espresso Bar, 581 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City
1) modcup coffee, 479 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City

Mea culpa, Johnny is enjoying a cup of joe this morning from the Warehouse Cafe and that great Intelligentsia coffee they serve. He's also been to four coffee shops on this very list. Now he's going to try the other two.

Make sure to check out the article as they have great little factoids about each place and you can also find out where those top coffee houses in Hoboken are. Coffee, the true vitamin C.

Late night open thread

Johnny's kind of guy:

On April 1, 1974, Oliver Bickar climbed into Mt. Edgecumbe in Alaska, a volcano that had been dormant for around 9,000 years, and made it look like it was coming back to life. After four years of planning, Bickar doused 100 tires in cooking oil and lit them on fire inside Mt. Edgecumbe. He also spray painted "April Fool" in 50 foot letters around the rim.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, June 2, 2014

Somebody is just throwing away the 1990's

Just look at this. Someone has just decided to cut all ties with the 1990's. Dumping them like common trash next to a bin downtown. Like the garbage truck can hold the entire 90's. What memories, the 90's in Bondi Blue...

Late night open thread

What a nice night for an evening.
 -- Steven Wright

 Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday funday

A gorgeous Sunday in the Tri-state seemingly has everyone out and about. Dear Rangers fan in Lundqvist sweater and your girlfriend in a King Henrik t-shirt. Do understand when you say things about Johnny's Red Wings t-shirt, referring not getting out of the first round, you ARE going to have your morning ruined by asking if one cup every 74 years is real satisfying. What did you expect ya goof? Johnny understands your excitement.

Been there. A lot.

So the Rangers will find out their dance partner in the Stanley Cup Final tonight, game 7 in Chicago at 8pm. Johnny will have to catch up in the third period. As nice as a game 7 sounds THIS is fighting to the death tonight at 9 so yeah, Patrick Kane can wait:

Johnny thinks Rangers fans should be cheering for Chicago, more on that after the Final matchup is set.

The ferry to NYC continues all year long at the $2.50 discounted pice so do take advantage. Paulus Hook is the place you want to catch it.

The Staten Island Expressway looked like Giligan's Island earlier today.

See ya outside!

Late night open thread

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