Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just one of those things Johnny notices

Flipping through the dials this morning he saw the beginning to 'A League of Their Own' and noticed as the gals were choosing up teams to play on there was a gal with a Hoboken jersey, really really.

Late night open thread

What.A.Night. Johnny is not easily starstruck but getting to see and hear and practically touch one of his music idols was really quite special. Debbie Harry killed at the Cafe Carlyle and Johnny does not say that because he's a fan. It truly is a wonderful eclectic show and she opens up and tells some wonderful stories about the songs. Johnny and Mrs. Johnny went and did have seats next to the stage and the place is quite cramped.

Johnny is not so far removed from his tiny hometown of Ortonville Michigan to not at least take notice when famous people drift around a room. Even more so when they start sitting right by him. Sitting directly behind Johnny was Monica Lewinsky (And we're not posting pictures of these people because this is the Jersey City Desk, not the Tattler). Yes, that does get ones attention. Ten minutes later when Michelle Phillips sat down next to Johnny he kinda sorta got that feeling Pee Wee Herman got when he got to drive Mickey's car in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. He was in fact maintaining without Tramadol before Uma Thurman sat down at the table behind him. THEN the concert started. So a pretty cool time and some fun celebrity sightings.

A few of Debbie Harry from the Cafe Carlyle tonight before bed.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, March 27, 2015

We're shifting the Music Series to Saturday this week

Sorry fans of hot Friday night online music, we're gonna have to move the show until tomorrow as Johnny has a treat in store for himself tonight. As you well know Johnny has always been a huge fan of women in music. Huge fan. He's seen (and talked with) some of his idols. Tonight though, tonight is very very special. Probably no one woman has spent more hours in Johnny's ears than the rest and tonight Johnny gets great seats to see Ms. Deborah Harry at the famed Cafe Carlyle. Debbie (it just sounds so wrong to say Ms. Harry so it's Debbie) had a wonderful write-up in the New York Times as she begins her time performing at the cabaret inspired club.

So live music for Johnny tonight as he sits like a schoolboy with a crush and back to the Music Series on Saturday.

According to the Port Authority the Holland Tunnel is closed tomorrow

Men in colorful costumes are dressing up to play pretend bomb scare or something and here is the announcement from the PA themselves:

Whatever they're doing in the Holland Tunnel give some of them asphalt and some shovels and buckets and fill a few potholes while they play savior of the earth. Port Authority, goddamned mall cops...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Late night open thread

Hmmmm, Johnny's birthday so it's his pick on the video tonight. Gotta be funny. Gotta be a favorite. Ah, yes, here we go.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Happy Birthday to....Johnny!

Today is Johnny's birthday and his father said he could have anything he wants. So you know what he wants? ...........waiting for you to just say it.........In a few minutes Johnny is going to make a trek to White Castle. Yep, the tastebuds want what the tastebuds want. Johnny doesn't spend much time ever eating fast food so on his birthday each year he gets on the PATH, gets off at Journal Square and walks a couple blocks up on Kennedy to White Castle. Yes, the last bastion of poor-nutritional greasy American food in India Square. Mmmmmm, onion chips.

So we'll be back with you tonight as always. Til then.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Late night open thread

There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.
 -- Willa Cather

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

JCPD close 'Mosquito Park' after reports of a shootout

Dateline: The Heights. Police have closed Leonard Gordon Park, better know as Mosquito park at the corner of Kennedy and Manhattan. Police say they have recovered multiple shell casings. According to Matthew Speiser with the Jersey Journal:

A resident who lives across the street from the park told The Jersey Journal that he heard "pop pop pop" several times while he was eating lunch in his house around 1 p.m. Police have told him that he cannot enter the park because it is a crime scene.

Shine said that at about 2:30 p.m. a State Park ranger arrived with a police dog to search for more evidence.

The Jersey City Desk will keep you updated should any more stupidity happen in or around our fair city.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Late night open thread

Earlier tonight Johnny was checking the settings on all the thingamajigs that make this dump run so smoothly. Johnny also was checking the stats and saw that someone actually checked in from their TV set surfing the web. One of those newfangled sets. So for you, our biggest fan, some teevee for your teevee:

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Hey now, we still have a local team enjoying the March madness

NJIT won their game last night in the Tournament in Newark and are on to the THIRD round which they will host this upcoming Saturday night at 7:30 vs Canisius. Sure it's not Duke and Kentucky but so what? It's an honest game from an up and coming program making the most right now of extra practice and still building off their defeat of then #17 Michigan in Ann Arbor earlier this season.

This is a team that recently had a 51 game losing streak going after joining Division 1. They were 6-83 in its first three seasons. Now just look. There's a great read on how Highlanders coach Jim Engles has managed this turnaround and the growing support for the NJIT program. Take some time you would have spent looking at your long-lost brackets and have a good read this fine sunny day.