Saturday, September 29, 2018

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, we laugh at losing teams because we love them.

Clemson 27
Syracuse 23
Good lord that poor Clemson QB got the soul knocked out of him. Syracuse looking so improved even with the loss

Northern Illinois 26
Eastern Michigan 23 3OT
They worked a lot of overtime at "The Factory" in Ypsilanti today but nobody from Eastern got paid

Brown 35
Georgetown 7
The Brown over the 'Town

Michigan State 31
Central Michigan 20
Newsflash, MSU leads nation in run defense; in other news, water is wet

Purdue 42
Nebraska 28
This whole Scott Frost transition thing just looks so seamless when you're winless and getting creased by the Boilermakers

Indiana 24
Rutgers 7
Ringmaster, how long must this Rutgers circus continue?

Ohio University 58
Massachusetts 42
The Playstation Game of the Week

North Carolina State 35
Virginia 21
Remember, remember, do you remember that time that Virginia was a #1 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament and lost to #16 Maryland at Baltimore County? That was AWESOME!

Michigan 20
Northwestern 17
If Michigan doesn't come back and win this game the Jim Harbaugh outlook gets real bad real fast

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Georgia Southern 28
Arkansas State 21
There were just seconds to play when Wesley Kennedy III set sail for the Arkansas State end zone but if it's the Game of the Week you know Kennedy got power up and made it to the house ensuring sweet victory for the Eagles. For his heroics, Wesley Kennedy III may loot and pillage Statesboro Georgia for the next 24 hours.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 28, 2018

Late night open thread

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. “
 -- Albert Camus

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


You kids today, you don't know good radio, especially good FM radio. Sure you have XM and Sirius with no commercials but you simply do not get today the DJ knowledge so inherent back in Johnny's day. You got to know who played on the track, the artist's thoughts maybe and when the band was coming to town and where. Just about every song got that treatment when they did finally break for a commercial.

No static at all, here's 'FM' (Awesome extended version you've probably never heard before, Johnny hadn't, he never bought the FM soundtrack)


What's not to love about Suzanne Vega? Such a brilliant lyricist. Not that the rest of the package isn't fabulous but boy Johnny used to read ALL her liner notes for lyrics. From the Songs in Red and Gray album, here is 'Penitent' and a great live version.


What better song to send you out into this glorious fall evening in Cool City? Interesting note about this song, the chords were based on David Bowie's "Space Oddity" just played backwards.

'The Killing Moon' puts the wraps on another Music Series.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Late night open thread

It's college football the way you like it....FREE!

Buffalo 42
Rutgers 13
MAC teams like to fly a pirate flag when they beat a Power 5 conference. Rutgers is going to have to take out a restraining order against that flag

Michigan 56
Nebraska 10
Frosty creamed corn

Duke 55
NC Central 13
Johnny had to double check this wasn't basketball

Syracuse 51
Connecticut 21
WTF Syracuse? 4-0? It's the first day of fall and everything is already orange in upstate New York

Colgate 45
Lafayette 0
Lafayette did not much enjoy their check up

UCF 56
FAU 36
Does it seem like the first five weeks of the season all the Florida teams have a round-robin?

Miami (FL) 31
FIU 17
Does it seem like the first five weeks of the season all the Florida teams have a round-robin?

Arkansas State 27
Good thing Arkansas State scored 8 points in the fourth quarter to none for UNLV. Because if they hadn't they'd have lost. You get that right? Hello, is this thing on?

West Alabama 16
Limestone 13
When we say we check ALL the scores, we check ALL the scores

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Idaho State 25
North Dakota 21
Idaho State's Defensive back Christian McFarland did not travel from Idaho all the way to goddamned Grand Forks North Dakota to lose. No sir. McFarland got power up and intercepted a UND pass very late to seal the win. Loot and pillage Grand Forks as you will Mr. McFarland but as always, please keep it to 24 hours, people have to work on Monday

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 21, 2018

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Johnny gets all the cards and letters you mail him for suggestions on the Music Series and you kids can't seem to get enough of themed nights. Well how about we just go to the dogs tonight? Tonight it's all about our furry friends. Marvin Gaye kicking things off tonight with 'I'll Be Doggone'



'Atomic Dog' bringing the funk on a fall Friday


Smoke 'em if you got 'em, 17 minutes of Pink Floyd and 'Dogs' taking us out on a particularly sonic note tonight.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, just loaded with gluten.

North Texas 44
Arkansas 17
Ever have anyone go one and on about how pigs are soooo smart? Like housepigs or Razorbacks like these:
LSU 22
Auburn 21
Johnny called his bookie before this one and put $500 on the Tigers to win proving Johnny is at least smarter than Arkansas

Alabama 62
Mississippi 7
Ole Miss scored on their first play and NICK SABAN WAS UN-FUCKING AMUSED and spent 59 minutes salting Oxford like Scipio Africanus and the Romans salted Carthage

Kansas 55
Rutgers 14
Suddenly Kansas is playing with house money

Western Michigan 68
Delaware State 0
Picking up a check is a hell of a price to pay to a red-ass beat down and two nights at the Sheraton off I-94 and Westnedge Avenue

BYU 24
Wisconsin 21
Rafael Gaglianone is a sad Badger. He missed a 42 yard field goal to send the game to overtime with 41 seconds to play. He probably has to sit alone on the Bucky Bus this week

Connecticut 56
Rhode Island 49
The Playstation Game of the Week

North Carolina State 3
West Virginia 2
Last week Johnny miscounted the usual ten games for the Scoreboard Show and you got nine. Here is this week's makeup game. This one was actually canceled because of the hurricane but Johnny decided to make up some shit. Big upset for the Wolfpack

Ohio Wesleyan 9
Wooster 7
It's always action packed when the Ohio Wesleyan Battling Bishops take on the Wooster Fighting Scots. OK, well, maybe not always

Wyoming 17
Wofford 14
Alphabetically it has to be the last one before the game of the week

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
South Dakota 90
Arkansas-Pine Bluff 6
When you kids have a chance to score 90 points on someone, you don't do that. South Dakota actually threw two TD passes of 37 and 76 yards in the fourth quarter. Big win Jackrabbits, but no looting or pillaging for you, a lesson you must learn

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The All About Downtown Street Fair, it's TODAY!

So come one, come all, from 12-8pm today its All About Downtown (and yes we hear the snickers from The Heights, Greenville, India Square et al -- you're not wrong) and there is a lot to showcase. Johnny could spend a lot of time typing words and spell-checking words and editing run-on sentences, but he's not gonna do that. Instead, he'll leave you with THIS handy dandy link to the official site. See ya at the Fair cats and kittens.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Late night open thread

Missing the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show tomorrow night? That's a paddlin'
Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Perhaps Johnny's favorite sing-along song. It's the one he doesn't horribly offend those around him as he plods along somewhat in the vocal range of Jackson Browne meets Yoko Ono. 'You Love the Thunder' from the legendary live album, Running on Empty, from 1977.


Yes Elaine Benes, this song IS Spongeworthy. 'Plowed' ready to run you over, back up, and do it again. These guys all know how to do that, they're from Detroit.


Sending you out to where you're headed tonight with some attitude. If you can't get to where you're going with this elegant jam playing in your head man, it's therapy time. There are so many pitch perfect parts to this song it will hold up in any era ever. Moby with 'Porcelain' all up in your ears:

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, the most fun you can have without paying tax! So much to get to, let's make bandwagon fans cry shall we...

Clemson 28
Texas A&M 26
A miraculous catch to bring the Aggies within two at the death but the two point play is no good so no kissy face and pushups and so forth in College Station tonight, just homework

TCU 42
SMU 12
The battle of the letter schools deep in the heart of Texas. These games used to be closer when SMU was a cheating machine

West Virginia 52
Youngstown State 17
You'd think people would be more upset about Penguins getting kicked around like this

Rhode Island 45
Albany 26
Albany scored 19 unanswered points in the 4th quarter...and still got waxed

Miami (FL) 77
Savannah State 0
Miami won the toss and elected to kick the bejeesus out of Savannah State. Their new turnover chain is worth a billion dollars

Syracuse 62
Wagner 10
Wagner collects a check, drawn on Jim Brown Bank and Trust

Kansas 31
Central Michigan 7
A storied basketball program that is utter crap at football year after year break a 46 game road losing streak in Mt. Boring

Kentucky 27
Florida 16
A storied basketball program that is utter crap at football year after year break a 31 game road losing streak to Florida. Nobody beats Kentucky 32 years in a row, nobody

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Eastern Michigan 20
Purdue 19
Johnny's never been lucky enough to have his alma mater featured as the Game of the Week...until tonight. When things looked their darkest under the rainy West Lafayette skies, Eastern bravely drove down the muddy field and heroically got into field goal range and Chad Ryland took care of the rest, getting power up on a winning 24 yard FG. For his magnificent kick, Chad Ryland can now loot and pillage West Lafayette (Of all towns to get to pillage Chad wonders, West Lafayette, really?) for 24 hours. This calls for a double highlight package, the winning kick and of course, the EMU fight song
Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Late night open thread

This gif reminds Johnny of the Neko Case song 'Deep Red Bells' with it's murdery overtones. Sweet dreams and see ya tomorrow night for the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 7, 2018


Johnny really likes Sarah McLachlan's music and he has pretty much since she started. She is unique in Johnny's musical pantheon. If you ask him to name a favorite song by a singer or band he'll usually hem and haw and say "Well they have a lot of great work" and gee whiz and so on. Not with Sarah McLachlan. 'Sweet Surrender' has always held a place waaaaay up on the shelf and he can tell you definitively it's his favorite song by her. There's a lot of other great songs to choose from, this one just does it.


As sad as the breakup of The Clash was, Mick Jones favored us with some really great music through Big Audio Dynamite. Here's an old favorite of Johnny's, 'E=MC2'
Not too far off where music was heading in the next few years with track overlays, raps, media clips, etc. Mick Jones for the visionary win.


The pride of Ypsilanti Michigan, Mr. Iggy Pop! Turn this one up wherever you're at. If something gets broken well then it does. 'Five Foot One' bringing the ruckus and finishing off another Music Series.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Late night open thread

Johnny shared this on Twitter, the heatwave in Michigan must be tough if it can cause this to happen in Johnny's mom's house.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

It's a Heat Advisory kind of Labor Day

The Jersey City Desk Action Weather Team is merely parroting the National Weather Service (but now the JCDAWT gets a tax write off again this year) in telling you Jersey City and the surround are under a Heat Advisory through Tuesday evening at 9pm. Heat index values will rise to close to or over 100ยบ. You can read the whole NWS advisory here.

Nobody is going to be standing next to the grill today. Bill, those burgers look good from inside here in the air conditioning........he texted.

Happy Labor Day!

To all the workers, the salt of the earth cats and kittens out there, who slag it out day after day no matter what gets in their way the staff here hope you enjoy today. One more day at the beach. Maybe a chance to do nothing. Just one day when you make the world go around the other 364.

Here's to all the workers!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Late night open thread

You know it, you love it, you can't live without it on fall Saturday nights, it's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show! If your team lost, best you leave now.

Notre Dame 24
Michigan 17
The Irish fans are lining up to burn down Jim Harbaugh's She Shed

Rutgers 35
Texas State 7
Remember how much fun today was in November

Iowa 33
Northern Illinois 7
Kirk Ferentz becomes the all-time winningest head coach at Iowa and shall hereby be proclaimed King of Corn

New Mexico 62
Incarnate Word 30
Still probably closer than this game should have been. Seriously, Incarnate Word put 30 on you

Clemson 48
Furman 7
Johnny had his Furman shirt on for a half. It was not helping. Like, at all

USC 43
USC was barely hanging on at halftime and so Sam Darnold flew back and finished up the second half for the Men of Troy

Maryland 34
Texas 29
No team looks more ready for the playoffs after two weeks every year than Maryland. Then come the other weeks

Albion 59
Defiance 6
That's, that's really not a whole lot of what you'd call "defiance' right there

Slippery Rock 38
Kentucky State 31
Slippery Rock let the JV go out for the first half while the varsity hung back and played Madden. The Varsity went out and outscored Kentucky State 24-3 in the second half and went back to the locker room and played more Madden

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Lehigh 21
St. Francis (Pa) 19
With just 33 seconds left, Lehigh's Jon Seighman got power up and blocked a potential game-winning 30 yard field goal by Eric Bofenkamp who will swear this is all fake news. For his heroic efforts Jon Seighman may loot and pillage South Mountain for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Late night open thread

Johnny's Spartans weren't all that and a bag of chips tonight vs Utah State but a win is a win. Speaking of which, don't forget the Scoreboard Show tomorrow night. So much needless slagging.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark