Sunday, October 22, 2017

Late night open thread

Whew, that was a close one today, the Browns almost lost the first pick in the draft. Rotten shame Joe Thomas lost his streak though.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Giants Football Gameday!

It's a 4:25 kickoff in the New Meadowlands today for the suddenly 1-5 Giants. We warned last week about foolish wins and boy did the Giants go track one down last weekend. Luckily for them the Bears and Chargers decided to get power up and win as well, more on that below.

The Giants looked good last week, no? Hard to believe they got better by losing WR's so it must have been the change in play callers, right head coach Ben McAdoo? Seriously, if your offensive problems can be completely resolved with you out of the play-calling why do the Giants need you at all? Running today would be a very good idea for the Giants. They seriously have a chance at another foolish win if they can run and work the passing game through play-action. Eli won't have a lot of time to throw, ie last week he only threw 19 times but was sacked thrice. The Seahawks, though not their scary former selves can still dial up the defense pretty well. Eli Manning, game manager.

The Seahawks weaknesses play right into Big Blue's hands, what luck. The Seahawks offensive line has been a mess, much like the Giants, but the G-Men have a defensive front to take advantage of matters. Containing Russell Wilson is a pain in the ass for 60 minutes but if the Giants can pull off a semblance of that they'll at least be in the game late.

This smells like a low-scoring game, one decided late and probably one where special teams in the 4th quarter win or lose this for someone. If the Giants are behind late, at home, with the possibility of going 1-6 this could get ugly. We don't think that'll happen.

Fearless Forecast
New Jersey Giants 20
Seattle Peahens 14

Draft Watch
Last week the Bears, Giants and Chargers all went out and got pointless, foolish wins. The old draft pros, The Browns and 49ers, did not. The 49ers keep coming close, like every Sunday. Sooner or later they'll win one. The Browns will probably win one along the way but it'll be one nobody sees coming. This week the Bears fall off the list and Draft Watch welcomes the Colts

Standings for #1 overall pick:
1) Cleveland Browns
2) San Francisco 49ers
3) New York Giants
4) Indianapolis Colts
5) Los Diego Chargers

Hope everyone is enjoying this epic fall Sunday

AND those tasty St. Paul Pork Products for breakfast.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Late night open thread

The only Scoreboard Show in America that guarantees it's scores

Louisville 31
Florida State 28
Florida State's 4th loss prompted FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher to challenge fans with "New Coaches" signs to a fistfight. Good thing security stepped in or he'd be 2-5

Rutgers 14
Purdue 12
Break up the Scarlet Knights! If I were RU head coach I'd eat the biggest steak tonight because for the first time since he took the job he can digest it

Miami (FL) 27
Syracuse 19
The Hurricanes are undefeated and the Orange are respectable again

Wisconsin 38
Maryland 13
Johnny's godson sent him this shot LIVE today from Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. Like Dickie Dunn in Slapshot,  Johnny is just trying to capture the spirit of the thing

Furman 28
Mercer 21
Johnny wore his Furman shirt all day so obviously science proves that kind of thing matters

Oregon 14
Johnny is pretty sure he saw the Oregon Duck drinking out of a paper bag off exit 14C asking for money. Hard times indeed

Mississippi Valley State 53
Virginia-Lynchburg 5
The Virginia-Lynchburg safety in the 4th quarter probably helped them cover the spread

Central Michigan 56
Ball State 9
Not much ball in Ball State at David Letterman's alma mater

Auburn 52
Arkansas 20
Johnny would have put on 15 pounds walking around the parking lots and tailgates before this game just smelling the cooking

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Randolph-Macon 63
Apprentice School 14
Gee Johnny, usually the Game of the Week is a close one or some kind of miraculous comeback. Yeah, not tonight, Johnny saw this one and noticed it looked like the Leave No Witnesses Game of the Week. Randolph-Macon was up 35-14 entering the 4th quarter so then really the only thing left to do was keep beating the corpse to a pulp with a big 28-0 4th. Stay down. For this take no prisoners approach the Randolph-Macon players may loot and pillage Ashland Va. for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Rutgers football Gameday Homecoming Edition!

It's Homecoming in Piscataway and for once the alumni are coming home to a winning streak. Sure sure, it's one game and was preceded by a long losing streak but today for one day, it's about the win.

A much improved Purdue team arrives today not looking like the automatic W for the opponent they used to be. Purdue, while improved, aren't exactly Ohio State yet either. They will come into RU hoping not to fall victim to the team most consider the worst in the B1G. Purdue has made some positive strides this season, those might be considered lost with a road loss to the Scarlet Knights.

Purdue is a road favorite for first time in 5 years today, coming in as 8 point favorites. Johnny thinks that's hogwash. RU has the momentum and again, Purdue isn't OSU or MSU or Wisconsin right now; They're a good up and coming story but there are still hurdles to clear before they even become Iowa or Indiana. Johnny thinks today could be one of those hurdles.

RU RB's Gus Edwards and Raheem Blackshear will need a similar effort as Illinois. Run the ball, shorten the game, makes it easy on Giovanni Rescigno should he see the majority of playing time again this week or Kyle Bolin in relief. Purdue will want to open and spread the field. Rutgers can't let them pass all day and cannot let the Boilers keep the ball. RU at the end of the day needs time of possession to land on their side of the ledger.

Purdue looking for bowl game eligibility which will give them plenty of emotion and fight though Johnny thinks the back tot he wall keep bowl hopes alive tend to come in weeks 10-11-12. So, somebody gets second conference win today and either way it will hopefully change impressions. A Purdue team looking to play in a bowl would change tat impression of being a dump program in a dump town. If RU can get their second win in a row maybe, just maybe Chris Ash can get some breathing room even for a week. Two wins in a row would be a high point for the program in the B1G and that chance comes today in High Point Stadium

So, a crossroads for two teams today in Piscataway. One looking to keep climbing and one looking to set their feet on solid ground. It's a glorious day for football in New Jersey today and Johnny sees no reason to spoil the party now.

Fearless Forecast
Rutgers 28
Purdue 25

Friday, October 20, 2017

Late night open thread

Ok all you wannabe Joe Kenda's out there, answer this riddle and see how well you pay attention. The answer to the riddle will be in comments.

A woman is sitting in her hotel room when there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to find a man whom she has never seen before. The man said, “Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was my room.” He then went down the hallway and took the elevator. The woman went back into her room and phoned security. Why?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Epiphany night. From the vaults of "you've probably never heard this version of the the song" 'Tainted Love' so you don't know who the fabulous Gloria Jones is or the fact this song didn't come from SoftCell in the 80's but 1964. Do enjoy, tonight perhaps for the first time, Gloria Jones and the original cut of 'Tainted Love'


Or as they were known in high school, Aerosmithling. But you don't care about that do you? Oh hell no, you wanna put some rock in your roll tonight and as always, Aerosmith can be called upon to fill that bill.

'Draw the Line' giving us some serious 70's big guitar, big bass, and big voice sass tonight. #Snarl


Would you look at that. It's been ages since we've Shocked the Monkey around this place. Peter Gabriel doing what he does best and then sending us out the door into a fabulous fall evening in Cool City.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Late night open thread

World's easiest movie trivia night. What 1970's movie was this Jerry Reed song used in that co-starred Jerry Reed? Take your time. Use the picture. Winners will prove they don't need the government stepping in and putting them to sleep. Losers get MAGA hats.
Time for Jersey City, After Dark