Monday, April 30, 2012

Around 2 pm today the new World Trade Center will pass the Empire State Building in height

And once again the Empire State Building will be back to being second tallest building on the NYC skyline. Hopefully this time for good.

Look for the union label...

Who remembers those old ads?

Well beginning anew any developer working on a building in Jersey City that gets a five-year or longer tax abatement must hire union workers. Supported by Mayor Healy and voted out of council on a 6-3 vote, the ordinance is now in effect. Voting for the measure were David Donnelly, Steve Fulop, Rolando Lavarro, Nidia Lopez, Michele Massey and Viola Richardson. Voting against were Peter Brennan, Bill Gaughan and Michael Sottolano.

Opposing the plan were the developers who represent The Beacon who felt the plan was redundant to state laws already on the books. Not so said Mayor Healy who said developers had been finding loopholes in the legislation.

“We believe union labor builds best,” Healy said in a statement, adding the measure approved this week by the council “closes any loopholes that developers may have tried to use to circumvent”

Late night open thread

Music til dawn on this internet radio outpost. Tonight the alternative stylings of CFNY in Brampton Ontario.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Devils vs Flyers, the Turnpike Series

What's this ask Devils fans, the second round? Well bust our buttons it is. And against a hated rival to boot? Too cool.

Or not.

You all know Johnny wants the Devils to win. He loathes the Flyers and always has. That being said the matchup doesn't favor the Devils as of today.

Unless Martin Brodeur can find a magic kernel of goaltending potion and play his best series in years it certainly looks like the Flyers in six games.

The Devils gutted out the series against Florida and deserved to win it. We did learn that in the short period between the regular season ending and the playoffs beginning the USS Devils PenaltyKill hit an iceberg and has been taking on water. The Panthers hit the jackpot around 30%. If the hole isn't patched it could get bigger with the awesome offensive talent the Flyers can run out on both powerplay units. It would make Johnny sad to see Daniel Briere running around scoring on the powerplay knowing you simply aren't allowed by rule to smash his smarmy mug into the NHL logo behind the nets.

By rule.

Here's the good news Devils fans, buy shares in Parise, Zajac & Kovalchuk Inc. As good as the Flyers are at offense they are as bad at the whole defensive thing. The defense seems lost. They run at everything like a cat with a laser pointer and give up a copious amount of odd man rushes. We don't know who made more "big" saves in the last series with Pittsburgh, Ilya Bryzgalov or his seeing-eye dog. Ilya is sporting a plump 3.89 GAA and a "He must be blacking out for short periods of time or something" save percentage of  .871.

The hard working Devils defense will be dog tired each night chasing the Flyers flyers around the ice. Salt of the earth defensive corps for New Jersey but just maybe not quite enough in a long series.

So, on paper (or the interwebs equivalent) it sadly would appear that the Flyers do have an edge. Common sense would dictate a call of Philadelphia in six games. That would indeed play nicely into the New Jersey mantra of us against the world and just what are you gonna do about it. Indeed some early success might feed that very live animal coming back to Newark. The roof could come off the Prudential Center Thursday night if the Devils can snatch one of the first two.

Johnny's counting on that, he's got his tickets waiting at will call.

Go Devils!

A beautiful Sunday on tap for the Tri-State

What are your plans? A bike ride over to Liberty State Park? Planting and or gardening? Maybe you're just enjoying an outside brunch at one of Jersey City's fine dining establishments.

Share with us citizens, what gets you out on a fine Spring day?

Late night open thread

Johnny doesn't know about you, but right now pancakes have the inside track on breakfast.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get ready for "Green Week" Jersey City

Jersey City's successful "Project 365" continues this year, and certainly in the upcoming week as Jersey City will be unveiling bike lanes along Grove St. as well as other citywide initiatives.

Mayor Healy on the project's success:
“Last year, we adopted the 365 Days of Green campaign, from which the Project 365: Jersey City Green Week evolved. We want to continue our efforts to make Jersey City one of the greenest cities in the nation and provide opportunities for our residents to lead sustainable lifestyles.”

The Mayor will demonstrate the bike lanes at 9:30 am Monday.

Jersey City is up for 'Most Sustainable City' in the United States already due to the Project 365. Here's hoping everyone gets involved and attends these events this week.

Late night open thread

"I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I'm not looking for the secret to life... I just go on from day to day, taking what comes."
--Frank Sinatra

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


As Johnny was up on the Jersey City Desk offices rooftop clicking shots on his camera this morning of the shuttle, he noticed dozens of people on rooftops all over town watching the same thrilling scene. A wonderful feeling of community and togetherness was on the rather brisk air. With that in mind our first song in the music series tonight is a sing-along. You know the words, you know the groove. You've probably sung this song in the shower to yourselves no doubt.

Johnny wants you to get up wherever you are and open your windows and sing it loud and sing it proud. Don't just LET your neighbors hear you, MAKE SURE your neighbors hear you.

Rod Stewart with 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?'


From the 1982 album Shabooh Shoobah this is INXS in your ears with 'The One Thing'


It's big, it's bold, it's brassy, it's Earth Wind & Fire with 'Serpentine Fire'

Friday, April 27, 2012

Shuttle Enterprise cruises over Jersey City

Piggybacked over our fair city...

Wanna know what looks classy?

Here's classy for you Jersey City. A Jersey City police employee (note the differentiation, Johnny didn't say officer, he said employee) stood out back on the Bay St. side of the command center/HQ at 8 Erie. He was puffing away on his cigarette and when that cigarette was done do you think he took it inside to throw the butt away? No. Was there a butt can outside the door where he was smoking? No. So he did what so many inconsiderate smokers do, he flicked the butt into the high wind landing about 25 feet away down the sidewalk on Bay St. Johnny called out to the man to ask him if he planned on picking up his cigarette butt, you know at a later time or....NOW. He glanced briefly Johnny's way but scurried quickly back in the side door.

So stay classy friend.

Late night open thread

The Rangers were also winners tonight setting up a second round matchup with Washington Crapitalls. Amtrak ridership should be up with the Devils vs. Philly and the New York vs. Washington matchups. Like most kids, Johnny's mother often reminded him if he couldn't say anything nice then not to say anything at all. So now he'll say something nice about Philadelphia.

You can't smell it from here.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Adam Henrique has scored at 3:37 of the second overtime and the Devils have advanced to the conference semi-final against Philadelphia.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tonight make it a 7 and 7

The Tri-State's remaining two hockey franchises who actually try and compete at the NHL level have their seasons on the line tonight.

First the Devils who are in Homestead Florida (Game 7 in Homestead Florida sounds so bad, Game 7 at Centre Bell or TD Garden or even Joe Louis Arena sounds like it's a BIG 7th game unlike, well, Homestead) tonight hoping to steal a win and advance to the conference semi-final. During the regular season the Devils set an NHL record in success at killing off penalties. During the playoffs the Panthers power play has been nothing short of imposing. They are over 30% on their success rate. So Devils fans, as if you weren't there already let's say the Devils chances tonight grow exponentially if they can keep the Panthers from scoring up a man. We're going to go ahead and call the netminding tonight even. Yes Martin Brodeur is a first ballot hall-of-famer but that does nothing tonight. He's been shaky but for a couple starts in this series. He's no longer the guy you trot out in a huge game and just expect to win. Those days are over. Scott Clemmensen and Jose Theodore don't exactly fill the crease with the hologram of Terry Sawchuk either so do not despair Devils fans. Johnny thinks the Devils have too much pride and enough of an old guard from days of yore they can sneak past Florida tonight. We'd bet one of the Devils vets like Elias or Sykora could have a huge hand in winning tonight. Of course if Parise or Kovalchuk decide to have a three point night who is to quibble?

Why the Devils will win: The Devils have the guys who have been there before and the Panthers don't.
Why the Devils won't win: Marty Brodeur is shaky.

The #1 seeded New York Rangers play their game 7 vs Ottawa tonight at Madison Square Garden. For all the consternation of NY hockey pundits and radio lackeys, the problem with the Rangers is pretty obvious; scoring. Marian Gaborik isn't going to become the playoffs leading scorer anytime soon. It's really great that the Rangers have built their team and reputation on hard work. Fantastic. Hard work gets you so far then you need guys to put pucks in the onion bag. Lundqvist is a very very good goalie who hasn't gotten the offensive support he's needed. TWO Rangers have showed up to play offense against the Senators. Any guesses? Yes, one is Mike Richards who was paid big cash to score big points. Richards has 5 points in 6 games. Who is the other? Captain Ryan Callahan? Former cup winner Ruslan Fedotenko? Regular season 17 goal shooter Derek Stepan? Nope, the Rags second leading playoff scorer is Anton Stralman with FOUR points. Johnny thinks tonight will truly be won or lost by the goalkeeping. Craig Anderson has been very strong for Ottawa. Lundqvist is fast becoming a hard luck goalie come playoffs.

Why the Rangers will win: It's King Henrik in MSG
Why the Rangers won't win: The road team in these playoffs has been winning at an alarming rate, ie see the Boston vs Washington game last night if you'd like to see the blueprint as to how Ottawa will play tonight.

Devils and Rangers win the Devils will play Philadelphia (Ask the New Jersey State Police Commissioner if you too can get a police escort south to Philly for games 1 & 2) and the Rangers will host Washington. If the Devils win and the Rangers lose it'll be the Devils actually HOSTING the Capitals.

So it's a 7 and 7 night with the Rangers puck drop at 7 pm and the Devils starting at 8:30 pm.

Late night open thread

"We'll begin with a reign of terror - a few murders here and there. Murders of great men, murders of little men. Just to show we make no distinction."
The Invisible Man (1933)

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NASA has pushed the Space Shuttle piggy-back until Friday

Worried about the wind and spotty showers here today, NASA has pushed the Space Shuttle Enterprise fly-over of the Hudson River corridor until this upcoming Friday morning. Once again the tour is expected to begin around 9:30 am.

Late night open thread

Game 7 Thursday night.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get your cameras and head to the river on Wednesday

The piggy-back space shuttle Enterprise's trip has been rescheduled for Wednesday morning. Beginning at 9:30 the shuttle will be flown at heights of only 1500 feet at times as it 'poses' for pictures around Jersey City's Statue of Liberty, the George Washington Bridge and other landmarks.

The flight is expected to last around two hours before the flight ends at JFK.

Late night open thread

“Space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind union of the two will preserve an independent reality”
--Albert Einstein

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Signal issues on PATH this morning

Amtrak Dock Bridge is having signal issues this morning delaying PATH trains between Newark and the WTC. The current delays are 15 minutes and NJ Transit is cross-honoring PATH tickets.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Late night open thread

Music til dawn on a rainy night on this internet radio outpost coming to you tonight from KEOL in LaGrande Oregon on the campus of Eastern Oregon University.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The annual Hoboken Earth Day Tire Fire and Bar-B-Q has been postponed

Color local Hoboken entertainer Sooty the Clown crushed. The annual Earth Day Tire Fire and Bar-B-Q in FuHo has been postponed due to the heavy rains today and tonight. Since wet tires really just smolder and you don't get the flames needed for the big effect, no new date has been set by Mayor Dawn Zimmer's office.

Johnny really will miss that clear cutting contest downtown.

Nothing like a great read on a rainy Sunday

The Star-Ledger has a great piece today on New Jersey sailors who were aboard the destroyer USS Hobson when it was fatally rammed and split in two during wargames by The Wasp, a U.S. aircraft carrier hundreds of miles from the Azores in the North Atlantic. The Hobson sank in less than four minutes taking 176 US sailors with it, sparing only 61.

These are their harrowing tales or the sinking and their survival.

Late night open thread

Bad night for local puck, both the Devils and Rangers fell behind 3 games to 2 in their opening series' tonight. The Rangers lost to Ottawa 2-0 at Madison Square Garden while the Devils were flattened in Homestead Florida 3-0. The beasts of the east were in the lower sections of the brackets/standings it would appear.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Tonight's episode: Morrisey takes a really old camera on a walking and tractor driving tour of greater Indiana to get in closer contact with James Dean's ghost. It's a great song from the 1988 album Viva Hate but an exceptionally dated video. Morrisey with 'Suedehead'.


Buy the sky and sell the sky and tell the sky and tell the sky...

R.E.M. with 'Fall on Me'.


This song was set in stone to run this week when Johnny and his houseguest began belting it out in unison and did a right fine job. The Temptations with 'Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)'.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Batten down the hatches New Jersey, foul weather approacheth

A slow moving weather system, that is expected to drop 4 inches of rain in some parts of the state and 6 inches of snow in the north and west section is on its way starting early Sunday. The National Weather Service has put out the following information:

A Flood Watch is in effect for much of northern and central New Jersey starting Sunday morning, due to a coastal storm expected to bring as much as 3.5 inches of rain to parts of the region.

The National Weather Service on Saturday afternoon issued the watch, which covers all or parts of Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer, Morris, Middlesex, Union, Bergen, Passaic and Essex counties. Parts of nearby Pennsylvania as well as Delaware will also have heavy rain.

The higher elevations in the north and west of New Jersey could get upwards of six inches of snow after it rolls in from the Appalachians of West Virginia north into central Pennsylvania.

Late night open thread

We'll get to the music series tomorrow as Johnny's got entertaining to do tonight.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, April 20, 2012

So, once again it's 4/20

Parents, do you know where your old bongs you left in the attic years ago are? Your kids might. Parents have a tough job spotting signs of drug use, now on 4/20 we'll hip you parents to foolproof ways of telling.

1) Did you suggest cookies and ice cream for dinner and get a positive reaction? Sorry, your kids are on drugs.

2) Did you stop on a cop show on teevee causing your kids to leave the room?  Sorry, your kids are on drugs.

3) Do your kids constantly borrow the car and pull out panels in the trunk and back seat and load them with "plastic bricks"? Probably nothing.

4) Do hippies and hipsters, often ten or more years older than your child, show up at your door at all hours asking for them? Sounds like your neighbor's kids are selling drugs.

5) Are your teenagers and tweens suddenly into Pink Floyd and Phish? Sorry, your kids are on drugs.

6) Is your teenager filling out a job application to work on Willie Nelson's tour bus? That is some great enterprising kid you have.

So, we hope these helpful foolproof tips for parents can help them through today to ensure their kids are having no fun at all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Late night open thread

A huge night out at the Prudential Center tonight as the Devils defeated Florida 4-0 in front of a raucous crowd to even their series 2-2. Martin Brodeur got his 24th career playoff shutout passing Patrick Roy into first place in this category all-time. Not too shabby.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The voting horror show that took place earlier this week is being addressed...supposedly

We'll wait to see how the next elections go before we start patting people on the backs for simply doing their jobs.

Calling polling place issues "egregious", Board of Elections Clerk Michael Harper said there would be changes implemented before the next election. Reports of surly poll workers who were actually hesitant to hand out provisional ballots, poll workers and voters who were confused about where voters should go as well as poll workers sending voters to the wrong polling pace were plentiful. Mr. Harper, before the election reminded voters via the Jersey Journal to go to their regular polling places and if there was an issue to get and use a provisional ballot. The same provisional ballots that weren't being given out by poll workers in what some described as 'malice'.

We have an idea why that might happen but no proof so here's hoping the Hudson County Board of Elections gets their act together before May 2013.

Late night open thread

Bad night in Ottawa for the Rangers tonight. The magnificent Bob Cole on the call for the CBC. Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Fulop train keeps rolling through Jersey City

A columnist for the local paper recently asked just how much staying power Jersey City Ward E councilman Steve Fulop had when it came to Board of Education endorsements. Well, a lot actually.

Fulop's endorsed candidates are all claiming victory (again) after going up against candidates endorsed not only by JC Mayor Healy but by the teacher's union. This is the third straight Board of Education election Fulop's candidates have made a clean sweep.

Vidya Gangadin, Sangeeta Ranade and Marilyn Roma are all claiming victory this morning over their opponents.

The Jersey Journal has this background on the winners:

Gangadin, 41, is a financial analyst who ran and lost for a spot on the Board of Education last year. Ranade, 37, works with the New York City school district on energy-efficiency issues.

And Roman, 76, is a retired teacher and former interim mayor of Jersey City, taking over in 1991 when former mayor Gerry McCann was convicted in a savings-and-loan scam.

Can Councilman Fulop have this same kind of citywide support next year? Well now, that's the real question here isn't it?

Late night open thread

Bad night out at The Rock as the Devils built a 3-0 lead in the first 6:06 of the first period before losing to Florida and their red hot powerplay 4-3. Game 4, now a must-win, is Thursday evening in Newark.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If you're kicked out of an NFL game peeps, get ready to go back to school

The NFL has decided that drunken louts, or maybe just regular louts need some schoolin'. Should a patron get kicked out of the New Meadlowlands (again, we're not getting paid to promote a corporate entity), or the Patriots home digs you'll need to attend a class and pass a test to be allowed the "privilege" of seeing NFL football live.

Look, we're all seen people who make us uncomfortable at sporting events. We've seen it again and again and again.

Is a class really going to make someone behave better?

But Johnny, the NFL says if you don't take the class you can't go to another game. Yeah, right, pull this one, it plays jingle bells. If you want tickets to a game yet you can't access your regular season tickets because the privilege of paying The Ballclub a personal seat license has been revoked there are a myriad of ways to get them, no class needed (hey a little joke there).

Again, the NFL uses fairy dust on a real problem and then tells everyone they are out ahead of said problem. No, they are not. Johnny quit going to NFL games at the end of 2008 after years of enduring years of loutish and drunken stupidity (In Detroit and Cleveland) which became so bad one afternoon in Cleveland Browns Stadium he physically had to punch out drunken toads who became violent after using racial slurs after pouring beer on Johnny, his wife and an African-American couple next to them. Getting to the point where you must physically protect yourself and your wife was the last straw. Think those group of guys who pulled that are having any trouble seeing Browns games?

It ain't worth it, class or not. The NFL has a horrible problem they refuse to address, booze inside the stadium after hours spent drinking outside. When you want to discuss THAT NFL then Johnny may consider going back to an NFL game. The inmates run the asylum at these events and threatening a fanbase with a bad behavior class will change nothing. It only gives the NFL a fallback.

Late night open thread

We're proud to announce the Jersey City Desk will be the OFFICIAL blog of May 2012. Just thought we'd put that out there...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, April 16, 2012

Again with the financial benefit stories from the Snooki Variety Hour?

We're not sure who keeps tickling the folks assigning stories at The Jersey Journal to tell us of the coming tidal wave of Snooki and JWOWW cash to downtown Jersey City businesses but it grows weary.

Today we had yet another one. You bet that money is gonna come rolling in once this show hits the airwaves. A couple restaurants are serving more meals per week. While we're happy for the uptick in business for now we really wonder if these grand projections will ever happen. This wasn't wet and drunk Snooki from The Jersey Shore show, no this is pregnant good girl Snooki who buys homegoods and baby clothes. Wait'll THAT crowd hits downtown, maternity madness will be the rock this city makes bank on.

It is almost as if the more the Jersey Journal keeps reporting the great buzz and huge money flowing into downtown from this yet to be aired show, they want people to think it's already been a big success. Simply not true. It drove a nice sized wedge between a lot of people and business owners downtown. It was badly handled at city hall.

The program hasn't even begun advertising yet and already it's a huge success here. Just like a middling cable television show rollout that after one episode they are tout as "The Breakout HIT of the season" here it comes again only with bigger stakes. When someone tells you something is already a success and it hasn't even begun yet, they're peddling something.

Should expectant mothers avoid jumping sharks? Tune in later this summer to find out Jersey City.

Late night open thread

The Devils dropped game 2 in Florida tonight 3-2. They return home with the split they wanted before game 2 on Tuesday at The Rock.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic

It really is a star-crossed story that continues to intrigue people 100 years on. We think it has more to do with the very name Titanic, the fact it was called unsinkable, the incredibly heavy loss of life and not JUST because John Jacob Astor, Leonardo DiCaprio and Celine Dion died on the voyage.

Late night open thread

Flip a coin four times to test the heads-vs-tails count. Which is the most likely split: 4-0, 3-1, or 2-2? Answer here.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


We're kicking off the music series this week with a reggae classic from Willie Williams, 'Armagideon Time'. Some of you may recognize the song title and yes this is the original famously covered by The Clash. There's a lot to be learned in this song, for everyone.


Here's a hint. Make sure this song is on your iPhone or iPod when you're walking up Washington St. in Gotham while on your way meet good friends at a tony restaurant on a gorgeous Spring Friday night. Oh the mood it'll have you in.

...always they're amazed when I show them 'round my house to my bed
I had it made like a mountain range with a snow white pillow for my big fat head
And my heaven will be a big heaven, and I will walk through the front door



And a timeless classic of getting out there and seeing the world with 'Crew Slut'

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let's take one more look at that Patrik Elias goal from last night

On his 36th birthday Patrik Elias of the Devils turned in this magnificent highlight reel goal.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Late night open thread

The Devils won game one tonight in Florida 3-2. The Devils rode a hot first period with goals from Patrik Elias, Dainius Zubrus, and Ryan Carter. Game 2 is Sunday.

We'll have the music series tomorrow night.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

You're a good man Cory Booker

Let's put our political angles aside, let's forget about the Newark vs The Devils row going on, let's take a moment to thank a civil servant for a very heroic act.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker neighbor's house caught fire last night, Booker arrived home, saw the house burning, noticed nobody was outside yet and ran in to rescue his neighbor. Booker was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and second degree burns on a hand. Booker's female neighbor was listed in stable condition at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston with burns to her back and neck.

The Star-Ledger reports on Booker's thoughts inside the burning house:

"I suddenly had the realization that I can’t find this woman." Booker said. "I look behind me and see the flames and I think "I’m not going to get out of here. Suddenly I was at peace with the fact that I was going to jump out the window."

Then he heard her cries in a back bedroom.

"I just grabbed her and whipped her out of the bed," Booker said. The two made their way downstairs, where they both collapsed, Booker said.

You're a good may Cory Booker, we're proud of your bravery and hope both you and your neighbor heal up quickly.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Late night open thread

My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn’t need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.
--Henny Youngman

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Let's see if we can't help the victims of the recent fires Jersey City

Jersey City is asking residents if they can help out the recent victims of the huge Easter Sunday fire that displaced so many fellow residents. The City of Jersey City is asking if you can contribute a gift card that will help our friends and neighbors who have so very little right now. The Jersey Journal has more on how you can help:

Mayor Jerramiah Healy and Fire Director Armando Roman will host a fundraiser next week for the families displaced because of the fire, at the Moose Lodge, 60 West Side Avenue, on Thursday, April 19 from 7 to 11 p.m.

Donations are $25. Please make check/money order payable to “JC Fire Foundation’s Victims Fund,” and write in the note line, “For the victims of the Claremont Avenue fire.”

For more information, call Roman’s office at (201) 547-4239.

So come on Jersey City, let's do what we can, together.

Late night open thread

In politics stupidity is not a handicap.
--Napoleon Bonaparte

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Johnny's an anxiety ridden mess this morning

Must be time for something, but what? What could possibly have his blood pressure volting today? Ah yes, the tournament starts tonight...

The NHL guys could have done a better job with these but here they are, the promo videos for Detroit, The Devils and the Rangers...

So, tell us who ya got and why. Lend us some of your hockey knowledge this morning.

Jersey City woman faces down attempted abduction, keeps a cool head and nails the perps

A 28 year-old Jersey City woman was standing on the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Tonnelle Avenue around 7:30 pm Monday night. A gold Acura with three men in it pulled up and asked if she was lost. She told them she wasn't and let it go there.

That is when Jersey City's own Aamir Walayat, riding in the front passenger seat asked "Are you sure?" and got out, grabbed the woman's wrist and tried pulling her into the car. The woman screamed, her husband shopping in a computer store nearby came running and the would-be kidnappers took off. This is where this brave woman kept her head about her and did something that led to the arrest of these assclowns, she took out her cell phone and started taking pictures of the men and the fleeing car.

Of the pictures, the police report reported one that clearly shows the car's license plate number and the face of one of the men with his head craning out of the rear of the car looking back at her.

After police got the picture they found Walayat, Hamayun Mumtaz also of Jersey City, and Omair Chaudhry who is from Bayonne in the gold Acura in a parking lot at Bergen Avenue and Reed Street.

We hope the courts take this attempted, well, kidnapping, seriously. Who knows what these guys were up to? Who knows how far they would have gone had they gotten her inside the car. Throw the book at these losers please.

Late night open thread

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.

Johnny's gonna go get in shape.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We sure hope you got outside to enjoy this fine spring morning

Because the ugly cooler weather awaits. Jersey City just has so many wonderful small parks it's hard to choose some mornings where your feet will take you.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Late night open thread

The brush fires running wild over in Staten Island's West Shore are being whipped by the high winds and firefighters say the temperature of the fires has risen to the point that bodies of mob informants are getting up and moving to cooler ground.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

How come they don't have this ride out at Newark Liberty International Airport?

A carnival ride like this wouldn't cost too much to set up. People would love this ride waiting for their loved ones to fly in from Fiji. Sip a cocktail, go on the jet exhaust ride, it's a great time to be a family!

Of course they'd probably want to make the concrete barriers this young lady says hi to into something stuffed with straw or marshmallows or cooked oatmeal for insurance purposes.

Harrison PATH station to get a long overdue overhaul

It's going to be like one of those teevee shows where they gut everything and start anew and baby the Harrison PATH station sure needs that. Built in 1936 it is woefully inadequate to service the community not to mention Red Bulls games. The Port Authority will spend over $250 million dollars on the improvements. The even better news is that in addition to the PATH station overhaul local residential and commercial properties are being built and leased near the station:

Hundreds of condominiums and rental units are already built, under construction or planned for the area surrounding the local PATH station. A multi-phase residential and commercial project now being developed adjacent to the Harrison station is called, aptly enough, Harrison Station.

See there, a few bars and restaurants for game nights (and don't forget there aren't just games on nights the Red Bulls are home, plenty of international friendly matches fill the Red Bull Arena on other evenings), a nice neighborhood to commute to and from, and you've hopefully got the beginnings of a sustainable new area in our area.

But when this is all done Harrison's buying a round...

Late night open thread

The Devils open the playoffs at Florida this upcoming Friday with game two on Sunday. The Devils return home for game three a week from Tuesday with game four (Johnny's got his tickets) a week from this upcoming Thursday. Panthers schmanthers...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

From all of us here at the Jersey City Desk have a wonderful Easter.

Uptown Easter Bunny is Uptown.

Late night open thread

The Devils won their game today in front of an electric crowd. The best moment had to be when the Devils, while on a powerplay mind you, broke up ice from their own blueline in a five on one. Yes, a looooooong five on one. Thank goodness Petr Sykora scored on the play or we couldn't have made the point that hey Senators, that was horrible. Who does that? Boy howdy, you Senators stink outloud.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jersey City is locked in an epic struggle friends, but in a good kind of way

Jersey City is in competition with two California cities, Hippietown and Granola City (aka Santa Monica and Riverside), for the coveted title of most sustainable city given by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center and Siemens Corporation. Jersey City launched this initiative last year as Mayor Healy unveiled our "365 Days of Green" campaign. From top to bottom, from the Mayor's office to the citizens in Jersey City this took hard work and a real passion for our fair city. Said Healy in a statement: "Jersey City already has a community that understands sustainability and living green, but we believe that these programs will help our residents and business owners to further incorporate green practices into their daily lives and also reach more people."

Jersey City was noted for: Completion a municipal energy audit and fleet inventory, enacting a green purchasing policy, adoption agricultural friendly zoning and creation programs for residents to adopt community gardens and parks, in addition to the Sustainable Jersey certification.

Jersey City had better be announced the winner on April 19th or else some people in Hippietown, Granola City and the judging panel might whoops, accidentally sleep with the sustainable fishes.

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Yes, sugary breakfasts can lead to strange behavior in kids...

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It's a good theme tonight on Good Friday, with all the songs having the word "good" in the title. We'll kick it off with probably one of the first song titles that popped into your head when you heard the magic word was good, Billy Joel with 'Only the Good Die Young'


Good times on Good Friday with teenage angst at it's finest with The Knack and 'Good Girls Don't'


Wrapping up our Good Friday theme night with some Devo and 'That's Good' from Late Night with David Letterman in 1982.

Friday, April 6, 2012

You can't make this stuff up...

Well you could but it just wouldn't be as good...

Philip Karpinski was doing a little driving in Bayonne Wednesday night. He'd had some adult beverages and was minding his own business when a utility pole jumped in front of his car causing him to collide with said pole (You know how poles have a habit of doing this especially after you have a .18 equivalent swimming through your blood). Karpinski was no dummy, he wasn't sticking around to take the rap for this mess.

If only Karpinski's bumper with his license plate felt the same way.

Police were able to follow the trail of auto fluids from the downed pole to where the incriminating bumper was found. From there police went to Karpinski's house where he admitted hitting the pole and taking it on the lam. He was arrested and charged with several counts the least of which should have been littering.

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With their win in Detroit tonight the Devils have helped create quite the NHL record. Never before had ANY division had four teams with 100 points. With New Jersey's win tonight they'll make it two divisions with four 100 point teams this year. The Atlantic (Rangers, Penguins, Flyers and Devils) and the Central (St. Louis, Detroit, Nashville and Chicago). These upcoming playoffs are gonna be fun!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's the Jersey Devil vs the Nain Rouge tonight

Two legends collide tonight at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit as the Jersey Devil takes on the Nain Rouge. While the legend of the Jersey Devil is well known to many perhaps Detroit's own ghastly legend, the Nain Rouge, isn't. Have a read on the Nain Rouge, or Red Devil of Detroit if you prefer, while you contemplate the actual New Jersey Devils taking on the actual Detroit Red Wings.

The #6 seed in the east takes on the #4 seed in the west tonight at the Joe. Would it be the worst thing for the Devils to you know, whoops lose a game and finish 6th with a much better chance against Florida than Malkin, Crosby, and the Penguins? No way. In fact it would benefit them. Rest assured the Devils who are on a 4 game winning streak want to continue their sharp play heading into next week's tournament. To wind up in 5th place however the Devils need only to lose one or have the Flyers win once to make this last paragraph moot. David Clarkson should play tonight though no word on who is replacing oft-injured rookie Jacob Josefson. Late last evening Stephen Gionta was ruled out from the trip to Detroit.

The Red Wings may well show a greater sense of urgency as they are in the #4 slot and trying to keep it, currently one point ahead of Nashville with both having two games left. The Red Wings played last night in St. Louis beating the homestanding Blues 3-2 in a shootout. The bad news for Devils fans in that injured players like Nick Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk and the Mule, Johan Franzen appear to now be in much better form then a few days ago.

You all know Johnny's a Red Wings fan but tries to give the Devils love when deserved and give them a fair shake. Detroit played last night on the road in a very labor intensive game. If they can keep it close for a couple periods the Devils could sneak out with a point or two. If New Jersey were to give up a couple early goals our guess is that contentment with the #6 seed may set in and the Wings could win big. Either way Johnny will still be at the Rock Saturday cheering on the Devils in what will most likely be a tame nobody get hurt kind of affair.

Oh, and C'mon Buffalo, we'd love to see a Henrik Lundqist vs. Ryan Miller first round matchup.

This is a public service announcement -- With corner kicks

Are you a soccer fan? Did you know if you have a certain cable plan you can get both FOX Soccer and GOLTV in high def? Maybe Johnny's late to the party but if you're looking for both channels in high definition try channels 1513 and 1512. Yeah, no really, channel numbers in the thousands. Who knew? Johnny just got there quite by accident. Now he can hear the gal's voice on GOLTV say "You are watching (pregnant pause) La Liga..." in high def.

A bit of follow-up on the whole Devils vs Newark story below

Yesterday Cory Booker came out, dropped the gloves, and proceeded to hammer Devils' owner Jeff Vanderbeek over the financial issues going on between the city of Newark and the Devils. We give you Mayor Booker:

“What Jeff Vanderbeek has proven after five years of trying of trying to work with him [is] that he is a highfalutin, high-class huckster and hustler,” Booker said. “He came into the city with a mouthful of promises, but a pocket full of lies.”

“I am outraged,” Booker added, and said he is not sure of what legal avenues the city has. He also accused Vanderbeek of reneging on a promise to build a community recreation center.

There you go. We'd say the city of Newark and their homestanding Devils are officially at war.

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Music til dawn on this musical internet outpost Tonight's channel is Radio2XS in Sheffield England.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our neighbors to the north have built a bridge to somewhere

Hoboken and Weehawken have torn down the wall separating the two neighbors and a walkway along the Hudson River has been finished connecting the two bergs.

Said Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer of the project "This is an absolutely gorgeous connection between Hoboken and Weehawken." We find ourselves in an agreeable mood with local mayors this morning.

Now, you may be waiting for the usual snarky jokes about our neighbors whom we kid because we love. You'd think we'd talk about immigration from one to the other and poking fun at Fuho. Not the case here today.

Of course we do worry about the violence escalating between Weehawken's big gang "The Jets" and Hoboken's biggest gang "The Sharks" as they will have an easy place to rumble and settle things with singing and slick dance moves. But that's just us...

If at some point in the next five years there are rumbling about the Devils packing up and leaving...

...remember when you read this story. This is how these deals with city governments go all cattywumpus and feelings get hurt and cities can't pony up so owners look for greener pastures.

Yesterday the City of Newark took one on the chin over an arbitration case that had been festering for over a decade. Now it seems (and read the article it's far too involved to bring in all the pertinent points without just reprinting it) the City of Newark will owe the Devils and owner Jeff Vanderbeek $2.7 million a year in parking monies all while the Devils pay $3 million a year in lease costs at the Prudential Center. Newark sees less money, they're already horribly strapped, Mayor Cory Booker tries to reopen negotiations and gets rebuffed. Over the next few years the city's cost will increase to actually more than they take in from the Devils.

That's when rumors about moving to Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington begin. And before you say "no way everyone has too much invested in Devils hockey" ask yourself where the Colorado Rockies, the ORIGINAL Colorado Rockies, are today.

Third annual Pet Owner's Day scheduled for Jersey City

Jersey City will hold it's third annual Pet Owner's Day beginning April 22nd and running through June 16th. The clinics, starting on April 22 and running through June 16, are a result of a $10,000 grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Mayor Jerremiah Healy is solidly behind the effort and said "We felt it was important during these difficult economic times to find private funding for animal health and hope that all pet owners keep their animals up to date on all necessary shots." Right on Mayor, we agree.

As for the actual vaccinations given, the Jersey Journal tells us they will be:
*Dogs will be administered the DA2PP vaccination for distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza and parvovirus.
*Cats will be administered the FVRCP vaccination for feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia.

No word on fish or pet rhinos.

Ah yes, you know the dates, how about the wheres...
Sunday, April 22nd @ City Hall, 280 Grove Street
Sunday, April 29th @ Bethune Center Parking Lot, 140 MLK Drive
Saturday, May 5th @ Pershing Field (Behind Skating Rink), 201 Central Avenue
Saturday, May 12th @ Country Village Park, Sycamore Road
Saturday, May 19th @ Audubon Park, 103 – 129 Bergen Avenue
Saturday, June 2nd @ Riverview/Fisk Park, Palisade Avenue
Sunday, June 10th @ Lincoln Park (Running Track Parking Lot)
Saturday, June 16th @ Arlington Park, 785 Grand Street

Late night open thread

State trivia night: This state gave us the first female United States senator. Answer here.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

While July may seem like a long way off...

It is always best to plan ahead. While we're not saying go line the river up in FuHo just yet, Macy's announced the July 4th fireworks will once again be held on the Hudson River, eschewing those with properties on the East River. While we're sure there will be plenty of whining and gnashing of teeth over the Hudson River choice by some New Yorkers, we think it is the correct call. As a consolation perhaps they will have fireworks at another New Jersey landmark visible from Brooklyn, the Statue of Liberty.

Late night open thread

"Jealousy is all the fun you think they had."
--Erica Jong

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Today is national peanut butter and jelly sammich day

So, you gonna have one? We're also thinking the debate over crunchy vs creamy peanut butter was decided long ago, yes? And when it comes to jams and jellies, what makes a PBJ work for you?

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jackie Robinson statue stolen from Journal Square home

The magnificent statue of Jackie Robinson at Journal Square was ripped from its moorings and taken by what police describe as a 4 x 4 truck, possibly a Ford F-150. Police said security videos around Journal Square show the truck backing up to the statue with three men getting out around 4:00 am this morning (Sunday).

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this iconic Jersey City statue please call Jersey City police.

Late night open thread

David Clarkson netted his thirtieth goal tonight for the Devils who clocked the Carolina Hurricanes 5-0. Clarkson's thirty goals is one of the great surprises of this entire season. What an asset he has become. His top goal scoring season was 2008-09 when he had 17. If he can provide some secondary scoring come playoff time at the pace he is now the Devils will have a real shot to do some damage in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

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