Monday, October 12, 2015

Late night open thread

With Autumn closing in...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thank goodness for groups like Civic JC to try and stop unnecessary giveaways

The group Civic JC has filed suit, we feel rightly, to halt implementation of a redevelopment plan adopted in July that labeled City Hall and two nearby properties as blighted. Obviously City Hall is not blighted, and thankfully Esther Wintner, president of Civic JC, which filed the suit in August, said the plan is the "first step" toward developing the nearby properties and awarding the selected developer a tax break.

"The idea that City Hall and an adjacent parking lot constitute urban blight is preposterous," said Wintner. "This is prime real estate."

Exactly, sounds like nothing but a giveaway to more Friends of Fulop and possible donors for his run for Governor. This hastily concocted plan of redevelopment is a quick and easy way to give away more of OUR money to developers in the form of MORE unnecessary abatements. Now get this:

The city said it created the plan in hopes of redeveloping a city-owned parking lot on Montgomery Street across the street from City Hall and, in exchange, receive a developer's help to pay for renovations at City Hall and the creation of "green space" in front of and behind the 119-year-old Grove Street municipal building. 

We're tired of being misled by the city when it comes to the final use of land they give our tax dollars for. Sorry Fulop Administration you don't just get to decide who gets a green space out of a parking lot and you can make ZERO guarantees the public would ever get to use it. Sell it and use that money to fix up city hall, that's how a responsible mayor and council would do it.

" spokesman Ryan Jacobs said. "The city wouldn't be able incorporate parks, open space, or restaurants into an auction. The redevelopment plan allows for more public amenities for residents."

Two new "green spaces" created by developers, the big empty field with grass seed planted by Lloyd Goldman's BLDG group at Washington and First St. is off limits to the public. Another green space the city counts is the little green patch behind the Toll Brothers development at Marin and Morgan, again, off limits to the public. So Ryan Jacobs, mayoral spokesperson, when you cry about what may happen if the city doesn't control every aspect, you're dismissed out of hand when it comes to green spaces. Try again. You're writing checks on this topic with your mouth your body can't cash.

So, business as usual, or it may have been business as usual with unnecessary abatements and special deals that look and smell like more patronage if it weren't for the GREAT work by Esther Winter and Civic JC.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny has seen the newest hot look in Jersey City awesome eye fashion

Johnny had heard about a line of sunglasses designed and produced in Jersey City a while back but today quite by chance he got a look (and was blown away enough to make a purchase) at something really cool. The name of the line is MZ Atelier and it's hot hot hot. They were on display at the Warehouse Cafe as Johnny was walking the dog and stopped in for a drink. It was a madhouse as people were going through and trying on all these different styles, Some made from old skateboard wood, some in some of the most visually interesting colors for sunglasses Johnny has seen. Word around the Cafe was that they'll be available on very soon and if you'd like a look Johnny has a good idea who you'd want to talk to. First the pair Johnny bought then three pairs on display. Good stuff, Jersey City made.

Late night open thread

Just rolling in from Piscataway it's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

Michigan State 31
Rutgers 24
Rutgers gave it their all and played very well but yeah you don't spike the ball on 4th down. Victory for MSU!

Michigan 38
Northwestern 0
Captain Discount Pants has his club playing very well and host, would you look at that, Sparty next Saturday

Baylor 66
Kansas 3
Kansas may well be the worst team ever in Division 1-A

Texas 24
Oklahoma 17
Speaking of rancid teams, no YOU Oklahoma, for losing to stinky smelly farty Texas

LSU 45
South Carolina 24
Watch highlights of this game, Carolina coach Steve Spurrier almost hung himself in broad daylight with his headset cord

Western Michigan 41
Central Michigan 39
The drinks will flow and blood will spill in Kalamazoo tonight

Northern Illinois 59
Ball State 41
This game was 3-0 Ball State at the end of the first quarter, then, MAGIC

BYU 45
East Carolina 38
Say that and don't laugh at the absurdity, East Carolina and BYU played a conference game today as that nasty North Carolina vs Utah border war got stoked even higher

North Carolina Central 27
Florida A&M 24
Wither the Rattlers

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Virginia State 24
Elizabeth City State 23
The Trojans over the Vikings in a game between colleges that sound more like prisons

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Just one more round of the Michigan State fight song before heading out

Rutgers Football Gameday!

Now, you all know Johnny tries to be a fair arbiter of local sports teams he doesn't cheer for. He tries to explain the good and bad of the teams. Today's RU coverage is gonna be a little (ok a LOT) slanted, because today Johnny's Michigan State Spartans return to Piscataway ad Johnny WILL BE THERE.

Pretty cool thing, Rutgers joining the B1G so Johnny can see his Spartans somewhat locally again. Funny thing, Johnny moves to Jersey City and his beloved Red Wings are in the Eastern Conference of the NHL and make those regular trips to MSG, The Rock and Now the Barclay's Center. Johnny comes east and Rutgers joins the great midwestern bastion of football. Pretty cool deal.

OK, gameday. It's all going to boil down to RU's offensive line vs MSU's front seven. The Scarlet Knights do have a stable of talented running backs but that line is going to have to pave the way for those runners, something hard to do against Athalon's #2 defensive line in America. Lawrence Thomas and Malik McDowell are utter men against boys in a lot of cases. Bounce your run outside and there's All-American DE Shilique Calhoun. The RU line is young. The MSU line is awesome. How will the Knights line hold up? There's your key. Passing may be a better way for Rutgers to move the ball today but it's not a strength.

One advantage RU will have vs the #4 team in the land is special teams. Michigan State is normally has one of the better special team squads but that has not been the case this year. They have given up a kickoff return for a TD vs Western Michigan and a punt return vs Oregon. Rutgers gets a big edge here today.

We can look at this a million different ways and it all comes up the same on paper. Michigan State should win handily behind LJ Scott and the ground game and Connor Cook's arm. The MSU defense should stifle the RU running attack. Should, but that's why games are played.

Still with no Kyle Flood as head coach and MSU looking to lock in before visiting Khaki University next weekend this one seems to be telling Johnny something:

Fearless Forecast:
Michigan State 31
Rutgers 17

Late night open thread

Tomorrow is gonna be such a fun day. More on that in the morning.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 9, 2015


Tonight we're touching on the nominees for this year's class of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Johny is going to pick three bands/acts from this list and say he thinks not only will they get in, they deserve to be in. First the list:

Cheap Trick
Deep Purple
The Cars
Janet Jackson
Nine Inch Nails
The Smiths
Chaka Khan
The J.B.'s
Los Lobos
Steve Miller
The Spinners

A quick note, The Smiths were on the Music Series last week and would have made Johnny's cut along with The Cars and Detroit's Spinners.

Yes, while not always a favorite of Johnny's have done enough interesting things and were the only band that ever sounded like Yes (Asia doesn't count because that was Yes lite) and that has to count for something. 'Change' leading off this evening. This is a very good sounding version and headphone friendly.


Johnny grew up poor in an upper middle class neighborhood in the hard scrabble streets of Ortonville Michigan where life (and eggs and other farm fresh foods) was CHEAP. A disaffected kid who knew the smell of the gun blast (small game season with proper state licensing) and running from the cops (no really, you mess up and accidentally hit an Oakland County cruiser with eggs you're running through the thistle and woods), N.W.A. has always reminded Johnny of his own young tough years.

Well ok, not so much but for the same reason you voted the Sex Pistols in, you put N.W.A. in because they changed how the format was gonna sound. N.W.A. and the classic 'Straight Outta Compton'