Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Late night open thread

Sometimes you forget how beautiful Mt. Secaucus is this time of year.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The Super Bowl is Sunday, whatcha serving?

Johnny might well be a free agent this Sunday and bale to watch Super Bowl LI anywhere he wants to. Please do tell us what'll be on your menu and maybe Johnny will drop by and eat all your food.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Late night open thread

Here's to all those who attended tonight's anti Muslim-ban rally at Newark and Grove St. You are all patriots in the face of great danger to our Republic.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Get on those horses Jersey City, it's a News Roundup

OK, Johnny of course will be commenting on the fact Jared Kushner and the Kushner family who do lots and lots of business, despite their felonious history and now inside ties to Trump, managed to drop 100K into Mayor Fulop's SuperPAC (which aw shuckins he didn't know no nuthin' about). He needs proper time for proper research.

* Jersey City police caught the jackhole who stole from the firehouse last week while the firefighters were out on a call saving a life. As suggested before, rat bucket should be on the table.

* Chris Christie, who used to be a vocal opponent of ridiculous Muslim bans, and called those for them, "the crazies" has suddenly gone silent on the matter.

* You'll love this taxpayer. The State of New Jersey might be on the hook for $1.8 billion in payback to the Securities and Exchange Commission because -- dum dum dum -- The Port Authority may have misled them on the Pulaski Skyway dealings. It's late, it's over budget, and it might cost 10 times more.

* Another senseless and utterly unforgivable act of drunk driving has severely injured a Jersey City woman. Samaa Dessouki, do you have no shame?

* And finally, there will be an anti-Muslim ban rally tonight at 6pm at the Newark/Grove St  pedestrian plaza. Next week let's have one in Journal Square. The week after Greenville. All together now!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Late night open thread

Johnny wants to wish his mom, a huge Jersey City Desk fan, a happy happy 87th birthday today.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tomorrow we'll hit you up with 2017's first fan favorite News Roundup

Johnny got to going on things as one does on the weekend and the interns were all in Berwyn for the weekend.

So much to catch up on tomorrow. Y'all come back now, hear?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Late night open thread

Johnny sat mesmerized today by the news all across our nation, the protests and ultimately the stay against Trump's Muslim ban. It's better than any civics class.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, January 27, 2017

Late night open thread

“Fools make feasts and wise men eat them.”
 -- Benjamin Franklin

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Johnny might be a lot of things but he's seen The Tubes at C.B. Hedgecock Fieldhouse on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette Michigan. Can Beyonce say that? Taylor Swift?

Fuckin' A right (Oops, that got loose from 70's night, we've been trying to catch it ever since).

Here now, The Tubes, the only band with a guy named Fee (Waybill) in it. 'She's a Beauty' which can be said about each and every of the Jersey City Desk's lady readers!


Not many songs in the history of this here rock and roll music you'll tune into BECAUSE of the bass line. This is certainly one of those songs. It's a great song in and of itself (or it wouldn't be on the Music Series) but that bass is popping.

The Breeders with 'Cannonball' batting second tonight.


Cry havoc and let slip 'The Dogs of War'

Who is funding the upcoming Jersey City mayoral and council races? People not from Jersey City

Sadly, it's true. The top two candidates who have released their fundraising numbers as required by law, both Mayor Steve Fulop and top opponent Bill Matsikoudis are both filling their coffers from those not living in Jersey City. With Mayor Fulop we know developers and outside interests are gonna give big, he can't say no to them (make your own decisions on that one as to why). As former corporation counsel under Jerramiah Healy, Matsikoudis is also taking in outside cash, though not as much.

Charles Mainor, we're not going there yet, he needs to get his finances in line and stop taking improper and illegal 100K donations from the attorney of the guy who beat the hell out of the Easter Bunny at the Newport Mall last year. We may circle back to him.

As for Fulop and Matsikoudis, the numbers shake down like this:

Matsikoudis -- 178 donations, 44 from Jersey City residents. #Sad
Fulop -- 620 donors to Fulop, his council team and the JCDC in the last quarter of 2016. Of those contributors, 346 are Jersey City residents. #Sad

So, as the great Terrence T. McDonald reports, these numbers mean over 80% of these donations are from outside the city. That should tell you exactly who they both plan on serving if elected.

We'd be remiss if we didn't take a dig at the ridiculous spin put out by Jennifer Mo---wait, what's this, Steve Fulop has a campaign spokesperson equally capable of producing a verbal nothingburger with a side of word salad? Let's check out her style together shall we?

Fulop campaign spokeswoman Hannah Peterson said, "The most important thing to note is that the majority of our donors reside in Jersey City, showing overwhelming local support from residents who are investing in Mayor Fulop's vision by becoming engaged in a grassroots fundraising effort."

Well Hannah Peterson, you're gonna be in for a rough ride from the Jersey City Desk staff if you keep putting out horse-shit like that.

Tiny donations from around the city mean shit to Steve Fulop. How many of those donors got meetings with him over the last 3.5 years? See, we KNOW the big developers can get meetings anytime they want, hell the Silvermans practically live at city hall (when they're not involved in a plot to call the building dilapidated so they can build a new one) and recent reports show Fulop will meet the big developers anytime they want.

What about you Jersey City, do either of these guys sound like Jersey City is their first and only priority? We know Fulop spent the first 3.5 years of his mayoral gig making decisions and comments only in regard to how it would play out running for governor. Yep, he pretty much wasted a LOT of his first term. No wonder nobody who lives in Jersey City is ready to write Fulop the BIG check.

Matsikoudis is a Healy man. We know what that means. They look out for themselves and their cronies. They tend to look the other way at hard problems as they did forever, always kicking the can down the road.

it's a sad start to a Friday to see this November race already setting up as such. Fulop or Matsikoudis will win and residents and taxpayers will lose.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Late night open thread

Uh oh, Transformers, more than meets the eye...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

We'll have some fun tomorrow...

Of course it's the Music Series but time permitting we'll dig into the money pouring into the Jersey City mayor's race from outside Jersey City.

Oh Fuck all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Good to see New Jersey's sanctuary cities standing up to the asshat

Jersey City, along with other sanctuary cities in New Jersey are telling Donald Trump keep your federal money we'll keep supporting immigrants and people here looking for the better life the gigantic statue 10 feet off the Jersey City shoreline promises. Said our Mayor Fulop:

"We intend to stand by our principles and values as a city," Fulop said in a statement Wednesday. "Jersey City was founded as a city of immigrants, and we are unwilling to be part of orders that break families apart or harm immigrants who are in this country."

Good for the sanctuary cities, especially ours.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Late night open thread

Ruh ro, Johnny does believe he's coming down with a touch of this flu going around. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, January 23, 2017

Late night open thread

Stay dry!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Get ready Jersey City and the surround

Those winds are about to intensify quickly and the dousing rain will arrive this afternoon. If you have any lawn chairs still out from summer, or plastic Santas and reindeer from Christmas still on the lawn please pick those up lest the wind to it for you. Johnny just went downtown a few minutes ago and yes, his first fear was confirmed, things are starting to blow off the taller buildings downtown, especially the ones still in progress. Do keep your eyes out around new construction sites.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Late night open thred

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Get ready for the big blow

This nor'easter coming in tomorrow morning with heavy rain and up to 70mph winds and sticking around until Tuesday night is going to create all kinds of messes around town. Here's a link with what you'll need to know.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A few images from the Women's March in NYC today

What a great day for women and people with brain stems. Here are a few images sent to Johnny by two friends he was kind enough to drop off on a couple PATH trips he made for the ladies today.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Late night open thread

Tomorrow the women all over the world take over the parade routes, especially those in D.C. and NYC. We wish them well and Johnny knows at least 8 women who will be attending the march in New York tomorrow. Move over Trumpkins.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, January 20, 2017


Uplifting a nation feeling blue is a huge responsibility but Johnny is up to that task tonight. We'll start the Music Series with a Motown classic (so you know it's good), 'Ain't That Peculiar' by the late Marvin Gaye.

Ain't that peculiar, something we think a lot of people are going to say over the next four years.


Part of lifting a nation's spirit is Making America Cool Again, Johnny's pet project. Also, it's woefully underfunded. Luckily citizen, you can help.

Here's what your automatically renewing impossible to cancel donation gets you, Roxy Music and 'Both Ends Burning'. Now, just buy 3 more albums at regular club prices over the next three years and everything's jake.


Always nice to have a super happy fun time nugget of a song like this when you're trying send people into this good night on an UP note.

There goes a narwhal! The B-52's and 'Rock Lobster' in one of the damnedest video's you'll ever lay eyes on.

Shuster is back with more "badvertising"

Last April, Johnny pointed out the badvertising, borderline racist advertising for Shuster's Oakman (The Jokeman) property on First St at Marin. FYI, it's one of the Jersey CIty Desk's biggest stories counting eyeballs and unique hits. Thousands of hits.

People seemed stupefied that a company in this day and age would let their outward advertising on a property look so very white with no people of color being seen anywhere, pretty much like if you weren't white you need not bother inquiring. Now the Jokeman is back advertising (they just haven't sold those as quickly as they thought they might, Johnny hopes he's played a part in that in some small way) and they've now gone from "wow, that looks racist" to "Wow, that's racist."

What the Oakman ads show now is a mixed-couple, she's of Asian descent and he is white. They show this very white looking couple going about an everyday life at The Oakman and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, an African American shows up in an ad....

He's the bellhop, of course.

Two years worth of advertising and Shuster actually makes themselves look WORSE advertising this place almost every time. They simply cannot tell us in good faith there isn't something racial going on either with them or the people they constantly hire to do their ad work.

It's time Shuster tells us which one or they can continue to not fill The Jokeman.

Late night open thread

Boy, that was fast

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Johnny thought this chart merited attention

January 19, 2017

How many ways can Mayor Fulop politicize the State of the City speech?

Six so far...

Instead of giving  the usual State of the City speech, as mayors have done for decades here, an update of what went right and wrong over the past year and what the administration's goals for the upcoming year are. There's a little back patting, but all in all it's a rather non-partisan event. Yesterday Mayor Fulop announced he's eschewing the usual State of the City speech instead he's planning on giving a speech to tout his achievements for reelection later this year in each ward. We're gonna go ahead and just guess, after Fulop was held up and spanked before a crowd by Rev. Alonzo Perry Sr., of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church at the Old Bergen Church last April, this will be a one-way discussion with Fulop giving a speech in each ward and not taking questions. Oh these "State of the City" speeches will be made to look like town hall events, that looks good for photographers, but it won't be.

Have you ever seen anyone, President, Governor, Mayor or Borough Overseer take questions after a "State of" speech? You go, he runs for re-election. He gets free press, free crowds and you'll be a prop.

Know when the time for these ward to ward speeches and or town hall meetings was? The last four years. Fulop has completely ignored huge swaths of the city for four years and NOW he needs a little credibility. Think on that. When did he come and give one of these in your district on you know, city things. Greenville? Heights? We've seen him back slap developers once or twice at Journal Square events and dozens of times downtown but most likely if you're reading this you weren't invited to those.

Where was he the last four years? We've found out he wanted to launch a secret run for governor from practically before the was inaugurated mayor of Cool City. Can't go out and meet if you're hiring consultants and attorneys and working with Super PACs. Want to see what a detached mayor looks like in real-life terms? Look at the JCPD since Fulop was elected.

Jersey City was not his first priority. No, it wasn't.

Trust Johnny on this, if Fulop himself didn't know this he wouldn't be doing this photo op tour.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Late night open thread

You can always spot the people in life who skipped and or failed physics and never tried to understand things like movement and speed and ratios and so forth.

Yep, pretty easy to spot. That right there is the face of not paying attention to one's studies grabbing his broken ass.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thus far 2017 is not off to a good start crime-wise in Jersey City

Shootings, a triple murder, an NJ Transit bus hit by stray gunfire filled with passengers, now a daylight beating/robbery near McGinley Square. A man was knocked down (probably the gutless way of coldcocking him) them kicked and beaten and robbed of his phone, cash and his shoes.

Not a good start for the JCPD and Mayor Fulop who is running for his job later this year. This is where it looks extra bad to pull cops off active duty to put them on construction/private detail because then it gets flung back at you at times like this eh JCPD?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Late night open thread


Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Here's the latest on the triple murder on Fulton Ave yesterday, none of it good

Caitlin Mota at the Jersey Journal who has been covering the triple shooting murder on Fulton Ave., which she now reports was part of a drug robbery gone wrong. Mota has even more on the murders, the victims, and a possible lead in the case in the form of a U-Haul trailer.

This is awful, let's hope it doesn't have legs.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

We've added a great local blog to our links that don't stink

'Our moon is full' is a local Jersey City blog with some great Jersey City commentary. We're happy to add them to our Links That Don't Stink.

Happy MLK Day!

Today Johnny realized what an even bigger bunch of classless idiots Toll Brothers is, made their contractors come in on MLK Day today to continue working on a building. A building. Toll places a building getting one extra day of work rather than let their contractors and workers contemplate this holiday and perhaps volunteer as Dr. King's words are more important now than ever.

Nope, not the shitheels at Toll Brothers. Of course remember, this is pretty much why there is a Jersey City boycott of Toll properties. Toll Brothers, those of the "poor doors." Probably no wonder then they simply don't get MLK Day.

We do, and always will...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Late night open thread

A man goes to a barbershop and asks, How many ahead of me? Five. The man leaves. He comes back the next day and asks, How many ahead of me? Four. The man leaves. He comes back the next day and asks, How many ahead of me? Six. The man leaves, and the barber says to one of the other customers, follow that man, see where he goes. The man comes back and says, He goes to your house. -- Henny Youngman

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The legendary Broadway show 'Jersey Boys' ends it's run today

The 12th longest running show, not musical, not drama, but SHOW in Broadway history ends it's run later today. Johnny and Mrs. Johnny took a good friend from out of town to see it around 4 years ago, what an absolute treat.

Wanna know something else? The very idea of the play was pretty much crowdfunded back in the day (You didn't think it started on Broadway did you?) and unlike every 3 out of 4 Broadway plays, this one made money. Lots and lots of money not just on the Great White Way but worldwide as well.

A great read about the play and the earliest backers from the Seattle Times today. It'll tide you over till football at 4:30.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Late night open thread

Would you look at that, nobody came into the office on a Saturday to be creative. Shiftless staff, they take after their leader.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, January 13, 2017


Rarely and Johnny means rarely will you hear such wonderful backing vocals. Pitch perfect on such an American classic, which is why Johnny's leading off the Music Series with it, right out of the Motor City, which is why he has all four versions of the song. Motown junkie and all, heh...It's in Johnny's blood.

Martha & The Vandellas stepping us off from W. Grand Blvd tonight with 'Jimmy Mack'


Boy howdy the lyrics do sound a lot like Johnny after a few coffees on a road trip. He'll reflect on that later and try to become a better person by finding friends for road trips and carpools with tougher skin.

Peter Gabriel and 'Digging in the Dirt' reminding you DON'T TALK BACK, JUST DRIVE THE CAR...


It's the best 5:29 length song in this post, New Order and 'Blue Monday' getting you ready to go out tonight or maybe just have another cup of cocoa, we don't judge.

Sen. Cory Booker just dropped the ball on health care costs

Johnny going with the easy headline for the former Stanford tight end.

In all seriousness, shame on New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. He talks big on lowering health care costs but when presented with a chance to really make a difference on a serious pocketbook issue, well it sure looks like Big Pharma money in Booker's pockets has won the day. 

The issue was whether or not Americans could save on prescription drugs by importing them from Canada. A lot of smart people think this WILL indeed force down prices on prescription drugs here. Know who agrees? Texas Sen.Ted Cruz. That's right, that right wing gas-knob from Texas. He even realizes that this is necessary. Shame Cory Booker doesn't. Booker's excuse (besides the 55K from Merck & Co other pharmaceutical companies) is that he's golly gosh for it you know but his paymasters--er his conscience won't allow him to help you on this one. Too big of a risk for you citizen.

Let that sink in. At ANY point in the last few years did you read any articles online or see a teevee news report about a bunch of dead Canadians lying outside pharmacies or along Yonge Street in Toronto or on the prairies of Western Canada? Of course you didn't. These drugs are already safe, it's just an excuse for Sen. Booker. It smacks a lot of the anti-vaxxer canard that "well, gee whiz you just can't give these kids all their vaccinations at once, they should be spread way out" which of course is code for "So not having my kid vaccinated."

Pick some small inconsequential thing that sounds like you're protecting people when in fact you're merely letting Pharma use you as their mouthpiece Sen. Booker.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda, eh Senator? Shame on you.

The Jersey City stand around jobs cops take? A protection racket

The stand around jobs gifted to the Jersey City Police Department are nothing more than a mafia-type city-run protection racket foisted upon local builders. Do you think they want to pay extra? These jobs are foisted upon the builders, Johnny has personally heard the sales pitch to site foremen.

These jobs are so WHOLLY unnecessary it is nothing more than a protection racket.

Nothing more. It must end now or the Fulop Administration will just be seen as being OK with ongoing city graft and dragging the city's name through the dirt further.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

One almost feels guilty enjoying this 60º January weather

Of course somewhere the Earth is warming and we learn climate change is real more and more but still we enjoy 60º weather in January. Johnny is reminded of an old Drew Carey joke talking about this very thing. In it Carey is talking about standing outside his backdoor in a Cleveland winter spraying an aerosol can saying "Fuck the grandkids, I'm cold now."

Late night open thread

Tonight before bed, Dick Cavett tells the one about Chico Marx and Tallulah Bankhead...
Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

As Johnny warned you a week or so ago, the JCPD are embarrassing the city AGAIN

Johnny mentioned at the time the JCPD will hold back this city's want of being a first-class mid-sized city. Well, they've indeed done it again.

At least twelve Jersey City police officers, taking free money as part of those stand around construction sites and do nothing but talk with workers, smoke, play Doodlejump on their iPhones or sleep in their cars, have been busted in a FEDERAL FBI investigation (so DO NOT let Jersey City spokesperson Jennifer Morrill say the city was on top of this -- they weren't) for scamming the city they were supposed to be giving a cut of the stand around money they made. Also and did you know, some of these cops standing around construction sites doing nothing all fucking day make MORE doing that than from their salary. Boy, talk about messed up. What a waste of police resources that Steve Fulop and the JCPD allow to happen.

Now, if for no other reason than to stick a finger in the eye of the Jersey City PBA (Actually we're naming names because that's what happens when you commit a crime, your name goes in the paper) who had some ridiculous horseshit to say about the arrests. Here are your reassigned and guns taken away Jersey City "police officers":

According to a source with knowledge of the investigation, the 12 officers are Ehab Abdelaziz; Juan Berrios; James Cardinale; Andrea Fahrenholz; Hernandez; David Leon; Michael O'Leary; Christopher Ortega; Gicella Sanchez; Melissa Sanchez; Victor Sanchez; and Alex Vilas. Ortega is a detective, the rest are police officers.

If you see them let them know how much their selfish stupid actions cost the city in crime stats and reputation. If it were up to Johnny all of them would be looking for new jobs today. BUT there's a Jersey City PBA (Police Benevolent Assn.) that thinks their names shouldn't have been made public, get ready for the spin:

Carmine Disbrow, president of the Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association, issued a statement blasting the leak of the officers' names. 

"Offering these names up does a disservice to the JCPD, and to the integrity of the investigation," Disbrow said. "This only serves to further someone's personal agenda."

OK Carmine, bzzzzzzt, WRONG, you LOSE sir, good day! It does nothing to hurt the integrity of the investigation. not at all. Lie #1. Personal agenda? It's the NEWS, they committed crimes. Name go in paper so Lie #2 from Carmine. Have you ever read a statement from a PBA spokesmodel and didn't just want to punch out their lights? Cops never do wrong, no matter what.

So, once again, people are given easy jobs, basically free money to stand around drinking coffee but that's just not enough is it? Nope, they also have a lot of time standing there to think about ways to steal from the city and city taxpayers while they do it.

And for what, a little bit of money...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Did you know then New Jersey, on this day in 1999...

...a new show debuted on HBO that had a certain local flavor. Has it really been since 1999 that The Sopranos debuted?

A parody born from hilarity and love:

Late night open thread

Now THAT was a football game.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, January 9, 2017

Johnny had a chance to eat at Mathews tonight

Yes, that new place that used to be La Conguita at the corner of Bay St and Grove. Johnny will say this, it's a welcome addition to the palate. Johnny was with a group who wanted to try it and he was game. Lot s of dishes were passed around and the chef sent out an appetizer on the house when he heard it was everyone's first time. First off, Johnny as you know is not a drinker. He'll have coffee with dinner 90% of the time. The coffee at Mathews comes out French-pressed into your cup. Lovely. The appetizers were very nice. Mrs. Johnny called the appetizer the chef sent out, sweet corn fritters, are worth going back for by themselves. They were exceptional. The falafel bites were delightful in a wonderful sauce they rested on with red onions. Vegan friendly too for those who like that info. Our burger expert said the chuck to steak ratio was perfect. One small thing but again, it's a big thing, the tomato and lettuce on their burger made you want to eat them, not look at them with pity. Johnny's mushroom anglotti was spot on. A very enjoyable dish. Others enjoyed their meals very much and the waiter was very attentive and well versed in the menu, another good sign.

All in all Johnny will go back, probably in the not too distant future.

Late night open thread

State trivia night. Which state is known as the Beehive State? Answer here.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Giants football GAMEDAY Playoff Edition!

The temperature in Green Bay this morning is 0º. By the 4pm gametime it will be hovering around 13º with a wind chill of 4º. It's going to be a classic Lambeau Field freeze-fest.

In the Packers past history of the Bart Starr's and Brett Favre's playing in Lambeau Field, rarely if ever did the Green Bay Packers lose playoff games at home. Rarely if ever. Then the Falcons did it. Then the Giants and suddenly Lambeau wasn't a great bastion of security for the Packers in the cold.

Which brings us to today.

So goes Aaron Rodgers so go the Packers. The Giants learned this earlier this year and well, heck, everyone knows if Rodgers can run around and, keep plays alive, put pressure on DB's, and make amazing throws off-balance or hail mary's, he's devastating. If you can keep Rodgers bottled up in the pocket, well then, things change dramatically. The Giants have one of the few defensive lines with smart linebackers behind them who have gotten the G-men to 10 wins this year by not chasing plays and not making bonehead decisions, and that can contain Rodgers. The Packers are a team that even when the run isn't going well will stick with it to make hay later when the other team tires. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy knows what he wants to do and doesn't stray much from his gameplans, any changes will be made by Rodgers at the line of scrimmage. The Giants must stop the Green Bay run. They must also always know where the Packer's running backs coming out of the backfield are. Force Rodgers to hit big plays, contain and stop the shorties. RB's in the flats, and don't get killed by the Green Bay tight ends 7 yards over the middle. Lots of nickel today so again, the run has to be stopped by the front four. Contain and slow down the Packers. Sure they'll get yards and score but contain the damage, don't let a possible early 10-0 deficit turn into a 24-7 halftime debacle. Containment. Contest every inch and never stop working. The Packers win games late, the Giants have to build a lead.

Offensively, well the key to playoff success has long been running the football but since the Giants finished 29th in the league rushing either a miracle needs to happen or Eli has to put up about 24 points throwing the ball. Hey, would you look at that, Green Bay was 31st against the pass this year. That sure helps. Can the Giants get enough running to keep the Packers defense honest or do they have to go pass-heavy and this could possibly turn into an unexpected shootout? Johnny's guess is shootout. One team will get a lead and the other will give up running. The Giants wideouts give them a big advantage over the Packers really just having Jordy Nelson. Beckham and Cruz must have big games and feed off of each other. When the Giants hit big plays an aura comes over them and they, more than most teams, seem to really get on a roll. They'll need that aura a few times today.

These teams know each other and know what to expect. It'll come down to hard work, smart football and attention to detail. It'll be close is Johnny's best guess.

Fearless Forecast:
New Jersey Giants 23
Green Bay Packers 21

Today is no pants day all over the MTA subway system

And here with today's local Jersey City Desk Action Weather Team forecast is Intern Kiki:

it's 25° out there right now with a wind chill of 6º. Later today we'll get some sun but that wind is going to pick up even more and blow yesterday's snow around sooooo not an optimal day for walking around with no pants.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Late night open thread

A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.
-- Susan Orlean

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Snow day!

See you back here tonight!

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, January 6, 2017


Three hun-dred six-ty five de-grees.

'Burning Down the House'


"I would have been home sooner but the bus kept stopping to let other people off."
 -- Dr. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Johnny knows that exasperated feeling after riding the old Huron River route #3 back in Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor and back. Not the major stops so much but those one offs in places along the route nobody could possibly live got real old real fast. Be gone, trolls.

The Replacements, yes, The Replacements, that's who this post is about and 'Kiss Me on the Bus' batting second tonight.


Johnny's always liked this one off of Zenyatta Mondatta, 'Driven to Tears' sending you off into this good night ahead of tomorrow's snow.

Thinkin mon, thinkin'....Maybe Jersey City should change Route 139's name to Zenyatta Mondatta Highway. See? Right? Johnny would say let's petition to get that on the ballot but, oops, New Jersey.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Late night open thread

Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning, it'll be slick with light snow.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

2016 Jersey City crime stats; Some good news, some bad

The city has released the 2016 crime statistics and some of the numbers went up but the most important one, murders, went down slightly. The number of shootings were up and thanks to good police work and other factors, the % of closed shooting cases went up to 47.5% from 33.3% in 2015. You can follow this handy link and get the facts on all the crime that was in 2016 and draw your own conclusions as to what worked and what needs more attention.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Place your bets, place your bets

As mentioned yesterday, all the city council seats are up for grabs this November and just whom does Johnny think will win in which ward and who exactly will win? Let's take a look:

Ward A: If there is to be some big surprise it may well come from Ward A. Councilman Frank Gajewski told the Jersey Journal said he remains undecided. He'd be getting a late start. He's not the most social media friendly guy, what has he gotten passed? Not that Gajewski won't win if he runs, he'd more than likely be the biggest name in the race in Ward A but warning signs are there if a new hot candidate came forward. A real firecracker. Like most races though, the question before us is who will challenge these incumbents and have a real shot.

Ward B: Councilman Chris Gadsden won in a special election last November after Chico Ramchal was forced to vacate his seat for legal reasons, will face another race this November and has told the JJ he's in. We'd like to see what his new energy will bring. All noobs elected anywhere are most vulnerable in that first re-election run so that one needs watching.

Ward C: Councilman Rich Boggiano, despite signs around the Shop Rite Plaza on Marin, has not yet decided if he's going to run again, seek an at-large seat, or if he may also run for mayor. We'll know when Boggiano tells us. Like Johnny has said before, Boggiano gonna Boggiano.

Ward D: Councilman Michael Yun is tossing around a serious bid to challenge Steve Fulop for Mayor but hasn't made up his mind on the mayoral run yet. We'd expect Yun to run again and win Ward D as he has become quite popular in his stands (with Boggiano) against the otherwise rubber stamp council towards the current administration.

Ward E: Councilwoman Candice Osborne has said she's running again and if you want to waste a lot of time, effort and money, you can challenge her. Lock.

Ward F: It's up for grabs as Diane Coleman stepped down from the job. While council will name a new member, it'll be a quick turnaround with less than a year to defend the seat before November's elections.

The three at-large seats held by Council President Rolando Lavarro, Joyce Watterman and Daniel Rivera have all said they are running again for their seats. Rivera seems safe, Lavarro seems safe but with him you never know. That sheen wears off pretty quick. He leads a protest at Bay St. Towers (dba Trump Towers) but has he followed up or been back? He started to take a stand on spending but that was before Mayor Fulop smartly bagged his run for governor and the job of mayor was never going to be Lavarro's in 2017. Will he continue on his newfound penny-pinching mindset or will he now revert to another yes for Fulop spending? If Joyce Watterman can avoid running her campaign out of her office again, we'd say she's the favorite.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Late night open thread

All the Jersey City Council seats are up for grabs in November and we here at the Jersey City Desk will handicap all of them tomorrow.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, January 2, 2017

Johnny's not one for the Instagram

Too many rules about what they own of your work turns him right off BUT he does know a lot of you out there enjoy it. Would you like to hazard a guess as to the most Instagrammed restaurant in New Jersey? We won't give it away here but if you're a reader of the Jersey City Desk you have a slight advantage in your guess.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Late night open thread

The true PAD, before Toll gets much higher with their doom of Valyria looking building going up at Warren and Morgan. Shots of great neighborhoods must be preserved.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Happy New Year Jersey City!

And to all our surrounding hamlets, Johnny and the staff here wish you all the best for the upcoming 2017. Johnny is of two minds, how can it possibly we worse than 2016 but then he remembers what happens in a mere 20 more days.

Anyway, all the best in 2017 for all our readers, part-time readers, or those who just stop by for the Music Series from Johnny, and the world's longest serving interns, Kiki and Zoltron.

Late night open thread

Every fanbase in the Big Ten but one is laughing their balls off tonight (even the ladies) at one certain arrogant team and coach who got smoked like a fish in a 31-0 loss to Clemson.

Bust out the Papa John's personal golf cart pizzas.
Time for Jersey City, After Dark