Sunday, November 25, 2018

Late night open thread

So here we are at last Jersey City, the final late night open thread. In some odd way Johnny hoped it would somehow bring each day in Jersey City to a close with a hope for something better tomorrow. He wished this for Ypsilanti at the old Ypsi City Desk and he'll wish it at the new Oscoda City Desk.

You've all proven to be such admirable Hobbits to live amongst and Johnny is happy to have shared ten years of his life with all of you if only through this website. He wishes each and every one of you who read this today, perhaps in a month or even years from now the very best. You don't have to make Jersey City yours friends, it already belongs to you. Take ownership of it and never settle for the stewards of your city giving back half-measures or slapdash work.

If you're ever up north on the Lake Huron side of Michigan, give Johnny a shout, he might just buy your dinner.

Until then...

The Red Bulls kick off their conference final tie with Atlanta today

The one New Jersey/New York team Johnny really pulled for starts the conference final tie (Americans and Canadians call them a 'home and home' series) with the Atlanta Braves, er Hawks, um, no, Falcons? It can't be the Thrashers, they're gone. Anyway, the Red Bulls play at Atlanta United at 5:30pm. It would be so Red Bulls to get this far again and lose but something tells Johnny they can win the Eastern Conference. If the Red Bulls play an in your face style against Atlanta and force them into giveaways and less possession, like they did previously this season, maybe the South Ward will still be chanting, “You can’t beat us,” in the return match at Red Bull Arena on Thursday.

NYCFC fans can go put on their Red Bull hats now.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Late night open thread

Johnny's last Saturday Night Scoreboard Show in Jersey City on the last big Saturday of the season. Funny how that works out.

Ohio State 62
Michigan 39
This just in, Ohio State just scored again

Syracuse 42
Boston College 21
A great season by the Orange. 9-3 should draw interest from a top bowl game

Alabama 52
Auburn 21
Your turn in the cage, Georgia

Eastern Michigan 28
Kent State 20
The Hurons are going bowling for the second time in three years. All hail Chris Creighton

Northwestern 24
Illinois 16
The little purple engine that could

Minnesota 37
Wisconsin 15
Remember at the beginning of the year when Wisconsin was in the top 5

North Carolina State 34
North Carolina 28 OT
Overtime in the last regular season game really starts to cut into NCAA hoops watching for these fanbases

Florida 41
Florida State 14
No soup bowl for the Seminoles, their first losing season since 1982

Michigan State 14
Rutgers 10
Rutgers took a 10-7 lead with 4:00 to play but Rutgers gonna Rutgers

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Tulane 29
Navy 28
Tulane wanted one thing, bowl eligibility. So when they scored late to pull within 1, they got power up and went for 2. Charles Jones caught the trickeration and for the first time since 2013 the Green Wave are going bowling. For his catch and conversion, Charles Jones may loot and pillage New Orleans for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Remember Jersey City, we're shopping small today

It's a Small Business Saturday Jersey City so let's get out there and support our friends and neighbors who have invested in our town to make their mark and make Jersey City a better place. Try and remember these stores are there the other 364 days of the year as well. Don't just make today a one-time event.

Support Jersey City with your dollars!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Late night open thread

Q) How come elephants lie on their backs in fields?
A) So they can trip birds

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Well, here we are Jersey City and the surround, the last Music Series. As sad as that is, that's NOT what the Friday night Music Series has been about. Nothing maudlin tonight, hell no. Just great music, it's what we do here. It's what we'll be doing in Oscoda, just a click away or you can drive 600-some miles each week and watch Johnny put it together. Your call.

Let's step off one more time proper with one of the most underrated songs in the history of songs, 'Rat Trap' by The Boomtown Rats. Edgy guitar, the perfect anti-hero, the nasty sax, and Bob Geldof telling the tale. It's all in here. Like a turducken of music, only good.

Let's do this thing...


Johnny's ode to all his New Jersey friends. Bruce or Jon seemed so cliche and we've played them both plenty. 'Blood and Roses' all up in your ears and sounding like Friday night should.

Turn it up loud enough you can drown out all the car horns ;)


Johnny, a spiritual on the last night even if reimagined in such a hip way? Oh you know it, sinner. It's the music that Johnny loves. This is incredible. Plus it's one more chance to fit Patty Griffin into a Music Series and stick a finger in the eye of the person who said via email twice Johnny played her music too much.

Like that could happen.

One.Last.Song. Jersey City, you'll have to click all the way in Oscoda to get the next one in a few weeks. Radio Free Iosco (County) we'll call it. "Move Up' taking us out one last time.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Late night open thread

Go on, you can have one more piece of pie before bed. Of course it needs Cool Whip. Stupid question.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Today Johnny is giving thanks for the great people of Jersey City

When Johnny's wife passed in early February, he truly thought he was alone here. He'd worked from home so he didn't get the same types of relationships one builds up in a office setting; dinners, movies, team building trips to Yankee Stadium, and through these outings and events and programs one makes friends. Johnny only really had acquaintances in his building as he worked early and odd hours. His best friend really was his dog walker all this time as he'd see him every day at least and chat.

He really felt isolated.

Nobody is EVER going to use any kind of, "Oh, New Jersey, pffft" insult around him and not be called on it. "Oh Jersey people..." Nope, as Bill Clinton used to say, 'That dog don't hunt." Never again will that derisive dismissal go unchallenged. Jersey City has shown Johnny some of the most wonderful people he'll ever meet and will truly miss.

Johnny's an Atheist, don't worry, just setting up this story of kindness. The first thing one does after getting up off the couch is deal with the funeral home situation however agonizing. Johnny called McLaughlin Funeral Home in Journal Square. He is SO GLAD HE DID. They've been incredible and they helped take care of so much. If you are ever in the same situation as Johnny, you can trust them. Just 4 days after his wife passed Johnny did not feel up to a PATH ride from Grove St. to the JSQ and he called a cab. The ride was quiet and uneventful which was the plan. As the cab pulled up outside McLaughlin's and stopped, the driver, in a thick accent, asked Johnny if he was going to the funeral home. Johnny said yes. He asked if it were someone close and Johnny choked up a little replied 'My wife."

The driver asked Johnny to hold on for a moment. He fumbled in his jacket for a second or two and pulled out a prayer card and asked if he could say a prayer for her with him. It was the first and one of the kindest gestures in a tidal wave of coming kindness. You better believe Johnny listened to all this good and kind stranger had to say from the card. Simply amazing.

Johnny's neighbors took his dog for walks, they'd just show up to do it. Dinner was left outside his door like it was some kind of wonderful coordinated effort for over a week. Johnny's college friend Mary who lives in Dallas wanted to make sure he ate something, anything, and ordered a burger and mac and cheese poppers from Left Bank Burger. When it got delivered there was a note from Mary relayed on the receipt but also a note from someone who worked at Left Bank Burger, "We're here if you need us."

Johnny has gotten more supportive and uplifting DM's on Twitter from Jersey City people than you can count. He's just listed a few moments here where people were kind, there have been many more.

New Jersey/Jersey City isn't Angry Governors, Snooki's and housewives. It's not. That's TV. The people of Jersey City are wonderful and compassionate and kind and whom Johnny was lucky enough to spend 10 years with.

Today he's giving thanks for you Jersey City.