Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Late night open thread

Movie mistakes night and what is it about a League of Their Own this week anyway?

After the Peaches are introduced at their first game, they run onto the field. If you watch the background carefully, Rosie O'Donnell clearly trips over a production wire.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The JCIA might fast be running out of vehicles

A couple weeks after city councilman Chico Ramchal crashed his JCIA vehicle in an alleged drunken driving incident late at night, another JCIA vehicle has been in a late night accident after this time trying to elude police. Dajuan Clarke was arrested after a few blocks of a "chase" after just missing a marked JCPD car after running a red light:

At 3:17 a.m. the officer was entering the intersection of Bergen and Bramhall avenues when he had to slow for a car that ran the red light and made a right onto Bergen. He said a second car driven by Clarke did the same, coming even closer to striking the police car, a police report says.

The officer activated his lights and siren, but the cars did not stop. They turned onto Clinton Avenue where Clarke's vehicle struck a parked car before both vehicles crossed Kennedy Boulevard and turned onto West Side Avenue as backup units were arriving.

Here's the kicker. While Clarke was driving a JCIA vehicle and had worked for them in some capacity for three years BUT his name does not currently appear on any list of current employees and salaries.

Clarke's $25,000 cash-only bail was set as cash-only because he is currently on parole for a robbery conviction raising even more uncomfortable questions for the JCIA management.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Late night open thread

You have the Midas touch. Everything you touch turns to a muffler.
 -- Henny Youngman

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Kinda late to call it a Free Day

But when you've ben hobnobbing, carousing and going to shows and catching up with old friends and then partying into the wee hours on Sunday night when your team makes the Final Four quite unexpectedly Monday can hit purty hard.

So ah, Free Day.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Late night open thread

Who is Tom Izzo.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Let this record lying in the street be a reminder

There's a Highway to Hell but only a Stairway to Heaven.

Late night open thread

Nice to bump into old friend and super great singer Eliza Neals today. Johnny's gonna be updating you more on her concerts coming up. Man can she flat-out bring it.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Because we know you come here on the weekends for bleeding edge new music and a heads up on new bands Johnny wants to hip you to this group of Irish lads. Johnny thinks their sounds is really great and they have a lot to say in a smart and artistic way. They sure look like they could be up for big things like maybe awards one day. They are called U2 and Johnny read in a trade mag the lead singer goes by the name of "Boner'. U2 tonight with 'All I Want Is You'


What? You've never heard the smooth northern Chicago soul stylings of Billy Butler? Well friends listen up and see how it's done. Billy Butler with 'Burning Touch of Love' on that fine old Brunswick label.


Well if we had a midnight rendezvous we've done gone and missed it by about 45 minutes.

Sheep shit.

Well since we've got a perfectly good song by The Babys called Midnight Rendezvous all queued up let's not waste it.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just one of those things Johnny notices

Flipping through the dials this morning he saw the beginning to 'A League of Their Own' and noticed as the gals were choosing up teams to play on there was a gal with a Hoboken jersey, really really.

Late night open thread

What.A.Night. Johnny is not easily starstruck but getting to see and hear and practically touch one of his music idols was really quite special. Debbie Harry killed at the Cafe Carlyle and Johnny does not say that because he's a fan. It truly is a wonderful eclectic show and she opens up and tells some wonderful stories about the songs. Johnny and Mrs. Johnny went and did have seats next to the stage and the place is quite cramped.

Johnny is not so far removed from his tiny hometown of Ortonville Michigan to not at least take notice when famous people drift around a room. Even more so when they start sitting right by him. Sitting directly behind Johnny was Monica Lewinsky (And we're not posting pictures of these people because this is the Jersey City Desk, not the Tattler). Yes, that does get ones attention. Ten minutes later when Michelle Phillips sat down next to Johnny he kinda sorta got that feeling Pee Wee Herman got when he got to drive Mickey's car in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. He was in fact maintaining without Tramadol before Uma Thurman sat down at the table behind him. THEN the concert started. So a pretty cool time and some fun celebrity sightings.

A few of Debbie Harry from the Cafe Carlyle tonight before bed.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, March 27, 2015

We're shifting the Music Series to Saturday this week

Sorry fans of hot Friday night online music, we're gonna have to move the show until tomorrow as Johnny has a treat in store for himself tonight. As you well know Johnny has always been a huge fan of women in music. Huge fan. He's seen (and talked with) some of his idols. Tonight though, tonight is very very special. Probably no one woman has spent more hours in Johnny's ears than the rest and tonight Johnny gets great seats to see Ms. Deborah Harry at the famed Cafe Carlyle. Debbie (it just sounds so wrong to say Ms. Harry so it's Debbie) had a wonderful write-up in the New York Times as she begins her time performing at the cabaret inspired club.

So live music for Johnny tonight as he sits like a schoolboy with a crush and back to the Music Series on Saturday.

According to the Port Authority the Holland Tunnel is closed tomorrow

Men in colorful costumes are dressing up to play pretend bomb scare or something and here is the announcement from the PA themselves:

Whatever they're doing in the Holland Tunnel give some of them asphalt and some shovels and buckets and fill a few potholes while they play savior of the earth. Port Authority, goddamned mall cops...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Late night open thread

Hmmmm, Johnny's birthday so it's his pick on the video tonight. Gotta be funny. Gotta be a favorite. Ah, yes, here we go.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Happy Birthday to....Johnny!

Today is Johnny's birthday and his father said he could have anything he wants. So you know what he wants? ...........waiting for you to just say it.........In a few minutes Johnny is going to make a trek to White Castle. Yep, the tastebuds want what the tastebuds want. Johnny doesn't spend much time ever eating fast food so on his birthday each year he gets on the PATH, gets off at Journal Square and walks a couple blocks up on Kennedy to White Castle. Yes, the last bastion of poor-nutritional greasy American food in India Square. Mmmmmm, onion chips.

So we'll be back with you tonight as always. Til then.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Late night open thread

There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.
 -- Willa Cather

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

JCPD close 'Mosquito Park' after reports of a shootout

Dateline: The Heights. Police have closed Leonard Gordon Park, better know as Mosquito park at the corner of Kennedy and Manhattan. Police say they have recovered multiple shell casings. According to Matthew Speiser with the Jersey Journal:

A resident who lives across the street from the park told The Jersey Journal that he heard "pop pop pop" several times while he was eating lunch in his house around 1 p.m. Police have told him that he cannot enter the park because it is a crime scene.

Shine said that at about 2:30 p.m. a State Park ranger arrived with a police dog to search for more evidence.

The Jersey City Desk will keep you updated should any more stupidity happen in or around our fair city.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Late night open thread

Earlier tonight Johnny was checking the settings on all the thingamajigs that make this dump run so smoothly. Johnny also was checking the stats and saw that someone actually checked in from their TV set surfing the web. One of those newfangled sets. So for you, our biggest fan, some teevee for your teevee:

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Hey now, we still have a local team enjoying the March madness

NJIT won their game last night in the CollegeInsider.com Tournament in Newark and are on to the THIRD round which they will host this upcoming Saturday night at 7:30 vs Canisius. Sure it's not Duke and Kentucky but so what? It's an honest game from an up and coming program making the most right now of extra practice and still building off their defeat of then #17 Michigan in Ann Arbor earlier this season.

This is a team that recently had a 51 game losing streak going after joining Division 1. They were 6-83 in its first three seasons. Now just look. There's a great read on how Highlanders coach Jim Engles has managed this turnaround and the growing support for the NJIT program. Take some time you would have spent looking at your long-lost brackets and have a good read this fine sunny day.

And now for something completely different...

Johnny had someone show him this video this morning. It's someone online who goes by AirPano and they have won and also submitted some utterly jaw dropping images in the Epson VR 360º Pano photo contest. Here's what it has to say on the YouTube channel:

In 2014 AirPano Team again did a great job at the Epson International Pano Awards. Dmitry Moiseenko took the first place in "VR / 360 Photo" category. There are 5 top places in every category. In addition to the main prize Stas Sedov and Dmitry Moiseenko took 4th and 5th awards in "VR / 360 Photo" category. A large number of works of our project also hit the Top 50.

The video is 7 minutes long so take some time, sit down and truly enjoy this planet we call Earth.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Late night open thread

I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.
-- Oscar Wilde

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Not much from the Jersey City Council tonight about, well, you know...

The Jersey City Council caucused tonight for the first time since council member Chico Ramchal's arrest for a DUI while driving a municipal vehicle the according to witnesses was running flashing red and blue lights before hitting a vehicle as part of a three-car pileup.

Was what he did wrong? All were in agreement yes it was. When asked the hard question as to whether he should resign, well...

Asked whether he believes Ramchal should step down from the council if he is convicted of drunken driving, Lavarro declined to comment.

"I feel bad that it happened," (Ward F Councilwoman Diane) Coleman told The Jersey Journal. "I would hope he would use more discretion in the future."

Ramchal himself had no comment after arriving thirty minutes late to the meeting.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Late night open thread

All three teams Johnny had a vested interest in today, Michigan State, the Red Wings and Barcelona all won their games. It just puts a bounce in your step, ya know? Gets one ready for Monday.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Dear outside, see you tomorrow!

OK, we all have a day where we simply want to stay inside, watch some teevee and recharge our batteries. If you're Johnny that day is TODAY. The Red Wings are on as the national game again this week at noon. Then Johnny's MSU Spartans will be in tough against Virginia who they beat in the NCAA tourney last season over at MSG. If that's not enough there's a Game of Thrones marathon on HBO2 (Season 1). THEN it's the matchup half the globe will watch as FC Barcelona (Yea!) plays Real Madrid (Boo Hiss!) at 3pm.

So sorry windy, cold, bright Sunday. Other than a couple dog walks, Johnny's going to miss you.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Look, we all get mad at the PATH from time to time

But you can't hit the PATH conductors. Joseph Cannon whose previous arrest warrants hail from Lowell Massachusetts tried robbing a PATH conductor of his keys at the 14th St. stop about 4am Friday, like ya do. During the scuffle Cannon managed to leave his shirt and jacket behind (so already his robbery is a negative result on the old robbery bell curve) and as police were arriving on scene they noticed a shirtless man running away from the station. You'll never guess who it was. The shirtless man was arrested and booked into the jail system we've all come to know and love from television.

The conductor was treated by EMS and refused further medical attention. Service on the PATH train was briefly disrupted.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


If you can get past that first door in this video we think you'll enjoy tonight's first song, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' but yeah, that door. It sticks. keep trying.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Damn woman, a man can't even go down to the corner and get a cold cold beer with you nagging at him? If you listen close to the lyrics here Johnny thinks the O'Jays don't have much faith in this relationship going forward. '992 Arguments' up next on the juke box.


Y'all be careful coming home from those Go-Go's tonight friends, in the words of a friend's very southern dad 'Those roads out there are slicker than a greased baby's ass."

A little Motown as we wrap things up on the Music Series this week, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles with the dance classic 'Going to a Go-Go'

JCPD is sued; claims of retaliation over support for the mayor come to the fore

When Mayor Fulop shockingly demoted his choice to lead the Jersey City Police Department after a year, Fulop claimed it was because Chief Robert Cowan has created a toxic workplace and the city had far too many lawsuits under of his leadership.

Make that one more lawsuit, only this one is from police Lt. David Goldrich who says the new chief, Philip Zacche is doing exactly what the mayor claims Cowan was doing AND claims support of the mayor and his policies is of the utmost importance:

Yesterday, The Jersey Journal reported on a separate lawsuit filed by a current police lieutenant and a retired captain who are allies of Cowan and allege Zacche warned them after he replaced Cowan as chief that they had the "bubba stink."

Fulop, Zacche, Connors, Public Safety Director James Shea and Business Administrator Robert Kakoleski are all named as defendants in the suit. Goldrich alleges they violated his federal and state constitutional rights. He is seeking more than $100,000 in damages.

Jennifer Morrill who is usually not at a loss for words on the city's behalf had nothing to say when asked. Just the boilerplate "we don't talk about lawsuits against us."

Goldrich says he did donate $1200 to Fulop's campaign yet decided against further support after Fulop drop kicked Cowman so shockingly down the ranks. He says that's when the trouble started.

There's a lot to read here and a lot to think about. The Jersey City Police have been a mess under Mayor Fulop's time in office. No continuity, no follow through on certain police issues he said he's tackle, and now this. A mess of his own making it would seem.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Late night open thread

A fitting classic before bed tonight from our old friends Cheech & Chong and 'Basketball Jones'. As always, Chris Schenkel, don't sing nothing...

Time for Jersey CIty, After Dark

Johnny's brackets

Um, yes, uh, and NO MONEY um, is involved with this bracket in any office pool or online gaming. Sort of...

Here are Johnny's brackets so he can't go back and lie to you saying he had Northern Iowa all the way.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Late night open thread

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
 -- Oscar Wilde

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

We're just not sure what the Red Bulls are doing advertising-wise

Whether it be on their website or Twitter ads the New York Red Bulls (who have made their home in Harrison NJ forever) are plastering scenes and images of NYC all over their promotional materials. So, are the Red Bulls trying to shore up wavering fans who might be changing allegiances to an actual NYC team in NYCFC? Are they trying to let NYC fans know "He we play around here too?" Are they pissing off this New Jersey resident with this advertising? Oh you better believe it. In Johnny's opinion the Red Bulls have been kicking around the greater NJ/NYC area for over a decade and not doing a whole lot to truly become this region's MLS team. Wanna know who obviously agrees with Johnny? The MLS or why would they have dropped Manchester City's little club over at Yankee Stadium? If the Red Bulls were a hugely successful and iconic team here that move may have been to another city for Man City. It wasn't though and the fanbase was ripe to be picked over by NYCFC.

It does not help the Red Bulls that Thierry Henry left after last season while David Villa arrives at NYCFC and after the first home game is treated to this. When was the last time that happened in Harrison after a Red Bulls game? What did the Red Bulls, so successful in their playoff run last season do to improve and bring fans to Harrison? Fired their manager and not a whole lot else. Johnny's of the mind if the Red Bulls don't figure out a real marketing plan (and it's going to involve the Red Bulls actually stooping to advertising to New Jersey residents and having events in New Jersey unlike their big one coming up in Brooklyn).

Johnny fears if the Red Bulls don't start grabbing the attention of New Jersey residents and those closest to Red Bull Arena they could be gone in time. They've never really captured the imagination of NYC residents in the numbers they'd hoped. Their success or failure is going to stand on whether or not they really love where they play or still wantonly just keep looking east across the Hudson River because those fans have a new team to call their own.

Does New Jersey?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Late night open thread

A real treat tonight before bed, especially when tonight bed is a long way off. Johnny's got a party to stop into himself. Tonight the sights and sounds of a real Irish pub, Brogan's Bar in Ennis Ireland. It doesn't get any better than this. Enjoy!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny loves this one so much he's wiling to sit through an ad for it

Johnny goes to great pains when he posts a video here from YouTube that it should never run an ad beforehand. Just trying to be considerate before something runs itself on autoplay screaming NARWHALS NARWHALS NARWHALS! Yes, this one has an ad.

Alison Krauss and The Chieftains with the Irish lament of 'Molly Ban' (which you English-folk would pronounce Molly Bawn). It's simply one Johnny looks forward to every year and has been known to cheat and listen to it in June or September as well.

There's Whiskey in the Jar and and in a lot of people about now

As a tribute to all you wannabe Irish warriors today who are well drunk by 3pm and will never make the music tonight. The Dubliners check back in with, what else, 'Whiskey in the Jar'

Hello Ann Arbor Michigan! Conor O'Neill's rip roaring today? Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone back in Washtenaw County.

St. Patrick's Day lunch now being arranged in the multi-purpose room

And the Jersey City Desk is providing the soundtrack. Just push play:

HEY! What are you sneaking into your coffee?

That ain't Coffee-Mate! Oh hell, that's OK, get one going at work and turn this favorite up real loud and just dance. It's the classic we play every year, The Dubliners and The Pogues with 'The Irish Rover' and if you can't get excited for St. Patrick's Day listening to this then you're just drinking with Scotsmen.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Johnny and the Jersey City Desk staff!

We'll be here all day to make your St. Patrick's Day as fun and happy as possible! Remember, there is nothing Irish about green beer.

Let's kick things off with a jig and reel of "A Coal Miner's Set' this year!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Late night open thread

Movie trivia night...

Ridley Scott had vetoed the idea of Louise kissing Thelma at the end, but Sarandon did it anyway without telling him. It was the last shot on the last day, and Scott had no choice but to use it.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

While some are saying last week was a bad one for city council...

Johnny thinks it was equally bad for the mayor. Three of Mayor Fulop's solid votes on city council, Chico Ramcal, Joyce Watterman and Diane Coleman all got into a bit of trouble last week on differing levels. Of course Ramchal's was and is the most serious, being involved with an injury DUI by all account but his, of his making. Watterman was found to be doing campaign business for herself from city offices on city time and of course blamed an aide like everyone now does. Was it really the aide? We'll probably never know as that's the go-to answer and that's all they're saying. Coleman it looked like was hiding, if not being very forthcoming of a new county job making her yet another Jersey City official holding at least two government jobs.

Like we said all three are solidly behind Mayor Fulop. So why is this bad for him? Sooner or later there is going to be a vote where the three aforementioned council members are going to be conflicted. Right now they know to make things better they had better bend over backwards to listen to, help and support constituents who will be voting on their jobs soon enough. There's going to come that time their constituents are not going to agree with more money for downtown or a big tax abatement while their ward goes begging and then these council members will be over a barrel. A big barrel. Suppose the mayor say revisits the 95 story building and F-1 race track taking up part of Liberty State Park. If the voters are against it and giving away their tax dollars on it will those with some penance to do in their Ward be so likely to support Fulop? See there.

It was a bad week for council, make no mistake. Down the road this past week could bear sour fruit for the Mayor as well.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Late night open thread

Johnny wanted a positive happy day today with friends and all the news he'd have been commentating on had a negative vibe and the weekend was glum enough. Glum can wait until tomorrow.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Late night open thread

On this day in history in 1743 the first town meeting was held in Boston, Massachusetts, at Faneuil Hall. The next day, March 15th 1743, they held another meeting only someone this time was designated to bring donuts.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

We don't hammer on people's personal issues here as a rule but this can't be overlooked

Jersey City Councilman Khemraj "Chico" Ramchal was arrested and charged with driving drunk last night after according to witnesses he blew through a red light and t-boned a cab forcing it into another car at West Side Ave near Communipaw. The Jersey Journal's Terrence T. McDonald gives more details including one very troubling one:

Ramchal, 39, was traveling southbound on West Side Avenue in a 2013 Ford Explorer when he collided with a taxi cab heading west on Communipaw Avenue, and then the cab spun out of control and hit a third vehicle, witnesses told police.

Ramchal had a blood alcohol level of .15, almost twice the legal limit, the report says. The vehicle Ramchal was driving had emergency lights that were on at the time of the accident, a witness told police.

We don't know if Ramchal was driving a personal vehicle though it sure sounds like he wasn't. Ramchal also works as a Hudson County Improvement Authority enforcement officer. Could it have been a county vehicle? We'll soon know more as the Explorer was impounded.

Ramchal is a supporter of Mayor Steve Fulop whose spokesperson Jennifer Morrill had this to say:

"appropriate consequences will be immediately issued" after the police complete their investigation.

Mr. Ramchal, the person Johnny knows you to be isn't a bad person. You care about your city and involve yourself. That being said Johnny was run down at age 17 on his bike by a drunk driver so his tolerance for those who do drive inebriated is pretty low and it's then quite easy to get on his shit list. If this charge is true you admit to it and take your medicine. There are a LOT of options for rides in Jersey City where you were enjoying the libations.

The other shoe has fallen in the 'Invasion of the Park Snatchers' caper

As you well know if you've been within a half mile of Johnny this week what took place in what we'll simply call PADNA Park. Developer BLDG thought they had approval to dig up a city park because they got some input from some people in the neighborhood and sent plans to the Jersey City zoning department. BLDG (Previously referred to as Lloyd Goldman's building - which it is) TOLD zoning they'd just go ahead on this in early March.

Isn't that something? TOLD a city department. That''s cute. This obviously came as surprise to Johnny who has been following this issue since long ago and who knew Ward E Councilwoman Candice Osborne expected a full city planning and city council review. City planning sure thought they'd be taking a look at the plans as well.  So yes, Johnny is the whistleblower here and he contacted the office of Councilwoman Osborne who got to the bottom of this pretty quickly and acted absolutely in the best interests of the city. While we wished Mayor Fulop had commented on this personally he sent out city spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill to address the issue from the city's point of view. Terrence T. McDonald, stand back with that notepad because here it comes:

"We are disgusted with their actions," Morrill said. "This developer will see hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and losses at his building, as it will now remain vacant until we feel his actions have been corrected."

Ouch. No certificate of occupancy until the residents needs are met on the park? How about that Jersey City? The plans that were out there can be improved upon with public commentary (Johnny thinks the dog park part was pretty skimpy size-wise but then again he loves pups) and city planning assistance we'd hope. Maybe new plans arise, perhaps it's a hybrid. The important thing is that the city acted and acted fast and yes, stood up and told a big developer we don't do business the old way in Jersey City anymore. It's not just a shrug and a nominal fine.

We're giving the famous Jersey City Desk last word to Councilwoman Osborne on this because of all her GREAT work:

"The law means everything in Jersey City," Osborne told The Jersey Journal. "Developers and their professionals who brazenly ignore the law here will suffer the consequences."

Late night open thread

Meanwhile, in Delaware...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


And on vinyl tonight oo. A platter. An album. Why Johnny, why an album? Well friends Stevie Wonder is touring right now and performing in the entirety his magnificent album "Songs in the Key of Life" from 1976, (September 28, 1976 for those scoring at home). Stevie (Johnny can call him Stevie, he's from Detroit, but he's Mr. Wonder to you) is going to stop by the Prudential Center on Tuesday April 14 or exactly one month from today. To get you in the mood to buy tickets and be at a show Johnny's already got tickets to, here's the classic 'Sir Duke' to kick things off tonight.


Part of the newest class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That news really made Johnny feel old late last year. The music is still great and the lyrics are still smart and topical and they're certainly not afraid to speak their minds. To that end here's 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' batting second tonight.


No, not Gilligan, Ginger, Skipper and the rest, no, Johnny means The Castaways, you know, those one-hit wonders from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Do you know who we mean now? Do you or are you just saying that? If you're making it up that's make you a 'Liar Liar' which is what our last song on the Music Series is called this week. Lucky huh? Funny how that works. Johnny would also like to make mention of the bikini's in 1965 in the greater Twin Cities area being a tad, shall we say, awful looking. Her dance moves are pure Midwestern bug stomp.

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's Friday the 13th Jersey City, are you superstitious?

Are you worried going out today could bring some form of malady? Do you have a sinking feeling about Friday the 13th? Do share your thoughts in comments!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Late night open thread

Time to get your learn on Jersey City. We're going to blind you with science before bed tonight. Try working this into your conversations tomorrow.


This incredible fact is also known as cold welding and it happens because the atoms of two pieces of metal have no way of knowing they are separate. This doesn’t happen on Earth because of the air and water found between the pieces.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The day after the big dig, how do we as a city respond

As Johnny documented yesterday, Lloyd Goldman's contractor, Pavarini-McGovern tore asunder a city park ie., city property. If you or Johnny had simply bulldozed a city property we'd be in jail. No permits, no run through city planning, no presentation before city council, no vote, no public input which it what we think this selfish petulant display by Goldman's people is all about. They knew the park was not theirs. They had a plan to redevelop it that needed to first see the light of day. They no doubt found out the neighborhood saw nothing wrong with the park and dog park and nothing needed to be changed. So they simply went ahead and invaded your land friends.

So the question becomes, how to punish Goldman's 110 First St. building. Fines of course They'll need to be in the SIX figure range to get Lloyd's attention. If any other developer thinks for a second that they can do what was done yesterday then any green space in your neighborhood, or any tasty property they'll simply see they can take it for pennies on the dollar.

Goldman's companies need to be banned from doing business in Jersey City for TEN years. Doing business in Jersey City is a privilege and this assclown has done nothing in his actions but call Jersey City residents rubes. If you like being called a rube or a backwater hick go ahead and let Goldman simply get away with this. It's time to start holding EVERY developer to a code of conduct, something currently sadly missing in Jersey City.

City council and the mayor need to ignore the grand opening of 110 First. Why aid and abet this kind of thievery. That's what it is folks, a theft of your land.

Speaking of the mayor, *AHEM* Mr. Fulop. You've been pathetically silent on this issue. You took an  oath to defend this city and it's resources. We can only think of one reason Fulop (who spoke against the entire Goldman plan back when he was a Ward E councilman) would be this silent; Lloyd Goldman could be a great source of cash if Fulop runs for governor. Well, help Johnny out. Sure that's cynical but where the fuck is the mayor on this? Why isn't he jumping up and down like any sensible warden of the city would be doing? This is the second most disappointing aspect of this story.

No more downtown abatements. None. These developers don't keep their words and frankly, downtown is swimming in offers for Zip car charging stations. You can't walk through PADNA without tripping over one. Tonight in fact a developer is going begging to PADNA over a new development at the corner of Warren and Steuben St. It's approved for 12 stories but the developer of course wants 15 and is going to offer bullshit nobody wants nor needs to try and get his extra three floors. If Johnny were PADNA he'd show them the dog park about developer promises, tell them 12 stories and if they don't like that get a lawyer. That meeting will be at O'Hara's (another business getting torn down by a developer) from 7-8 if you live in the PAD and wanna go.

We need to make an example, a big sorry example of Goldman and Pavarini-McGovern on this. No fine can be seen as too high. Getting required permits and meeting city guidelines are not that hard to do. Builders have done it for a long time here in Cool City. If you can't follow the rules, Lloyd, then get the fuck out of OUR city, asshat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Late night open thread

How young can you die of old age?
 -- Steven Wright

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Private interests plowing under a city park for fun and profit

Yes Jersey City, the sleazery has come to this. Johnny knows this story inside out and backwards but can get a bit wordy so let's review. Lloyd Goldman knocks down old Powerhouse Arts District Arts building and helps defy neighborhood height limits in building his 110 First St. Building, the POS Building so named by a gal walking down Warren St.. Gets tax abatements to include affordable housing and art space units. Check clears and suddenly Goldman says no poors and no artist hippies. City Planning backs down right on schedule. Ugly building goes up with the help of alcohol and pills (Johnny has those pics as you know). City owned dog park and small green space located between HB Light-Rail and POS building. Walkway from Harsimus Cove towards Grove St. PATH runs alongside. Goldman wants to redo the park his way though there is nothing wrong with park. Plan gets pushback from neighborhood.

Today Pavarini-McGovern, who are Goldman's contractors on the job, GUTTED A CITY OWNED PARK! They must have heard there was pushback from the neighborhood and simply went ahead and tore into, again, CITY PROPERTY belonging you and you and you and you and Johnny equally. On what authority? Johnny has been talking with people high up in the Jersey City government who are quite simply outraged. City Planning did not know they were going to do this. Candice Osborne was blindsided by this. This was supposed to go before planning and city council replete with all the public input you'd expect.

Except these contractors, they don't see city property like you and I do because they are rich. They figure a few thousand in fines, whatever. A couple things have to happen here or when other developers get wind of this, dig first apologize later becomes the norm and every green space is a goner.

1) The mayor should say something. He has not. He spoke long and loud about his disdain for Goldman's plans when he was Ward E councilman.

2) The mayor and city council should NOT turn up at the grand opening photo ops. Why enable this kind of shit?

3) They have to be moved off the city property post-haste and ANY plan they bring to redevelop it must be denied. There is a penalty for such stupidity.

4) After of course they set it back to exactly what it was.

5) People looking to rent downtown should avoid at ANY COST renting from 110 First. There are plenty of other places right near there that don't behave like this. Don't even consider them. If they'll do this to a neighborhood and a city imagine how seriously they'll take your needs as a renter.

Johnny's heard that #3 on that list is almost a given at this point which makes him very happy. Sometimes the biggest wars start over the smallest plots of land.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Late night open thread

Yes, you saw that right Jersey City, 63º on the old weather dial tomorrow. Rejoice!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Meet Jersey City's newest 65 story rental property

Steve Fulop announced late last night the site had been picked for Jersey City's newest 65 story rental property. "We were driving along yesterday and I said HEY, look there, a spot without a building. Just look at the income that would bring my office--er the city! Those cars weren't there 45 minutes ago so that's a free space lot to build. I've already alerted city planning and set along the necessary case of Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink for approval by any means."

Fulop cited his "Empty Lots Need Buildings" program as a need for more building everywhere. "Trees are out," said Fulop spokesman Chuck U. Farley, "Sure nobody has ever built their way out of a recession but it doesn't mean that we can't try. Of course more taxpayer-born tax abatements will be necessary for these fantastic builders."

Construction is expected to begin last night...

Monday, March 9, 2015

Late night open thread

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Now that's not nice...

One wouldn't expect to see one of these this far north.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today, March 8, you share it with the Skipper from Gilligan's Island, Alan Hale, Jr.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny's gone bike riding

Well, metaphorically anyway. What a beautiful day out there, comparatively speaking. If we had a 45 degree day in June we'd freak out. But for today anyway Johnny's gonna say 'Gone Bike Riding' and we'll be back tonight.

Late night open thread

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Johnny truly feels like a Garden Stater now

When Johnny arrived here from Michigan in November of 2008 (Yes, this shitty blog enters it's 7th year later in 2015) he well knew of New Jersey's reputation for graft and corruption. Well, to be fair who didn't. They teach it in Michigan public schools. To that end Johnny had been numbed by watching the Kwame Kilpatrick mega-ripoff of the city of Detroit that took a Democratic Governor to call pest control and pull him out of his burrow and into a jail cell. That was some pretty good corruption and lying right there.

Soon after Johnny arrived a lot of people all over Hudson County went to jail. It was his first big foray into writing about Garden State grifters but so much of it had been in the works and blew up before Johnny had a true understanding of the area. Somehow he felt cheated. He learned names like Dwek, Cammarano, Vega and Beldini but this wasn't HIS New Jersey scandal.

Fast-forward to Governor Christie and his scandal du jour and Senator Menendez being under federal investigation again and well NOW Johnny feels like a true resident of New Jersey. The Governor, who has a lot of scandals already on the boil had the slimy audacity to send in his team of lawyers to give Exxon, who was ready to pay the state almost $9 BILLION dollars for polluting OUR state and they "supposedly" elbowed out the lawyers who had been working in the best interests of we the people to cut a sweetheart deal of only $225 MILLION for Exxon. Sure the acting AG had investments with Exxon but he was also put in a horrible position to be loyal by Christie. Here's the kicker. Just hours after cutting Exxon the sweetheart deal Governor Gone was off to Georgia for a fundraiser hosted by.....are you ready New Jersey......Exxon. Torches and pitchforks people, torches and pitchforks.....if he ever comes back here.

Senator Menendez, where do we start? He's seemingly been one step ahead of one investigation or another for decades, but as Augustin Torres says in the Jersey Journal, Menendez is steeled in the rough and tumble world of sleazy Hudson County politics has always been a survivor. He's taken money from some pretty dubious sources if you ask Johnny. Not just Dr. Salomon Melgen, but far worse. Menendez as many of you know is a hard-liner on Iran pretty much wishing the USA would attack yesterday. But did you know that Menendez has also taken money from a group not long ago considered a terrorist group in the Middle East:

"...Iranian exile opposition group the Mojahedin-e Khalq, often referred to as the MEK, but known to most Iranians as the Mojahedin."

It gets worse:

Since being legitimized, the Mojahedin’s influence on Capitol Hill spread from the fringes of Congress to include more mainstream and respected Republicans and Democrats. Most of the group’s lobbying focuses on its members’ well-being in Iraq, said a current Hill staffer, who works in foreign policy. But, the staffer added, “undergirding this is all this neocon-friendly warmongering, this intense push for regime change, this intense hatred for [Iranian president Hassan] Rouhani — they’re not subtle about this at all.”

Menendez’s advocacy for the Mojahedin at the October hearing wasn’t new, but it signaled that by 2013 the group had come full circle: from an outlaw terrorist outfit to a player on Capitol Hill. How that happened is a classic story of money, politics and the enduring appeal of exile groups promising regime change.

So you better believe Menendez needs to be investigated again and again if he's beating war drums and taking money from a group that no doubt stands to gain from US military action.

So, yes, Johnny now TRULY feels like he lives in New Jersey, where government at all levels and associated state offices are the biggest crime syndicate anywhere. Now pass a chunk of that White House submarine sandwich.

Today is Lepre-Con in Hoboken, stay tuned for the drunken tomfoolery!

The Jersey City Desk stands by awaiting all the embarrassing pics and videos coming from FuHo today and their Lepre-Con event since the city had to bad the usual St. Patrick's Day parade due to some very loutish people.

Oh the louts will still be wandering drunk through Hoboken today and tonight, but at least it's not a parade, right?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Celebrating DJ's who don't constantly talk over the music or over the intro to songs night. The Champs and 'Tequila'


'Murder By Numbers' up next.


'Strange Love' wrapping up a DJ shut the hell up and just play music night.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Late night open thread

Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.
 -- Bill Watterson

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The snow is not going to let up anytime soon

If you were hoping for the day to improve so you could run out and get some things done, good luck with that. The snow arrived late but forecasters say it's still going to bring us 4-8" with it now looking like a heavier amount is more likely. Do be careful should to head out later after the snow stops tonight as the temperatures are going to bottom out and whatever melted over the last couple days is going to freeze up. That's a potential for a LOT of ice around here friends. Since it's dropping into the middle-teens tonight that means the salt on the roads and sidewalks is probably not going to help too much.

Here's an image of the Mill Creek rehab project downtown. Johnny saw the snow sticking to the safety netting (that Mill Creek employs yet many other contractors in Jersey City do NOT) making it look like some kind of eerie spider web. Cool beans.

Late night open thread

Enjoy a big bowl of STFU before bed tonight Rangers fans. Christ, Ed Olczyk and Mike Milbury can join you, what whiny bitches those two are. Ah well, the better franchise won.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On the Waterfront

With the fog being amazing tonight as far as photography went Johnny meandered down to the waterfront at J. Owen Grundy Park. There he took this shot he's pretty proud of with the Katyn Memorial in the foreground and some city you've probably never heard of behind it.

Feel free to use this image, redistribute it when talking about Jersey City or heck, put it in your Jersey City screensaver images. Johnny just wants to share. Click the image for the big version.

Original Six nirvana tonight kids -- Red Wings vs Rangers

What a tasty matchup NBCSN has tonight for us puck junkies and for those who just enjoy a good game on a snowy March night. The Rangers, playing well and near the top of their division head to the Cathedral of Hockey®, Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The Wings are hot as well and looking to jump over Tamp Bay in their divisional race. Both teams as you read here yesterday will have their newest additions on hand and in the lineup tonight. Keith Yandle will make his Blueshirt debut while Marek Zidlicky and Erik Cole will play for Detroit.

Ranger fans, we know you're all about tradition as Johnny is. Whether you've loved or hated Joe Louis Arena this will be one of your last couple trips there. The new arena will be built in a couple years time and the history that is JLA will be gone. There weren't a lot of big moments between the teams over the last 35 years, the Domi and Probert bouts come to mind, but it's always nice to have old friends over for a warm comfy old barn.

Oh, by the way Rangers fans, the number you'll again be asking yourselves the answer is 54. 54 banners hanging at JLA. And simply to talk some shit, our retired #9 is better than both your #9's combined.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Late night open thread

Get your rest Jersey City, you're going to need a whole lot of patience with the weather over the next 36 hours...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So come on down to the War Memorial, we've got fun for the whole family

The NHL trade deadline has come and gone and while no really big game changers was traded it's all about the subtle improvements to steel a team for a long run in the hardest tournament in the world to win.

The Rangers perhaps made the biggest splash landing Arizona's great offensive defenseman Keith Yandle. Yandle had long been rumored to be on the block with the ownership issues for the Coyotes and a need to cut salary. The Rangers were the team to finally step up and pay the steep price it was going to take; forward Anthony Duclair, defenceman John Moore, a conditional first-round pick in 2016 and a second-round pick in 2015. Yandle immediate improves the Rags powerplay and will help in breaking them out of their own end with his sharp passing. Johnny is quite interested in whom they pair Yandle with.

Yandle should be available to play for the Rangers tomorrow night in Detroit which brings us to the Devils move yesterday, trading skilled defenseman Marek Zidlicky to the Red Wings for a conditional third-round pick in 2016. In Zidlicky the Wings get someone who can step into their second-pairing and add depth to what is currently the best powerplay in the NHL. Should the Wings win the East the pick becomes a second-round choice.

The Islanders added a backup netminder in Michal Neuvirth from the Buffalo Sabres for goaltender Chad Johnson and a conditional 2016 third-round pick. Neuvirth has a bad record (Ahem, Buffalo) but some very solid numbers; 6-17-3 in 27 games this season with a 2.99 goals-against average and a .918 save percentage. The Isles also added some depth up front by trading for forward Tyler Kennedy from the San Jose Sharks for a 2016 conditional third-round pick. Kennedy has only four goals and has played sparingly.

Johnny thinks of the three the Rangers won the day. Your thoughts?

Late night open thread

OK, so we'll get to the trade analysis tomorrow. We'll also talk about the possibility of a snowstorm Wednesday night.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, March 2, 2015

NHL Trade deadline day

So Johnny will be watching TSN Trade Centre all day monitoring all the Red Wings, Rangers, Islanders and Devils trades on the day. Back later today with analysis.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Late night open thread


Time for Jersey City, After Dark

If it's a snowstorm you know Johnny's all up in it

A few animated gifs from this quite pretty snowstorm. That black netting on the Mill Creek building rehab is such a natural background. Maybe there's a way to keep the netting up even after the building reopens and turn the Morgan Lot into a drive in movie joint. Johnny's an idea man.

And you thought winter was over...

The Jersey City Desk Action Weather Team is sorry to remind you about March coming in like a lion and so forth. Pretty dodgy weather coming our way from this morning into tomorrow. We'll start off with snow today and into tonight, 2-4" roughly. Then it gets nutty with rain, freezing rain, sleet and up to 1/10th of an inch of ice.

Needless to say the morning commute tomorrow will suck hard.

Late night open thread

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”
 -- Oscar Wilde

Time for Jersey City, After Dark