Monday, November 12, 2018

Late night open thread

Johnny the Browns fan was pretty happy when Cleveland selected Nick Chubb in the second round of the draft. He's very fast.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happy Veterans Day!

While Johnny didn't grow up in a typical military family, his dad was a Korean War veteran and so, Johnny has a great great amount of respect for our Vets. 

So here's to the men and women who make up our Veterans!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, all the scores that matter in a smattering of the time it takes for ESPN to get to your team.

Eastern Michigan 27
Akron 7
Johnny's alma mater is bowl eligible for the second time in three years under miracle worker Chris Creighton. It was over 30 years since EMU had last played in a bowl game before Creighton arrived in Ypsilanti. This calls for the Go Green song, while not the fight song, it should have been (note the creative lyrical spelling)
Michigan 42
Rutgers 7
Staying in Washtenaw County, Michigan made quick work of RU today in Piscataway. Johnny knows it looks so fucking bleak for RU football right now. It used to look this way at Northwestern in the 70's and most of the 80's but it CAN change. If EMU is going to bowl games now...

Oklahoma 48
Oklahoma State 47
Shootout at the OK Corral for real. Our PlayStation Game of the Week

Alabama 24
Mississippi State 0
This is our shocked face

Colgate 48
Lehigh 6
Lehigh's QB Brad Mayes was a cool 8 for 31 but also had zero interceptions so Johnny's going to guess he wasn't throwing very close to anybody most of the day

Furman 49
VMI 13
Johnny's Furman shirt is now put away and ready for the move. It did not help Furman today

Indiana State 28
Illinois State 23
The Indiana state line moves ten feet into Illinois until the next time Illinois State wins this game then it moves 10 feet into Indiana as is tradition.

South Dakota 17
Western Illinois 12
Yeah, as hard as he tries Johnny can't squeeze a state line joke out of this one

Arizona State 31
At 2-8 UCLA is really going to need to rally to have a chance at the Rose Bowl

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Northwestern 14
Iowa 10
No, no last second get power up heroics, just a gutty season from a gutty team who will now play in their first Big Ten title game. This team is truly a lesson for Rutgers about being underfunded sports-wise and talent-wise yet still finding a way. Northwestern University may now loot and pillage Iowa City Iowa (not the Children's Hospital) for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, November 9, 2018


Johnny's not leaving without some Stones and here on a tribute to some great rock and roll nothing would sound better than 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking' which Johnny would argue is one of the best collaborations between Keith Richards and Mick Taylor. Bobby Keyes on sax is is just, is just, Johnny's out of superlatives to use on his sax in this song.

So Stickeh! Groove with Johnny people...


Anything worth doing is worth doing right. If you're going to have a down and dirty rock and roll night something inside you should remind you to invite Diamond Dave and Van Halen.

The volume dial, you can do better. No, a little more. One more. There you go. 'Hot for Teacher' up next.

There's Waldo. Johnny wins again.


Real rockers seems to be theme of the night so probably after this one you'll be looking to fight someone, steal a car, and get into another fight. 'Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)' is so brilliant and such a hard, earnest song. It doesn't try to be fancy, it tries to be the best Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) ever and boy does it succeed.

Such a unique song and yet an anthem.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, the hour grows late in conference play and we're there to share in shattered dreams.

Ohio State 36
Nebraska 31
The Buckeyes look broken, almost as if a top flight defense could---uh oh...

Michigan State 24
Maryland 3
Speaking of such a defense, and in East Lansing no less next Saturday, that could render the Michigan/Ohio State game meaningless

Michigan 385
Penn State 7
Penn State, because someone has to serve as the buffer between the real contenders in the B1G East like MSU, OSU and Michigan, nestled in-between the Indianas, Marylands and Rutgers of the world

Georgia 34
Kentucky 17
Georgia will pay for this one come basketball season. Make book on that

Purdue 38
Iowa 36
The Big Ten West representative in the conference title game may well be Northern Illinois

Syracuse 41
Wake Forest 24
The 'Cuse is for real at 7-2, first time since 2001. Wake Forest, not so much. Not enough Wake, too much Forest

Furman 16
Chattanooga 10
Furman stayed hot while Johnny stayed comfortable in his Furman t-shirt today

Eastern Michigan 17
Central Michigan 7
That is one ugly bus ride back to Mt. Boring for the losers

West Virginia 42
Texas 41
Will Grier hit Gary Jennings Jr. from 33 yards out with just seconds to play to get the Mountaineers close, and West Virginia, instead of playing for the tie, they got power up and went for the WIN baby. Normally this would be the Game of the Week except...

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Massachusetts 62
Liberty 59 3OT
Bedlam in Hadley Massachusetts no doubt as this could have also been The PlayStation Game of the Week as well. Aw, what the hell, let's make it so! Get these numbers, UMass QB Ross Comis, 29/44 540 YDS 4TD's 1 INT. Minuteman receiver Andy Isabella had 9 REC for 303 yards and 2 TD's. Amazing stuff. For their efforts the ENTIRE UMass offense gets to loot and pillage Hadley Mass for the next 24 hours.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny's Jersey City Stories Volume 1: They Did What Now?

Johnny's going to be using his remaining time in Jersey City to spin some yarns, tell some tales out of school and favor you with things he's heard on his way out the door to Oscoda.

Today's Jersey City Story is back when, in fall 2008 Johnny and Mrs. Johnny were getting ready to move east. Mrs. Johnny had been moving up the ranks at the old Borders Books & Music and around 2007 she was named Director of Borders' digital strategy. She could pretty plainly and clearly see that above her position, NOBODY at Borders had any good idea about what a digital strategy was, or how one was going to be implemented. Mrs. Johnny could clearly see the Titanic heading for the iceberg in Ann Arbor. So, when Amazon's digital audio book company, Audible headhunted her, it as an easy choice to leave. Within a year Borders was gone.

Enough backstory, now it was time to find a place out east to live. Since we hadn't yet made our "fortune" as it were, NYC was out of the price range. The search was on and Johnny had read all kinds of awful and bad things about Newark, back then when it was known as the 'home of carjacking' Johnny wasn't going to choose Newark, right or wrong. He certainly wasn't going to live in a town Bugs Bunny made fun of so Hoboken was out. So, Johnny started reading up on Jersey City.

The very first thing Johnny laid eyes on about the town he was going to call home? A Star-Ledger article on Ward C Councilman Steven Lipski, peeing on concert-goers in Washington D.C.. Yep, the first thing he saw was an article by Carly Rothman on the whole disgraceful sordid affair. That's quite a first thing to see. But the article went on: The Mayor there does what now? The mayor gets drunk and nekkid and fights police? Wow.

What the fuck is in the water in this Jersey City?

But the article still had more. In trying to play off the urination, one Willie Flood didn't sound like she wanted to deal with it at all saying she'd need more information. OK, so the police report and arrest documents weren't enough. OK, this is how it is in Jersey City.

It was there, and then at that moment Johnny first saw the name Councilman Steve Fulop. Fulop, interviewed for the article said actions like those of Healy and Lipski were embarrassing would lead investors to "question the leadership" of Jersey City.

"It is very humiliating," he said.

Wow, Johnny thought, this Steve Fulop seems like an honest guy who would always stand up for taxpayers and the good people of this new town.


So, here you go, Johnny's first impressions of learning about his new home-to-be.

Late night open thread

I know he calls himself "Tennessee" but he's a goddamned penguin who isn't even from this country. He's constantly breaking laws for which he's never truly held to account and talks badly about Baldy Eagle.

My name is Chumley, and I approve this message.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark