Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One more song shall we, before 2015?

Before 2014 skedaddles out of here forever let's do what we always do here, since 2007 back in Ypsilanti we've played the best version of Johnny's favorite Rolling Stones song, 'Gimme Shelter' right before midnight. There are a few versions of this gem out there but this has the Jack Nicholson commentary before Lisa Fischer makes us all shake like jelly.

We'll see you on the other side and thanks for being part of our New Year's Eve Rock-A Rama.

OK, more fun it is

Liz Phair keeps us rocking and rolling towards midnight. If you're a Jersey City Desk regular, you know what's coming next, at a few minutes to midnight. A Jersey City Desk tradition. First though, 'Polyester Bride' by Liz Phair.

One does not host a proper New Year's Eve party without proper reggae music

And to that end dear friends we give you The Lions and 'Ethio-Steppers'. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em...

How about some funk to go with your New Year's Eve?

Hey, we're not trying to break any new music today and tonight as you can tell. It's all about you singing, dancing and we here adding to your fun today. The Commodores with 'Brick House'

Let us guess, you're home from work early and relaxing

Oh you have plans tonight but right now it's about the cocktail in your hand or the one you're gonna make. Here's the official song of cocktail hours everywhere, Led Zeppelin and 'Immigrant Song'

OK Bon Jovi fans, this one's for you

Twelve hours and some change out from the big moment we're gonna keep the energy up today with New Jersey's own and a pretty cool video to boot.

They should just put a giant Jon Bon Jovi head on top of the Prudential Center shouldn't they? It could light up and spin and music could pump out of it and on game nights when the Devils score sparks would shoot out of his eyes.

Johnny's clearly an idea man. Bon Jovi and 'It's My Life'

Kicking off New Year's Rocking Eve 2015!

God damn Johnny, what the hell, 10 AM for the first New Year's Eve song? Did you sleep late? Why yes, for once Johnny did sleep late.

So let's wake the world with our first New Year's Eve selection as we head toward midnight. We said WAKE UP THE WORLD with Van Halen and 'Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love'

Late night open thread

Make certain to check back tomorrow because our New Year's Eve day and evening all-day music-a-thon always brings down the house. Email Johnny with suggestions!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We'd be remiss for not sharing such a fail

Everyone's least favorite Canadian singer, (no not Anne Murray) Justin Bieber jumped out of his limo yesterday outside Madison Square Garden and luckily he had his skateboard with him (Either that or he's become goddamned Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now who took his surfboard everywhere with him) since the Biebs wanted to do some skateboarding down some steps. We're not going to bore you with him trying again and again and again to get his trick right. Here's the only part you the discerning Jersey City Desk viewer wanna see:

Hey ah, Justin, looks like you forgot something.

Staten Island douchecanoe congressman Michael Grimm is stepping down

In probably our last big news story of 2014, we're happy to report that Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm, after earlier saying there was no reason to step down after admitting to felony tax evasion had a sit down with John Boehner, Republican party chief weasel, who told Grimm otherwise. So goodbye Mr."This is a witch hunt" Grimm, you've helped redefine 'witch hunt' as something that turns up a 20 count federal indictment. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

A crooked elected official, the worst kind of American citizen.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Late night open thread

If today is your birthday you share it with Mary Tyler Moore, Ted Danson and Jude Law.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

On a quick note...

Though we've had our differences with the mayor, we fully support Mayor Fulop in his comments about Governor Christie and Cuomo's shortsighted and toothless Port Authority suggestions. To close the PATH system on weekends from 1Am til 5AM? Way to make this side of the Hudson an overnight parking lot, dumbasses. All to save $10 million? How about we cut back on some of the graft at the Port Authority and get a forensic accounting of their books. Then we can go root out the incredible amount of overtime they seem to chew through. Screw the PA.

Fight on Mr. Mayor, and Mayor Zimmer et al, we have your back on this.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Late night open thread

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.
 -- Anton Chekhov

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Late night open thread

Wowser. Yes, Johnny is a Red Wings fan but this is a must see goal for every hockey fan. In overtime vs. Ottawa, Detroit's Gustav Nyquist holds onto the puck for 28.6 seconds (Timed by CBC's Hockey Night in Canada) by himself before netting the winner. Amazing.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The NYPD turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio was beyond disrespectful

Johnny felt the NYPD turning their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio during the funeral processions and eulogy of NYPD Detective Rafael Ramos was the height of poor taste. Today was all about the sacrifice made by Detective Ramos for ALL the citizens of New York City. He was an officer OF the city, not just serving the police union. What did the police unions do? They made it about themselves which is simply distasteful. The contingent of cops that turned their backs on the Mayor who was elected by 73% of city residents had better understand whom they work for. NYC is not a police state. The NYPD falls under the purview of non-police officials for a reason. Get with the program boys and girls or go be cops somewhere else.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Late night open thread

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
 -- Emo Philips

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


No other reason than Johnny wanted to hear this one tonight. The Police kicking it off this week with 'Walking on the Moon'


Oh man what bad video for a great song. Sometimes you wish your heroes, (in Johnny's case Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds here) were never in such god-awful videos with no imagination and no coolness to them AT ALL. So maybe this one time you can just close your eyes and let the music play. Rockpile and 'Teacher, Teacher'


Finishing up the final Music Series of 2014 falls to the Ting Tings and 'That's Not My Name.' We're going to skip the Music Series next Friday as anyone who knows how Thursday and New Year's Eve works around this place won't be wanting for music come next Friday.

Now head off into this good Friday night belting out this chorus as loud as you can:

They call me 'hell'
They call me 'Stacey'
They call me 'her'
They call me 'Jane'
That's not my name
That's not my name
That's not my name
That's not my name
They call me 'quiet'
But I'm a riot
Always the same
That's not my name
That's not my name
That's not my name
That's not my name

Pete DeBoer is out as Devils coach

El Diablos waited until Boxing Day to let head coach Pete DeBoer go but let him go they did. No word at press time of who the replacement will be going forward. DeBoer led the Devils to the 2012 Stanley Cup Final where the Devils lost in six games to the Kings.

Johnny's favorite Pete DeBoer moment as Devils coach? Letting then-Rangers coach John Tortorella know how the game at MSG was going to be played that night:

Rutgers football Gameday, Motor City Bowl edition!

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are in Johnny's hometown of Detroit this afternoon to take on North Carolina (and their non-existant plan to actually have student athletes learn anything while enrolled) in at 4:30 today. We're just going to go ahead and call this the old Motor City Bowl for reference purposes because unless Johnny gets paid by the actual bowl sponsors themselves, six figures, he's not using corporate names. The game on paper anyway looks like it could be quite the offensive affair. Let's take a look.

Rutgers comes into their Motor City Bowl at 7-5 and a pretty good first season in the B1G all things considered. RU proved the doubters who said they didn't belong in such a conference, and certainly couldn't compete in such a conference, well wrong. RU is a good, not great team, that is a difficult team to play against, who never give up (See Maryland game) and are quite capable in getting the B1G off on the right bowl foot. In fact Johnny expects no less today.

North Carolina at the beginning of the year were nothing less than a sieve defense. Their 4-2-5 alignment gave up huge yards and points in losses to East Carolina and Clemson. A bowl game, with the extra practice and film time can help RU re-open the gashes in the UNC defense. Gary Nova' RU's "legendary" QB was third in both TD passes and yards in the B1G this season and should have a big day. Who better for Nova to throw to than the B1G's Leonte Carroo who was second statistically in the conference with 1,043 yards and third in TD catches with 10. The sky is the limit offensively for RU as the UNC defensive head coach for defense, Vic Koenning, left halfway through the year his defense was so very bad. It's not entirely better now.

When it comes to defense against the UNC offense the Scarlet Knights need to contain Tar Heel QB Marquise Williams who is a passing and running threat. He can do both and do both well. RU is going to have to limit one of the two things he does well. Stack the box with an extra LB or safety or play a nickel back often to help contain the UNC passing attack. The UNC offense is good, it can however be contained (they were only 6-6).

We think today the B1G pedigree will come to the fore. RU has played much better offenses and defenses than they'll face today in Michigan State and Ohio State. RU was smoked in both those games but here is where they apply what they learned from those teams and how they'll use it for motivation today. With a win and an 8-5 record this would have to be considered a great season for RU. We think that's exactly what happens today.

Fearless Forecast:
Rutgers 37
North Carolina 31

Late night open thread

Remember, Christmas isn't really over until you check the shitters.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Late night open thread

Johnny's got to get to bed, hell we all need to get to bed ASAP as Santa is on his way according to NORAD! Bed. NOW!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Here's a Johnny stocking stuffer for our wonderful readers

Here's a little something for your stockings tonight from Johnny. A video stocking stuffer if you will as a thank-you to all our terrific readers as a small token of our appreciation that you're out there and hopefully enjoying what you read (Johnny has one of the original Romper Room mirrors so yes, he can see you when you drop by).

If you're really up against it as far as gifts, don't panic yet citizen

Johnny's got a couple links to help you out whether you're here in Jersey City today or across the river for great last minute gift ideas AND places that are open where you may buy them:

Jersey City shopping

New York City shopping

How about a wonderful story that truly embodies the season

Johnny's not going to tell you too much, he'd very much like for you to read the story but know a gentleman named David Kohle of Pequannock won the grand prize in's Great Grocery Giveaway, a $15,000 gift card redeemable at a supermarket of his choice. Mr. Kohle decided that a lot more good could be done by donating a large portion of that money that keeping it for his own groceries. A wonderful story about a very kind man on Christmas Eve 2014.

Safe travels to all our Jersey City Desk readers

We know today is a big 'get-out-of-town-day' for Christmas travelers and if you are one of them we here wish you a safe, and hassle free trip.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Johnny was enjoying a glass of "Christmas milk" and thought he'd make a gif

Is everyone getting excited? Is everyone all set with shopping? Do you have your Christmas goose in the freezer until tomorrow morning? Growing up Johnny often loved the three or four days leading up to Christmas so much with all their excitement and anticipation and school parties and family dropping by it built up to something the day of Christmas itself could never live up to. As an adult he's far better and pacing himself in his holiday expectations. Now it's all good. What does this have to do with egg nog and a gif? Nothing.

So, there's Johnny getting ready to close up the Jersey City Desk offices and head home for the night when he decided to have one last glass of egg nog and it brought this idea to mind. There are many great parts to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation that make it such a great movie. One small part that makes Johnny laugh every year is Clark and Cousin Eddie enjoying egg nog in those classic Marty Moose glasses when Cousin Eddie suddenly takes an interest in some kind of wooden wheel, the type that may spin if a candle burned under it, and with one flick of a finger just destroys it and stands over the pile of wooden blades still pondering what the hell it was.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Late night open thread

Here's a Christmas present compliments of Rolling Stone magazine. It's an article and interview with just about all the actors and participants in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the holiday classic of our generation. Just follow this handy link and read what really is an interesting article with some great backstory.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

How is 1.6 mph of wind considered a "gust"?

Yes, things only Johnny notices for $300 Alex...

OK, the weather is going to get progressively worse as we head to Christmas Eve. The rain will pick up and could be heavy on the 24th, the winds are most assuredly going to pick up and by tomorrow night flooding starts to become a concern. But for now, well, Johnny was doing some checking and saw this marvelous statistic from Wunderground that 1.6 mph is now measured as a gust of wind. You probably exhale faster than 1.6 mph.

Hold onto your hats kids!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Late night open thread

Tonight's open thread is brought to you by the great taste of egg nog. Egg nog, it's not just for dinner anymore.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Rejoice Pagans for the Winter Solstice is here

All you other religions (Christians pay close attention since you basically started acting like squatters on this holiday) and non-religious people may rejoice because today is the shortest day of the year meaning tomorrow the days get longer and hopefully warmer!

Late night open thread

My how the time flies when you play an entire day of Warcraft. Ah well.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014


FOUR, that's right FOUR Christmas themed songs tonight as Johnny empties his goodie sack of music into your ear stockings. For Johnny the best part of the holidays and Christmas is seeing family and friends and to that end no song is better to kick off this year's Christmas Cavalcade o' Tunes than 'Please Come Home for Christmas' by Pat Benatar and those amazing pipes of hers. Better take the train if this video is any indicator. All aboard!


Let's be clear, Aretha Franklin could sing 'Muskrat Love' and make it not suck (so badly). So let's get into that Christmas mood with the Queen of Soul giving her take on 'Winter Wonderland'. Now this here is a Christmas song...


Our celebration of really cool Christmas songs lands us on Mr. Sting (Sting all the way!) and his wonderful song, 'Gabriel's Message' done in that great Sting way. You know what we mean. Good Sting, not whining Sting.


Sure, everybody and his or her brother has done and remade and covered this Chuck Berry classic. For Johnny's money, Dave Edmunds just gets 'Run Rudolph Run' just right. Therefore we're going to wind up this year's Christmas Music Series with the best Christmas song there is.

Make sure to drop back by for the Music Series tonight, it's a Festivus Miracle!

Well, actually it's the Christmas special where we play some of the coolest yulest holiday tunes around. If it's past your bedtime Johnny will sign you a note to your parents it's OK to blast music well into the wee hours just this one time...until New Year's Eve.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Late night open thread

Johnny finds beauty in some odd places sometimes. Here's a homemade animated gif tonight of a waterfall of fire and sparks he saw at the Mill Creek construction site this morning.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The red light cameras in the state of New Jersey are NO MORE!

That means Jersey City cannot issue these tickets in any fashion, Trenton, Hoboken, Moonachie, Newark (Yes you too Newark), Camden, Piscataway, nowhere can these cameras issue tickets. If you get one now, toss it away.

These cameras never were about safety. A cautionary tale next time any elected official says we NEED to institute something on a state or local level that will require you to pay more "but it's all for improved safety." Bullshit. It's a scheme to remove money from your bank account while the city or state sits back and collects money under false pretenses.

They'll try and find other ways but red light cameras, and the companies who often bribed their way into states to begin with, won't be it.

Late night open thread

The average person has over 1,460 dreams a year. We hope yours are of the sweet variety. Speaking of which...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Exclusive Jersey City Desk video of the Warehouse demolition

Yes, the old warehouse at Warren and Morgan St. started to come down this morning, history be damned. There are neighborhood rumors Johnny was told this morning by onlookers that this very building is where former Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini did her burlesque dancing way back when the place was known as "The Jersey Room" but of course this is mere speculation. So Jersey City another piece of history goes bye-bye for rental units and transient residents.

The times they have changed Mr. Dylan...

Late night open thread

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.
 -- George Carlin

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Confirmed: Warehouse demo starts tomorrow

Now, it may just be the boxy portion AT Morgan and Warren (Avoid this area tomorrow drivers) and not the taller well-graffitied warehouse but Johnny confirmed in talking with three guys tasked with taking it down that tomorrow it is. Johnny also hipped them to the fact the small building has no structural integrity as portions of the roof have caved in (looking back in the pictures Johnny took from a friend's place when about 15 "interesting characters" got inside those warehouses and half the Jersey City PD turned out to arrest them, you can see the open roof areas).

This particular building would have most likely had to go but losing a city's history and old warehouses that could have been saved (Like Mill Creek is doing) if the city planning commission had even tried to get the paperwork designating the Powerhouse Arts District a historical district in on time. Inept? Paid off? You tell us, the fact is we lose a lot while the Jersey City planning commission is asleep at the switch.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Late night open thread

Finally, a couple weeks off to enjoy life in and around Jersey City. This has been one busy busy year.

Time for Jersey CIty, After Dark

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Late night open thread

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?
 -- Dr. Seuss

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday NFL open thread

We didn't think games could get shittier than the Giants vs the Washingtons but then one must only wait until 4pm to have to look at the Jets and Titans.

Days like this were made for NFL Redzone. Tell us what you're seeing and don't hold back.

This takes balls:

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Calling all photographers and lovers of old warehouses

No Parking signs next to the old warehouse at Warren and Bay St. warning of 'concrete removal' beginning Monday and lasting til the end of the year have been posted. Johnny has a pretty good idea Toll Brothers is going to tear that warehouse down as part of their downtown clusterfuck where they create parking issues and tons of litter (not to mention their workers urinating in public) for local residents to deal with.

So if you're a photographer who loves old buildings you have 36 hours to shoot that particular warehouse.

Late night open thread

Say Jersey City, why not stay home and shop here and eat here tomorrow. There will be tourist shoppers acting like cholesterol on the sidewalks of life uptown, righteous protestors by the tens of thousands starting in Union Square and the spectre of SantaCon popping up wherever drunken brawls pop up, usually near a subway stop.

Let's face it, getting around tomorrow in NYC is going to look a lot THIS!

So shop here, eat here. You'll avoid a mess and you'll probably realize Jersey City had what you wanted to buy and eat all along.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


A blackout theme here tonight Jersey City with the events of tonight. What better way to kick it off than with the Pat Travers Band and their classic 'Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)' from way back in the happening 70's.

So Johnny knows you're listening when the 'Out Go the Lights!" part comes on open your window and sing it LOUD. Thanks in advance.


Let's keep this blackout theme going before the power goes out again. The Blasters with 'Dark Night'


A slow song about the lights going out (And a ci-teh) to wrap up this blackout version of the Music Series. This song fits so well into the theme tonight and also walks that very fine line of how much Johnny can stand Steve Perry yowling.. Journey with 'Lights'. Side A is for dancin', side B is for ramancin'

Friday, December 12, 2014

A sad story today but one we can do something about

OK, we're not talking about Jersey City here but Wantage in Sussex County. There a fire ripped through a barn owned by Assemblyman Parker Space. The worst part of all this (the barn can be repaired, thankfully) is that the Assemblyman had stored 150 turkeys for those less fortunate in the barn and those turkeys were destroyed which really sets back the effort to feed people in Sussex County.

When he read this Johnny called the Assemblyman Space's office to see if there was something we as a city of good people could do to help. Space's Chief of Staff said they don't have a fund set up or a place to make donations but that she's get back with Johnny and Johnny in turn will pass that info on to you. If you'd like to contact Sussex County Social Services directly you can find them at:

Department of Human Services
Stephen Gruchacz, Administrator
One Spring Street, Newton, N.J. 07860
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Phone: 973-579-0559 Fax: 973-579-9894

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Late night open thread

The word 'typewriter' is the longest word in the English language that can be spelled with just the top row of the keyboard.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Jersey City student Tiffany Fahmy has won the PATH Holiday Poster Contest!

We are very proud of Tiffany Fahmy this morning as the Jersey City eighth-grader at School 11 won the PATH Holiday Poster contest and her design will adorn the PATH Trains all holiday season.

We'd never be one to spoil Tiffany's thunder so if you'd like to see her international and very worldly design you'll have to follow this handy link.

Late night open thread

The horse I bet on was so slow, the jockey kept a diary of the trip.
 -- Henny Youngman

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Late night open thread

And as if this day couldn't get any happier, funner or more superer Johnny's alma mater, the mighty HURONS Of Eastern Michigan went into Ann Arbor a mere three nights after NJIT beat Michigan at Crisler Arena and won 45-42 playing a ferocious zone defense. NJIT and the small team a stone's throw down Washtenaw Avenue have beaten the defending B1G champs from a year ago...this week.

What must that feel like for a Michigan fan you ask?

Snork. Big ups to the EMU team and coaching staff. Party at Sidetrack and Frenchie's tonight! This calls for the fight song!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You just can't have a Super Happy Fun Day without this one

Fitting; 'Rainy Day Women #12 & 35' but yes you'll know it by its name in the common tongue, just push play.

Here's some happy fun time news -- The PATH will reopen the Exchange place to WTC line 12/20

Hooray! After a year of being shut down for "necessary repairs" on the weekends the Exchange Place to WTC line is back up and running a week from this upcoming Saturday, 12/20.

About time Port Authority. It better not screw up now either, you've had a YEAR to make your fixes.

Johnny has initiated the Super Happy Fun Day protocols!

On what will probably be the worst day of the year weather-wise Johnny and the Jersey City Desk staff are ready here to help you through it. We're gonna start it off with a very logical choice, Garbage and 'I'm Only Happy When It Rains'

Monday, December 8, 2014

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Let's talk about how much tomorrow is going to suck today

'Round midnight as this nor' easter starts to hit New Jersey it's going to start to rain. And rain. And rain. The northwest counties north and west of Bergen and Winterfell up by the Wall will get around 6 inches of snow from this mess. For us lowlanders it's a wet and wild Tuesday with 2-3 inches of rain, periods of it very heavy and the usual 20-30 mph winds. Anytime it rains here you know it floods and there will be a Flood Watch from midnight til late tomorrow and a Coastal Flood Advisory in effect from 7 am to 11 am EST Tuesday.

Johnny will do his best to rally the troops tomorrow as we're enacting the Emergency Super Happy Fun Day Protocols that can be put in place to cheer up Jersey City on such a rude day.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

NJIT upsets mighty Michigan!!

Newark's New Jersey Institute of Technology has upset Michigan at Crisler Center in Ann Arbor this afternoon 72-70. The Highlanders defeated the #17 Wolverines behind Ky Howard's 17 points, 6 blocks and 5 rebounds.

Well done NJIT!! As for Michigan:

Late night open thread

Johnny's got out of town company this weekend and they are getting the full NYC treatment so communications here will be spotty. Enjoy this animation while Johnny's in and out.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Normally the pretty women out walking with gorillas in Johnny's neighborhood are already walking with Johnny. Come on, you still remember the words to 'Is She Really Going out With Him,' belt them out and nobody says you can only listen to it one if you want to do some personal karaoke tonight from the comfort of the comfy chair in front of your computer.


Here's a gold nugget out of nowhere kids. Growing up in Detroit as he did Johnny heard this song on the WRIF, WABX, WWWW and WCSX airwaves over the years. A nice snarling little rocker tonight, 'Come to Poppa'

Friday, December 5, 2014


Ah yes, the Monkees. What to make of a band that at one point had Jimi Hendrix open for them even though they didn't write their own music or play their own instruments 99% of the time. They did have a few catchy hit songs like this one here that was written by the guy who played Reuben Kincaid on The Partridge Family and we'll bet you didn't know that.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Late night open thread

The Islanders are now in first place, second in the east and are 10-2 at home.

No, really.

We're not kidding.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

An open letter to Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan Jr.

Dear Richmond County District Attorney Daniel Donovan, Jr.,

You fucked up and you fucked up in a way that's going to follow you in what's left of your career. You gutless piece of shit. It's a brave new world out here now Friend-O. People aren't afraid of you and your racist slow-walking of cherry picked evidence anymore. Your types are gonna move aside or be tossed out. Don't think so? Better have some donuts and good coffee on Monday morning when the Justice Department stops by for a visit.

Ladies and Jellyspoons I give you Staten Island Richmond County District Attorney Daniel Donovan, Jr., the man who quite intentionally brought you all this by his lack of interest in doing his job. It belongs on his doorstep. "Officer" Daniel Pantaleo acted rashly, and stupidly, and like an out of control cowboy with no brain in his head. It's then your JOB Mr. District Attorney to hold him to account. You didn't which can only lead us to think you have even fewer brains. The coroner ruled it murder. The chokehold was banned. Are you telling us you saw something the entire globe did not or is your nose so far up the NYPD's ass you'll simply say yes, Black Lives Don't Matter when it comes to protecting rogue idiot cops in my conservative district which then means Black Lives Don't Matter at all to you.

A clearly broken system will be respected and neither can this farce of a grand jury decision.

Again, Daniel Donovan, Jr., you're an inept, gutless piece of shit.


Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Johnny just saw one of those cute animated gifs

Then he realized in looking at it how really well it sums up the UBER business model; definitely cheaper than a cab, no insurance worries and a free cold drink.

If you're considering a concert or sporting event at Madison Square Garden DO watch this first

Last night the homestanding Knicks were getting beaten by the basketball team formerly known as New Jersey. The Nets have a superfan named Jeffrey Gamblero who cheers for the team as superfans do. He also has a prosthetic leg. Last night with the Knicks losing, the Madison Square Garden Security team of basically thugs told Gamblero to, and this is at a major sporting event, to quiet down as he was cheering wrong. He asked what the problem was according to eyewitnesses at MSG and they told him to simply be a fan.

Nothing ambiguous about that is there? Be a fan. He was, he was cheering for his team who happened to the be the visiting team. After a while the MSG security thug taskforce came to where Gamblero was sitting and dragged him up the stairs to eject him while Gamblero screamed in pain and WITHOUT his prosthetic leg. They left that down at his seat for him apparently out of respect for the disabled.

So if you're planning a concert or event at MSG think again, do you really want to support James Dolan's goon squad who would do such a horrific thing basically because, and let's face facts, because the Knicks were losing is why this all happened, think again. Don't support this kind of 'customer service'.

The video at the link is very disturbing but so is dragging a one-legged man screaming in pain up stairs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

It's a BOLD statement Tuesday

Johnny is man of this world. He gets out, he talks to people, he knows the dirt the powers that be have on each other (and keep those emails a-comin!) and he eats his way through Jersey City and New York City quite well thank you. In his time pounding the streets, whether just out and about or walking the dire wolf, a man can get hungry. A man knows food trucks have come a long way in haute cuisine and in different styles of nosh. Johnny has sampled a fair amount from food trucks in both Jersey City and NYC.

The food trucks in Jersey City are better.

NYC trucks seem to be too cliche and too much of the same thing. Jersey City trucks are trying new and exciting styles and some almost tasting-menu type stuff all up in your neighborhoods.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Late night open thread

Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid.
 -- John Wayne

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Damn you meddling kids-Your years old technology is outwitting the NYPD!

You're confounding and outwitting the NYPD you "techie brats."

With the recent protesting dating as far back as time, or the Occupy Wall Street protests and more recently the protests over the murder of Michael Brown by the Ferguson Missouri PD, the NYPD are admitting they are merely reacting to the situation on the ground. The NYPD says they're not controlling the fluid situation because they are being outmaneuvered by Twitter and disposable cell phones. Never ones to give credit to anyone for using such ten-years-ago-technology to outwit them an NYPD insider whined to the New York Post:

"They wore me out," said one counterterror expert who monitored the protests. "Their ability to strategize on the fly is something we haven't dealt with before to this degree."

While the NYPD actively monitors Twitter, Facebook and other social media for intelligence, sources said the official chain of command keeps squadrons of cops from moving around as quickly as protesters.

Sounds like the chain of command is the problem there Skippy, but yeah of course blame others for your failings. Also, they're using counterterror technology to monitor Ferguson Missouri protests. No, no overstepping boundaries there. We're certain when the billions for monitoring equipment was being spent and the place on the form said what will this be used for it simply said EVERYTHING. What toolbags. Billions in the ability to monitor and follow persons of interest and they're bitching to the NY Post.

If you're a protestor, keep on doing what you're doing. A lot of the time in this here America you have to break a few windows to even get anyone to stop counting the money. America itself was born of protest, violent protest. The British no doubt called Washington and Jefferson and Franklin "spoiled brats" from well heeled families who had nothing better to do than agitate. Good thing they kept showing up to the protest meetings using age-old codes to move about secretly in looking back isn't it?

A lot of people won't get no supper tonight
A lot of people won't get no justice tonight