Friday, May 27, 2016

Late night open thread

“It’s a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do.”
 -- Walter Winchell

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The last straw

It happened this morning, about the time Johnny saw the Red Bulls feed on Twitter coming out with yet another change in bag policies wherein clear bags with draw strings are no longer allowed. What the fuckity fuck ever. Yes, treat everyone who wants to go to your event like a would-be terrorist. If you're to the point a clear bag with draw strings is somehow a McGyver terror kit then Johnny's just done with the lot of you. He had to deal with a shitty brand spanking new bag policy down in New Brunswick at the Michigan State vs Rutgers football game October 10th. Oh hey, we forgot to tell you, yeah her purse can't come in but if you go to the other side of the stadium we have a locker truck set up and for the low low one time price of 10$ we'll hold your wife's purse for the night. Yeah, no planned profiteering going on there. Just a quick explanation of "Well we just decided to go with the NFL policy." Well thanks for telling anyone.

So no Red Bulls, Johnny's enjoyed going in the past but no more. No NFL games, No RU football games, no to anywhere that acts like this. At Devils games they look in your bag and let you in, they haven't given in to this "The guest is not to be trusted" policy so you know it's not some set in stone mandated law as certain venues would like you to believe. Red Bulls, don't call Johnny anymore about ticket plans (he unsubscribed from your constant emails a while ago but that did nothing) or this or that. The team may well be playing deep into the playoffs. Swell, just sell that seat to someone else.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Late night open thread

How ya feeling Jimmy?
Like a mean mother fucker, sir!
Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Gothamist took a good look at the food and drink scene in Jersey City...

...just don't read the comments if you're from Jersey City.

Yes, a very nice and rather full look at the food and drink scene in Cool City (You could have included Bucket and Bay) with some nice write-ups. Many here will already be familiar with the restaurants and bars and coffeehouses as we regularly discuss them here. It's a good look at how someone else views our restaurants.

Now, as for the comments they seem to come from bitter, entitled hipsters who think it simply can't be any good if it's across the Hudson River. Yes, that is actually their 'argument' in many cases. One of the commenters resorted to what they thought was a clever 'Stop trying to make Jersey City happen' pre-made meme generator which should tell you all you need to know about the bitter shits who comment on Gothamist on all things NJ. They're deep thinkers who, when they see something not named NYC immediately fall back into 9th grade bunker mode. That's fine, as the old adage goes more for us. We will however leave a closing comment to those across the way who live with this anti-anything not NYC attitude:

Fleet Week kicks off this morning

So if you're down by the Hudson River head on down for the parade of tall ships coming into New Jersey Harbor and by Jersey City's Statue of Liberty! Plenty of vendors with lemonade and cold water for you on this early 90ยบ day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Late night open thread

Johnny has been talking back and forth with the singing legend known as Kelly Hogan on Twitter tonight as the old Bod Seger song, 'Mainstreet' came up and Johnny was dreamily imagining Ms. Hogan and her beautiful voice nailing that last Mainstreeeeeeeeeeeetttttt near the very end of this song. Johnny told her he'd come up with copious amounts of Uncle Sam's best green pocket liner to hear it. Kelly offered him a money back guarantee if he can get to Evanston Illinois by this Thursday. So ah, Johnny doesn't fly so if you're taking the I-80 to the end of the night we're there. Ride share in comments.

Well, this was going to be your Late night open thread, a little musical banter with a really truly great singer until Bob Seger's record company who shall remain nameless because why even let them read their names, took down every studio version of Mainstreet and frankly the live versions are from the second deck on first generation iPhones. So, record company dongbeavers, you ruined everyone's good time because you were too cheap and or lazy to open a Vevo.

Assholes (and we're starting to like this gif frankly)

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

When you see good journalism you want to share it

The search for a Jersey City "preacher" who was set to be sentenced for sexual assault of a minor has led to Nicaragua where he currently preaches and has contact with children. A fascinating story of a prosecutor who forgot to ask for the perv's bail to be revoked after trial, the judge who let the perv stay out of jail awaiting sentencing, and of course those Jersey City residents who spoke in support of this preacher may well be helping support him as can prove they go to visit a wanted man. It's all in there and more.

This great piece of investigative journalism is a must read after dinner tonight. Great job by By Mark Mueller and Brian Donohue.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Today's winner of the "Just put that anywhere" award

Good lord...

Late night open thread

7 titles in 9 competitions in two seasons. 3 of the last 4 league titles, 2 straight Copa Del Rey titles and last years sweep of Copa, La Liga and Champions League titles. If they played here it's be all SportsCenter would talk about.

It's an FC Barcelona world, we just live in it. Messi to Neymar Jr. to seal it.

Late night open thread