Monday, September 30, 2013

With Monday comes the contractors

Johnny is gonna be in and out of the Jersey City Desk offices this week as remodeling has begun on his home. So, for now, here's a delightful picture of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina:

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today is national coffee day

And here's to it! And keep it coming...

Your favorite brew? Johnny loves the peaberry. Glen Glenn (Our guess is you'd smoke a lot of cigarettes too if your parents named you Glen Glenn) with a side of rockabilly to go with breakfast this morning on 'One Cup of Coffee (And a Cigarette)'.

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday night scoreboard show!

Lehigh 34
New Hampshire 27
4 straight games featuring late-game heroics have the Mountain Hawks at 4-0 with Fordham looming.

Georgia 44
LSU 41
And with the LSU loss Alabama is guaranteed a place in the national title game. In September.

Alabama 25
Mississippi 0
Speaking of the Crimson Tide...

Northern Illinois 55
Purdue 24
MAC schools should not be beating Big Ten teams by 31 points.

West Virginia 30
Oklahoma St. 21
OSU were 19 point favorites on the road, just a ghastly loss. Many many couches were sacrificed in Morgantown tonight.

Iowa 23
Minnesota 7
A game we're told some people actually paid to see.

College of NJ 7
S. Virginia 2
If we had any write up or stats on this game it'd be our game of the week.

Indiana (PA) 20
California (PA) 7
This game would be hellish to get to with a GPS.

East Carolina 55
North Carolina 31
Anybody else think this score will be avenged come basketball season?

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Idaho 26
Temple 24
How in the hell does a team from Philadelphia get dragged to Moscow Idaho for a game? We've got a hunch Temple scheduled this game because Idaho has been bad for a while. Sssssssuckers.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Safety drills downtown this morning

Like first responding Boy Scouts, always trying to be prepared, emergency preparedness drills are taking place all over downtown this morning.

OK, you guys are proficient in air horns. Pretty sure everyone who slept with their windows open last night would say you all get your air horn merit badges. So now will somebody hand those out along with some juice boxes (JohnnyBrand® juice boxes - where the floaters are most likely real fruit) so we can all get back to sleep? That'd be great. Thanks.

You know Johnny, always filled with so many good ideas for the governor

Chris Christie was a prosecutor in another life long ago. He knows his way around a courtroom. He knows the inner workings a layman would not. Johnny thinks it is in the best interest of the Garden State that gay marriage stay the law of the land because 2013. But the governor, who is opposed to gay marriage as are a very vocal minority, need a way to look good.

So, in appealing Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson's ruling, send forth your worst lawyer to represent the state. Give us Dan Fielding. Send forth Louis Tully.

You tried. Besides, if any of this bluster is trying to provide cover for a 2016 presidential run, you are so not getting the votes of the people in the primaries you're aiming for here. They're supporting a pale rider on a white horse should he promise them no more goobermint Obamacare, gay marriage and teachers unions.

Look, New Jersey is for gay marriage and it is simply not right to put someone's rights up for a vote of the general populace. There would be pockets in this land where women and minorities wouldn't be voting if you left these things up to a vote.

And send in Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer for the state.

Late night open thread

Q) Where did the ship's captain keep his buccaneers?
A) Under his buc'n hat.

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Crawl off mom, Ruth has her shit together. The chores are done and she's gonna go get her drink and dance on. It's Friday night, you better believe 'This Little Girl's Gone Rockin', kicking things off on the Music Series tonight.


David Bowie with 'TVC 15', a song that came about because a television swallowed Iggy Pop's girlfriend. Or something.


Driving back from Asheville gives one time to really listen to satellite radio (besides Johnny's own driving CD's) and hear who is playing what. The snarkily named 'The Joint' a reggae station was a bust but the blues channel sounded good heading through the rainy and foggy mountains of Tennessee. Anyway, the 70's channel played an old Eddie Money song that while not this one did remind Johnny of this one, a song long lost to history.

Eddie Money with 'Get a Move On' from his 1980 offering, Playing for Keeps.

Friday, September 27, 2013

We'd like to wish councilman Rolando Lavarro the best of luck to get smoking banned in Jersey City parks

Even though he himself is a smoker, Jersey City councilman Rolando Lavarro is looking to ban smoking in all Jersey City parks. Mr. Lavarro, we'd do you one better and ban it everywhere in public.

Why? Here's why. It's not the act of smoking that's the problem to Johnny. No, he doesn't wanna smell your smoke or smell like your smoke but that's not the biggest problem with all the selfish smokers. The butts are. That's right, every single smoker is guilty. Yep, every one. How many times Johnny has had to walk down the sidewalk behind someone who assumes the ground serves as an ashtray and scold them (and he is a scold about this and you should be too). The ground is not your ashtray but it seems no amount of intelligent discourse is going to get you lazy smokers to not throw your butts on the ground. Or your cowls, or your matches.

Therefore you must be treated like petulant children and we need to pass laws because you're making Jersey City a mess. Under Mr. Lavarro's plan, a smokers would face a $250 fine for the first offense, $500 for the second and $1,000 for each subsequent offense. Here here. Smokers, you did this to yourselves. We don't expect to hear anymore whining about your supposed rights to smoke. We have a right not to live in your DNA-coated filth.

Late night open thread

WJCD (Located in a yellow cab tonight) action weather time 12:32, it's 61 degrees in midtown heading down to 57 in the city and upper 40s out in the cow pastures. Weather when we get to it on WJCD.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Live at Radio City Music Hall, the one and only Neko Case

Writing that makes Johnny so darned happy. Neko is back with her new album (They'll always be albums) 'The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You' on ANTI Records. An introspective work dealing with personal issues of loss. So many reviews Johnny has read seem to worry about it somehow changing her music going forward. Hmmmm, yeah, so not helpful. Things change, events change people, time walks on. You go where life takes you. Are the songs great? Of course they are. Is it Fox Confessor or the one where she was all Game of Thrones badass on the Mercury? Nope. And thank god for that. This one stands just fine on it's own. Just on a different point in time.

8pm Radio City Music Hall with The AC Newman Band opening (and get there at 8, they are playing to a great buzz).

Late night open thread

Big day tomorrow friends.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's the emoticon for blank stare?

If you find it won't you forward it to Weaverville, NC:

Welcome to Jersey City Fashion Week!

Today, through Saturday Cool City is hosting Fashion Week. While so many think of Johnny as the Tim Gunn type who is all about the fashion and has so many fashionable ideas the gives them away (Remember moon boots? Yeah Johnny was like ten, he had no hand in that), there is bigger style at play this week in our fair city.

Here's the website with all the happenings. Of course you'll want to check out the whole site but here is the list of events to get you started.

We also wanna give a shout out to the good people at the Jersey City Independent who are helping present all this fashionable fun.

Fall is upon us in all its glory...

So tell us, what is your favorite part of fall? The crisp air? The hayrides and corn mazes? The cider and farm markets? Halloween?

Share what makes your autumn so darned fantastic in comments.

Late night open thread

Tonight before bed a shot of the moon rising next to Hairpiece Acres.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Chef Boyardee gives it away every time.

A "Chef Boyardee enthusiast" is being blamed for a school break-in at School 15, located on Stegman Street. The ransacking took place last week and police said the master criminal left behind one key piece of evidence:

The burglar or burglars may have paused from stealing from the school to have a snack. The custodian found an open can of Chef Boyardee ravioli sitting on a table outside the ransacked classrooms, the report says.

OK Mannix, get the crime scene folks going on this one. We're going to need DNA swabs and all kinds of cop equipment brought in. In the meantime all you officers Reed and Malloy out there be on the lookout for this guy, described by a janitor to a police sketch artist:

Here's a fine time waster on a Tuesday morning

Let's count the biggest buildings in New Jersey with the folks. Go up on your rooftops or get to a high area. Yes, it's OK to climb a telephone pole or cell tower just this one time. Now, look around, there's nine out of ten right there.

The one in Atlantic City doesn't really count because nobody really likes Atlantic City.

Late night open thread

Did you know that 90% of all bird species are monogamous? Now you do.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Late night open thread

Sorry, no Music Series this week. Johnny's off at the crack of dawn to head to the Great Smoky Mountains to eat BBQ and overdose on living in seclusion. He needs his beauty rest.

Everyone have a great week and Johnny and the crew will be back next Sunday night.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Here's an idea to help rebuild the Seaside Heights boardwalk

Wouldn't it be kind of the NFL, since the Super Bowl is being held in New Jersey, if they of the billion dollar warchest made a nice one time contribution to help rebuild the boardwalk? Two of your NFL franchises play here and a lot of people impacted by the fire spend their hard earned money on your NFL product (looking around to see if anyone's buying it) and your tax deductible donation would make everyone feel better.

Gee thanks NFL, Governor Christie's office (and he's a Cowboys fan -- more tie ins) will tell you whom to make the check out to.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Late night open thread

Early reports say the fire on the boardwalk and buildings in Seaside Heights was caused by a sharknado. We're gonna need to do something about those one of these days.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Don't forget our good friends at See Spot Rescued have a big adoption event this Sunday in Hamilton Park

Your Sunday afternoon social calendar just filled up! Screw the Giants. It'll be the best choice you make this year to get a pup from See Spot Rescued, that's a Johnny guarantee!

ALL New Jersey state computers are down, including the MVC

This is a public service announcement for those with state business today. Courts, MVC, you name it. You might want to call ahead and make sure they can handle you and your business first. The old server crash has everyone down and no word on when service is expected to be restored.

Late night open thread

Tonight is a neverending trip through the Holland Tunnel, a Johnny original.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why do buildings cost so much to put up, here's why

The construction crews from AJD Construction had to cover all the dirt at Marin and Columbus next to the PATH station so it won't get a sunburn on such a scorcher as today. How many men does it take to protect the dirt from melanoma?

Where's that shiftless Tootsie Pop licking/stealing owl? Maybe he knows...

"Remember that one 9/11 that was like 100 degrees?"

So 9/11 this year takes on a hot and steamy identity as Hudson County and NYC take part in the 12th anniversary of the attacks. One quick note on what struck Johnny about the memorial services today. Those 9/11 babies aren't babies anymore, they're going into junior high and or middle school this year.

That sure was a vivid reminder this morning.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Late night open thread

The USA Men's National Soccer team qualified for the World Cup in Brazil next year with a huge 2-0 win over Mexico in Columbus O tonight. 2 games left in qualifying and they are already through, not too shabby. #DosACero

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Jersey City will now aggregate datapoints to garner efficiencies and thus radically cut back on duplicated synergies

Johnny wins corporate phrase BINGO!!!!!

Let's get to the point; Jersey City is going to make a giant database of who does what, what specialties they have, where the biggest and most costly problems keep coming up and where all the assets are. Many companies have been doing this for quite some time. Johnny (Hornblowing time -- stand back) was a team leader on just such an asset capture project for a big old company in the mid and late 90's that was named IndustryWeek's second best use of corporate IT in 1998. They are big endeavors. They take time. They take buy in. They take detail-oriented people who don't want a social life for about 18 months.

It is so well worth it. Sometimes good ideas take some up front capital for long term gain. Something a certain group of 'anti-tax at all costs' Americans seems to have forgotten. While the plan is still being put together (And they know who they can call if they get stuck) here is an 'quick and dirty' example of how this works:

As an example, Platt said that with the system, when the firefighters pulled up at a fire they would immediately be able to know if the structure was supposed to be vacant, if there were any health or building code violations, where the nearest fire hydrant was and was it working, etc.


The chart he displayed showed there is a very large spike in complaints of garbage in streets and in lots every Friday and he said the majority of garbage pick-ups in the city is done on Thursdays and it is done “in a messy way.”

So hopefully the Dashboard project can hitting the ground running and we're excited that while we'll most likely never see this data work, it will be working behind the scenes to make the city better and more responsive. Well done Mr. Mayor.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Late night open thread

Movie trivia night:

Disney turned down the chance to make Back to the Future claiming the mother/son relationship was too risqué. Now you know.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Is posting a note on Facebook a proper and official way to cancel an event?

Especially when it's a 9/11 memorial service? The New Jersey 9/11 Memorial Foundation had a memorial scheduled for yesterday at the Falling Skies memorial in Liberty State Park. But, when people who had lost family members on 9/11 showed up they were met with, well, nothing:

“This is the memorial of New Jersey and it’s disappointing that no one is here,”  said Cheryl Charette, of Millburn.

So, who didn't show up? Governor Chris Christie wasn't there (we don't know if he had previously declined -- maybe he posted that on Facebook) and some scheduled musicians decided it wasn't worth their valuable time. Nobody showed up. So what does the New Jersey 9/11 Memorial Foundation think is a proper way to cancel an event? They merely posted a post on Facebook and left it at that. Nobody issued a press release earlier in the week, nobody went to tell people to turn around, nothing.

That didn't stop the New Jersey 9/11 Memorial Foundation from a little righteous indignation (to which we feel they were entitled):

“It was a disgrace that we couldn’t get speakers and politicians to come forward,” the official said.

So there you have it, Facebook seems to be the new notary public that when an event is cancelled.

It also would seem that nobody felt like attending a 9/11 memorial in Liberty State Park but for the parents and friends and families who lost loved ones. Everyone in the Garden State can stop bleating about what uber patriots they became on 9/11 after this, including you Governor.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Late night open thread

Starfish have eight eyes –- one at the end of each leg. Now you know.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

New season of Browns football smells a lot like the last 20 years

Ah well. At least Johnny wasn't so quick to buy into the new and improved line people were trying to sell.

Hey they Jets won, will you look at that...

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday night Scoreboard Show!

Michigan State 21
S. Florida 6
Michigan State has won the toss and has elected to go on defense...all game

Rutgers 38
Norfolk St. 0
As they say in soccer, Rutgers kept a clean sheet

Georgia 41
South Carolina 30
The Bulldogs serve up some Coq au vin

Oklahoma 16
West Virginia 7
Not exactly the LSAT Bowl

Washington St. 10
Wazzu upsets the Trojans in SoCal in a game people actually paid to watch. P.U.

Ball St. 40
Army 14
David Letterman's Alma Mater makes Army perform stupid defensive tricks

Maine 24
Massachusetts 14
Fans enjoyed a hearty chowder fight in the stands at halftime

Michigan 41
Notre Dame 30
From above, Michigan Stadium looks like a toilet bowl full of pee when all 115,000 people use those pom poms. Leftovers from the RichRod era?

Sacred Heart 26
Lafayette 24
Sacred Heart's Alec Finney kicked his first ever college field goal as time expired, from 42 yards, to beat Lafayette. Alec may loot and pillage Fairfield Connecticut for 24 hours when the team returns home

Butler 49
Wittenburg 24
Wittenburg outscores Butler 21-7 in the second half -- and still gets creamed

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Lehigh 51
Central Connecticut State 44 2OT
Lehigh is a 1-AA powerhouse and yet found themselves down 20 points to CCSU with 10 minutes to play. They rallied in front of a raucous Bethlehem PA crowd to score three touchdowns but missed the last extra point that would have put Lehigh ahead. CCSU drove down for a chance to win the game in regulation but Steven Calitri missed a 39 yard attempt which sent the game to overtime. CCSU actually had a chance to tie the game in the second overtime but a sure tying score was knocked out of the hands of a CCSU receiver by the Lehigh defense. Rock on you Mountain Hawks

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

We don't give out product endorsements too often

As you know Johnny steers away from endorsements of products or companies. You really have to do something to get a seal of approval. Johnny wants to give the love to The Lamp Post Bar & Grill and whole heartedly endorse their corned beef sandwich. It is consistently a tip top sammy. Follow that link and maybe, just maybe that juicy corned beef with spicy mustard gets on your game day menu for the Jets and Giants games tomorrow.

Opening day never tasted so good.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

And here we thought the Super Bowl was about big names and big stars and so forth

And now we're being told the Super Bowl halftime show will be someone named Bruno Mars? The Star-Ledger got wind of the disappointing choice by the NFL via the Los Angeles Times.

Of all the people they could have gotten from out this way and the NFL handpicks Bruno Mars? Did they learn nothing from their debacle in Detroit when, instead of having Madonna or Kid Rock or Eminem or Stevie Wonder or Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross perform in a halftime in Detroit they selected Nickelback? Though to be fair to Nickelback you couldn't tell if they were good or bad that day as they couldn't be heard over the constant booing.

So Bruno Mars it is dear readers, what say you?

Late night open thread

Um, no, just the Big Mac, fries and Diet Coke thanks.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Strange Brew. So many ways to interpret that especially in the beer vernacular. Know what was 'strange brew' when Johnny was in college at Northern Michigan University? The kids would walk over to Odells Market and buy a case of Buckhorn beer for $4.

24 beers for $4. That's a lot of beer for $4.

You and a couple pallies could stay drunk all weekend for under $10 if you all chip in (and yes that ten spot was also gonna help procure your posse a 2 for 1 large pizza at the Pizza Joynt so you have something colorful to throw up on W. Magnetic St. at 4am).

The next morning only when one was suffering from the "Buckhorn blues" (An actual medical condition) did $4 a case beer become strange brew. But since so many of us had learned from the sophomores that if you drank Heineken all the time you'd drink for half a semester whereas if you drank that $4 strange brew you'd always have beer money, the Buckhorn blues were here to stay.

Where were we? Oh yes, Cream with 'Strange Brew'


Say friend, did you see Neko Case has a new album out this week? That's a fact Jack. The album, called 'The Worse Things Get The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight the More I Love You' on the ANTI label is a very introspective album reflecting on personal loss and the resulting feeling of being alone and empty. Johnny has wholly fixated on a terrific song called 'Where Did I Leave That Fire.' Simply an earful of goodness. Give it a whirl. It keeps getting more audibly rich as it goes along and proves nobody else is doing what Neko Case is doing.

(Yes there's an ad at the front of this but you can 86 it in 5 seconds)


Last Music Series for a couple weeks as next week Johnny's off on vacation to a very secluded spot, (cell phones might work on a clear night secluded) the 30 or so mile radius where North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee all traverse. Naturally that brings to mind James Taylor and the incredibly beautiful 'Carolina in My Mind'. Naturally that brings to mind eating BBQ for breakfast. Naturally that brings to mind Johnny might be overcompensating for how far he needs to go to get away from the city for a while.

No Starvin' Marvin, that's Johnny's moonshine.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Has anyone ever noticed the heavy gating and security outside One Evertrust Plaza?


Dear Ryan Seacrest -- The Super Bowl is in New Jersey

While you were being mercilessly booed last night in Denver, you made mention the Super Bowl this year would be in New York. No, it won't. It'll be in New Jersey.

Kindly remove your overexposed head from your ass. Thanks.

Late night open thread

Lost in translation night. As Den of Geek says:

On their journey around the international film markets, films have a habit of changing names, as local distributors target the flicks at their audiences. Sometimes, however, as this list shows, a new title doesn’t always quite capture the meaning of the original when it’s translated back into English.

Tonight a couple badly translated gems before bed:

Boogie Nights: His Great Device Makes Him Famous
Risky Business: Just Send Him To University Unqualified

Annie Hall: The Urban Neurotic

Knocked Up: The Date That Screwed Me

The Matrix: The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses

And finally from Mexico
Thelma and Louise: An Unexpected End

You can find the rest by following the handy dandy link.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ye Olde News Roundup

Some breaking news, some odd news, some traffic related news, and of course feel free to chime in with "Teh Snark." (and yes we meant teh -- ed)

*On the breaking news front the mother of the baby found alive four days ago in a trash bag in JC has been arrested.

*Mayor Steve Fulop will go before a very friendly city council and ask for paid sick days for both full and part-time workers for businesses operating in the city. Zoltron and Kiki, both loyal to a fault, are still technically interns here and thus, no paid sick days. Interns for life.

*Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey should begin his job in Jersey City in, well, about now.

*Something being called an "adaptive traffic signal system" will be used on local traffic lights to help alleviate some of the expected massive traffic shifts when General Pulaski goes partially dark.

*The westbound lanes on 139 are back open after yesterdays game of dodge rubble.

*Disgraced losing city council wannabe Lori Serrano (Solomon Dwek) seemed awfully happy for someone who just got hit with a $1000 fine, 18 months probation and no ability to run for public office again. Yes we know it's nice she has seemingly gotten her house in order but you know what? One is supposed to not sink back into a life of crime. You're supposed to 'rehabilitate' yourself.

*Johnny can smell a nuisance motion in Hoboken a mile city away. Luis Zayas, who represents Angel Alicea, former Hoboken public safety director says Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer somehow perjured herself in a deposition. Zayas used a lot of legalese and lingo and fancy legal phrases you'll be sure to want to write down next time you play lawyer Bingo.

*Finally, the NFL kicks off tonight in an overhyped, overblown, overproduced season opening spectacular when the Los Angeles Rams visit the Houston Oilers.

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today (September 5th) you share it with all-time great comedian Bob Newhart.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boston Mayor Tom Menino is an asshole

You remember the Mayor of Boston don't you? Telling us how his city would bounce back from the Boston Marathon bombings? Telling us his city was Boston Strong despite the bombs. Well here's the Mayor of Boston recently on bombs:

The New York Times Magazine Menino recently said that he would “blow up” Detroit and “start all over.” Just imagine Menino's reaction if someone had said this about a section of his town. He'd have the FBI on speed dial.

What an asshole. Blow it up? Johnny would like to blow up your face Mayor Menino. Are you that dense? Are you that big of a tool? Apparently you are. As someone who grew up in and around the city of Detroit let Johnny yell you in no uncertain terms -- screw you asshat. After the horror of the Boston Marathon attacks you still think it's ok to say blow up a city? If somebody secretly online had that suggestion the NSA would be all over it.

So, Mr. Menino, pray you don't run into Johnny at a Red Wings vs Bruins game this year (If you're even man enough to be an NHL fan), Johnny will happily take the 5 minute penalty for boarding.

Hoboken McDonald's -- Home to naked butts, cops, and seamen

Naked butts and seamen were on the menu (Ewwwwwww Johnny ewwwwwwww) at a Hoboken McDonald's as a drunken Scottish seaman who had previously decided to moon everyone inside Mickey D's was chased down, fought with, then arrested on Monday night.

Perhaps Michael Shaun Willis of Glasgow was merely bringing a wee bit of the Scottish McDonald's experience here to us. You know, McHaggis and McButtcheeks might just be all the rage in Scotland but here in the US of A? Not so much. Once Willis left the restaurant and cops were called that's when the real fun started:

Police established he was on shore leave from a merchant vessel and initially allowed him to leave with two friends who were sober, reports said. But as the trio was walking away, Willis darted into middle of Washington Street causing a driver to mash his breaks to avoid on breaks to avoid hitting him, reports said.

Police decided to charge Willis with disorderly conduct after he began tussling with his friends who ran out into the street to grab him, reports said. At police headquarters, Willis threatened to defecate on the floor if he wasn't released, police said. Then at 11:48 p.m., Willis slipped a hand out of his handcuffs and lunged toward an officer, police said.

Willis continued to kick and struggle, as four other officers helped to put him in a compliance hold, reports said.

Classy guy, this. For his acting out Groundskeeper Willie was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, escape, and resisting arrest with physical force.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bank robbery in NYC this morning

Johnny is using his listening station of doom and right now the NYPD is responding to 39th and 7th at the HSBC Bank and police are now actively searching for an African American male, age 30 wearing a hoodie with red lettering. If you see him, go ahead, be a hero and take him down. If you're eating breakfast and don't want your Johnnycakes to get cold, call a cop.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Late night open thread

Disturbing video sent to us from Hoboken tonight friends. Please alert authorities if you know the person being attacked or can help identify the attackers:

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Happy Labor Day!

We'd like to wish our readers a happy Labor Day and safe travels to those coming back today from points unknown.

Late night open thread

Why not check out a live feed of where the ISS or International Space Station is at any given second. Don't say we never gave you anything.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This Rutgers football season is starting to fee like a throwaway

We know it's not but everything being talked about Rutgers these days is about next season. Next season they start in the Big Ten. Next season they'll play with bigger audiences. Next season they'll get a much bigger slice of cash. We're getting the distinct impression from reading the media around these parts that if the Scarlet Knights season starts going south nobody's going to be all that invested in it to worry aloud too much.

Hey, here's a primer on the Big Ten and some of the many traditions Rutgers fans will be introduced year.

Late night open thread

We sure hope you weren't waiting around today from word of the world from the Jersey City Desk offices, Johnny always gives his charges the first Saturday of college football season off. A grand day. With that shall we launch into the 2013 version of the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

Texas A&M 52
Rice 31
Is Johnny Manziel dating Miley Cyrus yet?

Nebraska 37
Wyoming 34
Nebraska wins the most boring state bowl

Penn St. 23
Syracuse 17
The Orange looked a day late and a dollar short all the day long

Northern Illinois 30
Iowa 27
The MAC picks off yet another Big Ten team

Eastern Michigan 34
Howard 24
Johnny's alma mater starts off yet another 3-9 campaign with a win on 21 late unanswered points

Baylor 69
Wofford 3
That's gotta be one quiet plane ride

Notre Dame 28
Temple 6
Those Notre Dame helmets look so good in week one all gold and glittered up from the offseason. By December they look like gold crayons.

Fordham 51
Rhode Island 26
Fordham football, you'll pay for the whole seat but you'll only need the edge

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Abilene Christian 84
Concordia (AL) 6
OK, by the end of the first quarter Abilene Christian had a 27-0 lead. The box score of the game shows us that Abilene Christian went for it on 4th down FOUR times on the day. Maybe it's just us but that sounds pretty dickish.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark