Friday, January 31, 2014


Who is this Caroline and why is she laughing while it's raining all day?

The Psychadelic Furs and 'Pretty in Pink' to get things started this week on the Music Series.


The day Johnny bought self titled album by Van Halen he had played this song, 'Jamie's Crying' and 'Runnin' With the Devil' down to the vinyl with that diamond needle in like three days.

Alex Van Halen never sounded better.


'Strangeness and Charm' by Florence and the Machine is not only the name of this song, it's how we hope you see our little sliver of heaven here at the Jersey City Desk.

Chris Christie can start working on the resignation speech now -- HE KNEW!

Well first things first. First, which scandal are we talking about? The G.W. Bridge scandal. Christie's school chum (and Christie barely even knew the guy before he fired him *wink wink*) David Wildstein says Christie was well aware the entire time despite his "Aw shucks some bad people did some bad things" speech a few weeks back:

In a letter released by his lawyer, the official, David Wildstein, a high school friend of Mr. Christie’s who was appointed with the governor’s blessing at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which controls the bridge, described the order to close the lanes as “the Christie administration’s order” and said “evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures, during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the governor stated publicly in a two-hour press conference” three weeks ago.

So New Jersey, and to a lesser extent America, we got lied to. Johnny said the tells were there on the day Christie gave the speech he wasn't telling the truth. The question now is what are we gonna do about it? Are we gonna sit there and take it? Johnny sure isn't. Christie gave a two hour presser where he lied most of the time. Right to us. So, who do you believe NOW about the threat of holding back Hoboken relief for the right answer on the Rockefeller Property?

Seriously New Jersey, what are we gonna do about it?

Somebody define "rapid"

Because Johnny thinks his idea of a "Rapid Deployment Force"and that of the Jersey City Police Department might be a tad different. In fact change the paint job and you'd get a "Rapid Deployment Family Singing Act" from the 1970's.

Johnny wonders if a school bus can be considered rapid anything. Just pray we never need to use the Rapid Deployment Force here for a long long time.

Jersey City owes $500K in back rent for the Hub...which sets off sniping!

Which is why we're here isn't it? For the sniping?

Jersey City owes $500K in back rent on the Hub, the shopping center on MLK, which they really had no choice but to pay, which set Ward E Councilwoman Candice Osborne on the attack back to when Jerramiah Healy (remember him?) was large and in charge:

“It seems like someone with the past administration tried to artificially lower taxes by not paying a $500,000 bill.”

Ruh ro, Jerry Healy isn't going to like that:

“We paid our bills when we had to and if we needed extra time to pay our bills, we sought that extra time.”

So you can blame whom you want to, as one commenter at the link said current Mayor Steve Fulop had to be aware of this mess as a former councilman, so there's plenty to go around. The bottom line? Cool City is out $500K.

The Hub in action

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Late night open thread

Wow, it's the last 23 seconds of Super Bowl IV, excited yet?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So Jersey City, what are your thoughts on Super Bowl week thus far?

Johnny's had a lot to say on the matter here and on the Twitter but what do YOU think of all this hubbub? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Mad at the JCPD for ruining the fan experience at the Hyatt where the Seahawks are staying? Spit it in comments.

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today, January 30th, you share it with one of America's greatest presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was born in 1882.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Local NJ towns: The NFL has been a nightmare to work with

Despite NFL protestations to the contrary, many city, town and township powers that be say the NFL has been a nightmare to work with in trying to bring events to their towns. Many in fact thought they had events in place after talking with the NFL only to find out the NFL has many levels of bureaucracy many of whom not to know what others are doing.

It's a good read and rather frustrating to weigh everything being said by so many local municipalities against a blanket denial by the NFL which w're frankly tired of hearing because the NFL's comments just don't jibe with what's going on on the ground.

Staten Island congressman behaves like a thug

We know conservatives have been big into using the word "thug" anymore. Like Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks said earlier this week after he was called a thug time and time again for his NFC Championship post-game rant, it's becoming a fast and easy backdoor way to refer to someone as a nigger without saying nigger (Here at the Jersey City Desk we're not afraid of using certain words in an adult discussion because it's the context of words not their definition that should upset people).

So what is a thug or thuggish behavior? Let's try Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm who went off on a NY1 reporter last night after President Obama (and he's been called a thug as well yet exhibits NONE of the definition) threatening him with physical violence and a certain death if he followed up on his promise to throw reporter Mike Scotto over the Capitol balcony. Scotto merely asked Grimm about an ongoing federal investigation into his fundraising in 2010. Grimm got in Scotto's face and said he'd break him in half and said Scotto wasn't a man.

Now THAT is pretty thuggish behavior if that was all there is. The New Yorker Magazine tells us there is more to this behavior. When Grimm was an FBI agent he waved his gun around a Staten Island nightclub after a confrontation and is accused of saying "all the white people could leave" the club while he looked around. Waving a gun at a nighclub and possibly making racial comments? Sorry, in today's vernacular that rises to thug behavior rather easily.

So it would seem Staten Island employs a thug congressman who thinks he does people a favor by letting them talk to him. We'd remind Staten Island you needn't put up with a this come election day. Let's make 2014 the year SI becomes thug-free!

Late night open thread

Did you know on this day (Jan. 29) in 1845 that Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven' was published in the New York Evening Mirror, a publication that is nevermore.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Super Bowl hype machine is up and running and you know what Johnny's noticed?

NYC seems SO desperate to let people know THEY have something to do with it. Yes, with NJ thinking they'd be the ones overlooked by the media and getting no attention for their events the script has completely flipped. Did anyone watch the NYC news reports the last couple nights? Read the blogs and newspapers? They seemed almost pained to say everything for the next few days was Jersey-centric. From the non-stop team reports here in Jersey City on the NFL Network and ESPN where the Broncos and Seahawks are both staying, to the media day at the Prudential Center in Newark, to the kickoff concert.

It's the New York City media outlets looking desperate for attention.

They continually showed their big Broadway football NFL experience in Times Square thing where nobody was. New York media outlets are talking up NYC events that frankly aren't drawing. Lots of fans here for the kickoff concert at Liberty State Park last night. Look at the pictures in the link, lots of fans hanging outside the hotels here in Jersey City.

As hard as Roger Goodell and his NFL lackeys might have tried to minimize New Jersey in the whole Super Bowl run up it appears that New Jersey has become the star and New Yorkers are left trying to photobomb us.

Never let them forget it either...

Late night open thread

Meanwhile, in Delaware...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, January 27, 2014

Om nom nom, the delicious irony, it nourishes Johnny so...

Just fill out that paperwork anywhere...

Maxwell's is going to reopen in Hoboken

Sorry for the late start friends, Johnny had a morning of appointments.

Hoboken's famed music venue, closed late last year is going to reopen as, well, Maxwell's in the same spot. So, it'll be like Maxwell's took a two month vacation. Click here and get some local news that doesn't involve the Super Bowl or what color scarf Peyton Manning wore to breakfast.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Late night open thread

One day on Mercury lasts approximately as long as 59 days on earth. Think about that if you think your Monday is dragging tomorrow.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Don't forget the Devils and Rangers play outside at Yankee Stadium today!

12:30pm and we're gonna have some outdoor puck over in the Bronx. You still have time to make it should you wanna go watch the game but if not it'll be on the teevee. Here's the game preview for you, the discerning hockey fan.

The WSJ has an article on Jersey City's "rebranding" efforts towards NYC

The lead pretty much hips you to where this article is heading:

Much like a midsize sedan or a midprice home, Jersey City has earned a reputation in some circles as a stage in life reluctantly reached by New Yorkers with limited incomes and a couple of children.

Now the city's mayor, Steve Fulop, is launching a rebranding campaign intended to make people look at the place in a new light, with a new title: "The Best Mid-Sized City in the U.S."

Take a few minutes on a Sunday and learn more about Mayor Fulop's efforts to change perceptions about Jersey City and the city's efforts to land an ad firm to further promote our fair city.

Late night open thread

Uma and John will be dancing the night away with the rest of us.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, January 25, 2014

See Spot Rescued is having an adoption event at K9dergarten today from 1-4

K9dergarten is located at 173 Newark Ave. Do yourself a favor, do your family a favor and stop in to take a look at these amazing pups. Here's a link so you can see the adoptable dogs. Make sure to click through with the kids ;)

As always a mea culpa, Johnny got his amazing puppy from See Spot Rescued and couldn't be happier.

Tired of wondering when that next NJ Transit bus is coming? Those days are over

A new app for your smartphone or desktop computer has been launched by NJ Transit which gives you the ability to check your route and see where the next bus coming your way is at. If you'd like to leave the warmth of your home 10 minutes later because you can see the bus is running late, there you go. If you're leaving work and wonder if it's worth running to a stop to catch one you'll know if it's prudent to walk or run.

Johnny's gonna post a screenshot of the app in action. By hovering your mouse over a stop you get the info and you'll see flashing dots/red diamonds to show where the bus is. Here Johnny moused over Van Nostrand and JFK and when you click on this image you see the red diamond bus is coming your way. You can see the route by checking the arrow inside the diamond.

A great use of technology making it's way here. Remember times are estimated and traffic backups do happen. NJ Transit also advises the estimates don’t apply to buses leaving the Port Authority Bus Terminal between 4 and 7 p.m. weekdays.

Still, it's better than not having this handy app. Get to downloading so you can get down to the Denver and Seattle hotel rallies Sunday night.

Both Super Bowl teams arrive in Jersey City Sunday with much fanfare

At least by Jersey City's Mayor and the fans of the teams themselves. There just aren't a lot of Seattle or Denver fans who make up the local population to make that happen. You citizen are encouraged to go to both the Denver Donkeys arrival celebration which takes place at 4pm at the Hyatt hotel, 2 Exchange Place AND Crooked Pete and his Merry Band of Self-Important Seattle Peahens who will have their arrival celebration at 8pm at the Westin, 479 Washington Blvd.

Said Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop of the welcome ceremonies:

“We are excited to welcome the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, as well as all of their fans, to Jersey City,” Fulop said. “Working closely with the NFL has been a great opportunity to showcase Jersey City as we prepare for the nation’s largest annual sporting event. We hope that everyone attending the Super Bowl experiences everything Jersey City has to offer.”

Johnny wishes he could get excited by these teams but come on, Denver and Seattle. Nuff said.

Late night open thread

Most boat owners name their boats. Do you know the most popular name? Answer in comments.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Who knew a gimmicky song with an absolute top tier backing track from the late Michael Jackson (done as a favor) about paranoia could become so darned topical one day with the revelations of Edward Snowden and all the illegalities being committed by the NSA and other spying outfits. Motown Records gives us Rockwell with the former #1 song 'Somebody's Watching Me'


Yes you know the song from the teevee ad but there is a lot to this song they sure can't sell ad time to. After a couple times listening to this song you might want to start a fistfight. Be warned. Transplants with the very in your face 'Diamonds and Guns'


With The Killer Jerry Lee Lewis on 88's we open up the Wayback Machine to 1956 and Carl Perkins with 'Get Your Cat Clothes On' to put the wraps on another Music Series.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Experts: NJ is getting outright hosed on Super Bowl money

The NFL, without showing all work, uses a formula from a company calling itself Sport Management Research Institute to tell host cities they will get upwards of half a billion dollars from travelers and others coming for the game and festivities. People who don't do their homework on these numbers hear this and think fabulous what a great deal we're getting, some kind of factoring and science must have been used in these projections. Well the half a billion is being grossly overstated by as much as 75% and the science used so the NFL can use the $500 million number is based on "false science" say experts:

Andrew Zimbalist, a sports economist at Smith College, told in a recent Q&A that the study that produces that $500-600 million figure is based on "false science":

The studies that they do that I’ve seen—they don’t make all of them available—but the ones that I’ve seen use input-output analysis and produce reams of data that an uninformed observer would look at and say, ‘Well, this is science.’ The NFL certainly wants people to believe that it’s science.

S.P. Sullivan at did a great breakdown of the true costs and benefits of Super Bowls and what New Jersey and to a lesser extent NYC can expect from this year's Super Bowl. Sullivan interviewed quite a few experts who said the NFL numbers just do not add up:

Matheson says the rosy economic figures being offered by the NFL and host committees are flawed in part because the parties funding them have an economic interest in reporting big numbers. They also focus on economic activity created by the game without factoring in economic activity prevented by the game, he says.

"The way that the studies go wrong is that they do a pretty good job estimating all the economic impact that does occur because of the Super Bowl, but they don't do a very good job of estimating the impact that doesn't occur," Matheson said.

There is so much more on this at the link above. It makes for a great read if you want to know the truth and not just what's being told to you.

Late night open thread

Johnny likes to spin tales about the winters he spent in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. They are well know to his friends and they also know when someone complains about how cold it is on any given day they will be met with, "Be thankful it's not Marquette."

Jersey City, be thankful you're not Marquette:

Rest of Tonight
Cold. Mostly clear through midnight...then mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow overnight. Patchy blowing snow overnight. Lows around 12 below zero. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph increasing to 10 to 20 mph overnight. Wind chill readings to 35 below zero.

Warmer. Snow likely in the morning...then a chance of snow in the afternoon. Patchy blowing snow. Snow accumulation around an inch. Highs around 19. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph becoming west 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Chance of snow 70 percent. Lowest wind chill readings to 25 below zero in the morning.

Friday Night
Snow showers in the evening...then a chance of snow showers overnight. Patchy blowing snow overnight. Snow accumulation around an inch. Lows around 1 below. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 90 percent. Lowest wind chill readings to 20 below zero overnight.

Cold. Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow showers. Patchy blowing snow. Highs zero to 5 below zero. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Wind chill readings to 30 below zero.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jersey City Desk EXCLUSIVE! Justin Bieber being arrested on scene!

How does our news crew do it? They're the best aren't they?

Stupid question, Should the Super Bowl be postponed if it snows?

Now, they're not talking 1-2" of snow and postponement. They mean like we just had, 6, 8, 10 inches and up. The answer of course is NO. No they shouldn't delay or postpone the Super Bowl a day or two or a week because of inclement weather. Of course the Super Bowl brings in the millionaires who don't go to football games all year then show up and expect to be catered to.

Screw them. Johnny nor most of America does not care if rich people have to deal with getting to the stadium in the snow or sitting outside in the snow. We all do it or have done it. The Lions vs Eagles game this year was a treat for fans, not a zonk. Then again it's the rich people who keep Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner obviously in over his head, in his job. They expect to be sheltered from such events, kind of like Montgomery Burns.

But this is all speculation Johnny, the chances of snow showing up next weekend are, whoops, ruh ro, pretty good according to CBS 2 Weatherman Lonnie Quinn who is calling for a whopper next weekend. He said on a sports call in show yesterday our area is looking at a storm even bigger than the 10" we got on Tuesday.

So, our answer is of course not, we regular fans love football in the snow. We hope this snow does materialize for the Super Bowl, because then Roger Goodell is going to have to choose; His millionaire lackeys or the millions of fans who want a SnowperBowl.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Late night open thread

“It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.”
-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Winter is Coming

And the White Walkers and Wildlings will come from Hoboken...

In hindsight...

Some people really really did a disservice to workers and school kids by insisting on a half-day of work/school yesterday. Obviously the decisions that go into closing a school early are far different that the "rules" that apply to closing a business/sending workers home but a lot of NJ businesses and schools messed up by A) Not canceling school for a couple days (Kids aren't to the point they'd have to make up excessive days in June) and B) When the businesses didn't just tell people to work from home if possible and then sent them all home around noon after realizing the weather service wasn't lying to their bottom lines, they dropped everyone on the same roads at the same time so everyone had a lovely drive home worse than it should have been.

Schools and businesses need to be weather aware. Be smarter next time.

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter storm warning for Jersey City and the surround today and tonight

Winter Storm Guadagno has come!

Boy for a snowstorm that wasn't supposed to arrive until noon imagine Johnny's surprise at 7:30 to take his dog out in a steady snowfall. The National Weather Service in conjunction with the Jersey City Desk Action Weather Team are calling for 3-5 throughout the morning and afternoon before things get real nutty around afternoon drive time. That's when heavy heavy snow will begin falling and could bring up to another 6" by midnight. By tonight wind chills will be below zero with blowing and drifting snow. If you're driving you have a couple more hours to get where you're going or to lay in a day or two worth of supplies.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Late night open thread

Tomorrow's coming storm keeps intensifying so we'll have more on it tomorrow as more develops overnight tonight.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Breakfast (or maybe lunch) of true champions!

Walking by the Pavarini-McGovern construction site over at 111 First St. near an area where workers park Johnny saw the most amazing things lying on the ground as if dumped from somebody's work truck. A week's supply of 5 Hour Energy drinklets and a Mohawk vodka bottle. We're not sure what the vapor and glass items are, perhaps an e-cigarette setup or good lord, something nefarious.

When you're working hard don't let that 2:30 feeling get to you, just pop some 5 Hour Energy and mix it with that cool refreshing taste of Mohawk. Then go work on what will be someone's home one day.

Stay classy Pavarini-McGovern! These are BIG images when you click on them so you too might see the detail.

Celebrating MLK Day today with his famous speech

2-4 inches of snow sneaking in tomorrow afternoon -- UPDATED!

An Alberta Clipper is heading down from Canada to deliver us a few days of cold temps in the low 20's and it'll also drop 2-4" of snow on our fair city starting around afternoon rush hour tomorrow (Tuesday).

That is all.

Update 1:19 pm The National Weather Service says our area can expect 4-8" of snow due to the storm intensifying.

Late night open thread

Do you want YOUR team in the Super Bowl? Then your state has to legalize marijuana. Washington and Colorado legalized it this past year and BINGO, teams in the Super Bowl. Check all their bags when they get into Newark Liberty Airport, these Super Bowl fans don't want Bruno Mars at halftime, they want Cheech and Chong.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Joining the Denver Donkeys are the coffee house misanthropes from Seattle

The Peahens have won the NFC and are also on their way to Jersey City full of vim, vigor and a bag full of shitty calls helping them to the Super Bowl. The NFL should really be quite ashamed of the way that game was officiated.

So fans from Denver and Seattle will be coming to Jersey City to wait near their teams' hotels to get a glimpse of their favorite players or to get an autograph on a jersey. Seeing as Johnny is a Browns fan and the Donkeys have kept Cleveland out of three Super Bowls any Denver fan asking Johnny a question is going to get a wrong answer or wrong directions. Look out Bayonne, here come some Denver fans.

The Denver Donkeys are on their way to Jersey City for the Super Bowl


We know our readers are gonna want to jump over to Grafix Avenger on this one

A great article by our friend in Hoboken. The Zimmer vs. Christie story goes noo-cule-ur by following this link.

Late night open thread

It's Hockey Night in Canada and Calgary and Vancouver were mad as hornets before the game and well, it just carried over.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yet ANOTHER bombshell hits in the Christie as bully narrative, this one's almost worse than the first

According to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer (and we here at the Jersey City Desk trust Ms. Zimmer when she says something, something we do NOT extend to the people in power in Trenton) Governor Christie's hit woman, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (she of the "I'm never taking questions why do you ask?" school of governance) told Zimmer that the Governor's office would really love to help the people of Hoboken after Superstorm Sandy and all but you see Dawn, you're against the Rockefeller Group project and that's really really important to the governor and until you come around and support that, yeeeah, we're not going to be able to help you help your citizens.

Now, place that image with Christie's telling of the tale he was all about the poor citizens of New Jersey who took the brunt of the storm and what a fighter he'd be for them with Washington and anybody not pulling their share. We now know a federal investigation has been launched into how CC has handled Sandy money. Now we hear it's quid pro quo with FEDERAL money, not even money out of New Jersey coffers, you help the Governor's friends and in turn we help your badly damaged city. Hoboken citizens should be outraged. No, torches and pitchforks at Christie and Guadagno's houses outraged.

But CC and Kimmy say they didn't say this. Just like nobody in the Governor's office had a hand in Bridgegate, just like Obama bureaucrats cost NJ schoolkids over $400 million. Christie's office has zero credibility, the Lt. Gov. has no credibility.

Dawn Zimmer does.

Zimmer went on to tell MSNBC that Kim Guadago told her she felt really bad about the deal, said in fact it shouldn't be happening but it was.

So, Hudson County, New Jersey, America, whom do you believe? A Governor with a known hit list of mayors or  a mayor trying to rebuild her city after a disaster?

Chris Christie didn't give a crap about anyone after that storm it turns out unless they could help him in turn. That's just disgusting.

Jersey City Board of Education is moving to cut back public discussion at their meetings

Say Mayor Fulop, aren't these YOUR people now running things? Weren't most of these people YOUR candidates? You might want to remind them about the openness and community input you said you want this city to emulate through your examples. That isn't happening when BOE President Sangeeta Ranade smugly dismisses those objecting to the BOE move as saying hey we're just enforcing old rules because meetings can get contentious. In fact, it sounds like Ranade is more worried about the length of the meetings:

The current format of the board meetings discourages anyone who “wants to do anything other than sit in a board meeting all night,” she said.

Jesus, you signed up for the Board of Education thing didn't you Sangeeta? You knew going in meetings went long and your commitment was going to be large? Sounds us like you just want to get the meetings over ASAFP. Sure there are people who take advantage of meetings. Limit them to X amount of times speaking, not time limits on topics when you put out hundreds of pages to go over before a meeting and give people a day to pour over it. The way the BOE is already set up limits in-depth discussion and now you want to limit it more? Maybe a lesser role on the BOE might suit you Ms. Ranade until you realize YOU work FOR the citizens who'd like to speak about things as important as their children's education. A little meeting runover or  citizen criticism isn't going to kill you.

Late night open thread

“4 am, if I’m ever up that early, it’s because I’m up that late.
 -- Jarod Kintz

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, January 17, 2014


Hey, have you herd the good news? Christine McVie is back in the band. You never know what you're missing until it's gone and Johnny thinks swings both way on this one. She ultimately missed them and their live show missed the depth of her voice. Plus, and let's face facts, somebody other than the original singer on a famous song just ain't the same thing. Here's Christine singing with Lindsey Buckingham on 'Hold Me'


Bobby Lewis, the man who makes sleep deprivation cool. One wonders if this poor man has had a decent nights sleep in eons. Doesn't even sound like a sleep number bed is gonna help him. Bobby Lewis with 'Tossin and Turnin'


The David Gilmour on guitar part we're throwing in for free. Here are two of the most iconic guitarists of our time on Townshend's song, 'Give Blood' wrapping up another Music Series. Great version.

Every so often here at the Jersey City Desk you have to pay attention

We like to have our fun but sometimes....

Four new plans have been sent to both state and federal engineers who are trying to "Storm proof Jersey" and we all have a vested interest in the best ways forward. More storms are going to come our way. Big ones. Now that we don't have The Professor anymore to count on to save us, we're going to need mortal minds to come together with ways to deflect, divert, and delay the waters. The article in the Star-Ledger offers some ideas right off the hop:

A sprawling mixed-use park in the Meadowlands to sop up storm surge. A robust stormwater management system in Hoboken. New design for iconic structures along the coast. Man-made barrier islands just off the Jersey Shore.

It's going to take a lot of bright ideas and maybe some lucky ones that all have to cobble together. A great read on a Friday as you daydream about the weekend.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Late night open thread

It never gets old.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Super Bowl kickoff concert with free tickets to the show at Liberty State Park

January 27 Mayor Steve Fulop says everyone is to attend (well ok encouraged to attend) a Super Bowl Kickoff Concert with the Goo Goo Dolls and Macy's Fireworks. If you'll follow this handy dandy link you might be one of the lucky ones to get some free tickets.

Johnny Action Space Punk cannot officially endorse an event with the Goo Goo Dolls because, well, Goo Goo Dolls.

Just a quick FYI for fans of the four NFL teams left playing, Jersey City awaits the winners!

Suppose you're a 49ers fan (like Mrs. Johnny). Suppose your team gets power up and wins this Sunday in Seattle. The 49ers will then (well actually BOTH teams who win Sunday) will set up camp in Jersey City before the Super Bowl. It's true, both Super Bowl teams will be staying in Jersey City. One at the Hyatt and one at the Westin. So if you're a die-hard Patriots, Seahawks or Broncos fan, and they win, after Sunday Jersey City will be the place for you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Late night open thread

Did you know the origin of the phrase 'pull out all the stops' has a musical history? The ‘stops’ are knobs on the old organs console. You'd push in and pull out to get the right sound level. If you pulled them all out, you would would be getting the most volume out of the organ possible.

Now you know.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Internet rumors running rampant the New York Red Bulls may have a MASSIVE announcement coming soon

The internet is churning out rumors originating with SKY Italia that current Barcelona midfielder, Xavi Hernandez, may be joining the Red Bulls after Spain's trip through the World Cup. For those who don't follow soccer Xavi is the playmaking "metronome" or "el architecto" for the best club team in the world, Barcelona and the current World Cup champions, Spain. That's a quality player.

More on this as it develops. Johnny had heard rumors that the new team MLS is trying to prop up in NYC proper, partnered with Manchester City of the Barclay's Premier League, was trying to land Xavi in a huge fan-friendly move. Have the Red Bulls stolen their thunder?

The Jersey City Desk market gurus are bullish on Jersey City today has news that Forbes Magazine is ditching the West Village for Jersey City bringing with them 350 jobs. You can read the very detailed report by clicking here.

Well done Mayor Fulop, you said you were going hunting in NYC for companies looking to relocate to Cool City and you have begun bringing them in. 350 more people working in Jersey City is a good start this year. We'd also like to welcome Forbes Magazine's staff to JC. Yes we know, ewwww, we're leaving the Village for WHERE?! Give it a chance first. Just saying. The train ride is easy peasy and you might just find something you like.

Fog is nothing if not photogenic

A few more pics from today's foggy start. Plus, admit it, you couldn't stand one more day in a row talking about you know who...

The fog has moved in again like a bad relative

Actually since Johnny doesn't have to drive anywhere he right enjoys a good fog. Here's a snapshot of the upper floors of the old Jersey City Penitentiary where Johnny Cash was known to show up and play for the inmates.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Late night open thread

Runway 3 West is open and non-stop flights will be taking off to Dreamland all night long.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So in Chris Christie World®, Steve Fulop is the one playing politics

Chris Christie's office yesterday accused Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop of playing.....partisan politics. No, really, they did. Colin Reed, who is apparently a Christie spokesperson/model, said because Steve Fulop released email and texts showing Christie's office was playing politics by canceling scheduled meetings, abruptly canceling them with zero communications about new meetings, most likely because no endorsement was forthcoming, suddenly it's Christie's office throwing bogus charges around.

Colin, what Fulop showed was proof that your boss is a crass, irresponsible, petty little oaf who shuts people out if they don't give him his way. Problem with that Colin is he was elected to represent EVERY citizen in New Jersey not just the ones he thinks can help him. It's a shame you didn't understand that before running your mouth. Tell us Colin, did you have permission to say Fulop was playing partisan politics? Did you get approval from your boss to say that in public? See, now we have to ask because the guy you work for has a bad habit of writing checks with his mouth his body cannot possibly cash.

Johnny will reiterate for you as well as anyone who missed the column of a day or so ago; Tell the oaf he's not welcome here in Jersey City. Ever.

Late night open thread

What's the problem officer? The bill came to $16.47 and I gave them a ten, a five and a four dollar bill as payment...

Time for Jersey City, After Datk

Monday, January 13, 2014

Chris Christie, stronger than the storm, weaker than the subpoena

Ok, ok, that's not what we're really here to discuss but Johnny didn't want to waste that line.

So, the stories of Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop being enemy #1 on the Christie Administration enemies list fleshed itself out today with a report by the Jersey Journal's Terrence T. McDonald, complete with dates and times of Christie administration cancelations with Fulop with no reason given and no time given for a chance to reschedule:

They also show Fulop’s scheduler, Nancy Warlikowski, emailing the mayor on three dates in late July to tell him that the state officials scheduled to meet with him canceled. On July 18 at 4:53 p.m., Warlikowski tells Fulop that five of the meetings were canceled “within the past hour.”

“They quoted scheduling conflicts and offered no alternative dates,” the email reads.

There's much more on this stonewalling of Fulop by the Christie crew, including a back and forth Fiulop had with disgraced Christie Port Authority Deputy executive Director Bill Baroni at the link.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Late night open thread

What's the state tree of Nebraska? The telephone pole.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

OK, back to Warcraft

See you all tonight. Enjoy your warmer than normal day. Did anyone get any excellent pictures of the fog yesterday you'd like to share? We'd be happy to help you display your work (giving you full credit of course). Johnny's email is on his profile page.

Late night open thread

How many hours can one person waste on World of Warcraft? We're about to find out.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Hard to see through the fog bomb rolling in off the Hudson River today.

Late night open thread

"Everything popular is wrong." -- Oscar Wilde Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, January 10, 2014


There's nothing better than sitting in a small club watching a big talent. Such would be the case here with the ridiculously underrated Kelly Hogan singing Johnny's favorite cut by her, 'Gone' kicking off the Music Series in 2014.


OK, Link Wray plays on it too but this is a Robert Gordon classic. B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-black Slacks baby. And if you wanna be cool, outside of smoking, turning this song up would be the hippest thing you could do. The song 'Black Slacks' will make you want to do two things. Buy black slacks and fight. Since it's Friday night, what else were you gonna do?


Pretty much because Johnny hadn't heard this song in a while and it came on and a 15 watt bulb went off over his head and here we all are. And it's a beautiful night.

Steely Dan with 'The Royal Scam'

Jersey City's gonna get a poor grade on today's ice removal

Johnny took a nice looooong walk through neighborhoods and main streets and side streets and two things were clear; 1) The city gets a poor performance grade and 2) People, throw salt on your walks or chip away the ice. Yes, it IS your responsibility. If Steve Fulop and Candice Osborne want to continue their good work on the quality of life in regards to pedestrian traffic in and near downtown, the city needs a new or needs to prod the current sleeping compliance officer. When was the last fine the city ever gave out tickets for no snow removal or ice treatment?

Since a picture is worth a thousands words, here's a two thousand word essay to piss you off and maybe you'll call city hall. Note the ice outside One Evertrust Plaza. There is ice completely surrounding the sidewalks around the building. Women in heels came out of said building, hit the sidewalk and did do some slipping and sliding. Hmmm, maybe this caught One Evertrust by total surprise. Maybe word hadn't trickled back to Grounds HQ yet. Wait, what? Oh no. So the executives wouldn't have to slip and slide on their short walk to their vehicles they had a truck out salting the bejeesus out of the interior lot, leaving the residents of Jersey City to fend for themselves outside the fence. Just because you put up a fence does not absolve anyone of deicing their walks, shoveling their snow or making sure the sidewalk on their property is passable. If that were true America would be overrun by fence factories.

Johnny would like to pay his conservative friends a big compliment

Conservatives, after listening to certain news channels and reading online comments have finally been able to locate Benghazi on a map, and it's somewhere near Fort Lee New Jersey, so big ups to them.

Benghazi is located in Fort Lee for you schoolkids checking in today, LOL.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Late night open thread

Animated gif night.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Governor Christie, pack your bags, it's time for you to go...

Sure, a small blog in Jersey City calling for Christie to leave won't have much impact but Johnny is sure as hell going to use his freedom of speech today.

Governor, it's time for you to pack your bags and leave the Trenton state house. What you do after or if you run for President isn't Johnny's concern. He doesn't really give a shit what you do. You're a pathetic excuse for a Governor of ANY state. No, really, Johnny's not kidding, you need to GTFO. Your staff should be criminally charged and yet you've said nothing today about ANY staff shakeup. If you're going to lie (yes, it is the Jersey City Desk's opinion Christie is LYING about his knowledge of the Fort Lee lane closures) and hide behind staff you'd better lose them when they commit possible FELONIES (Interstate commerce laws be damned eh CC?) like costing a 91 year old woman having chest pains in Fort Lee an extra 7-10 minutes in response time. She died. Did she die because of the delay? Time for a HUGE investigation complete with legal subpoenas, and NO claims of executive privilege. That's right, Chris, if you claim ANY form of executive privilege it will prove beyond a doubt you knew.

Why do we think you knew what was going on Mr. Christie? You sure made it a point to bitch about the three lanes dedicated to Fort Lee saying they "sauced" you. You seem have a great working knowledge of every lane in and out of the town and yet you knew nothing of the closures? Suuuuuuure you didn't. Are you that lost as a chief exec that your staff thinks they can run rogue over you? Are you that bad at being in charge? Of course you're not. You're no idiot. You know what your staff is up to. Johnny's had staff, thousands of other people have had staffs that didn't do what yours did.

Want to know another reason you need to go? Your lack of intellectual curiosity about why your best friends were resigning from the Port Authority. What did you think was happening? Did you care? Did you ask ANY questions of these assholes personally? Did you call them and ask wtf? What did you ask your staff after the resignations began why this might be spiraling so out of control?

What did you know and when did you know it?

Look CC, you're a bully. That's clear. You're a bully who now hides behind women. Here's the amazing thing Chris, now that you're confronted with your stupidity and bullying you go HIDE. Putting out a statement seven hours after the story breaks and all you can say is you're outraged? Fuck you. You ran and hid like a bully does when stood up to. That's not just a small time blog in Jersey City saying that, that was the Wall Street Journal.

One more thing Governor. Stay the hell out of Jersey City. You're persona non-gratis here. We don't want you here, we don't need you here so why not go play with your acolytes in Atlantic City where they love you and our tax money. We like our "Captain America" and respect the fact after 9/11 he quit what he was doing on Wall St. to go defend America and fight our enemies. We think it's great he raises money for charities by swimming the Hudson River (Johnny knows what you're all thinking but he's not going there).

Mr. Christie, there's a 5pm train out of Trenton, be under it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Late night open thread

We'd like to send this one out to Chris Christie tonight. How fitting.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The Devils made a big announcement today!

We didn't say it was positive. In fact when the big announcement part came out Philadelphia 76ers fans thought their team was moving to New Jersey (The 76ers and Devils are both owned by Josh Harris).

No, that's not the big news, nobody is moving. But the Devils and 76ers ARE getting a new major sponsor. Everybody up for the new partners

Yes the Devils and the other team are onboard with online gambling! Wow this just smells. Hey kids look up on the big screen as PartyPoker Puck teaches you about the rougher side of hockey and hits Peter Puck from behind, slew foots him, you know, Mr. Bill and Sluggo stuff. Can Chico's Bail Bonds be far behind?

GW Bridge-gate just got bigger and there is PROOF Christie intended retaliation against Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop! has this bombshell:

On Sept. 9, the first morning of the lane closures, Kelly asked in an e-mail if Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich’s numerous calls to Port Authority officials had been returned.

“Radio silence,” Wildstein replied. “His name comes right after mayor Fulop,” an apparent reference to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who also said this week that the Christie administration had retaliated against him last year because he didn’t endorse the governor for re-election.

More, much more at the link above.

The GW Bridge closure fiasco goes right to the top -- A smoking gun found in Fort Lee

You remember Governor Chris Christie blowing off speculation that the suspicious lane closures at the GW Bridge that jammed up Fort Lee traffic (including emergency service vehicles) saying they were nothing more than a traffic study right? Forget the fact most traffic studies are done as computer models. Forget the fact ONE Christie ally at the Port Authority said the public wasn't to know about any of this. Forget the fact in his first term Christie's people, through nothing more than their own incompetence cost New Jersey schoolkids some $400 million in federal funding and then tried blaming it on Obama faceless bureaucrats until they got busted for simply not bringing a couple required pieces of paper.

So Christie roared his horrible roar which brings us to today. Mr. Christie, we just know you're an avid Jersey City Desk reader, do you know a woman in your employ goes by the name Bridget Anne Kelly? The state website says she's your Deputy Chief of Staff. Well sit down Governor because you're gonna love what Bridget has been up to. According to the New York Times, she sent an email saying, well here, here it is:

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” she emailed David Wildstein, Mr. Christie’s close friend and appointee at the Port Authority.

Damn CC, do you allow your Deputy Chief of Staff the leeway to jam up an interstate crossing and backup traffic and emergency services in Fort Lee? Wow, Johnny wants to work for you! It's kind of like the opposite of those online games where you build up civilizations, only here you mess up the grid and screw over the peasants because the local cerf won't say you're great.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” WTF Gov? Sure, you'll toss her to the wolves and say, "Whoa look at that wildcat who's so out of control" but we know. Your options are somewhat limited. You can't say you did it yourself or the Tea people would have an actual issue to use against you next January in Iowa. You took out retribution on Mark Sokolich, a Democrat, because he refused to kiss the ring. What you did was use and inconvenience the people of New Jersey and anyone else slowed down at the GW Bridge in your pique. 

The same people you looked like you cared about after Sandy. 

Late night open thread

Throw another log on the fire if you need. Somebody keep an eye on the fire, Johnny's off to bed.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New show idea for TLC -- Ice Hoarders

Sure it's stupid and vapid, but so is most of TLC.

Pavarini-McGovern has begun hoarding ice across from their 110 First St. site, putting up the new horrid looking POS Building®. It'll sure be there at least until tomorrow.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

We can get through this Jersey City, it's only 36 hours of hell

Hopefully this is the last time we feel the need to talk about the weather. Johnny is a veteran of these really cold snaps spending a couple winters in Marquette Michigan at Northern Michigan University. Marquette, it's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there. In Marquette in a good winter you can walk up snow drifts and unscrew streetlights. Johnny himself remembers a massive storm of epic proportions that closed travel across the Mackinac Bridge for the first time ever in January of 1982. The cold always comes after the snow. 17 inches of snow later the radio was telling people do not for any reason go outside as if you went outside your eyes could freeze. All hope is lost. Hunker down and pray to live. The wind chill was -93ยบ friends, WMQT said so.

Of course we went outside, we were stupid NMU Wildcat freshmen in need of beer and somehow O'Dells Party Store was open. Crystals really do form in the corner of your eyes from the tears of pain from having any exposed skin. Snow at that temperature is so strange, like a styrofoam paste. The lesson here is we were stronger than the storm and drank MeisterBrau and Buckhorn like Vikings for two days for our efforts.

We'll get through this fine Jersey City just make common sense decisions. Layer your clothes, keep moving (If you're waiting for a bus or having to stand in line someplace keep moving even in circles. Standing still BAD). Jersey City pops a watermain a day so get some drinking and flushing water ready. Get all pets inside and out of the wind. Past that you're good.

In the words of Stacy Keach on the show 'Titus', "Don't be a wussy."

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Late night open thread

There is just something cool about hearing the foghorns on the river.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

If you can stay inside for a while today, do that.

The fog you see outside is freezing rain and the sidewalks and streets are skating rinks. No word from our mayor from his mobile office in a Jersey City plow truck but we have faith he's on top of things. JFK was shut down earlier due to a plane sliding off the runway so yeah, if a plane can slide out there so can you. Do be careful. This should change over to rain starting around 2pm. Then get your marketing done because after say 3pm tomorrow outside is going to be NO FUN. A HUGE blast of Arctic air will come in dropping air temps and wind chills below zero.

Late night open thread

Middle age is when you're sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn't for you.
 -- Ogden Nash

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, January 4, 2014

NYC politics can be a pretty bare knuckles game, but THIS?!

We thought we'd heard every political charge imaginable hurled towards an opponent. We've heard all kinds of commentary that if it isn't outright slander borders on it. So imagine our surprise when a losing in candidate in NYC accused the winner of putting a voodoo hex on her.

Yes, a voodoo, hex because a large body-less cock (her words) was painted on the side of her building. Gwen Goodwin who lost in November to NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio's choice for city council speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, of cursing her chances.

“This is supposed to be a professional politician who came and graffitied the side of my building,” Goodwin told the Post, who have written several articles criticizing Mark-Viverito. Goodwin claims she endured “emotional distress” from the alleged spell: "This intimated me and caused me fear. I’m a Christian. I don’t believe outside my religion, but strange things were happening,” Goodwin says.

There is more, so much more on this odd odd claim and also a picture of the cock pained on her building at the link.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Late night open thread

Had some issues formatting a clip in here today and it never did get right. It'll have to wait. We're going to pass on the Music Series tonight as we just had our year-end blowout on Tuesday.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Late night open thread

"I played a heap of snow in a school play. I was under a sheet, and crawled out when spring came. I often say I'll never reach the same artistic level again."
 -- Stellan Skarsgard

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

One last prep step for this storm you may not have thought of

Since our fair city has had a spate of water main breaks seemingly everywhere around town, and one report Johnny read said this storm could bring in the coldest air since 2009, think seriously about your water needs. With all the creaks and cracks and pipes hanging on by a thread, you might want to fill some pots and pans and a pitcher or two for drinking and cooking water and get some to flush the toilet.

We return you to your Winter Storm Ogie prep.

Winter Storm Ogie takes aim

Anyone who has been outside this morning might have noticed the dusting of snow, the howling winds  and much brisker temps. Yeah, that's Winter Storm Ogie letting us know it's a comin' this afternoon.

Locally expect up to 10" of snow with sub-zero wind chills into tonight and tomorrow. It will get much colder after the snow subsides. We like to laugh and make jokes about these matters but the cold associated with this storm makes it dangerous. Check on those who are vulnerable or have poor heating systems. Please take care to bring in pets tonight from outside. It's gonna be a whopper.

We'll talk about the coming Sunday night storm tomorrow...

Late night open thread

They did it! Oh how they did it! Michigan State stood up and smacked Stanford square in the mouth with an attacking defense that dominated the Cardinal from the middle of the second quarter on. Sparty wins the Rose Bowl 24-20, with former walk-on player Kyler Elsworth  making a stop on 4th and 1 with a minute and a half to go that looked like one out of the movies:

13-1 for MSU and yeah, Johnny thinks that defense would have beaten either Auburn or Florida State.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sorry Bono, nothing is quiet this New Year's Day

It's a sporgy for Johnny today. The Tournament of Roses Parade which he'll watch for the first time since 1988. Then the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor featuring his Red Wings. Hey NHL, the Wings and Leafs drew over 40,000 for two alumni games yesterday at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit. ALUMNI games. Proof positive the NHL has been wasting time putting this yearly gem in Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Finally the Rose Bowl kicks off at 5pm. THE event of the day. Sparty On! You better believe Johnny has the place decorated in green and white.....and red.

Everyone enjoy your day and we'll be back here later tonight to revel in victory or feel the agony of defeat.

Late night open thread

Happy 2014! May it be happy and healthy and may the Rose Bowl tomorrow not cause Johnny chest pains.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark