Sunday, November 29, 2015

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

So much on the line on Rivalry Saturday, let's see who passed the tests...

Maryland 46
Rutgers 41
The Star-Ledger indicated that when RU had a 31-13 lead over the Terps at halftime they might just be one of those 5-7 teams invited to a bowl game. The Scarlet Knights must have heard that because they managed to dump the game to Maryland somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. Buh bye Kyle & Julie

Michigan State 55
Penn State 16
Sparty wins the B1G East Division title over Urban Khakis and face Iowa in a steel cage death match next week for a coveted playoff spot

Alabama 29
Auburn 13
Alabama's giant running back Derrick Henry simply assaulted the Auburn defense on FOURTY SIX carries for 271 yards and a TD

Stanford 38
Notre Dame 36
The Irish can forget the playoffs as Touchdown Jesus can't block a late Stanford FG

Florida State 27
Florida 2
Yeeeeeah, Florida is gonna stop Alabama in the SEC title game next week....NOT

Northwestern 24
Illinois 14
If you knew Northwestern was 10-2 raise your hand. Not many, not many

Georgia 13
Georgia Tech 7
Evolution 0

Slippery Rock 41
Assumption 39
You know what happens when you assume

Chattanooga 50
Fordham 20
Fordham crashes hard out of the playoffs

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Florida Atlantic 33
Old Dominion 31
Greg Joseph he's our man, if he can't do it no one can! Greg Joseph hit two fourth quarter field goals to help FAU get power up and earn that all important third and final victory for the Owls this season

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rutgers football Gameday!

A beautiful late November day dawns for the Senior Day festivities in Piscatawy today and Rutgers, if you can believe this, still has something to play for at 4-7. If the Scarlet Knights win today vs the god-awful Maryland Terrapins then Rutgers at 5-7 COULD go to a bowl game. Division 1 football is seemingly void of, going into the last week of the regular season, enough 6 win teams to fill all the bowl games. The experts are saying a couple three 5-7 teams might sneak into a bowl game which right there tells you we have far too many bowl games.

Rutgers will be playing for the last time in front of head coach Kyle Flood who is expected to be fired as soon as Sunday along with Rutgers AD Julie Hermann. In Johnny's opinion both need to go for Rutgers to get back on track and in Hermann's case not just football. So yes, RU should come out and it's our guess they will beat Maryland who is already playing for an interim coach, and move to 5-7. Will RU get a bowl invite in which case? Other than it would give underclassmen another couple weeks of practice under their belts going into 2016 in Johnny's opinion 5-7 teams don't go to bowl games.

Fearless Forecast
Rutgers 24
Maryland 10

Late night open thread

Frank Burns: The men hate me, don't they?
Radar: Just your guts, sir.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Johnny thinks we're all lucky that when Marty McFly went Back to the Future he didn't interact with The Famingos in any way or we may never have had this all-time classic love song. The great part of this song is you can sing the backup vocals and be as cool as lead PROVIDED you get your backup dance steps right otherwise you're just going to look like a toolbag. The Flamingos and 'I Only Have Eyes For You'

Do bop sha bop


We here at the Jersey City Desk would like to send this one out to all our brave and patient friends in Hoboken and parts of Jersey City who had to go through all they had to endure this past week with Suez Water forgetting where they put their tools. Yes yes we know the song is about Boston but tonight let's use our imaginations and pretend it's about Hoboken and Newport. The Standells with 'Dirty Water'


Beautiful warm holiday weekend evenings are to be met with joyful music and thus we send you out the door tonight with Neko Case and a song that if you can't dance to you're dead. 'Honky Tonk Hiccups' wrapping up another Music Series.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Late night open thread

We hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Johnny and the crew are gonna try and sleep in we've all enjoyed so much food and drink. If you need anything overnight just ask the night guy here, Owen.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and a friendly reminder as we do every year, thew dump in Stockbridge Massachusetts is closed today.

Late night open thread

Watching Gone With the Wind before bed. Maybe the south lost because they were such bad actors.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The company performing Jersey City's reval speaks in court papers

There were a lot of stories and even more speculation that after becoming mayor-elect and promptly canceling the reval which was 95% done with Realty Appraisal Co., was done to protect Fulop's base downtown from some much bigger tax bills. In court papers Realty Appraisal Co. says that's exactly what happened:

Rubenstein alleges in a sworn statement filed with the court on Aug. 18 that Fulop called off the reval soon after he was elected mayor in 2013 because of pressure from homeowners that formed his political base and not, as Fulop alleges, because Realty Appraisal hired a former top city official to help it win the reval contract.

Owners of Downtown brownstones, townhomes and condos "knew their properties were among the most under-assessed in the city," Rubenstein said. "They had the most to gain from halting the revaluation, and that was what their councilperson promised he would do if elected mayor."


Mayor Fulop trotted out his spokesman Ryan Jacobs, who made quite mistake in his comments and a gift to people like Johnny when he said since Realty Appraisal Company hired a former JC city official to somehow win the reval contract that is why it was canceled right at the end. Jacobs said because of this allegation in Monmouth County it proved shutting down their work and stopping payment was the right thing to do.

Uh, Ryan, if allegations now equal proof you're in a heaping pile of shit. Shall we revisit the Bubba Cowan lawsuit? There were some allegations we should now take as proof, yes? A lot of people are alleging the idea to file paperwork calling city hall dilapidated reeks of patronage. Must mean it's proved patronage, should Johnny be free to just write stories like that?

If allegations now equal proof Johnny's going to have to hire writers.