Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting heated in Hoboken

A story by our old friend Grafix Avenger up to FuHo over some slimy board of education election tactics and even uglier humans caught Johnny's eye and he wanted to share it. Imagine here in Jersey City if during a debate or open forum for school board or board of education one side decided to thug things up and have a dongbeaver hold a flash on a camera phone open while the side he's told he doesn't like is talking, trying to blind or distract them, then shuts it off when the other side talks. That's just one off-putting tactics which can be seen in images quite clearly. Grafix Avenger and commenters discuss more. Here's the link to the top of her site, just read down and be prepared to shake your head in disgust at how some people think local elections should be run.

Her Graphix are always so much better than ours.
(Artist rendering of meeting)

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jets football GAMEDAY!

Johnny loves scheduling quirks and we sure have one at the New Meadowlands today. The Baltimore Ravens make a second trip to Jersey in back-to-back weeks, last week vs the Giants and this week vs the woeful Jets. Last week the Giants beat the Ravens 16-10 after which Odell Beckham Jr. had sex with a kicking net. This week we think, though they have lost three in a row, the Ravens should be favorites.

Sure, there are signs that this is one of those games the Jets rise up, score 31 points and get a special teams TD or a huge day from someone, seemingly every NFL team has one of these games a year where it all comes together. The Baltisnores have only scored four more points than the Browns for heavens sake. Surely the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets can do something there to take advantage. Their defense hasn't been great but this offense they are playing today is middling at best. Middling with a really good QB who could suddenly take advantage of a bad Jets D whereas the chances of the Jets QB (Geno Smith at press time) suddenly coming up big and thrashing an average Ravens defense are much less.

The Jets are smelly and the Ravens less so. Trust us, nobody wants the Jets to start winning games than Johnny. They are in danger of somehow taking Johnny's Browns' #1 overall pick. The Brownies are 0-6 and the Jets 1-5. Too close for comfort, the Jets and anyone else with one or two wins needs to win today and certainly the next couple weeks. The Browns have worked too hard at being this bad and that #1 pick is theirs. Therefore:

Fearless Forecast
New Jersey Jets 11
Baltimore Stinkbirds 10

Giants football GAMEDAY!

London game, PU. Does ANYONE enjoy these things? It's practically punishment to the teams forced to travel and play what we consider way too early. In fact, Johnny is trying to write this moments before fucking kickoff...

The Rams are nothing special but neither this year are the Giants. They have just enough to stay in the division race but one gets the feeling one or two more bad losses and that chase is over. Today is a real mental test, not just the travel but the absolute intensity of the Josh Brown domestic abuse story in which the Giants and the league come off looking absolutely stupid. Thunderstruck. Hit with a shovel. When you do a terrible job on this topic, one you the NFL has said is important to you and you do nothing when you find out a guy is beating his wife regularly and it's all covered up, yeah, that's awful. So, do the Giants have the mental toughness to take their longest road trip ever and beat a team with nothing to lose in LA?

Both teams are in London because they're middling as New England and Denver don't play overseas do they?

Fearless Forecast w chips
New Jersey Giants 23
LA Rams 14

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

Penn State 24
Ohio State 21
Dear PSU, it is customary to call ahead for Urban Meyer's personal cold Papa John's golf cart pizza. It's just nice to have it ready after he addresses his 70 5 star players.

Western Michigan 45
Eastern Michigan 31
The I-94 rivalry game stays brown and gold. Question is how long mastermind coach PJ Fleck stays in Kalamazoo

Washington 41
Oregon State 17
Washington is 5th, no, 4th in the nation with the Buckeye loss. Washington. The same Washington that has stunk outloud for 20 years. Hmmmm

Wisconsin 17
Iowa 9
OK, I want you 6'8" 350lb boys to go line up and collide all day, see what happens

UCF 24
Connecticut 17
UConn badly wants this to become a rivalry game so they had a trophy made for the winner to keep. UCF left it on the sideline and went home

Penn State 24
Ohio State 21
Yep, still funny

Colorado 10
Stanford 5
Brought to you by Febreze

Alabama 33
Texas A&M 14
This is Johnny's shocked face

Syracuse 28
Boston College 20
Something is going on at Syracuse. 4-4 and playing well. Could it be the rise of the Orange?

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Weber State 37
Southern Utah 36
Weber State went into the fourth quarter behind 36-14. They got power up and scored 23 bigly points and kept their perfect conference record. Jadrian Clark hit Darryl Denby with a 60 yard score with just 30 seconds to play. Jadrian and Darryl may loot and pillage Ogden Utah for the next 24 hours

The Weber State fight song tonight before bed because you've never heard it before either, admit it

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


As some of you may know from reading various stories here Johnny is not a plane rider. No way shape or form. He drives or trains it. When it comes to road trips Johnny likes to mix two of his favorite hobbies, driving and music into some really magnificent driving CD's. Some have themes, most are the perfect collection of the perfect songs in the perfect order. One song that makes just about all the driving CD's is 'Two Step' by DMB. About one minute in you'll be hearing why. Now go download the song for the next time you tale a long drive. Getting us started on the Music Series tonight. 'Two Step'

Friday, October 21, 2016


Hey Ho, Let's Go, The Ramones and 'Beat on the Brat'


Johnny loves pointing out irony. Even when it's his own fail as part of that self-deprecation folks say is good when one tells stories. Johnny went to see this band, Graham Parker and the Rumour touring behind their surprise hit album Squeezing Out Sparks at the Flint IMA Arena with a gal Johnny was really into and whom he wanted to be his girlfriend. If Johnny was going to be the young punk he thought he was, being all cool holding Kelly's hand and cuddling in the seats, that ended but quickly in matching 'Beat Oxford' t-shirts when Journey came onstage. It's hard to get excited about this song, 'Local Girls' with it's very anti local girl stance with a local girl on your arm in matching shirts waiting for goddamned Journey to come on.

Oh, and Johnny's dad insisted on driving that night because though Johnny was just a sophomore and had a permit and Kelly had her license being one year older and said she'd drive but no dice. Johnny's dad still insisted. Bzzzzzzt. That gets no girls. Goodbye Kelly, hello heartache.