Monday, November 30, 2009

Late night open thread

If they were to cast a movie of YOUR life, who would you want playing your role?

TIme for Jersey Ctiy, After Dark

Monday open thread

The interns are enjoying cyber-Monday but Johnny is too out of it to care. Freedom of speech right here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny feels like he's coming down with something. That is not good. We'll know more by morning. Interns be on alert.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So, what are YOUR tips for successful holiday decorating?

Do you have a lighting strategy? Is there one Christmas tree kind that is better than the rest? Do you use a fake tree? Tell us your secrets to holiday decorating.

Late night open thread

Saturday scoreboard edition (one last time)

Florida 37
Florida State 10
Bobby Bowden it seems it getting the message. It was over 5 years ago

Stanford 45
Notre Dame 38
One coach on the rise, Jim Harbaugh, the other on his way out, Charlie 'Front Butt®' Weis

Mississippi State 45
Mississippi 27
Anybody think there might have been some Confederate flags at the tailgates?

North Carolina State 28
North Carolina 27
UNC's basketball team will make NC State pay for this, oh yes, they'll pay

South Carolina 34
Clemson 17
Cocks win, Cocks win. Johnny even put on his Cocks hat he got in Charleston SC on for this game.

LSU 33
Arkansas 30
Jersey City Desk New Orleans reporter Oddzymandias is hap-hap-happy tonight

TCU 51
New Mexico 10
The Horned Frogs are looking good for a big time BCS bowl game

Tonight's Jersey City Desk Game of the Week
Division 1-AA playoff
North Dakota 17
Central Arkansas 16
With this loss, the Central Arkansas record falls to 5-7 meaning they already had a LOSING record and got into the Division 1-AA playoffs. Maybe Eastern Michigan should drop down to 1-AA

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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Some hot guitar licks tonight friends. We'll start with a classic from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 'Even the Losers'. Johnny would like to dedicate this song to Eastern Michigan head football coach Ron English who just managed to lead the team through their first ever 0-12 season in school history. That's quite a feat for a team that usually ranks as one of the 10 worst Division 1-A programs.

It's just the normal noises in here....


We keep the heavy guitar sound going tonight with Chris Isaak and a live version of 'Baby did a Bad Bad Thing'


A nice holiday weekend Saturday night is screaming for some rockabilly. Not JUST rockabilly, but rockabilly from Copenhagen, Denmark. Johnny remembers an old rockabilly band from Sweden called the Barn Shakers but hasn't been up on his northern European rockabilly bands lately.

The Horrorpops with Miss Take

Saturday morning cartoon

Late night open thread

Rutgers with a big big road win today. Granted, it was a game they should have won but they DID. Zaire Kitchen's hot was CLEAN. From college to pros the officials and league administrators are RUINING the game of football and begging for a softer game by flagging any call they think may have even LOOKED like a 'jacked up' hit. You can't even touch a pro quarterback anymore. Hit a receiver with a big hit? Flag's a coming. Unless you wanna turn people off of football then the powers that be in college and pro ball had better stop with the "Oh that looked like a huge hit that might upset the other team" calls.

Zaire Kitchen, you hit him clean, don't worry if somehow you're being branded dirty by the Louisville team. Johnny knows better. You were playing the game they way it was meant to be played. You hit him with your shoulder. It's very unfortunate Doug Beaumont was injured. That sucks. BUT again, this is football and it's a contact sport. TRUE dirty hits should be dealt with in a far more severe fashion, but Mr. Kitchen's hit was everything good with the game.

Music tomorrow

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rutgers plays Louisville in less than 90 minutes

Rutgers will be looking improve to 8-3 this season with a win shortly in Louisville. The Scarlet Knights would level their conference record at 3-3 with a win. The tilt kicks off at 11am

We'll be short and sweet on this one, Louisville is 1-5 in the Big East and 4-7 overall. Rutgers had BETTER beat this team or there is a huge risk o f a bowl let down. Big difference between finishing the season 9-3 and 7-5 when it comes to bowl payouts. Louisville is nothing special and Rutgers should beat them by say at least 10 points. Since it's a road conference game and no doubt Louisville is stinging from last year's whipping handed to them by the Rutgers 11, they'll play hard. We'd be happy with just coming home with a win and a date with the couch burners from Morgantown next weekend in Piscataway. Rutgers is an impressive 3-1 on the road but the Cardinals are 4-1 at home winning all their games in Louisville.

Our Prediction
Rutgers 31
Louisville 28

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

A FULL day in New York City with friends has Johnny all happied up and the Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings at Chat n Chew was fantastic. When Johnny gives an endorsement, he means it, he doesn't throw them around for this very reason.

A couple shots from this morning's Macy's Parade with the view from W 51st and 7th Avenue

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Late night open thread

We'll have the full staff working the Macy's Parade tomorrow over in NYC and will hopefully have some great shots of not only the parade but the goofballs, the weirdos and we'll sure bust out the video for any cool fistfights or altercations.

Enjoy your turkey, have some fun, travel safe and here's a primer for tomorrow's football that in Detroit Lions terms was in the good old days

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Uh oh, a butthurt congressman from Paterson is running around complaining about Jersey City

Rep. Bill Pascrell D-Paterson is a very jealous and petty man. Butthurt Billy went on record saying how thankful that Paterson was for the state help his city got under outgoing Governor Jon Corzine and then went on a crying jag about Jersey City's amount of state aid.

“Everything in this state goes to Newark and Jersey City. We think we are just as worthy as they are."

Hey Billy, newsflash, no, you're not as worthy. You don't act as any kind of gateway to New York City, you don't have near the jobs base we have here, and when it comes to crooked politicians, Jersey City PWNS podunk Paterson. You don't have the ironworkers and welders who risked their lives digging through the wreckage of the World Trade Centers. Speaking of which, companies devastated by the attacks on 9/11 didn't relocate to Paterson, no, they came to Jersey City--you know--The Sixth. You don't have the fabulous restaurants we do, you waste precious American resources by not having and using mass transit like Jersey City does, there are no teevee shows depicting Paterson like 'Mercy' which shows off the fabulousness that is Jersey City. Face it Bill, if you're comparing Paterson to Jersey City, you lose.

Paterson, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous...

Johnny needs a cooking tip....He's got a 63 pound turducken

Think it's too early to put it in for tomorrow yet? A 63 pound turducken should feed four shouldn't it?

New Jersey Nets owner wins land grab in New York City, wants to move Nets, who will still suck

See, that's the amazing thing about New Jersey Nets owner Bruce Ratner. He won his eminent domain case in the New York State of Appeals Court to grab some land for a new stadium in Brooklyn at the Atlantic Yards. Good for Mr. Ratner. He's already getting ready to move the team into the Prudential Center but that won't make them any better. Why? They owner is a goofball. So his Brooklyn land grab is equally as puzzling, as it does nothing to make the Nets better, all it does is line Mr. Ratner's pockets.

Wait....wait a minute......hold on, I think we just solved this thing by talking it out. It's never been about putting a competitive let alone winning basketball team on the court, Ratner could care less how the other owners see him obviously, it's all about taking valuable land through a court challenge because well he's a big important sports team owner and lining his pockets.

It's never been about basketball....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Late night open thread

An Italian American organization located here in the Garden State wants MTV to pull the plug on a new beach house themed show called "Jersey Shore" that advertises the renters as the "hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos". UNICO National said the show relies on crude stereotypes of swearing, bad behavior and violence to depict Italian Americans in a bad light.

Look, we understand taking offense at the 'Guidos' comment (and in the shore towns the correct term we believe is BENNY) but thinking that foul language, fighting and bad behavior are strictly Italian traits tells us UNICO National needs to get out of the shoe box with holes they live in.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Next time just say the dog ate your homework

So you're driving around Jersey City around 2:30 in the morning with a couple friends and you stop to pick up a stranger wearing a ski mask, like you do, and you actually use the story later to the police that the masked stranger made you smash into parked cars. You pick the ski masked stranger up, and wouldn't you know it, he just starts hitting you with the butt end of his handgun for NO REASON. That's odd behavior for a masked gunman wouldn't you say?

Now, when the police arrive you tell them you simply can't remember where you even picked the masked stranger up at. The drivers passengers couldn't remember where they picked him up either, at least they didn't tell police where they picked him up because as soon as the car stopped plowing into parked cars, they were gone daddy gone. The poor assaulted driver fled the scene as well before even calling 911.

The masked gunman never asked for anything, didn't ask to be taken anywhere, didn't rob anyone, and surprisingly police said the driver didn't show any signs of injury, odd for someone who was just beaten so viciously in the head with a handgun he mashed into parked cars.

Police are asking for your help in finding the masked gunman and are telling any citizens with info to call the Jersey City Police tip line at (201) 547-JAIL.

If you ask Johnny the police sketch artist can start drawing this as a suspect:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Late night open thread

Getta you ice cream, getta you tootsi fruitsi ice cream. Tonight before bed a few good minutes with the Marx Brothers. This scene is screamingly funny...

Plumbing issues have kept our servers off this morning

Which means you kids get a a free day. But be warned, the plumber says things will be fixed by tomorrow so report for duty all the earlier

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late night open thread

Can't beat a short work week that's for sure...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday NFL open thread

Now, we all know you'll be fixated on the Lions hosting the Browns for the inside track on the #1 overall draft pick (and let's face facts here, when you are a Browns and or a Lions fan draft day is the most exciting day od the year). Two 1-8 teams having at it for abject ineptitude. Johnny's call is the Browns losing most excellently.

In other NFL action the Giants are at home in the Meadowlands at 1 pm (Again, the drinking has already begun) vs. the run happy Falcons. This could be a much tougher game than many Giants fans think. Matt Ryan doesn't simply go out usually and make horrible errors. New Jersey's other team is up in New England awaiting the wrath of the Patriots who are no doubt looking to exact revenge on Rex Ryan's big mouth. That game kicks off at 4:15 pm.

Dallas and Washington are playing at 1 pm in the new big old stadium in Dallas and we here know many fans are cheering for Tony Romo's head to get knocked off and go rolling across the field turf in the new DallASS Stadium.

Philly at Da Bears is our night game tonight.

So ballers, if you're got something to say, say it here, again, we allow profanities whereas the Jersey Journal or the Star-Ledger don't.

Late night open thread

Well Johnny got two out of the three results he wanted today as Ohio State kept Michigan in limbo with no 4-5 extra weeks of practice for a bowl game. It's Johnny's prediction that either Righ Rodriguez isn't back next year or Tate Forcier isn't.

Also the Mighty Lehigh Mountain Hawks got power up and pantsed Lafayette for the second straight year 27-21 this time in OT. Johnny is proud, very proud of his Mountain Hawks starting so poorly and still finishing 3rd in the Patriot League!
(Image credit to Lehigh Sports)

Elsewhere around America

Michigan State STILL lacks the big play hitters to hang with elite programs like Penn State. Next year's class should close this gap immensely but as for today, Penn State was just too much.

Rutgers played an inexcusable stinker game losing to a very bad Syracuse team, 31-13. If Rutgers winds up going to a lesser bowl than they had hoped this game will be the reason why. Nothing fancy about this game, the Orange just kicked the Scarlet Knight's ass in all aspects. Rutgers falls to 7-3 while The 'Cuse improves to 4-7.

UConn ended Charlie Weis' coaching career almost certainly with a gutsy 33-30 Overtime win in South Bend.

Eastern Michigan and head coach Ron English and the loser who hired English Dr. Derrick Gragg are now fully responsible for the 0-11 record in Ypsianti. One or both MUST be fired. Johnny has been close to the EMU football program since 1983, this is by FAR the worst version of the team. These players have quit on the head coach and Gragg's biggest hiring in his tenure has been an utter failure. Gragg and English are lucky, very lucky the mess down the street in Ann Arbor is perceived as worse and garnering the newsworthy coverage. EMU was waylayed by Toledo 47-21.

Temple has moved to 9-2 overall and 7-0 in MAC play with a strong 47-13 trouncing of Kent State. See, a few years ago Temple ws 0-11 and look at them now, Eastern Michigan, no excuses, it can be done.

#8 Ranked LSU forgot how a clock runs forward and not backward a real head scratching 25-23 loss at Ole Miss.

#1 Forida put on quite a few more pounds with their creampuff schedule scromping Florida International 62-3

Rice tipped UTEP 30-29

Iowa kept the 'Floyd of Rosedale' trophy by blanking Minnesota 12-0. This being Floyd of Rosedale:

Army beat North Texas 17-13.

Sacramento State won a shootout over UC Davis 31-28 in a game Sacramento State fans will dream about for weeks at leaast.

Both Texas and Nebraska won their Big 12 games today to set up a Big 12 title game between the two. That sounds like prime napping time if you ask Johnny.

Cal beat Stanford with no Stanford band members flooding the field or any laterals by a score of 34-28 on a late interception to seal the win.

Tonight's Jersey City Desk Game for the Week
The Drake Bulldogs beat the Butler Bulldogs for the right to be called Bulldogs this upcoming year 20-17. For losing the game Butler will be now known not the Bulldogs but the 'Barking Pumpkins'.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Take a look up tonight Jersey City

If you're out and about celebrating the Lehigh overtime victory over hated Lafayette, look skyward. Of course you can see the crescent moon in the south but if you look up to the left that bright 'star' you're really seeing is the planet Jupiter.

Late night open thread

Well, what does Johnny want tomorrow college football-wise? He wants these three things:

A HUGE Spartan victory in Spartan Stadium over Penn State to improve Sparty's bowl fortunes. The Spartans are going somewhere, somewhere warmer with a win.

Lehigh has had less than a spectacular season but some sting would come out of it with another consecutive win over arch-rival Lafayette. Nobody really wants their mascot to be a Leopard for god's sake now do they? Mountain Hawks are where it's at. These are some good looking well educated football fans obviously

And one last thing in Ann Arbor tomorrow. If Michigan loses its no bowl game for them and RichRod Super Genius and another entire winter spring and summer of consternation in Ann Arbor. Quote Mongomery Burns "Excellent!" That being said, there is only one thing to show to get all Buckeye and anti-Michigan fans riled up


Come on, every time this part comes on 'Almost Famous' you sing it at the top of your lungs. Here's another chance for you.

Elton John with the beautiful and timeless 'Tiny Dancer'


Ah yes, the Detroit boy in Johnny sometimes shows through. Did you know then that the Supremes hold the record for knocking The Beatles out of the #1 Billboard slot more than any other act in history?

The Supremes with 'Stop in the Name of Love'


A very tender song of growing up gay in a small town with small minded people and knowing something bigger and better out there somewhere awaits you.

We're going to run with a beautiful acoustic version of this song for your listening pleasure...

Bronski Beat with 'Smalltown Boy'

Friday, November 20, 2009

50 Cent will be signing copies of his new CD at the Jersey City Best Buy--what could go wrong?

As in what if a thousand people show up to have 50 sign their new CD's and he's only got time for a couple hundred? 50 Cent will be at the Jersey City Best Buy tonight to celebrate the release of his new album, "Before I Self Destruct.". The store is located at 125 18th Street and the event kicks off at 6 p.m.

OK, here's the issue, 50 Cent is also supposed to be at the Union City Best Buy at 9 pm.

He all shall see if this was a very good promotion or one we're ridiculing tomorrow.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Late night open thread

It was a mere 5 years ago tonight basketball fans. My how time flies...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

From this moment on, Hoboken High School is on double secret probation

Well make that ALL Hoboken schools. Here's the crux of the matter--In nine out of 14 exams, passing rates in the district were at least 15 points lower than the state average.

Quoting liberally from the Jersey Journal article on these shocking numbers:

*At Hoboken High School, passing rates in language arts fell from 81.8 percent in 2008 to 70.1 percent in 2009 and in math from 66.2 percent to 53.2 percent.

*The biggest drop in passing rates was at Connors in third-grade language arts, where rates went from 95.5 percent passing in 2008 to 31.9 percent in 2009.

On a happier note, many parents were thrilled, that the scores were being shared with them at all. Maybe an underlying reason these Hoboken kids are so far off track, a lack of communication with the school district and the mommies and daddies who live in Hoboken because it's "Better there than surrounding areas".

Uh huh

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Late night open thread

So, Johnny is entertaining some friends in town tonight and decides to take them to Marco and Pepe's for dinner. The food itself was sightly above average but when dessert rolled around, the entire restaurant had a breakdown.

Johnny asks for a dessert like everyone else at the table and got utterly stiffed for it even after a friendly reminder, well that's service just a bit too lackadaisical and just plain rude. Of course the missing dessert found it's way onto the bill.

johnny can in no way shape or form recommend Marco and Pepe's Resturant for dinner or busy times in that establishment until they begin to employ a staff that does what they are supposed to be doing, service customers. Epic Fail on the back end of dinner tonight Marco and Pepe's, Johnny's requests wasn't all that hard. Look, if Johnny does have to go eat in in NYC he'll do just that and Jersey City restaurants can starve for the service they seem to have issues with.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Anybody wanna put an over/under on the day that turkey at exit 14B becomes crow chow?

Yes, everyone seems enchanted by the story of so dubbed "Tammy Turkey" seen running in and out of the toll booths on the New Jersey Turnpike there and sitting on employees cars. Officials have tried to catch Tammy but to no avail and now they figure they will simply allow Tammy to continue to live wild and free, until the inevitable happens which is where the Jersey City Desk comes in.

This gobbler gets run down by a car or truck on or before December 1st. Whadda ya got, the over or under?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Late night open thread

Famous quotes edition:

"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act. "
--Truman Capote

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

New rule: If you are planning on advertising for something--use bikini women

These two sure drew a crowd today at 5th and 23rd in front of the Flatiron Building next to Madison Square Park. You know, the weather was nice, Johnny had been up to the Beacon Theater last night for the concert with Neko Case, he'd been over to St. Peter's at the Yanitelli Center for some early morning basketball, why not head back into Gotham on a nice day to sit outside at Shake Shack one more time. If you want shots of bikini women on November 17, you need to be a man-about-town. Yes if you click it they get bigger.

St. Peter's dumps Monmouth 58-34

It was a complete rout here at the Yanitelli Center, the Peacocks gave 'em hell and then some. #4 Ryan Bacon, and #15 Wesley Jenkins set the tone early, and we mean early. St. Peter's improves to 1-1 overall with the 24 point win.

Gotta say, this sure was fun. Arriving about 5:35 am and seeing everyone who was all dressed up and had been up partying all night. Now, to catch a cab back to Journal Square for the train ride up to Grove Street. Thanks St. Peter's you've made lovely hosts.

Johnny just saw a score sheet for Monmouth

They are shooting 8-37 so some awesome defense by the Peacocks today.

St. Peter's has this one about put away

As Johnny learns to post on his new phone. The excitement here outside the Yanitelli Center was at a fever pitch with costumes, coffee and darkness on the edge of town but now the Peacocks are proving waaaaay too much for Monmouth. Everyone here seems really into the 6 am idea of things and it IS fun actually. Johnny has overheard from a couple St. Peter's students classes are somewhat optional today.

41-25 St. Peter's leads here in the second half

Late night open thread

Any set with 'The Train From Kansas City' and 'Star Witness'. and 'Favorite' along with an otherwise eclectic set made for a gargantuan show by Neko Case tonight at the Beacon Theater. Kelly Hogan seemed some 17% more reserved but with all the endearing crack ups. The story about looking good after the abortion and the other then having to attend dental school, and do well, was scandalous.

'Red Tide' was the best it can be done.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just deal with it, you know it's coming (and secretly you love it)

What if fate suddenly decided to become your best friend? Neko Case with 'Favorite'. That's Jon Rauhouse on pedal steel guitar and banjo.

This is a once in a generation voice boppers. The other one may be Rick Astley, I see he's really popular on the interwebs too.

Yes Jersey City Desk fans, it's once again Neko Case day here at the JCD

In honor of her performance with her delicious band at the Beacon Theater tonight at 8 pm (74th and Broadway) we thought we'd take some time out of our daily routines to help celebrate Neko's music.

Here she is from last time in town in mid-April on David Letterman with This Tornado Loves You'

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Late night open thread

Imagine Johnny picking the Jets game wrong. It's a familiar refrain.

Tomorrow is a special day here at the Jersey City Desk, you'll find out why.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Let's talk some weekend pigskin....

First off those college scores. Only 2-3 weeks left for teams to secure bowl bids and set up conference championship battles.

Michigan State 40
Purdue 37
Don't know how Sparty, who was dominated on the stat sheet, pulled this one off but it gives them 6 wins and lands them in a lower tier bowl. That bowl could jump a notch with a win over Penn State next Saturday in East Lansing.

Wisconsin 45
Michigan 24
Unless Michigan finds a way to beat #10 Ohio State next weekend, Michigan Athletic Director's super genius hire of Rich Rodriguez will go up in smoke a second straight year. No win for Michigan, it's home for the holidays.

Pitt 27
Notre Dame 22
Pitt withstood a late Irish charge and won the game and raised their record to 9-1. Charlie "Front Butt"® Weis will be looking for a new home next year

Florida 24
South Carolina 14
The Cocks just couldn't get it done.

Alabama 31
Mississippi State 3
The Crimson Tide keep heading for that SEC title game showdown for all the marbles in a couple weeks with Florida

TCU 55
Utah 28
Horned Frog fever is sweeping the nation

Western Michigan 35
Eastern Michigan 14
EMU continues to be THE worst 1-A team in the land. We believe they are the first team to 10 losses, nice job Ron English, in over your head.

Louisiana-Monroe 21
Western Kentucky 18
Well WKU we see is still 0-10 just like Eastern but WKU is playing UP a division for the first time this year

Lehigh 35
Fordham 28
Well all that's left for Lehigh is to beat down hated Lafayette next weekend and finish tied with them in the Patriot League standings

Holy Cross 28
Lafayette 26
Ha ha Leopards, no title for you

Chattanooga 31
Citadel 28
The Citadel blew this one, they were up 21-3 at the half.

Pennsylvania 17
Harvard 7
In the battle for Ivy League supremacy it's Penn!

Today's Jersey City Desk Game of the Week
The battle of the 'Fords:
Samford 27
Wofford 24

Now let's hit the pro-game:

The Giants have a timely bye-week this week which comes at a good time so Tom Coughlin can yell at the defense for and extra week. They have been sieves of late, ALL of them. The Jets it would appear who are over at the Meadowlands this afternoon (fans are already arriving and getting their drink on) would appear to have the NFL equivalent of a bye-week as Jacksonville rolls into New Jersey. They pretty much eat suck and blow so again, expect at least a 14 point Jets win. Yes, we said this same thing about the Buffalo game.

Other games of interest find Cincinnati at Ketchup Field to play the Stoolers, of course there is that Indianapolis vs New England game this evening so many guys with man-crushes on Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will be talking about all day. Dallas at Green Bay has some intrigue to it as well. But as we all know, THE biggest game of the weekend is the Monday Night Football game between evil Baltimore (Boo hiss, why isn't Ray Lewis in jail?) and the pure as driven snow (and a cool 1-7) Cleveland Browns team, just hoping to keep losing til draft day. The Browns travel to Detroit next week for the inside track on the first draft pick, so don't miss that one.

Late night open thread

We'll talk us some serious football and delve into the college game tomorrow.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seton Hall hits late shot, beats St. Peter's 53-51

For 39 minutes plus last night at the Prudential Center, St. Peter's gave giant Seton Hall all they could handle. Leading 51-50 St. Peter's had to watch The Hall's Eugene Harvey hit a buzzer beating 3 pointer to lift the Big East Pirates to a 53-51 victory.

As we all know St. Peter's starts at home Tuesday morning at 6 am at the Yanitelli Center and as mentioned, ESPN will be carrying the game live. Johnny IS planning on being in attendance to get some pictures and give you all some live updates at this basketball McMuffin kind of day...

Late night open thread

What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


The extraordinary Liz Phair with the song, 'Extraordinary'.


From the Chef Aid CD South Park put out, Joe Strummer with 'It's a Rockin' World'


Sorry, way tooo late for clever and info or song commentary

Peter Gabriel-'Digging in the Dirt'.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jersey City Assistant Comptroller has been arrested for having sexual chats with supposed underage partners

If this is all true, thank heavens the "child" that Joseph Ambrosio was chatting with was an undercover police officer and Ambrosio was arrested and is spending his Friday in the lockup. The chats had been going on for months according to Hudson County officers with Ambrosio passing himself off as a 29 year old (He's really 41) and chatting sexually with what he thought to be a 13 year old girl. Worse, if it can get worse, Ambrosio was apparently carrying on his discussions from his Jersey City work computer.

Look, this is worse than the graft arrests, this guy, if this is proven in court, is a predator. What kinds of people are we as a city electing and then allowing to be appointed to jobs here? Jersey City, we're a laughingstock and there's nothing funny about any of it. Steal, take bribes, lie about it, meet at the pancake house to get a cereal box filled with $90 large in cash and now people inside the city government on work time trolling for children?

We need to clean house and by clean house Johnny means a thorough house cleaning. If you see a city vehicle sitting around for hours doing nothing yet most likely collecting tax dollars, use your cell phone, take a picture, get the VIN and people in it, and send it HERE, right to us here and we'll happily post the slackers. See a city or county worker acting the fool, send it to us, we'll shame them. Enough is enough and on election day next, CLEAN OUR HOUSE JERSEY CITY, clean it good.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Late night open thread

Wow, Rutgers opened the can of whup ass on South Florida tonight crushing the Bulls 31-0. South Florida was rated #23 in the nation coming into the game but will make the long plane ride home from Piscataway in silence is our guess. A HUGE win by the Scarlet Knights. They are now 7-2 overall and 2-2 in the Big East.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So, Johnny is reading his new copy of Time Out New York

And, since he saw Neko Case's name on the cover no doubt in advance of her show at the Beacon Theater Monday, he flipped right to that page. It was there he saw an error so egregious about Ms. Case by writer Sophie Harris we had to get into the newsroom and tap off a correction. Ms. Harris claims that the New Pornographers, Case's side project while not on tour herself which she did long before there were New Pornographers to speak of, was the "Band that launched Case".

Dear lord where to begin. We'll just be polite and tell you kids to do your own research on this and tell you she's toured with several groupings including the one she's with now, fantastic one she's touring with now, and that she was an item long before she cut any tape with the New Pornographers.

Johnny can barely run THIS dump let alone correct and edit Time Out New York.....

St. Peter's basketball, don't forget kids, the fun is just about to start

The St. Peter's Peacocks of the MAAC and Jersey City residents begin their hoops season Friday night at the Prudential Center vs. Seton Hall but that really cool special live ESPN Game is at 6 am next Tuesday morning at the Yanitelli Center. You read that right, in order to get themselves on live teevee, St. Peter's is playing a 6 am game here next Tuesday morning.

Gooooooo Peacocks! You can get a season preview here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Late night open thread

So, which planet is this in our solar system?

If you blurted out Saturn, you'd be wrong, Saturn isn't the only planet with rings, this planet is Uranus.

There really are rings around Uranus

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Jersey City Council has approved $12.4 million for a new park that used to be a landfill

The property that was purchased is bordered by the Hackensack River and Route 1 & 9, with Hartz Mountain Warehouse to the north and the AMB Warehouse, which is under construction, to the south. It sits under the Pulaski Skyway. There is a lot to this plan and where different portions of money come from in order to make the area a park. The first part of the money, roughly 8 million comes from Waste Management which involves capping the property, planting grass and wildflowers and creating access roads.

After all financial obligations are met on the property it is slated to include soccer fields, jogging trails and a walkway along the river that could connect it to Lincoln Park. There would also be a pedestrian crossing at Route 1 & 9. Future plans could call for a golf driving range and indoor sports facility.

This sure is ambitious we'll give them that. So many places this deal could still fall apart if somebody or some group can't live up to their financial end. Plus we wonder about the imminent popularity of a park running next to and under the 1&9 around there but at least the city council is trying to buy back plots of land for citizen use.

And that's a good thing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Late night open thread

Here's the sports wrap up with Johnny..

Well neither the Islanders, Devils, Rangers, Knicks or Nets played tonight and so much for that but here is something sports related.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

You waited all day for this......Weehawken police officer OK after shooting himself

No information can be given other than to say, well not much, not his name, rank or serial number. All Weehaken PD are saying is that "It's just a flesh wound". To this news we're grateful.

Tuesday morning open thread

Tell us something we don't know...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Late night open thread

Notable quote night:

"We are a rather big-headed little species in a vast cosmos which can do without us very well."
- Rev. George Carey

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

In case you missed it over this past nice weekend, water and sewer bills are going up 24%

According to Daniel Becht, Jersey City Municipal Utility Authority Director, 60% of Jersey City faces a 24% rate increases or roughly $144 per year.

Becht says fixed costs have continued to increase while there hasn't been a rate hike since 2005. "We postponed the increase as long as possible and reviewed all options," said Becht

More of the technical per square footage info is available here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Late night open thread

Well, amazingly Johnny was wrong on the Giants game prediction.

Just stunning.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday football thread

Well pigskin fans it's a full on weekend of head knocking fun.

The Giants are out in San Diego at 4:15 in a game one has to wonder if the Giants rebound from their recent atrocious play or if the Chargers can exploit some open spots from the tight-ends behind the linebackers to the flats the Giants have seemed baffled by in how to defend the last little while. Our guess is a fourth quarter Giants victory.

The Jets enjoy the week off as this is their BYE week for the season. It comes at a very very good time.

Yesterday's college football action was excellent stuff. Michigan State won while Michigan had their bowl hopes thrown into great peril by fudging a game at home to Purdue. Michigan MUST beat Wisconsin on the road and Ohio State at home the following week or no bowling in Ann Arbor for the second straight year.

In the Big East, leaders Cincinnati stayed perfect but by barely withstanding a furious UConn charge winning 47-45. Johnny doesn't care HOW perfect Cincinnati finishes the season there is NO WAY IN HELL the NCAA will allow them to play in the National Championship game. They'd jump a one loss team over them faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

Stanford ended Oregon's wild run 51-42, Ohio State dominated Penn State 24-7 while USC looks human more each week squeaking by Arizona State 14-9.

Of course Lehigh lost to Holy Cross 24-20 to continue their abysmal season and speaking of abysmal seasons, Northern Illinois kicked the living crap (and there wasn't much living crap left in EMU they've been beaten so badly all year) out of Eastern Michigan 50-6.

Let the NFL games begin!!!!

Late night open thread

What a beautiful day Saturday was with tomorrow promising to be better yet. Great autumnal weekends, gotta love 'em.

We'll have a most excellent football coverage day tomorrow as as well.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Rocking and rolling your way off to a fabulous tri-state Saturday afternoon. Johnny's contract is FINALLY up on his piece of crap AT&T contract phone so he's heading into the big city and he's coming home with something different and no, AT&T you do NOT have a lock on Johnny's business. Oh you MAY get it but Johnny's a freeeeee agent and willing to listen to others since you've been such an average carrier. And word, if he gets an iPhone that thing will be jailbroken by tonight.

So, to get YOU fired up and to get Johnny fired up to go do some shopping, the Smashing Pumpkins with 'Zero'


Did you even know there was an alternative video for this song? Well lucky for you there IS one. So here is Nelly Furtado with 'Turn off the Light' (Underground Version).


Live from France it's the beautiful Dolores O'Riordan singing 'Ridiculous Thoughts' with the Cranberries. Excellent live number. Ya know the Cranberries have reunited and are touring again if you'd be so inclined. Their show in November at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square is sadly sold out so StubHub it is for you bunky.

Late night open thread

You'll be getting the music series on Saturday this week. It's no big deal really, so long as we have it.

TIme for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yankees parade info

The ticker tape parade for the World Champion New York Yankees will begin this morning at Broadway and Battery Park at 11 am and end up at Broadway to Chambers Street through the Canyon of Heroes around 1 pm. The weather should be cool starting out and sunny and in the mid to upper 40's by the finish.

Late night open thread

Tonight a few good minutes witht the incredibly funny Ms. Amy Sedaris:

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here's a post about nothing really, just a question

Johnny was emptying his pockets of change the other day and noticed a wheat-back penny among the coins. He did some looking real hard as the date was rubbed way down but he finally was able to decipher that that penny was minted in 1911.

Have you ever found a very very old coin or very strange coin you wondered about how it came to you?

Once again New York has a championship to be proud of

The Yankees won their professional sports best 27th world title last night dispatching the Philadelphia Pholdies in game 6, 7-3. It's nice to see Yankees captain and all around good guy Derek Jeter add to his impressive resume that will one day land him on the Hall of Fame.

Congrats to the Yankees, they really were clearly the best team playing this year. Now, hopefully those of us paying the tax bill on the new stadium can get a free hat or t-shirt for our efforts...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Late night open thread

Odd facts before bed edition:

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Dear Mayor Mike over dere in Manhattan

About yesterday's voting results. Face it dude, you're just not THAT popular. Oh you think you're the cat's meow, you think, because of the fact you're constantly surrounded by acolytes who keep telling you how much the people of Gotham love your ideas you're way popular, but trust us over here in 'The Sixth', you're gonna need some consensus on things. Your power grab days are over, not fall in line and get with the rest of us in working through our issues together, not by royal proclamation.

Capice? Goooood....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Late night open thread

So Chunky McDonuts will lead the state of New Jersey in Trenton for next few years. Governor McCheese wasn't up to the challenge of writing checks with his mouth his body can't cash. Christie will get absolutely nothing done in his time as Governor except reward his country club buddies. Same thing, different letter in front of the Governor's name.

In Hoboken there can be no doubt about whom Hobokenites want running the show. Dawn Zimmer emerged with a huge victory of 43% to Beth Mason's 23%. Frank Raia finished third while the Republican in the race, Nathan Brinkman finished with 5% of Hoboken's vote for mayor.

In her victory speech Zimmer proclaimed a new day in Hoboken "Tomorrow I will fill the dungeons and prisons with my political enemies and Hoboken will form a new city-wide militia to enforce my royal proclamations!!"

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A little birdie just flew into the Jersey City Desk offices and told us where the Nathan Brinkman party will be tonight

Mr. Brinkman and his GOP posse will be drinking, perhaps celebrating and watching election returns at the Dubliner, 96 River Street in Hoboken of all places, beginning at 8 pm.

We'd like to take the time to point out all the free ink Mr. Brinkman has gotten here because the people running his campaign are whip smart, they know to use local bloggers to get the word out. Johnny never did hear from the campaigns of the other candidates in Hoboken. He's always said this is YOUR blog, YOUR public service notices, SOME of your press releases are most welcome here. We won't endorse one neighbor over another but we will talk about your issues.

Election day dawns clear, crisp and full of suspense

Who will become the New Jersey governor? Will Mason and Zimmer draw enough votes from each other to allow Brinkman to sneak in and snatch the mayorship of Hoboken? The mayors of Kearny and Secaucus will also be delivered by voters today.

Will the city initiative in Jersey City, Proposal "P" pass? Proposal P as you recall is the citizen initiative that takes accused city government scofflaws and hangs then from their britches off the Colgate Clock for 48 hours and at the end of that time they are given a rowboat, two oars, a days supply of food and pointed by the Port Authority towards the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and told to keep rowing and don't look back.

The Jersey City Desk is supporting a YES vote on Proposal P

The Jersey Journal has some very nice pics of the USS New York

Johny was asked several times yesterday by out of state friends about the new ship as it's story was one that resonated across our good land. The Jersey Journal had a more intimate story on the ship itself and the living quarters. Those images along with the story can be found here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Late night open thread

So, tomorrow is the big day, we get to choose from a guy who took a sinking ship and drove it straight into the rocks, a guy who claimed some great integrity that has proven to be all smoke and mirrors as he's done some of the shady stuff himself he rails against like a hound baying at the moon and an idealist with zero chance of winning.

Elections are grand affairs. Do check the paper in the morning as a lot of indictments for graft can come pouring into Hudson County at all hours. Check your candidates name vs the police blotter in the AM.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Jersey City's waterfront will play host to the USS New York today

Officials and well wishers are expected to gather at Exchange Place Monday to welcome the USS New York, a ship forged from some of the wreckage from 9/11.

The ship will dock at 8 am at the site of the World Trade Center site for a 21 gun salute.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny doesn't often throw around effusive praise but when it comes down to the NFL Network's RedZone channel, Johnny's world is considered rocked. All the big drives, all the scoring plays, all the important red zone series', it reminds one of how great the first couple days of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is with cut ins to exciting finishes going on everywhere seemingly all weekend. THe RedZone channel has indeed raised the interest in the NFL for Johnny and more importantly changed HOW he watches the NFL game.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Here's the video of Rutgers' Tim Brown 81 yard game winning touchdown

With mere seconds left yesterday vs UCONN.

Late night open thread

Here's hoping your Halloween was spoooooooooky

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Another parade shot

Madness and mayhem float in the evening breeze