Sunday, September 28, 2014

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday night scoreboard show!

Rutgers 31
Tulane 6
Rutgers fans go crazy all week awaiting a very damaged Michigan team

Minnesota 30
Michigan 14
For only the second time in 25 years Minnesota holds the Little Brown Jug. The Little Brown Jug gets to go deer hunting this year how awesome

Maryland 37
Indiana 15
Maryland, like Rutgers, aren't the B1G's problem children this year

Florida State 56
NC State 41
A good old fashioned game of Playstation football

Kentucky 17
Vanderbilt 7
Kentucky just broke their 17 game SEC losing streak. Couches will pay dearly

Bucknell 20
Cornell 7
Would anyone at Bucknell like to explain this sudden change from bad program to awesome program and tell us it wasn't done by a magic ring and a wish from a leprechaun?

McNeese St. 61
Arkansas Tech 7
Old Arkie Tech just couldn't overcome that 54 point deficit

Montana State 29
North Dakota 18
OK, who had 8 and 9 in the squares? Nothing turns 'em out on Bozeman quite like when the UND come to town, attendance today at Bobcat Stadium 19,477

Maine 27
Towson 24
You wanna know what the difference was in this game? Three points, duh

Illinois State 55
Austin Peay 6
Peay, they just didn't have it in them today

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Norfolk State 15
Morgan State 14
Norfolk State's Tyler Clark got power up and scored a touchdown with :29 seconds to play and will be allowed to loot and pillage the greater Norfolk area for the next 24 hours. Please stay out of his way

With the scoreboard show tonight Johnny's off on vacation dear readers. Next week he'll be happily and merrily galavanting around the Hudson River Valley from Cooperstown to FDR's house. From Woodstock to Sleepy Hollow and everywhere in between. So be good, catch Johnny's vacation commentary and pictures on the Twitter, (@JohnyAction) and we'll see you back here late next weekend.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rutgers football gameday!

Johnny sees an opportunity for Rutgers today against the Green Wave of Tulane in Piscataway. He sees an opportunity to work out the issues and timing with the running game now that RU's best runner Paul james, who really would have been good in the B1G leave no doubt, is out for the season. Rutgers is making it's name in the conference as a hard playing, hard working team that isn't afraid to give you their best punch. They're going to need that running game going next week in a very winnable game vs Michigan. Opportunities, hopefully, for some second team players to see some time because injuries happen. Repetition and timing are what the Scarlet Knights really need to perfect. Will Rutgers be looking ahead against Tulane? We'll know by the end of the first quarter. We'll see it in their urgency and discipline. Win today and it's another great week in Piscataway leading into the Michigan game.

Fearless forecast:
Rutgers 38
Tulane 20

Late night open thread

The dead of midnight is the noon of thought.
 -- Anna Letitia Barbauld

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 26, 2014


Your face, consider it about to be rocked off. All over Cool City tonight lots of 'Tattooed Love Boys' out there looking for Ms. Right Now. Chrissie Hynde sings this song with such base sexuality it just steams up the place. It smacks you in the head a few times with James Honeyman-Scott's snarling guitar licks too. Put the good headphones on and turn the volume up because here it comes.


A proper bluesman in front of a proper band playing that vital blues music that rock and roll needs like peanut butter needs jelly. A case could be made it needs it today more than ever. After that fine Cage the Elephant and Black Keys show earlier this week out in the Brooklyn hinterlands, Johnny wanted to unleash a great live song tonight. Muddy Waters and his orchestra tearing up 'Got My Mojo Workin,' is a version you just have to hear and fits that bill nicely.


You just can't have a bad time listening to Marvin Gaye songs can you? You can feel introspective on some of his more serious music but sooner rather than later a song like 'I'll Be Doggone' is gonna pop up in the shuffle and that smile just permeates. It's cool, push the furniture to the outside of the room and glide around and feel good about life for the next two minutes fifty.

Johnny's seen a lot of construction vehicles but this takes the cake

In his last few years of walking the dire wolf through, and visiting friends in the Powerhouse Arts District, Johnny has seen just about every conceivable construction vehicle: Dump trucks, long trucks, short trucks, loaders, haulers, little golf cart zippy things but he had never ever never seen a construction vehicle like this before this morning:

Yes, the guys at Mill Creek rehabbing the building at Warren and Morgan have a horse trailer to aid them this morning. So either Mill Creek is putting in off-track betting and want some ambience in the lobby or maybe they are going to turn the famed Morgan Lot across the street into a horse track. What? It could happen. We could hold the Jersey Derby or SpacePunk Stakes over there. Johnny didn't see any sulky's lying around so we're guessing it could be thoroughbred racing.

Ah, perchance to dream.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Late night open thread

A great send off for a great player. #RE2PECT

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Is Johnny the laziest human in Jersey City?

Nah, not this time. He'll go on his own. He'll trudge off into the bloody rain and wind, walk uphill both ways, and go get his own vegetables. It's fine if some teenager doesn't have money in his pocket for a movie or a date (Johnny pays well) this weekend. It's fine if iTunes doesn't sell an album or two.

Now if it were snowing...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Late night open thread

A picture Johnny took yesterday of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower in Brooklyn.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark