Monday, October 31, 2011

Late night open thread

"You got it, doll, I was curious to see which Courtney Love was going to show up: the smeared-lipstick crazy coke whore or the violent smeared-lipstick crazy coke whore."
--Sarah Silverman

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Turn down the lights, get a cup of a hot drink and follow this link to read the best Halloween story of all time, Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

More Ghosties on Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Jersey City Desk!

We'll be running the scariest of scares all day long to help get you in the mood for trick-or-treating or the big Halloween parade in the West Village tonight.

How about we start off with a shifty shadow figure at the Moon River Brewery

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Late night open thread

There's no Betty Rubble in the Flintstones Chewables Vitamins. Now you know.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Giants football gameday!

Well New Jersey pigskin fans, the New Jersey Jets are on a bye week this week and so are the New Jersey Giants as they play 0-6 Miami (snork) at the New Meadowlands for a 1 pm kickoff. We can make this gameday thread pretty quick by simply saying that at 4-2, if the Giants lose at home to the 0-6 Dolphins Tom Coughlin shouldn't last 'til Tuesday. Run the ball Giants. Keep running it. When you're tired of running it on Miami run some MORE.

The Giants will benefit from Dallas playing Sillydelphia tonight where someone is guaranteed to take a loss. So long as the G-Men win in the snow decorated New Meadowlands, Giants fans can sit back and know they have put the hay in the barn early today and can cheer for Dallas and the Shegals to kill each other tonight.

Fearless forecast:
Giants 31
Dolphins 10

Late night open thread

Saturday night scoreboard show

Lehigh 45
Colgate 25
Lehigh actually got stronger as the game went on and improves to 7-1. The best story nobody's telling

Georgia 24
Florida 20
Florida may not be going to a bowl game this year

Virginia 28
Miami (FL) 21
The Hurricanes may well be singing "Home for the Holidays" as well

Nebraska 24
Michigan St. 3
Sparty ends a meat grinder of an October schedule going 3-1

West Virginia 41
Rutgers 31
How does one not bang their head into a wall watching the Scarlet Knights? They scored 31 in the first half, 0 in the second

Louisville 27
Syracuse 10
Taking your "leaving the Big East" beat down like men is hard for a school of wussies like Syracuse

Oklahoma 58
Kansas St. 17
The WIldcats are the newest members of the college football not ready for prime time players

Minnesota 22
Iowa 21
One of the great college football rivalry trophies, Floyd of Rosedale -- a bronze pig, is staying in Minneapolis again this year

Ohio State 33
Wisconsin 29
Wisconsin enjoyed the whole having their guts ripped out by a hail mary at the end of the game last week vs. Michigan State so much, they let it happen again tonight in Columbus

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Brown 6
Penn 0
In a driving rainstorm in Providence R.I., Brown ended Penn's 18 game Ivy League winning streak. Brown's Alexander Norocea is the new big man on campus hitting field goals of 39 and 42 years in the deluge that was Brown Stadium.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 29, 2011

They have upped today's snow total to 4-6"

Please empty the Shop-Rites accordingly...

NYPD's disconnect from reality

Recently some in the NYPD have done some illegal and immoral things and yet they now want to blame/intimidate/point fingers at everyone BUT themselves. Take the ticket fixing story that broke yesterday. Thousands of police showed up to intimidate prosecutors (and perhaps even NYC's top cop the untrustworthy Ray Kelly) and knock cameras away from those covering the story for news sites. Yes, the supportive ham and eggers showed up and blocked cameras from filming their crooked colleagues, shoved reporters and made it difficult for other professionals to do their job. How classy. One spokesman for the police actually said in addressing the media outside that fixing tickets for friends and family of those who support the NYPD is not a crime. Um, Skippy, YES, it is.

Now we know abut the screeching and hurt feelings from the NYPD when faced with an imaginary threat from people using their guaranteed constitutional freedoms at #OWS. They complain when they are shown to pepper spraying innocent women standing where they were told. They don't like it when people use cameras to hold them to their oaths apparently.

On top of this, a group calling itself "Sergeants Benevolent Association" has prewarned or prethreatened any #OWS protestors THEY will be sued by the NYPD if say a cop slips and falls while spraying pepper spray at innocent citizens. They'll sue protestors if they hit their head on a squad car door making an arrest, they'll sue protestors if they in any way make it difficult on the police. Talk about arrogance.

Then theres the rogue secret Muslim/Leftist police squad (that answers to nobody) the NYPD employs that has most likely illegally unleashed, without worry to people's civil right or constitutional rights, local "spying rings". Wholly immoral.

So, NYPD before you cry butthurt and wail and beat your breasts over this horrid injustice of police being held accountable for their actions in uniform look in the mirror. What your brethren are in trouble for is what you bust skulls (or threaten to) on the rest of us for the other 364 days a year.

Grow up.

Late night open thread

At least the snow will be a nice excuse to drink hot cocoa and watch Hockey Night in Canada on the satellite tomorrow night.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Trying to sneak the Halloween weekend by Johnny without some Flametrick Subs is like trying to sneak daybreak past a rooster. Psychobilly at it's finest. The Flametrick Subs with 'Down Down Down'


Denmark's best musical export since, well, um, oh look a kitty...

A little more Halloween prep work with The Horrorpops with 'Psychobitches Outta Hell'


Whatever happened to old Terence Trent D'Arby? After all it was going to be his decade, those decadent 80's, and what happened to that hardline he mentioned?

'Wishing Well' wrapping up the music series this week.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Depending on the storm track, Hudson County and the surround could get up to 4" of snow tomorrow night

No, you read that right. Of course it also probably means you won't be able to make it to church Sunday morning because no way are the chains on the tires yet...

Our guess? 2 inches. That's what the Jersey City Desk Doppler Radar/Magic 8 Ball said anyway.

Some amazing webcams now running live from the Statue of Liberty

Here's just one shot of our fair city, New York City and a great view of New York Harbor. Follow this link to the rest of the Statue of Liberty live webcams.

HAIL!! The Statue of Liberty is 125 today

Jersey City's own most famousest of monuments, the Statue of Liberty is 125 today (that's a LOT of candles) and plenty of big events are planned for Liberty Island, Ellis Island and fireworks out in New York Harbor tonight by Macy's. helps move things along with their list of todays events:

Kicking off today’s ceremonies at 8:45 a.m. will be the Naturalization Ceremony, which seeks to honor the millions of U.S. immigrants who were first welcomed to America by Lady Liberty.

“Some 125 immigrants from more than 40 nations, including Albania, China, Italy, Haiti, Croatia and the Dominican Republic, will become U.S. citizens in honor of the statue’s symbol of enduring hope since 1886,” Ahern said.

A National Park Service ceremony will begin at 10 a.m., featuring a talk by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and performances by various singers and actors.

At roughly 7:45 p.m., to close the 125th anniversary, Macy’s Fireworks will ignite the autumn skies with shells and umbrellas of light from two barges, as well as from Liberty Island itself, officials said.

The fireworks will be accompanied by the original score, “Gift of Light,” written by Grammy-award-winning composer Doug Katsaros, and Emmy-winning lyricist/Macy’s creative director William Schermerhorn.

A simulcast of the closing ceremony will be carried by 1010 WINS radio.

Now, tomorrow the Statue itself will be closed for up to a year for some badly needed improvements. The Ellis Island and Liberty Island buildings will be open to the public, but not Lady Liberty ("Moose out front should have told you...").

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Late night open thread

The new billion dollar makeover of Madison Square Garden debuted tonight with the Rags playing their first home game against the Maple Loafs. While Johnny anxiously awaits his first chance at seeing a Rangers game the picture quality on the teevee was a HUGE improvement. The game no longer looks like it is being played under 40 watt bulbs circa 1971. It was always so dim looking but no more. A+ on that improvement.

2-1 Maple Loafs midway in the third period.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

It's a news roundup kind of day

We've got news you can use citizens so let's get right to it.

A high speed chase ended at Kennedy Boulevard and Communipaw Ave. yesterday after the vehicle smacked a building. The driver and his female passenger have been cuffed.

Union City Police Chief Charles Everett retired just one day (imagine that, how could he have known?) before a report very critical of his no-show security detail employment came out. Chuck, you have a LOT of 'splainin' to do...

The Hoboken Municipal University Center is once again on life support according to Mayor Dawn Zimmer. She's scheduled an emergency Sunday morning council meeting to address the parking issues once more.

Next Wednesday and Thursday Newark will become Gotham as scenes from the next Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" will be filmed around town. The city of Newark sez: "there will be extensive traffic delays in the area around City Hall and Downtown Newark along McCarter Highway, Market Street, Raymond Boulevard, Broad Street, Mulberry Street, Halsey Street, Washington Street, and University Avenue, due to street closures and the re-routing of buses."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Late night open thread

Wanna feel old Mets fans? It was 25 years ago tonight (the magic happened after midnight in 1986)...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Weehawken has been discovered by Google Earth

It's true and because F-1 racing officials liked what they saw from the sky, they are having a Formula One race in 2013 through Weehawken and West New York with the NYC skyline as a backdrop. New Jersey's race will be the second race run on the Formula One calendar next year.

Johnny should enter his 1977 brown Dodge Dart and kick all their asses.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Late night open thread

Man size pleasure. Damn straight.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Good call Jersey City

We here at the Jersey City Desk are very encouraged to see solar panels going up on city light poles around town. Why spend extra energy to keep the lights on at night for safety if you can grab some free sunshine. Now Johnny is by no means a tree hugger but in cases like this where the solution is so very simply we're glad to see our fair city move forward with these solar panels.

Maybe one day we could get a solar array on City Hall to help power that too. Any other suggestions on where these solar panels could help cut costs?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Susan Kolb and her traveling bad dog show have now moved to Morris County...

...where the troubles begin anew.

Johnny's pressed for time today so you get the Reader's Digest version of things and a link but once again Susan Kolb is allowed to thumb her nose at the judicial system and it's either going to cost these dogs their lives or these massive dogs are going to attack somebody again. Someone should shut her up in jail and take these dogs away for good

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Late night open thread

Johnny's back for better or for worse after an amazing vacation and some time well spent traversing the Garden State. In spite of the vacation there was an event that caught his eye last night in all it's glory. Hey in 1974 Michigan State had to wait 45 minutes to find out they had indeed upset #1 Ohio State in the very FIRST ever use of instant replay in the college game.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, October 17, 2011

Late night open thread

Johnny's on vacation again this week as October vacations are the shizzle. He's not putting the office on lockdown should something earth shattering happen but don't bank on it. There are areas of New Jersey to visit and explore, cider mills to sample, a last trip down to the the shore before the cold winds of November find us, and few cultural things to do in Gotham.

Be well.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Giants football gameday!

When first looking at the schedule early this year when they first came out, no doubt many Giants fans ticked today's game at the New Meadowlands against the Buffalo Bills as a 'W'. It made sense, the Giants were supposed to be a contender in the NFC East and the Bills have been pretty woeful. Well the Giants nor their fans can look at the game as it sets up today as a 'W' and in fact the suddenly stout 4-1 Bills could be called a favorite today.

The Giants can't afford to lose touch with the Redskins in the division. Losses like last week Seattle makes that tougher. To lose to Seattle and Buffalo on back to back weeks at home might just be too much to rebound from. The Giants are 3-2 and not in dire straits like say the Shegals or a weaker than advertised 2-2 Dallas club but they need a big signature win at home. Today presents that opportunity.

The Bills can't stop the run. The Giants can. Sure Buffalo's running attack is a very good one ranking high in that stat. But Buffalo doesn't pass well. The Giants should just fill the box and make the Bills throw to win.

If the Giants are committed to running today (and we mean committed as in the chicken is INVOLVED with your breakfast whereas the pig is COMMITTED) they can shorten this game and get a needed 'W', the one they expected out of this game last February. The Giants also normally follow a terrible effort with a good one.

Fearless forecast:
New Jersey Giants 20
Buffalo 17

Now, we all knew this but did she just say that?

If you said the name Hoboken around Hudson County and the surround, and were asked to assign one word to it we're guessing it wouldn't be too far down the list before booze/firewater/liquor/alcohol/rotgut/grog/hooch/or libations would come to mind. Johnny was reminded of this as he dutifully read the Jersey Journal online this fine morning and came to this winner winner chicken dinner opening line to a story on Hoboken and yes, booze:

"Hoboken and drinking go hand in hand."

Oh SNAP! Stephanie Musat FTW. We love it. Betcha some people in FuHo don't but that's not our problem. Let's go get another cup of coffee, sit down and relax and go read the article and wait for any fallout.

Aren't Sunday's wonderful?

Late night open thread

Saturday scorebard show

Rutgers 21
Navy 20
The Scarlet Knights are 5-1 and facing a huge game next weekend vs. Connecticut

Wisconsin 59
Indiana 7
The Hoosiers are getting the hang of it, last year the Badgers scored 80 on them

Michigan State 28
Michigan 14
That sound you hear is the Wolverine bandwagon emptying. Sparty fans are chanting "Four more years" tonight in East Lansing

Brown 34
Princeton 0
Da Bears

Lehigh 34
Fordham 12
The Bethlehem wrecking crew was at it again today

Eastern Michigan 35
Central Michigan 28
The Hurons head up to Mt. Boring for a road game and come back with a win in their back pockets

Texas A&M 55
Baylor 28
This just in, Texas A&M just scored again

Georgia 33
Vanderbilt 28
The Dawgs are as hot as a firecracker

South Carolina 14
Mississippi State 12
The Gamecocks survive their first game after dismissing their crime wave of a QB, Stephen Garcia, who was dismissed from the team after only five arrests

Jersey City Desk Game of the Week
VMI 21
Charlestown Southern 17
The Jersey City Desk welcomes VMI to the win column this season

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rutgers football gameday!

Running. Ground game. Pound. 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Get ready for it today in Piscataway. Rutgers is going to run. Navy pretty much does nothing BUT run. It's awful windy today here in the Garden State. Even more running. Rutgers has a freshman QB which will most likely mean, you guessed it, more running.

Rutgers kicks off today at 2 pm in Piscataway in a non-Big East game that should give Greg Schiano some time to work on a few things before heading into conference play the rest of the way. The Scarlet Knights come into play today with a 4-1 record while the Naval Academy sports a 2-3 ledger.

Rutgers must without doubt stop the Navy ground attack. It's that crazy triple option that can hurt you in a few ways. If the Midshipmen have success running early it will only fuel that attack. It seems when this style of offense is on it's unstoppable, when it's stopped up it can last the whole afternoon long.

Freshman Rutgers QB Gary Nova has had quite a time so far this season. Making pretty good decisions and posting very high QB ratings. They will need him to be sharp today especially is passing become more that a flight of fancy. We'd just as soon throw bubble screens to Mohamed Sanu all day and call THAT the passing attack. Long handoffs if you will. On a windy day trying to get to 5-1 why take chances?

Fearless forecast
Rutgers 31
Navy 21

Late night open thread

Anybody who thinks a caramel apple before bed sounds like a nice say AYE...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Yes, the Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads fame. Kicking off the music series this autumnal October evening here's the aptly named song 'Rev it Up'


Here's a wicked little ditty from Buddy Miller, 'Worry too Much'


How do you pick just one Sam and Dave tune? So many classics from which to choose. We'll wrap up the music series this week with 'Hold on, I'm Comin''

Friday, October 14, 2011

McGinley Square redevelopment is a go

Wednesday night (we're timely aren't we?) the Jersey City Council unanimously approved the plan that will bring bowling alleys, restaurants, businesses and other commercial shops to McGinley Square. Unlike the first proposal that so many found insulting where the city would resort to eminent domain to take what they didn't want to pay for, this plan does not allow for eminent domain use.

We sure hope this plan works. Too often city officials are eager to do something, anything to make the city look like it's moving forward. Taxpayers pay through the nose for things like this and nothing ever comes from it.

Here's hoping it's all done in 5 years and showing benefit in 10.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Late night open thread

The shootout from tonight's Devils vic-tor-eeee over the Kings at The Rock.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Live on the Jersey City Desk, it's Hockey Night in Newark

Johnny's using the good seats tonight to head out to The Rock and get a look at the 2011-12 Devils. They'll be playing an exciting up-and-comer in the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Kings. Expect some well-paced transitional hockey tonight kids. Whichever team capitalizes on neutral zone turnovers has a huge edge, these are fast skating teams and can quickly convert turnovers.

Whatever the score we'll be back with a full account of the Devils and Kings with pictures in living color.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Late night open thread

"I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful."
--Marilyn Monroe

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A rainy free day here in Jersey City

Represent peoples of Jersey City! This thread is all yours today.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Late night open thread

How about a little movie trivia tonight? In the movie Back to the the Future the farm where Marty arrives in 1955 belongs to a man called Peabody, and he calls his son Sherman; both names are a tribute to "Sherman and Mr. Peabody", two cartoon time travelers.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Another reason to hate Boston

Police in Boston this morning actually roughed up American vets, yes, American soldiers and tossed their American flags to the ground when the Bah-stun PD decided they didn't like the Occupy group there. Not only did Boston PD disrespect American vets and the flag but they actually told the media to leave and NOT film the goings on.

Good GOD that's pathetic and chickensh!t Boston PD. Don't film us? Sorry, you cannot legally make that happen. Dear all, you have EVERY LEGAL RIGHT TO FILM ANYONE IN PUBLIC.

It just makes you wanna suckerpunch a Boston cop or light one of their cars on fire...assholes.

It's the Jersey City "Big Dig" and frankly we dig it, BIG

With the help of corporate sponsors, Jersey City planted around 17,000 daffodil and tulip bulbs around our fair city to beautify the city come spring. The project cost the taxpayers nothing (nice) and all that was required was a little sweat equity. Daffodils and tulips were chosen as they come back fresh, new and beautiful each and every spring.

The sponsors of this city-wide event were Century 21 Plaza Realty, the Hudson County Improvement Authority, the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority, Liberty State Park, PSE&G, United Water and the Westin Jersey City.

Thanks to all who supported or got involved!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Late night open thread

TV Trivia night...

Who was the very first female host of Saturday Night Live? Answer in comments.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

NYC's Meatpacking District just became Jersey City's Meatpacking District

The largest meatpacker of them all, DeBragga & Spitler, has moved operations from trendy NYC to hardscrabble Jersey City (and shouldn't meatpacking businesses be located in hardscrabble areas?) to a new plant on Amity Street a couple blocks west of the Jersey City Medical Center.

Co-owner George Faison said he was quite happy with the move and it really came off without a hitch. He said when it became apparent he was outgrowing his NYC digs where to go “I had my eye on Jersey City from day one."

The Jersey City Desk welcomes our newest neighbors, DeBragga & Spitler.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Late night open thread

What a week to be a sports fan around here. The Yankees get knocked out, the Jets and Giants both lose today and the Rangers and Devils have zero wins between them on the new season.

Here's to better times.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The annual Hudson Pride LGBT Festival and parade wil be held today here in Jersey City

The Hudson Pride LGBT Festival and parade will be held today starting at 11 am in front of City Hall on Grove St. The event is being held today because it was originally planned to be held the weekend Hurricane Irene hit back in August. The parade will head down Montgomery and finish at 1 Exchange Place.

This year's theme is a celebration of the fact that "Don't ask, Don't tell" has been repealed and gays and lesbians and bisexual peoples can openly serve in the US military.

Hey if they're brave and motivated enough to pick up a gun and protect Johnny's lazy rear-end more power to 'em!

Late night open thread

Saturday Night Scoreboard Show

Rutgers 34
Pitt 10
An great display from the defense. Kept the offense afloat until they could make things happen. A complete win

Penn St. 13
Iowa 3
Offensive football principles were set back 20 years in Happy Valley today.

LSU 42
Florida 11
Two straight weeks Florida has been crushed. Whats that thing Nelson Muntz says?

Alabama 34
Vanderbilt 0
Alabama and LSU will play for the national title in the regular season

Lehigh 30
Bucknell 6
Lehigh is taking a lot of bison hides home to south mountain again this year

Tennessee-Martin 61
Austin Peay 23
The timeless chants of "Let's go Peay" we to no avail today

Oregon St 37
Arizona 27
Fear the Beaver

Slippery Rock 24
Edinboro 23
It was all Rock in the second half

Texas A&M 45
Texas Tech 40
Well SOMEBODY had to be messing with Texas

Jersey City Desk Game of the Week
Howard 29
Florida A&M 28
Howard scored all 29 points in the 4th quarter including the final 16 in the last 1:27 to come back and win. The Florida A&M Athletic Director filed a police report after this game because this one was STOLEN by Howard

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rutgers football gameday!

It's the game of the century of the week for the Scarlet Knights today in Piscataway. The 3:30 kickoff vs. Pitt is for first place in the Big East.

Look, Rutgers while garnering a 3-1 record still has some issues. The kicking game isn't right just yet, though San San Te made the critical must have kicks last week at Syracuse. The running game is abysmal and QB Chas Dodd is still making some questionable decisions with the ball. Until the offense and special teams get it right the defense will have to carry Rutgers in conference play. The defense was stout last weekend to be sure. They'll have to hold Pitt to under 20 today we feel. Stopping Pitt's top notch RB Ray Graham would be a big starting point. Graham is already pushing 800 yards rushing this season. If you limit Graham on first down and hold him to minimal rushing yards then Rutgers defense can turn up the heat on Pitt QB Tino Sunseri. Sunseri likes to dink and dunk his way up and down the field because he has a real interception problems throwing downfield. Stop the run and get a leg up not just int he game but in the conference race.

A big game today for Mohamed Sanu and the Scarlet Knights win it late.

Our fearless forecast:
Rutgers 24
Pitt 17

Know this dear readers, the Jersey City Desk's opinion is not for sale

Now we're reading a lot about bloggers who slurp up the payola and then write about some amazing product or restaurant or publicity stunt. That's not us. We don't take ads and if Johnny raves about a restaurant you best believe he paid with his own money.

Look bloggers, we understand some of your sites are big deals and have thousands of viewers and the pressures of ad money can be huge. Just be up front with the rest of us. If you took airplane tickets to South America to write about a certain restaurant contest just admit it. If you're having issues with your own credibility because you feel your review or critique would sound lessened for taking swag then perhaps you just answered your own internal question, don't do it. Also, if you want to turn your site into one big payola factory where you take free things for positive coverage, simply tell us. It's not OUR way of doing things but just be honest with your readers, it's the best policy.

Late night open thread

That moon looks eerie in the western sky...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Sometimes you just gotta rock this one out. Little girl from Cherry Lawn indeed. Van Halen with 'Hot for Teacher'


Making their Jersey City Desk debut here's Massive Attack with 'Paradise Circus'


Hey the Tigers won, they were better. To the victors go the spoils so to wrap up the music series this week some red hot Motown. The Four Tops with 'I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)' in honor of the Motor City Kitties.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Get in on the ground floor of this people, get you some shares in OverheardonPATH

You kids know the Twitter, here's one we know you'll wanna follow:!/OverheardOnPATH

How about a nice scaaaaaaary story about New Jersey on this fine October morning...

It's called the most haunted road in America and it's right here in the Garden State. Please feel free to share your stories about haunts and hauntings with us here. Nobody will ever think you crazy as Johnny lived in a haunted house for some 20 years.

Clinton Road, New Jersey: The most terrifying road in the U.S.
By Joe Dorish | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, Oct 4, 2011

About seven years ago, my cousin Julie and her husband Mark moved back to New Jersey from South Carolina. After months of searching, they found a great house in West Milford, New Jersey. Julie, who I grew up with, called me and asked me to meet them at the house and let them know my opinion.

After checking out a map online, I saw the home was on a street just off Clinton Road north of Route 23. I drove up Green Pond Road, got onto Route 23, and then turned right onto Clinton Road. Almost immediately, I noticed that Clinton Road was different from almost all the roads in New Jersey.

To read the rest of this harrowing tale, click here

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Late night open thread

Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey

As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

As a Mac-o-phile since 1985, Johnny was saddened to hear of Steve Jobs' passing last evening. Johnny never owned a Windows PC and once quit a job before it really got started because he was going to be forced to use one. He's been a Mac guy all his life and the handful of computers that pop up like mushrooms around the Jersey City Desk offices are all Macs. Call it blind allegiance if you want to, Johnny simply calls it a great-gui kind of thing.

Rest well Steve, rest well. At least for one person you've made computing a wonderful endeavor.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Late night open thread

Because if there's one thing Americans are about it's diesel engines in our cars. How could you sell the public on the virtues of the truck you used to draw as a four year old? History teaches us Datsun couldn't.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

WOW, signs written in Yiddish in S. Williamsburg tell women to step aside when men walk down the sidewalk

Seriously?! Sadly yes, Hasidic Jewish men have posted signs along Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg Brooklyn that translate to:

"Precious Jewish Daughter: Please move to the side when a man approaches!"

These guys need to get a grip and deal with the fact it's 2011 and we're um, in America. You don't ever tell someone to walk behind you or vacate the sidewalk because a man is walking by. Ask African-Americans how they might react if once again they were told to use the "other" drinking fountain or to sit in the back of the bus. We don't care if it's religion based or just some wacko thinking he's now the signage director for the neighborhood, #1 those signs MUST come down and #2 never go back up again.

Once again, religion on the move in a threatening way. Johnny's plan for banning all religion needs some work it seems.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late night open thread

Did you know that tomorrow, October 5th is the most common birthday in the USA? It's true. For an October 5th, birthday a person was most likely conceived on New Year's Eve. If you're wondering about the least common birthday (excluding of course February 29th) that would be May 22nd.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Jersey City, we have a bridge to build

Jersey City is looking to procure some $18.4 million dollars to extend Jersey Avenue, build a bridge across Mill Creek and connect Jersey City's downtown with Liberty State Park.

What a GREAT idea. The part we can't understand is why the city thinks this could take 3 years to build. The first thought Johnny had, as did a commenter on the JJ site was "It took two years to build the Empire State Building and we're talking three years for this smallish bridge?" Come on, we know this idea has been explored before but let's do this thing. Let's give downtown Jersey City access to Liberty State Park where you get one stunning view of Jersey City's Statue of Liberty.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Late night open thread

Johnny sees where there could be an NBA lockout and NO NBA basketball for a while. With the time Johnny spent watching the NBA he'll now be able to put that same valuable time into rearranging his sock drawer. If the playoffs are canceled as well some shirts might get folded.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny will be sending some pizzas over to the Occupy Wall Street crowd later today

The Jersey City Desk will gladly donate 10 pizzas for the good people protesting greed (and gold lamay pants) over at the Occupy Wall Street site(s). Johnny knowns damn well who ruined this economy, he gets to look at their headquarters out his living room window. It wasn't the protestors.

Stick it to 'em OWS, the pizzas are on their way in about an hour...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Late night open thread

Did you know peanuts are an ingredient in dynamite? You do now.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Bright and bold on a Sunday morning in the PAD

Powerhouse Arts District in da house

The second leg of The Jersey City Artists Studio Tour is this afternoon

And what a beee-u-tee-ful day to get out and take a look at some of Jersey City's amazing artists. Follow this link to learn more about the artists and their studios and how to score FREE shuttle service around town to the different locales today, some offering food and drink.

Late night open thread

Saturday Night Scoreboard Show

Rutgers 19
Syracuse 16 2OT
Full marks for the late comeback and gutting this one out but Rutgers is sure missing something

Alabama 38
Florida 10
Keep your polls, 'Bama is the best in this land

Michigan 58
Minnesota 0
Did Minnesota go dump garbage in Michigan's yard this past year or something?

Michigan State 10
THE Ohio State University 7
MSU's #1 ranked defense lived up to the hype. 9 sacks and one snazzy interception

Lehigh 37
Yale 7
The Mountain Hawks march on, knocking teams from the northeast down and taking their lunch money

Wisconsin 48
Nebraska 17
Welcome to the Big Ten Cornhuskers. Pick up your teeth before you get back on the bus to the airport

Oklahoma 62
Ball St 6
Well, yeah

New Mexico St 42
New Mexico 28
In the Land of Enchantment Bowl you'll pay for the whole seat but you'll only need the edge.

Grand Valley St 70
Tiffin 7
We're guessing there wasn't a lot of chatter on the Tiffin bus home. Free pizza slices in Allendale when the Lakers score 70

Eastern Michigan 31
Akron 23
Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes in the Tri-State area and Eastern Michigan tied for first place in the MAC West in October

Arizona State 35
Oregon State 20
Hey ASU, go back to the cool little devil logo. This new one just isn't working

Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Slippery Rock 16
Clarion 13
Helping prove that every town in Pennsylvania has a college or university in it

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rutgers football gameday!

Rutgers is in upstate New York to play the Orange from Syracuse in the first Big East conference game (wait, Johnny didn't check the sports pages today, is the Big East still a functioning conference this week?) for both teams.

Simply today, can Rutgers run the ball? If they can't all the bad vibes of playing in the Carrierdome come home to roost: rowdy crowds, obnoxious fans, girls with mustaches, and 'Cuse QB Ryan Nassib having success passing.

Again, a winnable game for the Scarlet Knights even against a team they have a horrid all-time record against. Today we start to find out what Rutgers is this season, a middling .500 club or a late December bowl team.

Until they lose we'll pick the second choice, always the optimists.

Fearless forecast:
Rutgers 27
Syracuse 24

Late night open thread

Well it certainly was nice of the rain to ruin the ballgame tonight. Rain is an evildoer.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


It's late, you want music not chatter.

Joe Jackson with 'Is She Really Going Out with Him?'


Yes, just music. Mary Chapin Carpenter with 'The Hard Way'


Just spin the tunes night concludes with Oasis and 'Wonderwall'