Friday, July 31, 2009

Late night open thread

Play her off, Keyboard Cat

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Tonight (and while we still have power at the Jersey City Desk offices) a handful of songs from acts performing this weekend in Jersey City at the All Points West Festival. We don't envy you kids hanging out at Liberty State Park right now as armageddon weather heads our way...

Neko Case with 'This Tornado Loves You'

The Ting Tings with 'That's Not My Name'

Arctic Monkeys with 'Fluorescent Adolescent'

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs with 'Rich'

Flash Flood watch from 8 am this morning until Saturday morning for Hudson County

The National Weather Service, in accordance with the Jersey City Desk Action Weather team has announed a flash flood watch for all of today and into tomorrow as heavy rain is expected across the Jersey City Desk reading area today. We're talking biblical rains. Real gulleywashers. If you are in a low lying area do be on the lookout. Again, if your neighborhood begins to flood, head over to city hall for a free canoe.

Peter Cammarano is expected to step down today

Disgraced Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano is expected to step down as Mayor today and Dawn Zimmer is expected to take over the job. Cammarano is bowing to intense public pressure after being arrested in a graft sting last week. A special election would be held sometime in November to elect a new full time mayor in Hoboken.

Hey Cammarano, who's powder now?

Oh, and by the way, Mariano Vega, Jerramiah Healy and Nidia Lopez in Jersey're next.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Late night open thread

Jay-Z has agreed to replace the Beastie Boys as the headliner tomorrow night at Jersey City's All Points West festival. The festival is tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday with great acts all three days. Johnny is entertaining his niece and her friend this weekend or he'd be there. He'd love to see Saturday's show and not just because Neko Case in all her glory will be in town, he'd also like to see the Ting Tings and Arctic Monkeys. But, when you don't have kids of your own and you can show two cool college gals from little Ortonville Michigan the Big Appletini, well sometimes that's even better.

Enjoy Liberty State Park y'all, we hear tell they have a statue there of some significance.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Weehawken firefighter has a 32 floor Florida condo tower all to himself

Johnny finds all this stuff so you don't have to.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a ginormous condo tower of hundreds of units all to yourself? Weehawken firefighter Victor Vangelakos can tell you what it's like. Vangelakos purchased a condo unit in the 32 story Oasis Condominiums in Fort Myers Florida. He planned on using it for vacations until he retired in a few years and then was going to live full time there. Just one issue, no other sales in his high rise went through and a few pending sales were even transferred to a second 32 story Oasis unit right next door. Vangelakos and his family are all alone as the bank for whatever reason refuses to transfer his purchase to the second high rise.

What are some of the eerie happenings you deal with when you have an entire building to yourself?

* During the day the silence is deafening.
* At night, the family sometimes hears people on the grounds or even inside the building itself
* Late one night somebody banged on their door

There are a few more strange things to get used to in such solitude but you'll have to read the rest of the Vangelakos' story here.

The arrogance of the Jersey City Council and it's mayor is alarming

Fox, meet henhouse. Yesterday, in a move that can only be described as arrogance personified (and sorry Steve Fulop, you tried) the arrogant, corrupt and self-serving Jersey City Council voted 7-1 to NOT ask arrested for corruption member Mariano Vega to step down. Apparently the 7 who voted for him to stay enjoy the presence of a corrupt bastard in their midst. By the way, Vega voted not to remove himself.


And you Nidia Lopez, you need to go and go soon. You're not even a real resident of Jersey City, not as long as you're begging for tax breaks in Florida. Mayor Healy, you need to go as well. Yesterday your clownish description that you had technically done nothing wrong all while being linked to dirty campaign cash tells us you're gonna need a little help in getting your crooked ass out the door.

That can be arranged. In fact, it will be.

Yesterday's protest on the city hall steps and then inside the city council was just the beginning. Those will continue and they'll continue to grow. Then come the petitions to forcibly remove your butts from office. The pitchforks and torches are coming, AND like in Hoboken don't be surprised when they show up on your front doorstep.

This is war.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Dear New Yorkers, who the hell is driving your MTA trains anymore?

A few weeks ago a story broke that an MTA train operator with between 200-400 passengers on a LIRR (Long Island Railroad) double decker train from Port Jefferson L.I. to Hunter Point in Queens let a passenger take control of said train and the passenger was commandeering it at speeds up to 80 mph. Ronald Cabrera was the MTA operator identified as having let a friend drive the train. MTA officials say Carbera was questioned and relieved of his duties pending the outcome of an investigation.

Today we come to find out in comparison Cabrera showed excellent judgement since another MTA operator was allowing her EIGHT YEAR OLD child to run a subway train, a Lexington Avenue Express train on Sunday. Jules Cattie was a passenger who thought he overheard an operator passing along tips to a new driver until he actually saw, and snapped camera phone images of an eight year old driving the train.

"The kid was standing there with a female conductor behind him. A little, little kid standing there" Cattie said.

Simply amazing. Know what this latest event SOUNDS like to us? A mom who didn't have child care lined up on a Sunday and decided to bring the kid to work. Cheaper to bring the kid to work than do the right thing and leave him or her with the babysitter, a relative or a child care facility. It's not enough parents more and more often bring their kids into the workplace for a myriad of unacceptable reasons, snow day at school, kid too sick to be in day care, babysitter fell through etc. Look, you made the CHOICE to have the kid and now you want to put people's very lives in danger in letting your precious little choice run an MTA train because YOU are inconvenienced? Nice priorities.

According to the article:
Investigators confirmed on Tuesday that an unauthorized person was in the operator's cab as the subway traveled through Manhattan on Sunday

Throw the book at 'em.

Why this site refuses to take ads or swag from companies

At the recent BlogHer conference, a small time blogger approached a representative from the shoe company Crocs. Apparently she didn't get her gift bag with free Crocs in it when she arrived. So, without hesitation she approached the Crocs rep and told him he really should give her a pair of free shoes or she'd write something nasty about him and or the company on her blog. You read that right, she was so caught up in self importance she was willing to sell her soul for a plastic pair of crap shoes.

How often is this repeated across America? How many times do bloggers demand free stuff in order to write a positive review or become what those in the PR industry refer to as 'influencers'? In our opinion once is too often.

Some mombloggers do take free products in return for posts on the products but with one important caveat. As pointed out in the New York Times, and BusinessWeek, if they get something that they don't like or simply doesn't work well, they simply don't write about it. Instead of being intellectually honest and reporting out what eats, sucks or blows, they simply don't give the product any bad press. Why would they? The free swag gravytrain may have it's limits. Too many bad reviews or snarky comments on one companies products and company X is onto the next influencer. Hence the huge credibility gap with those who do blog and take ANY free stuff in exchange for posts. Another big issue here is many of those getting free stuff in exchange for blog posts don't disclose that they are getting the stuff for free. This is an abhorrant breakdown in morals. When someone gives you something in exchange for press, you disclose it.

So citizens, going forward if you see a site raving about the latest and greatest don't be afraid to ask questions or leave a comment asking if that reviewer took something for free for the post. You have every right to know how much influence the influencers are under. It's one reason you'll never ever never see ads here. If Johnny wants to say something nice about say Murray's Cheese he can without the taint of being on their gravytrain or getting special discounts when he goes there. He'll always tell you the truth as he's not bought and paid for like so many blogs nowadays.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's audience leaves something to be desired

So little Jimmy Fallon is taping his late night teevee show just across the river in New York City yesterday. Fallon's first joke is a mention that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated disgraceful human being and dog killer Michael Vick. Immediately several people in the audience begin to whoop it up and clap and cheer at the fact Vick has been allowed back in the NFL's good graces.

Huh? What?

What the hell is wrong with Fallon's fans that THIS is their reaction? And Jimmy, thanks for taking them to task over it. Classy. Fallon has recently been making fun of Johnny's former hometown of Ypsilanti, a town he spent time in making a movie and drinking at the Elbow Room Bar. Know what they don't cheer in Ypsi there Jimmy? Animal cruelty.

So Mr. Funnyman, Mr. Big Time New Yorker, you make fun of Ypsilani while yucking it up over Mike Vick with your sad sack audience and Johnny will be right here to call you on it. It's true, you can take the boy out of Ypsi, but, well you know the rest.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Late night open thread

Vesa Toskala, you've been PWNED

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

One of the 44 arrested in the corruption roundup of last week has turned up dead

Jersey City political consultant Jack Shaw who was arrested last week in the Hudson County corruption sting has died. is reporting Shaw was found at home with several bottles of pills nearby.

Shaw was charged with taking 10 large from disgraced real estate developer turned informant Solomon Dwek and also suggesting another 10 grand be donated to another Jersey City official.

We don't make it a practice to speak ill of the dead unless they really deserve it and it certainly appears Shaw has run his race and that race ended tonight. Officials have not said if Shaw's death was a suicide.

The Jersey Journal calls for Peter Cammarano to step down

Don't just stop at Cammarano, Jersey Journal, let's go with everyone who was arrested and a few of those who were caught up in the bribery net yet refuse to leave on their own.

In a well written editorial, The Jersey Journal has called for Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano to step down and let the city of Hoboken go forward with cleaner less tainted government. Don't just stop in calling for Cammarano's resignation, Jersey City deserves the same house cleaning and the Jersey Journal should also call for the departure of Mayor Healy and City Council President Mariano Vega. Much like Hoboken residents deserve better than Boy Blunder, those of us here in JC deserve better than the tainted mayor and disgraced and arrested Vega (they could also make a case for Nidia Lopez to beat it but that's a different scandal).

If you're gonna call for the mess to be cleaned up let's do it right, lets go the Full Monty.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Late night open thread

Bad teevee ads, we've all suffered through them. Johnny remembers a horrible late night low budget ad on the UHF channels in Detroit for a place called Miley and Miley Shrimp Shack. Detroit doesn't have the market on such ads cornered as we're about to see. If you've ever been to Chicago or spent any time in and around the Windy City you know of grocery store chain/meat wholesalers Moo & Oink. In what may well be a hall of fame badvertisement, here are Moo & Oink dancing while MC Low Budget DJ's this abomination of a commercial.

Gimme a wave if you like catfish...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Mr. Vega, lookie see, we're keeping our promise

Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega says he won't resign....It's on Councilman

You just made a very bad enemy here of the Jersey City Desk staff. You're as crooked as a stick in water, the FBI charges show this to be true. Your votes are tainted. We are going to do everything in our power to bring you down and boot you off city council. You have no place representing the hard working, honest citizens of Jersey City.

We're also now going to go ahead and make sure the words Mariano Vega + corrupt + crook are always on the first page of any Google search of your name.

Big protest at 6 pm tonight at the Hoboken city hall to call for the ouster of Boy Blunder

Anyone bringing a torch or pitchfork will get in for half price...

Hoboken residents will once again call on Mayor Peter Cammarano to resign after da Mayor got caught up in last Thursday's graft arrests. Boy Blunder has refused to resign despite what police say are taped conversations showing quite a bit of crooked behavior and arrogance on his part. A protest was held outside the Mayor's abode on Saturday calling for his 'Royal Disgracedness' to resign.

Go get 'em Hoboken!

The final tally on yesterday's wild weather; one dead, three injured and plenty of property damage

A Newark man passed away yesterday after being hit by lightning, while three friends are all rough shape after being struck in the same strike. There was also plenty of property damage yesterday in Jersey City ranging from a fire set by lightning to a roof collapse from the heavy rain.

Mother Nature, she sure does get angry from time to time.

Late night open thread

From the Late Show with David Letterman

Top Ten Things Abraham Lincoln Would Say If He Were Alive Today

10) "Sup?"

9) "I see Madonna's still a slut"

8) "Who's that handsome sumbitch on the five?"

7) "Is that free Grand Slam deal still going on at Denny's?"

6) "I just changed my Facebook status update to, The 'ol rail splitter is chillaxing'"

5) "How do I get on 'Dancing with the Stars'?"

4) "Okay, Obama, you're from Illinois, too. We get it!"

3) "Hey Phelps, don't Bogart the weed!"

2) "What's the deal with Joaquin Phoenix?"

1) "A Broadway play? Uhhh, no thanks. I'm good."

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hudson County and the surrounding areas are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11 pm tonight

Although we might not need to wait long Jersey City, there's one bearing down on us now...

A fine bit of reporting on the fact that some local hospitals and hospital staff are engaging in coverups when patients are ignored, hurt, or die

The New York Daily News has a fine piece today about the problem with local hospitals playing CYA after patients are ignored for care, injured by doctor hacks, or die. Records are being changed after the fact, cover-ups are employed to protect the hospital, and official reports are being falsified.

Here's a hook to get you mad enough to go read it:

Logs for a respirator were changed after staff failed to notice it wasn't turned on. The patient died.

Again we don't get too involved in national issues but these are the very excuses opponents of a possible national health care plan are using as scare stories that would come to pass if any kind of Obama plan is passed. No folks, they're happening NOW.

Late night open thread

Now that the weather outside is actually feeling like summer, how about a few water related bloopers before bed?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Former Jersey City mayoral candidate Dan Levin wants to clean up the mess at city hall; The Jersey City Desk is backing Dan Levin's plan

Since Mayor Healy has been named in the corruption scandal and he came in first in May's election for mayor, and Lou Manzo who came in second is caught up in the same mess one may wonder where reform hope lies. How about with a guy who finished down the list, Dan Levin? A mea culpa, Johnny did not vote for or support Mr Levin in the mayoral race, he had questions about why a man who wanted to run Jersey City would set up his business in Hoboken BUT, that being said, Mr. Levin like any other Jersey City resident wants clean and fair elected representation. He's not asking to become mayor, he's asking to clean up city hall and Johnny in no way shape or form is going to nitpick with that.

Levin issued a press release today calling for Mayor Jerramiah Healy, City Council President Mariano Vega and Councilwoman Nidia Lopez to resign. Levin's group One Jersey City has suggested several changes to benefit the residents of Jersey City who would like to restore integrity and credibility to city hall. Among the changes One Jersey City is pushing:

* Adoption of the Redevelopment Pay to Play Reform ordinance written by Civic JC
* Application of the State of New Jersey’s Ethics Code in Jersey City
* The halting of all permits and approvals for new construction, development, and redevelopment until proper safeguards are in place
* The resignation of Mayor Healy, Councilman Vega, and Councilwoman Lopez
* The selection of interim mayoral and council replacement appointees from outside the existing political system

Mr Levin and One Jersey City, you have the Jersey City Desk's full support and if you would like to send us information on meetings or strategy this site is all yours. This city need a champion right now, and your reform ideas look like they make you that champion.

How can we help?

Duck and cover, another wild night in Jersey City with the gunfire

Around 12:30 this morning at the corner of Bergen and Claremont. 5 people were shot and all are at least in stable condition. Jersey City police are still trying to sort what happened as when they arrived but once the victims arrived at The Jersey City Medical Center "All of them are talking” according to Lt. Edgar Martinez.

The ages of those shot ranged from a 16 year old girl to a 50 year old woman.

So, another day in Jersey City and another large crime scene. Nobody should be looking to city hall for guidance because they aren't exactly real vanguards of moral governance now are they? Half of them are under arrest, the Mayor is under a huge cloud of suspicion and who knows where the corruption ends. JCPD, it looks like you're on your own in this town. You're about the only hope the rest of us have.

Meanwhile, our advice is duck and cover.

Late night open thread

Well since it's technically Saturday--if your birthday is July 25th you share it with late NFL Hall of Famer Walter Payton. To this day it still grinds Johnny that Bears coach Mike Ditka decided to let William 'Refrigerator' Perry have his moment of glory in the Super Bowl pounding of New England by letting the roly poly defensive lineman run in a touchdown from the one yard line and not Bears great Walter Payton. Sweetness, as Payton was known never got to score a TD in the Super Bowl despite his years of non-complaining service to the Bears and Bears fans through some god awful football seasons in Chicago. Maybe that's one reason why Johnny made his friend Alex hop out of our carriage and run in to get cigars at Ditka's Steak House one night while we both took our best gals out after dinner on a handsome (horse drawn) carriage ride around Chicago. Damned if Johnny was gonna give Iron Mike any of his hard earned do-re-mi. Gotta say, there's something inherently sexy about the ladies smoking cigars with the boys. Can't figure out why though, lol...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, July 24, 2009


If anybody could play a song to tug at the heartstrings, it was Jim Croce. What a terrible loss he was so early in his career. The line "She's living in L.A. with my best old ex-friend Ray, a guy she said she knew well and sometimes hated" has always had a special place in Johnny's all-time lyrical grabbers. Here is a digitally remastered clip of him performing the song 'Operator'.


Johnny could watch Keith Moon play drums all night long. Quite simply the best drummer who ever was. The unorthodox styled Moon once described himself as "The best Keith Moon style drummer I know."

Fair enough. Here's The Who from the old show Shindig with 'I Can't Explain'.


Johnny's gonna self indulge with 'Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters' from Elton's 1972 album Honky Chateau. This is one of Johnny's all-time favorite lyrical songs.

Well well well, Mayor Healy is now involved in the corruption scandal that broke yesterday...ya don't say

Since you were so quick to suspend everyone in city government involved in the shameful bribery cases unsealed in Newark yesterday maybe you can suspend yourself.

The Jersey City Desk asked the question yesterday if Mayor Healy had something to tell us as the scandal seemed to stop right at his feet but now some excellent reporting in the PolitickerNJ by Matt Friedman shows us he WAS involved. He DID meet with Solomon Dwek and was present at meetings where money for favors was discussed.

Go read the article, it's enlightening to say the least.

Now, you need to step down Mr. Mayor. Parsing words or hiding behind legalities isn't good enough. We don't wanna go through another Clintonesque 'what the definition of the word is, is'. The rest of us deserve better. Yes, better than you. Don't you worry about us, we'll get on just fine.

Luckily for you there are a lot of trains in this town that head in many different directions. You can choose the rail you want to be run out on.

Oh you'll get your music alright....

...but later. Johnny has to go see a man about a condo. He's staking a permanent claim right here in Jersey City. He could buy anywhere around here including across the river but you know what?

He likes it here.

Maybe it's time to incorporate this whole corruption reputation into special license plates

Maybe the state could make a few extra bucks by coming out with a line of special license plates that make comment on New Jersey's reputation for graft. Simply having Garden State on the plates is old and boring. Do you have any suggestions as to slogans we could use? Some of these 44 asshats who were arrested are going to jail and since they'll be making license plates in prison anyway, let's choose which ones they'll be making...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Late night open thread

A dedication tonight to all the people arrested and driven out to Newark to have their pictures taken. It's an ideal they should be familiar with, a song about shakedowns....

And since this is a Jersey thang we didn't have to go far to find a song so apropos. Bruce Springsteen with 'Pay Me My Money Down' from the Seeger Sessions.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The shame of Jersey City

Tomorrow the family, police, citizens, and city officials will say farewell to Detective Marc DiNardo. DiNardo showed all that was good and right about Jersey City. He gave his life without a thought to his own safety to protect the rest of us. He was a hero in life and a lesson in how a public servant should act in death.

Today, sadly the city got a black eye because certain public servants have decided the best way to serve the public is to turn the city machinations of government into their own personal ATM machine. That's disgusting. It's beyond the pale. To enrich yourself and line your own pockets with money instead of serving the people whom you just got done asking for their precious votes is obscene. You people are the exact opposite of someone like Detective DiNardo. He stood for law and justice while those of you arrested today stand for graft and corruption.

Let's be clear, we'd hate to not be spot on as to whom we mean here: Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega, Health Officer Joseph Castagna, deputy director of the Department of Health and Human Services Maher A. Khalil, Deputy Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt, former Jersey City City Council Lori Serrano, former Jersey City Council candidate Guy Catrillo, Edward Cheatam a Jersey City Housing Authority commissioner, former Jersey City City Council candidate LaVern Webb-Washington, Perennial mayoral candidate Lou Manzo, Michael J. Manzo, and Ron Manzo, and James P. King.

Shame on you all.

Mr. Manzo, what would have happened if you'd won the mayoral election in May? Did you ever stop to think about how that would have affected the rest of us? Of course you didn't. Like comic Dennis Miller once said nobody turns their lives over to God on prom night. You would have been doing the same thing most likely only this time as mayor. It also looks like Thanksgiving dinner will give you all a lot to talk about around the family table. Deputy Mayor Beldini and Council President Vega your resignations should be on Mayor Healy's desk no later than tomorrow morning. If not this site will ride you until the ends of the earth. Johnny makes you this promise, when people look up your names online this post will be where they find you first. Same thing for you Mr. Cheatam, time to go. All the rest of the former city council members arrested today please don't ever bother running again, and we hope the law comes down on you like a ton of bricks.

The Jersey City Desk would love to see the State of New Jersey adopt some kind of mandatory minimum for public official graft. We have these laws nationwide for drugs and guns and it's high time the criminals without guns get what the strong armed robbers on the street corners get. Shall we start at a 5 year minimum for taking as much as one red cent that's not yours? Unfortunately the citizens will have to initiate this as there are many more crooked pols who didn't get arrested today and to expect them to institute such a law is farce. They'd water it down or make it toothless. No New Jersey, if we want to crack down on people like those listed above we'll have to do it ourselves.

Some of you listed above may have an inkling about attending Detective DiNardo's funeral tomorrow. Do us a favor and stay home. You'd be disrespecting him in a way none of us can bear. Again, he stood for what is good and right about Jersey City while those listed above stand for nothing but themselves. Stay away from the funeral, don't disrespect him, not for a second. You gave up the moral right to attend such events when you pocketed dirty cash for the first time.

You are all the shame of Jersey City.

Hoo Wee Man! We've got us one big criminal roundup, Jersey City, Hoboken, Secaucus officials BUSTED!

We'll start with the fact that Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega has been arrested, along with Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell and rabbis in the Syrian Jewish communities of Deal and Brooklyn.

FBI officials say 30 people have been taken into custody an international money laundering and corruption probe.

Wow, simply WOW.

According to MSNBC:
The probe is said to have been launched when money transfers drew the interests of federal investigators.

The Star-Ledger adds:
The federal investigation then expanded into a public corruption probe.

Dawn Zimmer must be beside herself after losing that close contested election a short while ago to Cammarano in Hoboken. Certainly this would have changed things.

As for the Jersey City aspect we say GOOD. It's important in any case to understand the adage that everyone is innocent until proven guilty but if guilty is the case here, take 'em down and lock 'em away. Jersey City does not want and does not need bozos like these representing our fair city. We already have one city council member on the verge of being run out on a rail, now we have another city council member and the deputy mayor in the pokey.

Mayor Healy, is uh, there something you'd like to tell us? Anything you'd like to say? This case creeps almost too close for comfort, no?

Thursday morning open thread

Johnny has an appointment this morning of some importance and figured you could entertain yourselves for a while...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Late night open thread

Once more with Super Happy Fun Day today and a clip of Rick Ducommun from the Comic Relief III show. This is rude, crude and yeah, it uses some very bad words. So, if you're going to enjoy it at work or home and you have kids, it's a headphones only clip.

Johnny has loved Rick Ducommun's comedy for years and yet this about the only remaining stand up routine you can find on the YouTube.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Super Happy Fun Day rolls on with the Three Stooges

From the classic 'Disorder in the Court'

Johnny thinks you need a song that sticks in your head on Super Happy Fun Day

And who better to provide it than the glorious band from across the Hudson River.

And here's your Jetson's request...

The famous Jet Screamer song Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah

We had a request for the Flintstones on Super Happy Fun Day

But in typical Jersey City Desk fashion, lets put a twist on it. In the Flintstones first season on TeeVee they were sponsored by Winston cigarettes. Guess what product Fred and Barney pimped back then? You really can tell this was the prehistoric era, a company would be destroyed for trying this kind of thing today---unless of course they were selling high sugar high fructose corn syrup type products that'll kill you that way.

It's a Super Happy Fun Day at the Jersey City Desk

Because the news is just waaaaay too depressing lately with all the crime and the killing. So, we're going to cheer things up for a day anyway.

We'll start with a clever and snarky episode of Dudley Do-Right. Did you you that Johnny's grandfather was a real live actual Canadian Mountie? It's a fact. His beat was Regina Saskatchewan in the early 1900's.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Late night open thread

If it weren't for bad news anymore we wouldn't have any news at all. Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch said today in a video on the band's YouTube channel he has cancer in his salivary gland and all the band's show upcoming are being cancelled. This includes the Beastie Boys show at the All Points West festival scheduled in Jersey City July 31-August 2nd. New York City's own Beastie's were to headline Friday night's show, July 31st.

Adam, we wish you well. Take your time and get better. We're not going anywhere and we'll be here when you get back.

Here's one of the coolest videos ever made, Sabotage. Damn this rocks.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Blood drive sites in honor of Marc DiNardo have been moved

The sites of the blood drive in honor of Jersey City police officer Marc DiNardo set for this Wednesday and Friday have been moved to accommodate the expected huge response. The new information is as follows:

Wednesday, July 22
9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Newport Towers (Brookfield Properties)
525 Washington Blvd. - 2nd Floor, Back half of Cafeteria
Jersy City
Site Contact: Tarek Singleton, (201) 653-5250

Friday, July 24
9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Newport Towers (Brookfield Properties)
525 Washington Blvd. - 2nd Floor, Back half of Cafeteria
Jersey City
Site Contact: Tarek Singleton, (201) 653-5250

Monday, July 20, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight's open thread is dedicated to Jersey City police officer Marc DiNardo who gave his life to protect his fellow citizens. Feel free to leave comments on his passing.

"We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love."
--Madame de Stael

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sadly, Jersey City police officer Marc DiNardo is expected to die from his wounds suffered in last weeks shootout

Johnny had this information a while ago from a source close to the Jersey City PD but respected the family's wishes to wait for an official announcement before posting anything. By far and away this is the saddest post Johnny has ever had to make here in Jersey City or back in Ypsilanti.

Truly a sad day in Jersey City, we are all lessened when something like this comes to pass. DiNardo will die a hero and will have died protecting us from the utter slime of society. DiNardo stood up and was counted when the time came to stand between the rest of us and evil.

We pass along our most sincere sympathy to his family and his family that is the Jersey City Police Department.

If you seek a city with a spectacular crime rate, look about you

A 27 year old woman had her head repeatedly bounced off the pavement, was stripped naked and then fondled according to witnesses at the corners of Van Horne Street at Communipaw Avenue early Sunday morning. Carlos Acosta and Davon Gordon were arrested after witnesses pointed them out and they have now been charged with robbery, aggravated assault and criminal attempt. These two losers also attacked a second victim walking on Van Horne Street, kicking and punching him into a bloody mess.

Police were able to make a positive ID on these jackasses because of the blood on their clothing and shoes.

What the hell is going on in this town? Beating and then fondling an unconscious woman?

Maybe it's time to take some of the people who work desk jobs in the Jersey City Police Department and let them drive around and just be a presence on the street. Just be more sets of eyes to protect the public. Something MORE needs to be done. People are not feeling safe here anymore. Leadership is needed by police chief Comey and Mayor Healy. MORE needs to be done. Perhaps a public forum or public Q and A is needed for them to understand the desperation felt by the citizens here.

It's gotten that bad.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Late night open thread

So, back to work tomorrow eh Jersey City?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Free concert tonight in Liberty State Park

From 5-7 this afternoon/evening, a doo-wop concert free of charge will be held in Liberty State Park. The concert will take place in "The Gardens" on the eastern side of Liberty House Restaurant on Zapp Drive, with free parking in the ferry lot after 4 pm.

There will be other weekly concert and you can click here to get the full schedule.

Late night open thread

Hanging out on the New York City High Line tonight after dinner and people watching, Johnny has noticed something; There are some really BAD tattoos on people walking around the city. People, quality matters. Seriously. Pay the extra $40-50 bucks and get a really good job. Johnny has two of them, they look awesome. He didn't get them on the cheap. Good tattoos make you look cool and tell people you can kick their ass. Bad ones say "I'm too cheap to get permanent ink".

That's not what Johnny wanted to discuss tonight in the late night thread, he was going to show a Charlie Chaplin clip, but felt a public service announcement on tats was needed.

Ok, now here's your Chaplin clip.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A very nice article today in the New York Times on Jersey City police chief Thomas Comey

A nice look at the police chief in Jersey City who has dedicated almost 30 years of his life to the Jersey City police department. It also has an interesting look at how the Times looks at Jersey City in how they describe Manhattan West.

You can check the article out right here.

So, we're gonna have us a trial over Nidia Lopez's legal residence, Jersey City

Superior Court Judge Maurice Gallipoli has decided runner up in Ward C Jimmy King isn't a sore loser after all. Judge Gallipoli has set October 26th as the date he wants to hear arguments in court, after depositions and full legal rigamarole, over whether or not Nidia Lopez is actually a real Jersey City resident.

Lopez's attorney, Bill Northgrave argued that King only had 30 days after the election to make his complaint. This is where it gets really really juicy. King made the argument that Lopez goes by several names in City Hall records. The Jersey Journal Political Insider takes is from there:

It is King's argument that Lopez has several names and that was why it was hard to find information. There was a Nidia Rivera, a Nidia Boehringer and a Nidia A. Boehringer. Some of the names were linked to properties in Jersey City, including one in Ward E, with phone numbers in Florida, according to sources.

Mayor Healy can't look at this as a good thing. Theres every chance his hand picked teammate is about to be found out as a fraud and someone who owes a huge amount of money to the state of Florida in back taxes.

Late night open thread

Police spend a lot of time tracking down and arresting dunk drivers. Then there are the times drunk drivers find the police. Such was the case Wednesday morning around 11 am when Kimberly Bell of Flemington creased a police car on Route 202 who had it's lights on and had another car pulled over. 11 am? Damn baby, that's some serious drinking. So, what, were you tipping brews watching the Price is Right and playing drinking games watching Good Morning America? 11 am DWI, that's he sign of a professional drinker.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, July 17, 2009


We're long overdue to have a Rolling Stones Friday night. So then, three from the Rolling Stones, the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World!

The Last Time

Hot Stuff

Far Away Eyes

Friday morning open thread

Feel free to discuss yesterdays events or anything you'd like to.

Tell us your weekend plans.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight we dedicate our open thread to the bravery of Jersey City police officers Michael Camacho, Marc DiNardo, Frank Molina Jr., and Marc Lavelle. We also wish a very speedy recovery for Port Authority officer Dennis Mitchell.

Hopefully you guys will be hale and hearty in no time. Johnny owes you all a tall cold one for your bravery as a small token of his esteem and from what he's been reading today, the esteem of the entire community.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Shootout in Jersey City this morning leaves four policemen shot, one in critical condition--UPDATED

During a standoff near Bergen Avenue and Reed Street, four of Jersey City's finest were shot and one officer is in critical condition this morning. Two suspects got their lifetime achievement awards and a free trip to the coroner's office. Details are sketchy and no names have been released. WPIX is reporting the following:

"...two people -- a man and a woman wearing black hooded robes shot a police officer at about 5 a.m. That set off an intense manhunt in the area of Bergen Avenue and Reed Street, News 12 reported.

News 12 is also reporting that the two suspects were shot dead. The apartment building on Reed Street where the two were holed up is a known to police for drug activity.

After the shooting reports say that SWAT teams were combing the area.

Obviously we'll keep you updated but for quicker updates check the real news websites

UPDATE 11:15 am
The number of Jersey City policemen shot is now at 5. Sadly, two are in critical condition at the Jersey City Medical Center. Our thoughts are with them and their families. The shootout was in connection with another shooting captured on film in June. Police were actively pursuing leads in that case when this morning's shootout happened.

Eyewitnesses reported anywhere from 10-20 shots being fired.

Jersey City will no longer pay for senior citizens' supplies of Viagra

In news sure to upset many senior citzens in Jersey City, the Department of Health and Senior Services has sent out letters telling 176,000 people enrolled in its two low-cost prescription drug plans they are on their own now when it comes to well, you know, getting in the mood. The state says they can save $3.3 million by cutting the Viagra and other 'cosmetic' drugs out of the plans.

If you see a senior having a bad day, cut 'em some slack, you know why...

No doubt Hoboken residents are in awe over their tea and crumpets this morning

Mmmmmmm, crumpets.

Yes, the W hotel in Hoboken has host to perhaps the most overrated sports figure in recent history last night, soccer star David Beckham and his teammates on the LA Galaxy, in town to play the Red Bulls. The super duper extra big media star is in fact at this hour still at the W as screaming teens and women circle the hotel in hopes of getting a look at the English star. Beckham, known for his ability to bend a soccer ball, or make it curve around defenders has been somewhat of a disappointment in international play. How does Johnny know this? He has an email friend in England who says so and she knows her 'footie'.

So you can curve a soccer ball, congratulations. Hope that pays for your wife's copious amounts of plastic surgery.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight before bed, a few good minutes with everyone's favorite dillholes, Beavis and Butt-head.

Damn we're smooth

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

OK Garden staters, where's the best place on the Jersey Shore to go?

Let's suppose Johnny has not yet been down to the famed Jersey Shore. Now, let's suppose that you, the loyal Jersey City Desk reader have. Where in your opinion is the best place to go? What are some of the better parts and better attractions to see? What is best out there to avoid?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Late night open thread

Again with the food comments? You better believe it. Johnny picked up some absolutely delicious goat cheese at Murray's Cheese on Sunday and had some of it tonight. It's called Le Chevrot and seriously people, if you ever find some at your deli or a specialty shop you may happen into, try some of this stuff. It's a small baseball sized round of cheese and it's creamy and yet has a nice tangy bite to it and fantastic finish. It would hold up exceptionally well with a semi sweet red wine. The website Gourmet Food tells us this about Le Chevrot:

Le Chevrot is a live ladled 'moulded' cheese made from goat's milk. This small gourmet cheese is made by Sevre et Belle; a small cooperative in the village of Celles-sur-Belle in the West of France, founded in 1893.

Good food, boy howdy, there's nothing better in life.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A summer cooler--Devils name Jacques Lemaire as their new (old) head coach

Former Devils coach Jacques Lemaire, who coached the Devils to the Stanley Cup championship in 1995 is back as bench boss in Newark. Lemaire has spent the last nine seasons coaching the Minnesota Wild and never achieved the same level of success in Minnesota he enjoyed in New Jersey. Lemaire tends to employ a form of a neutral zone trap which many define as boring hockey but that gives less talented teams a shot at winning as the style lies in wait to capitalize on opponents turnovers and breakdowns while not necessarily pushing the offense. It makes your eyes bleed is what it does.

Lemaire's record with New Jersey from 1993-1998 was 199-122-57.

Lemaire inherits a Devils team without a lot of defense first forwards which may make his style somewhat of a difficult one to operate early on until the Devils players buy into it. Interesting season ahead at the Prudential Center to be certain.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Late night open thread

Famous last words edition:

"I've had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that's the record..."
--Poet Dylan Thomas, November 9, 1953

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

We've had a late change at the Jersey City Desk cafeteria lunch menu

Hairnet Harriet has sent an email out telling us that the Soup of the Day has been changed at employee request:

It's still a taco bar Monday however.

Jersey City just missed having it's own Gilligan's Island situation

Well, they would have needed two more castaways and the island they were stranded on would have had slightly more human inhabitation. A small wooden motorboat ran aground yesterday afternoon on a sandbar next to Liberty Island, home of Jersey City's own Statue or Liberty and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard.

No word on if the motorboat was on a three hour tour.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Late night open thread

Wise words indeed.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday morning, a time for food discussion

Intern Kiki found a very nice article on the fact that Indian mangoes have had a ban lifted on them and are becoming available around the NJ/NY area. As the article you'll read points out, Indian mangoes are sweeter, less stringy and more juicy than the Mexican mangoes Americans are so used to buying. So head on down to Newark Avenue and India Square right here in Jersey City and track down some of these supposedly superior mangoes.

Do YOU have a mango recipe you'd like to share?

Late night open thread

A group of lions is a pride, A group of wolves is a pack.

What do you call a group of crows? Answer in comments.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the death of disco music--A grateful nation thanks you Steve Dahl

It was one of, if not THE best baseball promotions ever, it's still talked about and rehashed today by people like Johnny. On July 12th, 1979 the Chicago White Sox were playing a doubleheader against the visiting Detroit Tigers at the old Comiskey Park in Chi-town. Mike Veeck, the son of owner Bill Veeck decided to hip things up a bit and try to get some butts in the seats. So he contacted legendary Chicago WLUP disc jockey Steve Dahl to run 'Disco Demolition Night' in which fans could get in for .98¢ if they brought a disco record to be added to the hopper to be blown up between games of the doubleheader. The White Sox planned for maybe 30,000 fans, what they got was 60,000 rowdy kids showing up for what was originally promoted at 'Teen Night' before it became 'Disco Demolition Night'. Many fans who couldn't get inside Comiskey Park continually tried breaking down gates and barriers to get inside. There were reports of some fans bringing ladders to the park to get inside over gates.

As the first game of the doubleheader played out, players realized things were somehow, well, not the usual fare. For starters, the sweet smell of marijuana was wafting through the stadium all through game one. Some fans who couldn't get their disco records they brought to the hopper simply used them as frisbees. Said former Tiger (and NY Met) Rusty Staub: “They would slice around you and stick in the ground. It wasn’t just one, it was many. Oh, God almighty, I’ve never seen anything so dangerous in my life. I begged the guys to put on their batting helmets.”

Then came the disco record blow up. Dahl gave a huge countdown in centerfield and KABOOM went thousands and thousands of disco records. The fans took this as an invitation to join Dahl on the field. First the bases vanished, then the pitching rubber was dug out, next went home plate. A batting cage was dragged onto the field and destroyed. Fans climbed foul poles, they hung from the second level over the first. Up next was the roaring campfire out in center field. By the time they did get the fans off the field it was deemed too dangerous to play on and the White Sox were forced to forfeit the second game of the doubleheader to the Tigers by umpire Nestor Chylak. In some kind of cosmic baseball fate, Chylak was also the home plate umpire for another ill fated yet famous baseball promotion (and forfeit), 10¢ beer night in Cleveland in 1974.

Disco did die a very public death that night at the hands of Steve Dahl, Garry Meier and the kids with DREAD cards (A promotion Dahl had started years earlier while on in Detroit--DREAD--Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco) of which Johnny was one. Disco died and all it took was one forfeit by the White Sox. All in all a great trade for American society.

Two video clips for you, an 'as it happened' news coverage and then Steve Dahl discussing Disco Demolition with MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

Saturday morning news-o-rama

A Staten Island teenager pulled a Wile E. Coyote and managed to fall straight down a manhole while texting.

In case you hadn't been following along, the Mets eat, suck and blow.

New York City police have busted one of a group of four thugs committing anti-gay robbery and beat down attacks. We wonder how this guy will cope in prison when he's the recipient of such 'shakedowns' in the general population.

If you want to see important elected types ride a PATH train probably for the first time in their lives, click here. It does come to mind there are signs on the trains requesting riders give up their seats for people like Senator Frank Lautenberg. He doesn't need to stand.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) had now decided they should get a say in naming beer. They are angry that a local brewery has decided to name some good sounding ales and beers after New Jersey Turnpike exits. Seriously MADD, get over yourselves. They are names of exits on the flipping highway. It's NOT encouraging drinking and driving, they're names.

Late night open thread

And he weasels his way to Shake Shack for dessert. A veritable custard heaven. Red White and Blueberry custard at the Shack.

Yes, have some.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, July 10, 2009


We're gonna kick off a "I haven't heard that song in forever" set tonight. But Johnny has gotta hurry the hell up, a former colleague of Mrs. Johnny and dear friend, is in the city on bidness tonight and they're having a delightful supper. If Johnny can weasel a way to get dessert at Shake Shack you know he will.

Here's XTC with 'Generals and Majors' from 1980


British act M hit with 'Pop Muzik' in 1979. For some reason it seems this came out in the 80's which would make it ahead of it's time. Time flies when you were around when the world was still in black and white like Johnny was. You kids ask your parents, before 1965 or so the world was totally black and white, no color.


We wind up our "I haven't heard that song in forever" with Folk Implosion's track 'Natural One'. The band had this hit in 1995 and for those scoring at home they are from Boston.

Here, wait, in stories dealing with Nidia Lopez's excuse list we now need calliope music

Listen to this while reading her ridiculous and pathetic claims to Florida officials she lives there really while she's a city council person here in Jersey City worthy of voting us all tax increases (all while she lives in Florida though so she can get great tax breaks).

"Up until March of 2008, Orlando has been my real home"

"I couldn't keep going back and forth all the time, and I got a new husband [Hudson County Director of Family Services Ben Lopez], so I live up there (Jersey City) now."

"But this (Orlando) is my home too. All my clothes are here"

When asked to clarify these comments made on the record to Orlando Sentinel reporter Rich McKay, Mrs. Lopez said:

"I was misquoted"

Can we initiate some kind of recall process since Nidia Lopez doesn't seem to be moving towards disqualifying herself any time soon? This is a city-wide joke and it's spreading.

New PATH train cars--you kids take care of these

Because they're all the new train cars you're getting for a while so you treat these cars nice.

New shiny and very modern PATH train cars are hitting the lines complete with voiceovers telling riders about the next stop, video cameras to keep an eye on the riders who might act out and teevees to provide news and weather and sports updates (and no doubt annoying advertisements). According to PATH officials trains will increase from 7 to 10 cars along the Newark to WTC main route to further help ease congestion.

These new cars are costing $500 million dollars so you kids keep your feet off the seats, capice?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Late night open thread

Things you don't waste a lot of time thinking about because that's why you come here Department:

Did you know Saturn isn't the only planet in our solar system that has rings? If you promise not to giggle we'll tell you which one. Yes, you can finally say it, you are looking at the rings around Uranus:

See, you learn something and get a potty humor joke to boot. That's what we're all about here, infotainment.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Shame on you Mayor Healy

We'll cut to the chase. Mayor Healy is hiding behind his Ward C candidate's ethnicity and there is simply no place for that. As readers of the Jersey City Desk and other local news outlets know, Nidia Lopez, on the Healy Team on election day, won the vote and is Ward C councilwoman. Ms. Lopez is the first Latina councilwoman in Jersey City history and that's a great thing. Until Da mayor decides to hide behind that in excusing the Councilwoman's misdeeds in Florida. Instead of intelligently discussing the issues around Nidia Lopez, Mayor Healy released a statement that reads:

"This has and continues to be a case of sour grapes on the behalf of Mr. King who is looking only to tarnish the image of our first-ever elected Latina Councilwoman."

Utterly disgraceful. The fact that second place candidate in Ward C, Jimmy King filed a suit over the residency issues of Nidia Lopez wasn't because she was Latina, what kind of horsepuckey is that? It's because OBVIOUSLY Lopez has real voting issues and residency issues and tax issues that cross pollenate between Florida and Jersey City.

That's simply uncalled for pointing out her ethnicity when it has nothing to do with nothing.

Thursday morning open thread

Johnny's got stuff going on and the interns aren't around til this afternoon, talk amongst yourselves.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight a few good minutes with Mr. Rodney Dangerfield. "You know my doctor, Dr. Vinnie Boombatz..."

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

It's time to play Jersey City's favorite online game show "Are You Mental!?"

Our first contestant's name is Sylvia. Sylvia Allen is from Arizona and a Republican state senator there. Welcome to our show Sylvia, are you ready to play?

Good, here we go. It's not that you're for strip mining, we don't care, but ARE YOU MENTAL?!?!

The Nidia Lopez story just gets more pathetic

She's been voting in both states, Florida and New Jersey, apparently she just got her New Jersey drivers license after she won the election in May and there is still the matter of some wrongly claimed tax credits she was filing in Florida when she supposedly lived here. According to the state of Florida Ms. Lopez has committed a few felonies.

C'mon, the city won't fall apart if you step down Ms. Lopez, do the right thing. Integrity matters and you don't seem to have a lot of that right now. Still no comment from someone other than your lawyers on this. Do the right thing, before you vote on city business, Ward C deserves someone better and obviously more committed to upholding higher standards.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Late night open thread

Rock and roll trivia night. Certainly you are familiar with the Doors Jim Morrison using the phrase 'Mr Mojo Risin' in the song LA Woman. Any idea where 'Mr Mojo Risin' comes from? Rearrange the letters to Mr Mojo Risin and you'll get Jim Morrison.

How did Tommy James get the name for his classic hit Mony Mony? While staying in New York City one night he was across from the Mutual of New York's big flashing neon sign. On and off all night MONY....MONY.....MONY....MONY

What kind of apple is used in the Beatles' Apple Records logo? Answer here.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

You heard it here first kids, United Airlines has a problem on their hands

The public relations group at United Airlines, to quote one commenter on YouTube are "shitting kittens". Good luck not equating your company name with 'United Breaks Guitars' with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Blogs like this one all being fully able to draw attention to it.

This is bigger, this really gets at the Big Corp saying "sorry we're just not responsible for anything to you in any way anymore, just buy from us and shut up about it" to their paying customers.

Dave Carroll flew United Airlines. Dave Carroll looked out on the tarmac and saw his bands guitars being flung around by United baggage handlers. Dave Carroll's Taylor Guitar was destroyed. Dave Carroll the was told there was nothing they could do in every way imaginable and often in a rude fashion. Dave Carroll is a songwriter and lead singer in the Canadian band The Sons of Maxwell.

That's real bad news for United's PR staff. This video hit yesterday and is beginning to go viral in 4,3,2,1

Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 7 pm for Hudson County

Yes, any of you other nearby counties want in on the ground floor of this Severe Thunderstorm Watch jump in. Be careful, there could be large hail and damaging winds if you decide to ride along this afternoon....

Nidia Lopez, it's time to vacate your seat

Florida has found that now you HAVE broken laws in regard to being registered to vote in two places, Orlando and Jersey City. Also, since you were applying for the homeowner tax credit down there while being registered to vote in both places, we don't think this was some harmless mistake or some bookkeeping error. No, we think you knew what was going on. We had suspicions when the allegations first came to light and you didn't disavow them, you only attacked the second place finisher who found you out as being a sore loser and then you began hiding behind a spokesperson.

You need to fess up to what you have done and on the way to fessing up, please do vacate your seat on the Jersey City Council. Ward C does not need your representation.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Late night open thread

Look, Johnny isn't normally in the business of telling people when to NOT get their swerve on but when that swerve lasts 48 hours with no sleep, lots of cocaine, and endangers Jersey City residents? No, sorry. Douglas Tator that's where you messed up.

Look, have some fun, throwback a few beers, we'd even look the other way at a bong hit but when you're doing more coke than Stevie Nicks back in the day and then careening into houses on say Monmouth St at 11:30 pm, c'mon man, leave us be. Go row around the Hudson River with all that energy, go steal bases for the Mets but stay out of JC will ya? Tator admitted to doing copious amounts of blow to keep the fun going. Ya don't say.

On his way into the electric pole and before hitting the house Tator also clipped a Toyota Prius causing damage. No doubt the Toyota Police Department will want to question Tator and get his side before deciding to charge him with hitting a Prius and harming the environment.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Former US skating champ Nicole Bobek charged in a Jersey City courtroom today

Former US Skating Champ Nicole Bobek was charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and local prosecutors said of Bobek "She was actively involved in the upper echelon of this ring."

The ring prosecutors hinted at netted over a dozen arrests. Bobek lives in Manhattan and Jupiter Florida where she was arrested as a 'fugitive from justice' with the charges being filed here in Hudson County. Ms. Bobek faces 10 year in the pokey if she's convicted on these charges.

As sad as this story is we'd like to give credit to a comment troll over at for their expert analysis of this story:

cstone--"She'll skate on these charges" has the roundup photos of all the weekend festivities

From this fireworks to the cookouts to the fun, here is a weekend roundup of imagery from

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Late night open thread

Not all stories over a fourth of July weekend will be happy ones. Jersey City resident, Venatesh Sankar, drowned trying to save another swimmer on Friday at the Delaware River Gap National Recreation Area.

At the base of a waterfall in Adams Creek a swimmer began to struggle and Sankar rushed in to help and sadly lost his life trying to save him. People like Venatesh Sankar are a huge part of the American fabric we celebrate this weekend. His selfless act towards others and putting them first even at grave danger to himself show what kind of a man Sankar was.

We as a society are lessened tonight with his loss.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Hoo boy it's home movie day (No sit down we'll just pop some more corn, don't leave)

A clip of the NYC skyline last night and then a look up the Hudson to the boats shooting the watercannons and a general look at the boat gridlock starting to form around 8:30 pm

A nice clip of our fair city's skyline at sunset last night

A nice look at the Jersey City waterfront as the sun was setting over Newark or other points west last night before the fireworks...

Yes, it's a craptastic Johnny original video!

Late night open thread

A simply AMAZING show put on by Macy's tonight. Awesome in its audacity of THAT many shells. You'd worry some cool shots and shells could get lost in the sheer number, but it was all so well done.

Perhaps the wildest part of a wonderful evening was the Oklahoma Land Rush that let loose on the Hudson River the moment the fireworks had burst their last shell. It was insane people. Big boats, little boats, sailboats, boats with no lights and all these boats either creating or getting wailed by the wakes running in every direction. THAT was worth seeing. So many wayfaring seafamilies almost met their end in Davy Jones' Locker on the Hudson.

Here is some video taken by Johnny himself (Note his attempt at hilarity for blaming a stupid American flag for ruining a perfectly good Independence Day by blocking his shot) from his vantage point on the Hudson tonight especially for you the Jersey City Desk reader. We have some excellent other video we hope to share with you in the upcoming days.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stupid England

A big Nelson Muntz "Ha ha" today on Independence Day to England who used to run things here until they did it wrong. As America celebrates it's birth once again today, we as Americans take time to reflect on what really matters. Fame, bbq meat, and fireworks. Oh and good coffee. And cable teevee. And the Red Wings. And yes baseball. And that annoying little barking dog two floors up while Johnny taps off this missive from his patio (Yo, third floor C-17, just kidding, your dog is what is WRONG with America). And driving fast. And college football. And going to beaches. And online shopping. And coney dogs. And wiffle ball. And girls in tube tops. And milkshakes. And good sesame chicken delivered to your house in 40 minutes. And cool breezes coming in off the Atlantic Ocean. And snow days. And newscasters who use potty languague when they think the cameras are turned off.

So in this country that gives us so much free infotainment and belly laughs at fellow Americans, sit back to today and take stock of what makes America great.

Late night open thread

We get email around here, we do. We got an email from Tom in Bayonne who asked if we knew what it was like to watch ten million firecrackers explode at once. Tom, we do now:

And of course tonight some more fireworks epic fail.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, July 3, 2009


What. What? Wayne Messmer? Who is Wayne Messmer.

Wayne Messmer is the national anthem singer for the Chicago Blackhawks, or was for many years before being banished and now allowed back in the fold.

July 4th weekend, time for a ringing singing of the national anthem.

The old Chicago Stadium was like no other. It was LOUD in that barn. The Madhouse on Madison. The National Anthems there were spectacle. Here is the 1991 all star game anthem in the old Chicago Stadium just a couple weeks after the first gulf war had started in Iraq.


As we take our stand......C'mon Jersey, you know the rest.

Johnny knew he was gonna play this on the 4th of July edition long ago.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, 'Jungleland'


Johnny thinks of the 4th of July and he thinks of small town barbeques, swimming, friends and fireworks that night. The good fireworks too. Before Mother America said no more fun for you. Johnny remembers playing lawn darts on the 4th of July in Ortonville Michigan. Freedom!

How bout John Mellencamp from his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction with 'Pink Houses'

The Macy's fireworks aren't the only fireworks around town this weekend

Several communities including Jersey City will be holding their own fireworks displays this weekend. Courtesy of, here's the list:

DAY: Saturday
WHERE: Liberty State Park
ACTIVITIES: Music: 3 p.m.
FIREWORKS: 9:15 p.m. For more information contact the Division of Cultural Affairs (201) 547-6921

DAY: Sunday (rain date: Monday)
WHERE: Lower Level of 16th Street Park
ACTIVITIES: Children's activities and band concert: 7-9 p.m.

DAY: Saturday (rain date: Sunday)
WHERE: Veterans Field
ACTIVITIES: children's activities: 6:30 p.m.; band concert: 7 p.m.

DAY: Friday
WHERE: Swim center on Koelle Boulevard and Mill Ridge Road, across the street from the Recreation Center
FIREWORKS: After sunset, about 9 p.m. For Secaucus residents only. For more information call the recreation center at (201) 330-3299.

DAY: Friday and Saturday
ACTIVITIES: Starting at 2 p.m. with purchase of ticket to fair.
FIREWORKS: 9 p.m. Note: Tickets to fair are $9 for adults, $6 for children 12 and under and free for children under 34 inches. For more information:

Late night open thread

Fireworks, U R doing it wrong

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flood warning part Pi

Hudson, Bergen, Essex, Passaic, and Union counties are all under flood watches until 10 pm tonight as the rains move through Northern and North central and central northern New Jersey this evening. 1-2" of rain are expected and some areas could see as many as 4" of water falling from the skies.

The more rain we get the higher the Hudson River rises and the more planes can be landed on it. Just not Saturday night, Johnny is taking the Mrs. out on a water ferry boat (NY Waterway Tours and if Johnny doesn't come back ala Leo DiCaprio in Titanic please avenge his death) to sit under the fireworks as they go off. First time here for the Macy's fireworks means Johnny has to go all out and get you the readers here some boffo imagery and video of the big celebration of Henry Hudson's discovery of the river bearing his name. Plus, drinks will be served and boating and drinking and watching fireworks with NYC serving as the backdrop is well, pretty nice.

The Nidia Lopez story just got a WHOLE lot more shady

Ward C Councilwoman Nidia Lopez, who is being challenged by runner up in May's election Jimmy King for not being a Jersey City resident has now been proven to be registered to vote in BOTH New Jersey and Florida according to state officials in both places. Florida is also asking Lopez to return a state homestead tax credit she claimed for being a resident in Florida.

Ms. Lopez, this is really no way to begin a career in Jersey City politics. It actually sounds like you're trying to pull one over on Florida state officials and voters here in Jersey City. You've got some 'splainin' to do, Lucy....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight a few hilarious minutes with Chico and Groucho Marx...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Ward C Council kafuffle: Runner up in May's election Jimmy King wants to know if winner Nidia Lopez is a real Jersey City resident

King is making the claims that the Ward C ballots should be tossed and either a new election be held or he be declared the winner. In a move we find somewhat strange, Lopez would not talk to the Jersey Journal about the claims she is a real Florida resident, not a real legal resident of Jersey City. Through a spokesperson Lopez claims the charges are just lies from the Manzo team she helped defeat.

King makes the following claims: Lopez owns a home in Florida under a different name, Nidia Boehringer. On this home King says Lopez has received 9 years of tax abatements ONLY available to state residents. King also says Lopez has a Florida drivers license and is registered to vote in the Sunshine State.

Interesting charges. Even more curious we find is Lopez's refusal to address them and instead attack Team Manzo. Is Nidia Lopez hiding something? We'd sure like to get that cleared up before she starts actually voting on issues that affect Ward C.