Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Late night open thread

On this day in history The Who gave their famous performance on the Smothers Brothers Show. Bette Davis fainted backstage from the explosion. More backstory:

Keith Moon was already in the habit of placing an explosive charge in one his two bass drums to detonate during Pete Townshend's guitar-smashing at the end of each Who performance. But for their Smothers Brothers appearance, Moon packed several times the normal amount of explosives into his drum kit, and when he set it off, a gigantic explosion rocked the set as a cloud of white smoke engulfed Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey. Though bassist John Entwistle never lost his cool, Daltrey practically flew downstage and when Townshend emerged from the smoke, his hair was almost literally blown to one side of his head. Though the incredible explosion has been rumored to have caused Pete Townshend's eventual near-deafness, credit for that should probably go instead to the Who's pioneering use of stacked Marshall amplifiers as a means of achieving maximum volume during their live performances.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A whale of a story

Johnny was searching high and low today for a great story he could add some of that famous deep fried Johnny sass to but just found this. How wonderful. Close up pictures of a humpback whale off Rockaway. Fantastic shots, it'll make your day. Remember, getting in the water with a whale for a selfie or a picture together in New York waters means any money the whale hits you up for is completely voluntary on your swimming for your life behalf.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Late night open thread

Three men and a hotel room

Here's a brain teaser. Three men rent a hotel room which costs $30. But after they've checked in, the manager discovers he's made an error. The room was only $25. He goes up with five ones to give them. The men are appreciative of the refund but to make things simpler they each take a dollar and tip him the remaining two bucks. Since each man received a dollar back, they've now only paid $9 each for the room, not $10. Yet, if we add 9+9+9 we get $27. Then there is the two the manager received. That makes $29. Yet the total was originally $30.

Where is the other dollar? (Answer in comments)

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

City of Jersey City: There is nothing wrong with those speed bumps -- so we'll get right to fixing them

Jersey City put down some serious speed bumps recently to get drivers along Erie St. and Bergen Ave. and elsewhere to slow down. Trouble was the speed bumps were a little *ahem* high and angular. So much so that these speed bumps are already scarred with the paint and undercarriage metal from quite a few cars and trucks. When reached for comment on the height of the speed bumps even Game of Thrones' Jon Snow said "Those are seriously tall."

After putting up a strong front initially and invoking you know, the children (When you bring a "think of the children" mention into your argument you've already lost), city spokesperson Jennifer Morrill went on to say yes, the bumps must be adjusted:

“In addition to marking the speed humps with thermoplastic, reflective pavement markers, the contractor will also be lowering them."

There you go. They WERE put in wrong.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Late night open thread

I saw that show, 50 Things To Do Before You Die. I would have thought the obvious one was "Shout For Help."
 -- Jimmy Carr

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Of course it happened on a Monday. This poor person had a fine drive into Cool City this morning and is gonna come back to this. If by some miracle you're checking out the Jersey City Desk like a good worker should and you think that's your Audi and wanna be proactive email Johnny at the email addy in his profile and we'll check your license plate against the original picture. #OilyAudi

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Late night open thread

Movie mistakes night. In the movie North by Northwest, in the shooting scene in the Mount Rushmore cafe, a boy in the background puts his fingers in his ears because he knows the shot is coming.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Want to see how Jersey City works?

The Auditor section on this morning has a very interesting nugget about Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop heading north to raise money (and contacting those close to him personally to asking them to give more money) in Massachusetts for Democratic candidate for governor, Martha Coakley. The Auditor said other Jersey City notables and those working for the city heeded Fulop's call:

That included Fulop and the Jersey City Democratic Committee; Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, a Jersey City native and former deputy mayor; Andrew Hodulik, whose accounting firm does work for Jersey City agencies; and Gary Taffet, the former chief of staff to Gov. Jim McGreevey who is doing insurance work through Jersey City’s broker.

The Auditor heard that Fulop personally called New Jersey contacts to ask them to contribute.

So why would Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop be so darned interested in Coakley's campaign? Easy, and here's where you see how business in JC gets done:

One of Coakley’s supporters is Dan Fireman, the son and business partner of Paul Fireman, the Boston billionaire who owns a golf course in Jersey City and wants to build a 95-story casino and entertainment complex there.

And there you go, it's never what it seems, you're always being sold out if you're a regular taxpayer and not a friend of the mayor or a wealthy donor.

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday night Scoreboard Show!

Penn State 13
Rutgers 10
RU fans are going to wake up with one hell of a hangover. Gary Nova's FIVE interceptions doomed Rutgers

East Carolina 28
Virginia Tech 21
Va Tech won a huge game on  the road last week against the Buckeyes and just gave it back

Boston College 37
USC 31
USC won a huge game on the road last week against Stanford and just gave it back

Syracuse 40
Central Michigan 3
Good road effort from the Orange in what could have been a trap game

Old Dominion 17
Eastern Michigan 3
Is EMU through the wall they set up on opening day yet? Nope. We'll check back next week

Iowa State 20
Iowa 17
The corn tastes so much better the next day after you win the Cy-Hawk Trophy

Bowling Green 42
Indiana 42
We think the B1G might have some of that ebola going around...

Notre Dame 30
Purdue 14
...The symptoms include wheezing, losing to MAC schools...

TCU 30
Minnesota 7
...A general malaise, national embarrassment...

Washington 44
Illinois 19
...And high fever and diarrhea

Fordham 54
Rhode Island 7
In the battle of the Rams, Rhode Island learns they are but ewes

Charlotte 40
North Carolina Central 28
NC Central scored 28 unanswered points in the 4th quarter...and still lost 40-28

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Lamar 73
Texas College 0
Last week Lamar lost to Texas A&M 73-0. This week they beat the Texas College Steers 73-0. If college is about learning we'd say Lamar football players are smart -- and tired of running non-stop conditioning drills

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rutgers football Gameday!

It's finally here. Rutgers tonight will truly enter the pantheon of big time college football, a game they helped invent, tonight at 8pm in Piscataway. The Scarlet Knights take on Penn State University in RU's first ever B1G conference game.

All those games against Cincinnati and Louisville UConn, and USF will now be replaced with Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State and yes, the Nittany Scourge. Big time. NCAA playoff conference. It all starts tonight. Rutgers is 2-22 all-time vs. their western neighbors. One of RU's mostest famousest losses was to a 1995 Penn State team that was loaded. PSU QB Mike McQueary, one of the main figures in Penn State's recent "troubles" as the guy who turned in Jerry Sandusky, was sent in against RU to mop up a big win for the Nittany Lions. Was Joe Paterno running up the score against RU here or is there a bigger question here. McQueary was later suspected of betting on college football, some say even his own games. The line on this one was 21 and to get there McQueary needed points. Let's face it, JoePa looks shocked and bummed McQueary did what he's about to do. Doug Grabner, the RU coach at the time, didn't seem to care who the hell called the pass.

Oh the intrigue! Oh the confrontations! Oh the foul language!

So they meet again today. Penn State is a big favorite. Rutgers is at home and will have a full house behind them. PSU fans are calling Rutgers home field (And again we're not corporate whores so it's simply the Rutgers home field or the like -- perhaps a piece of striped astroturf measuring 120 yards by 53 yards in Piscataway) Beaver Stadium East. Will it be today? Let's break it down.

Rutgers is 2-0 with a big win and PSU is 2-0. Rutgers has won on the road and at home and should be playing with a great deal of confidence. Worst case scenario? PSU scores early and then gets a quick turnover and makes it a two score lead early. They have the big boys to grind a game out at that point. Best case? RU gets a quick lead and lets their defense get into the game against a top flight QB in Christian Hackenberg. Johnny thinks, and it's an old adage, the team with the most rushing yards is going to prevail. Penn State has great potential with their two back system yet have struggled to really get it going. Rutgers has indeed had success and are going to need to use the run game to control tempo. Johnny will always take a proven commodity than the potential for one. Advantage Rutgers.

Not in RU's favor today? The fact its a super duper big game at home. How often do really big celebratory games go sideways? This is an interesting phenomenon to Johnny and he has followed it over the years. A team retiring a players jersey almost always loses that game. Call it a distraction from the important routine of game day or loss of focus too often a big new stadium unveiling or the first time a team has played for X at home, they lose. Yes, that's sort of what RU is facing today. The emotion coming out onto THEIR B1G field is going to be overwhelming. That too can lead to substitution mistakes, penalties and missed tackles as players go for huge crowd pleasing hits rather than tackles. Penn State also is going to be coming out sky high as this week the NCAA lifted the last of their sanctions because of the Sandusky case and suddenly they ARE eligible for a bowl game. Who controls that emotional release better? We'll know by 8:30.

It's going to be a hard hitting game. It's going to be a nasty game. Probably some penalties. It'll be chilly. It'll be wet. A rivalry is about to be born. All common sense statistics point to a Nittany Lions win. Readers know when it comes to predictions Johnny left common sense in the rear-view mirror long ago.

Fearless Forecast
Rutgers 31
Penn State 30