Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Late night open thread

'THIS is Halloween.' Tim Burton and Danny Elfman bring it home for Halloween 2018.
Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Rankin and Bass with Phyllis Diller and 'The Mummy'

Dance you wild things, get your groove on with Little Tibia & the Fibulas!

More Halloween pranks? OK!

Halloween costumes may evolve over time... sexy skeleton one day we suppose but one thing never changes, the Halloween music classics, like this all-time favorite, 'The Monster Mash' by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kicker Five.

Fail Army is a great place on the YouTube for costume and Halloween fails from all over

Let's have a look. The Trick to Treat ratio is high here...

Happy Halloween from the Jersey City Desk!

Oh you bet we've got one more of these in us here. Jersey City, you're gonna have to come to Oscoda next year to get your Flametrick Subs because nobody else plays them on Halloween. Psychobilly done right, kicking things off with their standard, 'Creepy Dead Folk'

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Late night open thread

Johnny will win this one day. Oh yes, he will.
Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The BIG NEWS everyone has been waiting for, Johnny's new home

Johnny promised when he had a new place agreed to (and he does) he'd let the cat out of the bag and let all all his awesome Jersey City friends and everyone from the surround know where he was headed.

Johnny has already posted his first welcome post at The Oscoda City Desk!

Johnny, seriously, what is an Oscoda? Oscoda is a great small unincorporated town along the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan along US-23 heading north if you will. Let's go to the map shall we?
Johnny bought a place that backs up to state forest that after a quarter mile becomes the Huron National Forest so no construction around Johnny. No Toll Brothers or Lloyd Goldman fucking things up in his neighborhood.

So, Johnny is all in until he's not here, around the end of November he'll be signing off here and you can catch him back at the Tidepool North, at the Oscoda City Desk.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, a beacon of hope in our troubled times

Syracuse 51
North Carolina State 41
Syracuse is bowl eligible in October and play the teams at the bottom of their division the next two weeks

Michigan State 23
Purdue 13
The Rocky Lombardi era begins in East Lansing

Oklahoma State 38
Texas 35
You didn't actually put any faith into the Texas nonsense did you? DID YOU?

California 12
Washington 10
You probably missed this game because it was played late on the West Coast. And the PAC 12 blows

Northwestern 31
Wisconsin 17
Northwestern moves into first place in the Big Ten West

Utah State 61
New Mexico 19
New Mexico must have said something

Georgia Southern 34
Appalachian State 14
Appy State spent the week ranked at #25 nationally. Hope you enjoyed your stay, Checkout time is noon Sunday

Pitt 54
Duke 45
We'd usually make a joke about this being the Playstation Game of the Week but such a brave effort from Pitt today with all that went on with the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh this morning. Sometimes we find out what really matters

Coastal Carolina 37
Georgian State 34
We just like saying "Chanticleers"

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Kentucky 15
Missouri 14
FOUL! FOUL! Missouri commits a foul on the last play of regulation time and Terry Wilson gets power up on a touchdown pass to tight end C.J. Conrad to WIN THE GAME! Kentucky moves to 7-1. For their efforts both Terry Wilson and C.J. Conrad may loot and pillage Columbia Missouri for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018


If you've been following Johnny on Twitter this week he's been retweeting a lot of factoids on The Supremes being posted by Motown in mentioning some of their amazing number of awards and #1 hits. There's never been a better girl group. Not one. Diana, Mary & Florence with 'Reflections' getting us started tonight. This is the rare version with the cold ending you've most likely never heard before.


Roland and Curt (Of course Johnny's on a first name basis with thousands of stars, it's how one becomes Johnny Action Space Punk) have made quite a few really groovy tunes but for Johnny's money this one, 'Pale Shelter' is his favorite.

Tears for Fears favoring us second tonight


As regulars of the Music Series know Johnny tries to send you on your way with the last song of the night on a musical high or a real upbeat song. 'Bargain' by The Who more than fits that bill. As the Music Series' wind down here Johnny's gonna go with some of his favorites on his way out so as to really try and leave a big big big musical legacy around these parts.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Late night open thread

As the air gets colder, so do the insults

Michigan 21
Michigan St. 7
Johnny has seen kids at the mall do what Devin Bush of Michigan did before the game, having a snit fit trying to kick up the MSU logo at midfield. The kids at the mall are four

Alabama 58
Tennesse 21
It's almost like getting into a trial by combat with the Mountain from Game of Thrones playing Alabama

Northwestern 18
Rutgers 15
So close and yet so stinky smelly awful

Georgetown 22
Lehigh 16
What the ever loving hell happened to Lehigh? They didn't used to suck, they were winners, Billy

Murray State 34
Eastern Kentucky 6
A lot of overtime games today. This was not one of them

Texas Tech 48
Kansas 16
Remember, remember, do you remember that time Kansas won two games and everybody loved them. Um......Do you, do you remember that?

Washington 27
Colorado 13
Johnny watched some of this game. Then he remembered where he put the remote control

Utah State 24
Wyoming 16
We have to have Wyoming on the Scoreboard Show at least once a year

Barcelona 4
Sevilla 2
Lionel Messi broke his goddamned arm so that's not good

Princeton 29
Harvard 21
Princeton defeated the Harvard 11 by 8 units of measure. That one never gets old

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Syracuse 40
North Carolina 37 2OT
With a really nice Syracuse season hanging in the balance, on a razor's edge, freshman Tommy DeVito simply would not let the Orange lose today. He brought 'Cuse back to get to overtime and in the second OT he got power up and threw the game-winning TD pass to Ravian Pierce. For his efforts Tommy DeVito may loot and pillage Syracuse N.Y. for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 19, 2018

Late night open thread

A big tip of Johnny's cap to his old high school who won the highly competitive Flint Metro League tonight in football with 7 seconds to play. Well done Brandon, well done indeed!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


We've only got a handful of the Music Series left here at the Jersey City Desk so Johnny wants to close strong and really make them count. He's got some great songs in his pockets he's been holding onto to we're gonna start letting them out as there's no reason to save them.

Cowboy Junkies getting us started with the brilliant 'Crescent Moon'


Every so often Johnny tries to come up with a really cool song you probably haven't heard in quite a while that may well get stuck in your head. 'Don't Change' by INXS is such a song, no? Let's try and see.


It's frost on the pumpkin weather out there tonight kids, so we'll sent you off with something you can move around to and keep warm as you head out to hit he early Halloween parties.No better way than to Little Richard your way down the street and tonight you'll be doing it to 'Lucille'

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Late night open thread

Nothing better than the Scoreboard Show on Upset Saturday! Let's dig in shall we?

Michigan State 21
Pennsylvania State University 17
Some call this an upset, but is it ever really an upset when the favorite is coached by James Franklin? Mark Dantonio beats a Top Ten team with a banged up wreck of a squad on the road. Same as it ever was

Eastern Michigan 28
Toledo 26
Toledo clocked out two points too early at 'The Factory' today in Ypsilanti and US 23 will now be painted green between Ypsi and Sylvania

LSU 36
Georgia 16
Dogs don't like gumbo

Notre Dame 19
Pittsburgh 14
Touchdown Jeebus granted a favor today. He might not be paying out twice vs bad teams Mr. Kelly

Florida 37
Vanderbilt 27
Iowa State 30
West Virginia 14
The Mountaineers got caught in the Cyclone 'suck zone'

Oregon 30
Washington 27 OT
The ranking carnage, it's a thing

James Madison 37
Villanova 0
James Madison will pay for this come basketball season. In fire and blood

Morehead State 35
Davidson 28
Morehead. Morepoints

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Colorado State 20
New Mexico 18
You don't call your team Rams if you can't get power up once in a while. Wyatt Bryan kicked a 26-yard field goal as time expired to give Colorado State the game and now, for his efforts, Wyatt Bryan may loot and pillage Fort Collins Colorado (Home of Marla Hooch) for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Late night open thread

Don't miss tomorrow night's Scoreboard Show. You wouldn't want to not be cool would you?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 12, 2018


Johnny's told this story before but originally Michael Jackson was not the one who was supposed to sing this song, they didn't feel his voice had the maturity and depth to pull off the serious subject matter.

Mmmmm hmmm, how'd the decision not work out? The Jackson Five and 'Never Can Say Goodbye'


Ok kids, listen close to Mr. Elvis. He has some valuable words to live by when it comes to his shoes. You kids pay attention.

The King of Rock and Roll with 'Blue Suede Shoes'


Still a top ten all-time album cover.

Don't think so? Come at Johnny, see what happens.

Supertramp sending out into this deeeeeelightful crisp fall evening with 'Goodbye Stranger'

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, losers beware

Northwestern 29
Michigan State 19
Johnny's had steaks tougher than the MSU offensive line

Miami (Fl) 28
Florida State 27
Florida State led 27-7 in the second half. There's no clever line here other than the Seminoles are miserable

Texas 48
Oklahoma 45
The Sooners outscored Texas 21-3 in the fourth quarter....and still lost

Pitt 44
Syracuse 37
The Orange need to get back on track. Johnny's friend is a big Syracuse fan and he expects results

Iowa 48
Minnesota 31
If you want to win Floyd of Rosedale, you come up with plays like this

Colgate 27
Bucknell 3
Colgate's cavity-free season continues at 5-0

Wofford 21
Chattanooga 10
Johnny wore his Wofford Terriers shirt today and just look at those results

Clemson 63
Wake Forest 3
Somebody remind Wake Forest you don't collect checks for getting your ass kicked then going home in conference games

South Florida 58
Massachusetts 42
Your PlayStation game of the week

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
South Carolina 37
Missouri 35
When Missouri's Tucker McCann kicked a 57 yard field goal with under 3 minutes to play, we'll just bet he thought HE would be the one looting and pillaging in Columbia South Carolina better than Lt. General William Tecumseh Sherman did but NO, it was Gamecocks kicker Parker White who was true from 33 yards with seconds to play. For his efforts Parker White will be the one looting and pillaging Columbia for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 5, 2018

Late night open thread

With all this talk of art Johnny wanted to share his biggest selling masterpiece. He created it in 2009, it's called, "Ghosts Eating Marshmallows in a Snowstorm"
Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Tonight's Music Series is dedicated to all the fabulous artists who make up the Jersey City art scene. No matter your medium, if you're famous or not, keep going. Johnny may be leaving Jersey City but he will always be talking about the truly amazing art scene here. He proudly has pieces by five JC artists in his home, big and small. Here's hoping this Music Series is worthy of your efforts.

The Sex Pistols with 'Holiday in the Sun'


The rage you feel today, use it on election day. Here's Bob Dylan to remind you to vote with 'Political World' batting second tonight on the Music Series.


Since tonight is dedicated to all the incredible artists in Jersey City, here's a number they might relate to. You all keep on doing what you're doing, you're ALL dazzling! Joe Jackson with 'Survival'

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Late night open thread

One day soon we'll have the grand unveiling of the next "City Desk" city so the townfolk can be forewarned and flee. Flee like this, "Johnny is coming, oh Jesus, Johnny is coming!"

While they are running many may also beg the question, "Not ANOTHER City Desk thing."

See ya back here for the Music Series tomorrow night.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The countdown begins friends

Johnny and pretty much all the regulars here knew this day was going to come after that awful day in February and Johnny put Space Punk Acres up for sale. Well friends tonight he has accepted an offer and the beginning of the end of the Jersey City Desk has come. Up until the end, as Johnny did with the Ypsi City Desk, he'll be all in until he goes.

The clock has begun ticking.