Friday, November 17, 2017


Johnny has always loved this song as it was always a reach back to The Clash and The Sex Pistols and The Ramones with that fast three chord power song about not giving a fuck. As the studios and radios were bringing New Wave to the masses this Joan Jett rocker always made Johnny happy.

'Bad Reputation' kicking things off right tonight.


Johnny has spent the better part of his musical adult life hearing about how Jim Morrison is considered a well thought of poet. Books have been written about said. Johnny has no reason to quibble, he loves The Doors and has almost all their music and does indeed think Jimmeh wrote at a level many simply can't.

So what does that make Neko Case? Poet Laureate of Rock and Roll Alt or otherwise? This woman writes songs on a plane almost unheard of and when you set it to her multi-layered musical vision there are few who can match this level of music making. Enjoy the show.

'Prison Girls' from the Middle Cyclone album, a staple in any proper music libarry.


Tonight in that 33rpm getting you on your way to the clubs and parties and couches in and around Jersey City, it's The Farm and 'Groovy Train' which is not run by NJ Transit.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Late night open thread

It was 40 years go today that Saturday Night Fever burst onto the scene bringing with it disco, three piece suits and light up dance floors. Know this, Johnny was a real punk, not of the space variety yet and had very little time for the scourge of disco music. But if nothing else this blog is a celebration of music and even if it's not his style that movie and soundtrack were giant in the culture at the time and since, plus Mrs. Johnny loves it. For the first and last tie here, it's The Bee Gees and 'Stayin' Alive' of which the original chorus in those high pitched voices was to be "New York, New Yooooork"

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Welcome you are Jersey City

Johnny working on his Yoda this morning...

When you speak of Johnny, do speak well; The failed EV parking program that encompasses the block between Marin & Provost on First St. has now turned most of those EV spots over to actual parking people actually use. With the parking crunch downtown from all the construction, residents have been forced into 'streets away from home parking.' It made no good sense to take an entire block of prime city parking, you know, the kind that pays the city back with permits and fines, and turn it over as part of Shuster's abatement "giveback" for the Art House and Jokeman. Johnny railed on this ridiculous plan from the hop. He did his research on how many EV's were sold in Hudson and Essex counties that might just need to come park on a one block section of First St. in downtown Jersey City, and not all that easy to get to. Just about the only cars seen charging were owned by Maven, the company that partnered with General Motors on the chargers. Johnny wondered that almost every time he sent his research to the city and showed how poor the plan was he'd see Maven cars charging over the next couple days. This idea comes straight from the playbook that if a McDonalds isn't selling enough cheeseburgers at a location Ronald McDonald comes in and buys 100 to get the numbers up.

Time and time again Johnny posted pictures and showed councilwoman Candice Osborne as well as Rolando Lavarro, council president, of an empty street that could certainly be used. Since this wasn't any kind of 'We'll do this for one year and see how it goes program' rather than just a bad idea for an abatement give back we're going to go ahead and say the squeaky wheel gets the grease and Jersey City gets some badly needed parking back.

The UCLA basketball team can thank Johnny now.

Late night open thread

I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake.
 -- Mitch Hedberg

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Somebody help a Johnny out

Johnny is all about these painted black and white cats and kitteh paws everywhere but can someone help out if you know and help Johnny know what it's all about Alfie?

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Late night open thread

Pizza's here!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

In other news, water is wet

The Jersey Journal is reporting if new Governor-elect Phil Murphy makes recreational marijuana legal, the price will come come down. See, see, now everyone who's ever bought a dime bag in their life figured this out in college. We kid because we love and there is more to the article than pointing out the obvious. Take a few minutes of time to get your learn on as to how the legalization process might well play out.

Monday, November 13, 2017