Monday, September 1, 2014

Laye night open thread

What's that old saying about September? In like a blast furnace out like a comfy polar fleece.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Happy Labor Day!

To all the good boys and girls out there who work so damned hard the rest of the year, Happy Labor Day! Your hard work does not go unappreciated!

Late night open thread

Oldsmobile, there is no substitute.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do you ever wonder how someone else sees your town?

Johnny saw this yesterday and wanted to pass it along. A blogger named Cathy Chester spent some time in Jersey City recently (a lot of it unexpected) and wrote about her visit to our fair city which in turn got picked up by the Huffington Post. It's nice to see what we see through the eyes of someone who hasn't been to Jersey City for quite a while.

Late night open thread

It's back! The Saturday night Scoreboard Show!

Ohio St. 34
Navy 17
Fans in Columbus are whistling past the graveyard

Michigan 52
Appalachian St. 14
Michigan could beat them by 100 and that stain would remain

Kentucky 59
UT-Martin 14
Kentucky's Braylon Heard just transferred from Nebraska because he wasn't getting enough playing time and enough chances to be a star. He ran TWO times today for 116 yards and both his runs were long TD's. He's averaging 58 yards per carry. Suck on that Nebraska

Eastern Michigan 31
Morgan State 28
You don't ask why EMU was playing Morgan State, no, in Ypsilanti you just take the win and shut up

Furman 13
Gardner-Webb 3
Boy did Vegas take a bath on this game

Alabama 33
West Virginia 23
OK, Alabama did pretty much throw their helmets on the field and win

Mississippi State 49
Southern Miss 0
Mississippi State declared that no directional school was gonna ruin their day

Texas 38
North Texas 7
Texas declared that no directional school was gonna ruin their day

Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Bethune-Cookman 14
Florida International University 12
Michael D. Jones for Bethune-Cookman, One carry. One yard. One touchdown.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014


Labor Day weekend, what better time to dedicate a song to all the salt of the earth people in our lives than with the Rolling Stones and ironically enough, 'Salt of the Earth' getting things started tonight. Happy weekend!


If sugar was as sweet as you honey
Sugar just couldn't be bought
Because you're so sweet you make sugar taste just like salt

Yes, those were words spoken at Johnny's wedding. Johnny stood there while his wife read him those very words. What? It could happen. Either way that just segues nicely into Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds and Rockpile with 'If Sugar Was As Sweet As You'


Now here's one we're betting you haven't heard in a while. We'll wrap up the Music Series this week with some serious wah wah pedal and Edie Brickell with 'What I Am'

It is RARE to get a Johnny business endorsement to say the least

He just doesn't hand out compliments to people for doing in all honesty what they are trying to do. You may compliment someone on a good job done or a great meal and that's fine. But for it to make it into the free advertising zone here that tends to be an advertising free zone 364 days out of the year, you've really gotta be extra good.

Friends, since 2010 Johnny has gone to Dr. Sushma Halthore at Grove Street Dental and his care has been tip top. Top shelf. He prays she never leaves Jersey City with her growing business. All his many questions are answered and in a way that A) He understands (and long-time readers know Johnny understands little) and B) Works toward proactive care. Grove Street Dental comes Johnny recommended and Johnny approved.