Saturday, October 31, 2009

See ladies, Johnny promises you'll make the blog, and you make the blog

Just one of a few pictures we'll be running from the Halloween parade through the West Village in NYC tonight

RUTGERS! Oh my goodness, that was SCARY COOL!!

Rutgers down 24-21 to UCONN with 39 seconds to go on their own 19 yard line. On first down Rutgers hit an 81 yard slant play for the touchdown and the lead LATE in the game. WOW

How about we start Halloween proper off with a ghost story?

The story of Emily's Bridge, up in Stowe Vermont, somewhere Johnny has been to to see if he could find Emily. In fact, that's Johnny's picture gracing this story.

by Davy Russell
POSTED: 1 June 2001

The Gold Brook Bridge, also known as Emily's Bridge for the famous ghost that haunts it.

People will warn you that you must be careful when crossing Emily's Bridge in Stowe, Vermont, and many refuse to cross it after dark. It is said that a ghost named Emily haunts the historic covered bridge, and she's not just a spooky specter that allows the watcher a fleeting glimps before vanishing back into nothingness. This ghost is feared as she is known for shaking cars and slashing victims with invisible claws.

For about 150 years, horses and cars have been mysteriously clawed. People have heard a woman's voice, seen ghostly figures, and witnessed strange lights at Emily's Bridge. Photographs often develop improperly without explanation, and many have found whispy streaks or "orbs" appearing in the photos.

In Joseph Citro's excellent book, "Passing Strange, True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors", he describes a chilling tale of some locals who sat in terror as Emily's Ghost circled their car and shook it one night.

There are a variety of legends about Emily ranging from a jilted lover who hung herself from the bridge 150 years ago to a woman who claims she invented the ghost story in the 1970's to scare her own children.

Kevin Kierstead, founder and president of the newly formed Paranormal Research America, has been staking out the haunted bridge during the past few weeks shooting video, taking pictures, EMF readings, sound recordings, even scattering flour on the bridge to check for footprints or unexplained disturbances. So far, he has gotten some interesting results, although inconclusive.

On 28 May, the X-Project Magazine was invited to Kierstead's most recent stakeout at the bridge. While Emily did not appear during the four-hour-long "ghost watch", some interesting things did happen. As was expected, numerous "orbs" showed up in some of the photographs taken from within the bridge. While often associated with hauntings, orbs are likely caused by moisture or dust particles in the air that reflect light into the camera lense causing tiny luminous globes that are unseen until inspection of the photograph.

Furthermore, as is also reported at haunted places, our photography equipment repeatedly malfuntioned while taking photographs inside the bridge. One digital camera turned itself off after taking each photo, and displayed photos while the lens was open (something this camera is not supposed to be able to do and never has done before). Even though the high-quality batteries were purchased that afternoon, the camera repeatedly malfuntioned in the bridge. When taken outside the bridge, the camera turned off less frequently. Away from the bridge completely, the camera functioned normally. The second digital camera drained it's new batteries after only 40 photographs were taken. Perhaps it was only the cold, humid air.

After dark, we stood in the center of the bridge and listened. While no distinctly human voices were heard, many peculiar sounds suggested a plethora of causes...footsteps, grunting, things rubbing the sides of the bridge. Due to the hollowness of the structure and the very loud, babbling brook just below the bridge, I am certain one would hear just about anything, especially with the wind howling through the wooded surroundings or the rain beating upon the roof.

Interestingly, numerous fireflies were seen near the bridge. Could these account for the lights that witnesses have described associated with Emily's Ghost?

While Emily's Bridge has a serene beauty by day, at night the covered bridge takes on a more dramatically spooky look. It takes a certain bravery to enter alone after dark; and with the loud rushing of water clouding your sense of hearing, and the pitch blackness of nightime in the country, the mind easily recalls every chilling story associated with the bridge.

Late night open thread

How fitting a heavy fog or fine mist would settle over our fair city tonight. For that perfect eerie Halloween glow all we need are gaslights downtown.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 30, 2009

It's 11 pm on All Hallows Eve Jersey City, turn down the lights and light a candle

And get in a nice comfy place and push the play button and listen to James Earl Jones reciting the famed Edgar Allan Poe poem 'The Raven'.

That last Flametrick Subs song sounded like another one

So let's keep the 2009 SPOOKTACULAR humming right along with The Flametrick Subs with 'Plastic Jesus, Beer Run'

Oh, yeah, headphones on this if you're at work or you don't want the kids listening into why you're thrashing your head to and fro

I see from the old mail bag we've ratcheted up interest, so here it is

The 2009 Jersey City Desk SPOOKTACULAR!!! We totally blew off today to be showmen making sure the regulars would come back as they know Johnny loves a holiday done right. Was something wrong today? Something amiss? Nope, just building up the suspense...

We kick off the Halloween SPOOKTACULAR with the best psychobilly rock band ever, The Flametrick Subs (and their SPOOKTACULAR minions the Satan's Cheerleaders)!

Lookout, they're "Creepy Dead Folk"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Late night open thread

So, the empire strikes back and ties the World Series winning game 2, 3-1 Baseball lives to be relevant past Halloween.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

See, it's not just Johnny pointing out the ongoing corruption cloud over this years elections

SOME people seemed to take the call out on running afoul of the law and still running for public office as a personal vendetta. Far from it. In fact here's yet another article showing the overarching community concern with the elected officials being on the up and up while they represent the public. has more here.

How's THIS for contempt for YOU the voter

Indicted Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone, who represents most parts of Jersey City and Bayonne sees no problem in getting re-elected next Tuesday, after all, what's a little corruption among friends, right?

Bayonne, Jersey City, it's up to people like ourselves to make sure crooks like Chiappone do NOT represent us. Only WE can send this clown a message.

Late night open thread

The Islanders dropped the Broadway Blueshirts tonight 3-1 out on Long Island. The Islanders got goals from Kyle Okposo, John Tavares, and Matt Moulson. The Isles really needed this win to get the ball rolling of they are to make any kind charge this season.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So, peeps, where is a good spot to catch the NYC halloween parade?

Anybody have some favorite spots they'd like to share or some tips on getting to a spot to see the costumed craziness? Let's face facts, Halloween over the last 10 years or so has been totally taken over by adults and it's now an adult holiday more than it belongs to kidlets anymore....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late night open thread

Boy oh boy what a rotten couple of days. Not any kind of pig flu, just one that brigs a little bit of everything to the symptom table.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Still under the weather, please entertain yourselves one more day

It's just a flu bug and not a swine flu, just a general malaise flu bug if you want an unprofessional opinion. Please feel free to chit chat on your own own more day.

Late night open thread

So the Nets may wanna move over to the Prudential Center/ What are your thoughts? Do you care one way or another? Would putting Seton Hall, the Devils and the Nets all in the same building be a boon?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday open thread

Johnny is really up against it health wise this morning which is a rare thing for him anymore. You feel free tp talk about anything you want to...

Late night open thread

The Jets were winners, smashing the Raiders 38-0 at the Meadowlands with the Giants coming up short again this week losing 24-17 to the Cardinals in Arizona.

On a better New York City sports note the Yankees closed out the California Angels and will open the World Series Wednesday against the formidable Philadelphia Phillies. On paper this series looks like a doozy.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday afternoon NFL open thread

Johnny is entertaining this weekend and hasn't been in the offices much. Certainly you can entertain yourselves this brilliant Sunday...

Late night open thread

Saturday scoreboard issue:

Iowa 15
Michigan State 13. Gut wrenching for Johnny's Sparties. Iowa wins fair and square but good god football is really ruining itself with all the hits being penalties. Jack a guy up and go to jail

Penn State 35
Michigan 10
Rich Rodriquez is starting to hear the baying hounds in the distance. He hasn't beat Michigan State or Penn State or Ohio State.

Alabama 12
Tennessee 10
Terrence Cody may legally loot and pillage in Tuscaloosa after blocking a last second Volunteer field goal to preserve Alabama's national title hopes.

Florida 29
Mississippi State 19
The Gators need a strong second half and avoid a loss to the General Beauregards

USC 42
Oregon State 36
Oh da Beaver

Ball State 29
Eatern Michigan 27
We all know who the absolute worst team in the midwest west is don't we Ron Englsh?

Lehigh 35
Bucknell 16
Men against boys again. Lehigh took out the Bison like, well, bison

"Jersey City Desk Game if the Week:"
UC Davis 34
Portland State 31
Next time bother showing up for the 4th quarter PSU

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 24, 2009

RIP Soupy Sales

Johnny and many other Americans were truly saddened yesterday to hear of the death of Soupy Sales at the age of 83. Soupy was a comic genius who was a really good guy too. Johnny got to meet Soupy on the campus of Eastern Michigan University in 1983 for a homecoming event. Soupy took the time to chit chat with Johnny and didn't seem like it was any kind of imposition or that he had somewhere better to be. His show was one of those brilliant "kiddie shows" that was in fact a show for adults. Johnny can remember watching the Soupy Sales Show and having this lion here, Pookie crack him up to no end. Plus, name another kids show with such hip music.

RIP Soupy, you made a difference on this planet by making us laugh and that's all one can hope to achieve.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Late night open thread

Rutgers is leading Army 27-10 tonight into the 4th quarter of play. A win, which seems a good bet would lift Rutgers record to 5-2 in this non-conference tilt.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


Let's go back to the late 70's, 1979 to be exact, with the crescent fresh sound of The Cars. After their first smash album simply called 'The Cars' the band outta Boston went with a more techno sound on the Candy-O follow up. Not many mainstream bands were sounding like this at the time although it certainly would become the norm in just two to three short years. Was it The Cars who gave some of the bands the cover to go ahead and take a chance on the heavy keyboard techno sound? Perhaps. Johnny does know that rarely does a band follow up a hugely successful album with one that pushes so many limits sound-wise and make such a departure from the sound everyone had become so familiar with.

The Cars also join the list of huge bands with more than one well placed lead singer. The Beatles had McCartney and Lennon, The Who have Townshend and Daltrey, The Clash had Strummer and Jones, Fleetwood Mac had Nicks and Buckingham and Christine McVie, The Eagles had Frey and Henley and Walsh, The Beach Boys had, well everyone, Pink Floyd had Gilmour and Waters while The Cars had Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr. That's not bad company to be in. We're not elevating The Cars to the levels of those other bands but it does show that not many bands proportionately can pull it off on any kind of big level, which The Cars certainly did.

Here's The Cars with 'Dangerous Type'


As some of you may remember a few weeks back we had a trivia question to pick a song in the Friday night music series. Well Johnny heard back from our winner and they wanted to hear something from a New Jersey living legend, Jon Bon Jovi. We're going with their suggestion (of course we are, they got power up and won the contest) of the tune 'Keep the Faith'.

Johnny does wonder what kind of shampoo Jon was using back in the day to get that much fullness and bounce and why no shampoo company ever approached him to pitch their product with his perfect head of hair.


Ah yes, the song about Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter who was screwed over by the cops out in Paterson (New Jersey for Johnny's Michigan pals) oh so long ago. As far as bio songs go, this one is way up the list.

In Paterson that's just the way things go...

Bob Dylan with 'Hurricane'

Big doings at 'The Warehouse' this evening....

'The Warehouse' is offering up some good stuff tonight including gift bags with goodies from their neighbors D.E.E.N. tonight after 8 pm. The Warehouse is located at the corner of Bay St. and Provost in the Powerhouse Arts District right here in Jersey City. Johnny was out for one of his walks around the city at lunch and saw them loading in a bunch of goodies at The Warehouse as part of Jersey City's 'How We Live'.

Word on the street is the first 150 people tonight will get gift bags.

Be there, aloha....

Jersey City voted 13th best place to raise a family

Now, before you roll your eyes or think, "What, out of 15 cities?", no Mr. or Mrs. Cynic, Children's Health magazine voted Jersey City 13th best place to raise a family in the United States.

The magazine says they compared 29 quality of life variables in the areas of employment, health, housing, safety, education and family life. Jersey City was #1 in the Garden State and only Newark at #46 made the list from New Jersey. Burlington Vermont was the #1 ranked city.

In case you are wondering, New York City was #15. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Bloomberg, Jersey City is ranked higher!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny had some fun down on Grove Street tonight at Oktoberfest. Good food, good music, hot babes in lederhosen, you can't do better than that. Johnny even got to dance with one of the gals but alas, he only knew one German dance and it came from a cartoon...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny asks; What is it about people and horns?

Not car horns in this case. Johnny just heard an Atlantic bound cruise ship just blow out the pipes three times as it cruised up the Hudson River. No sooner did the cruise ship get done blowing it's sizeable horn than several other boats in the Hudson blew theirs for the next 30 seconds.

What's up with that?

The MTA in NYC is onto something -- lower fares for late nights and weekends

The JCD would like to applaud MTA Chief Jay Walder for his idea of doing something in New York already done in London and that is when your card is swiped, if it's late at night or on the weekend, the subtraction from said card is less than during peak hours. That just makes sense and in in some cases will encourage riders who are extremely cost conscious to ride at less than peak times. The plan would also be used for buses.

Unlike London however there is no plan to charge more for longer trips. Walder said that “would be a mistake.”

“You can see creative and innovative things that would happen with this." The plan would "generate the revenue we need and get more people to be using the transit system at different times of day.”

We agree, good thinking Mr. Walder.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny's always been a fan of the classics. He has read all the great books, seen all the great movies, seen many great plays, all the best bands and he's also a fan of internet classics.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Bruce closed the old Giants Stadium with a concert and Bon Jovi will re-open it after the refurbish

New Jersey's own Jon Bon Jovi will dedicate the *new* Giants Stadium next spring with the first concert at the refurbished venue. Anyone who has been to the Prudential Center will know Bon Jovi opened that building with a series of sold-out concerts.

According to

The pending announcement comes at a busy time for Bon Jovi.

His documentary, “When We Were Beautiful,” will debut on Showtime on Saturday, in advance of the new CD, “The Circle,” which will be released Nov. 10.

So there is your Bon Jovi news for the day, which today doubles as our celebrity gossip section.

If you're looking for something cool to do on a brilliant fall day, the Guggenheim is free all day

So wander up 5th Ave., and help the Guggenheim celebrate it's 50th anniversary today. Admission is free all day to help commemorate the big 5-0 birthday party and you can enjoy a New York landmark and architectural wonder all at the same time. The New York Daily News lists 50 reasons why the Guggenheim is such a wonder besides being designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Happy 50th Guggenheim, it's been a wonderous first 50 and here's to 100 more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Late night open thread

This one is making the rounds and it's well apportioned with a great sound clip. The drunkest man in the world tries to buy beer.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The highly offensive Westboro Baptist Church idiots are coming to Jersey City and Hoboken, let's show them how we roll

Fred Phelps' inbred family unit (most of these protest teams they send out are part of the Phelps bloodline--a scary percentage of them anyway) and holier than though traveling monkey show will be coming to visit us next week. On the 27th from 4:45 until 5:15 the Westboro Baptist Church will be holding a “Just Say No to Goyum/Hebrew Criminal Enterprises Tour” outside the Hoboken City Hall. Gee, almost sounds anti-semetic doesn't it? Later that evening they will be protesting outside of the United Synagogue of Hoboken on Park Ave., from 7-7:30. Bring the pain Hoboken, bring the pain. Just as they are entitled to act out, so can you.

And Jersey City, next Wednesday the 28th these bunch of morons will be protesting outside of Dickinson High School on Palisade Ave. They are actually coming to Jersey City to attack our kids if you can believe it. It shouldn't surprise us as the Westoboro Baptist Church klan protests US soldiers funerals, they heckle 9/11 families and about anything else offensive they can think of, they do. So, Jersey City, we here at he Jersey City Desk know it's not vogue to say "gee, it sure would be nice if somebody would pelt these idiots with rocks and bottles", so we're technically not saying "gee, it sure would be nice if somebody would pelt these idiots with rocks and bottles" but if someone were to "pelt these idiots with rocks and bottles" it sure would garner media attention and if you were to "pelt these idiots with rocks and bottles" no Jersey City jury would ever convict you.

Just saying. So, Jersey City and Hoboken, with that in mind, show this 'church' group how we roll on our side of the Hudson River.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Late night open thread

Famous last words edition:

"Now I can cross the Shifting Sands."
--L. Frank Baum author of the Wizard of Oz. The Shifting Sands was the impassable desert surrounding the Land of Oz
May 6, 1919

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Intoxicated New York man falls on PATH tracks at Pavonia stop, train rolls over him......he's fine

Miraculous. A tipsy New York man fell onto the train tracks at the Pavonia/Newport stop last night just as the World Train Center train was rolling into the station and te train simply went over him, leaving him unscathed. Emergency services responded, no doubt expecting a long delay and a pretty big sized clean up but as they located him he crawled out from under the train and dusted himself off.

Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Late night open thread

The new logo for Jets football

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

New Jersey Giants and New Jersey Jets open thread--UPDATED

Now the Giants have a whopper of a game down in New Orleans that'll capture all the attention as it's for top spot in the NFC. The Jets are over in the Meadowlands today for a wet, cold, rainy slip slidin' away kinda game against the Shuffle Off to Buffalo Bills.

Johnny's not sure about the Giants chances but if the Cleveland Browns can beat the Buffalo Gals, then the J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS should win by two touchdowns, even in heinous weather.


Here's a question Jets fans need to answer. Can Mark Sanchez see colors? Can he differentiate between the two jerseys playing on the field? FIVE interceptions? FIVE? Sanchez had an 8.3 rating. That's beyond horrid. Who ever would have thought, after so many were ready to put Sanchez in the Hall of Fame after 3 games (YES YOU WERE) it'd be looking like the Browns would have won that deal on draft day?

Now, see, this is some good comment trolling

Johnny, being a comment troll himself simply loves good trolling. There is a story, albeit short, about two Hudson County residents suing General Mills based on the Cheerios claims about being able to lower your cholesterol. Perviously the FDA had warned General Mills the claims they were making were at best, hinky.

So in the thread about the lawsuit, a poster going by the name 'dirndl', chimes in:

"I'll be filing a similar lawsuit myself based on the fact that Lucky Charms are not magically delicious."

WIN for dirndl

Late night open thread

Saturday Scoreboard Edition:

Florida 23
Arkansas 20
The Razorbacks came close but got no sooooey pig cigar

Michigan State 24
Northwestern 14
Sparty started slowly but got it in gear in the second half

Purdue 26
Ohio State 18
The vest has no more magic in it

USC 34
Notre Dame 27
Jimmy Clausen, there are blind people who could have made that throw with 1 second left

Iowa 20
Wisconson 10
Land O' Goshen, the Hawkeyes lead the Big Ten. They play in East Lansing next Saturday for first place

Houston 44
Tulane 16
When did Houston get good again?

Kent State 28
Eastern Michigan 6
Ron English, still winless as EMU head coach. Derrick Gragg the EMU AD needs to lose his job in Ypsilanti for this hire

Air Force 10
Wyoming 0
Wyoming gets strafed

Yale 7
Lehigh 0
Lehigh is proving to be a very poor bad weather team. Hell, they're just a bad team period

Colgate 31
Georgetown 14
As long as Georgetown plays college football there is somebody worse than Eastern Michigan

Massachusetts 23
New Hampshire 16
Jonathan Hernandez ran all over New Hampshire

Arizona 43
Stanford 38
Fans got their money's worth that's for sure

Furman 26
Samford 24
If you've never been to Furman's campus in Greenville SC, it's well with a visit. It's simply beautiful

Tonight's Jersey City Desk Game of the Week
Murray State 9
Tennessee State 6
What a mess in Nashville today, Tennessee State and Vanderbilt lost in Music City.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Jersey City Desk officially declares today a 'Sporgy Saturday'!

The TeeVee is your friend, make no mistake. And today dear readers your good friend will be rewarding sports fans at the highest level.

Of course at 10 am ESPN begins our day with College Gameday. Corso and Herbstreit are very cool and funny and clever. That's good stuff. Then, at noon you begin to have choices like a college football Shop-Rite. At noon on ESPN is Iowa vs Wisconsin. Johnny and his new downstairs neighbors of course will be watching Michigan State vs Northwestern on ESPN2 as it's homecoming in East Lansing today. You simply can't miss some of the Red River shootout from the Cotton Bowl as #2 Texas battles #20 Oklahoma at noon on ABC.

Now, if you have the Comcast Digital Cable your cornucopia of football goodness just got even better. Channel 196 at noon has Georgia at Vanderbilt, live from Nashville. Channel 198 has Louisville at Connecticut for the Big East fan in you.

Not bad for an early afternoon, no?

Now come all the 3:30 games. USC at Notre Dame where we get to watch Charlie 'Front Butt'® Weis lose again to USC and most likely his job along with the game. That game will air on NBC-Notre Dame-TV. On ABC it's Minnesota at Penn State. Lucky for Joe Paterno it's cloudy out in central Pennsylvania today, he'd hate to get caught looking at the sun in those Coke-bottle glasses. Maybe you're an SEC fan, in that case it's Arkansas at Florida on CBS. If you are so inclined on channel 198 it's Marshall vs. West Virginia.

By now you're saying Johnny, if I watch all that the wife will kill me, or, you ladies are saying Johnny, if I watch all that my husband will kill me. Have you SEEN the weather report for today? A deluge of rain as another Nor' Easter his our fair city.

6 pm brings you Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech in the battle of the Techs on ESPN 2.

OK, it's 7 or 7:30 and you want to know what's next, well now the hockey games start. At 7pm it's the red hot Rangers playing at the Toronto Maple Leafs. If you DO have the digital cable, you are getting a free preview of NHL Center Ice on the 771-784 channel build. Also you can get the preview of this game on Hockey Night in Canada (a real treat) on channel 739 beginning at 6:30. With the free preview you can watch hockey until around 1am. Sweeeeet.

The Devils will try to exact some kind of revenge on the Carolina Hurricanes after last year's playoff meltdown out in Newark. Of course you COULD go to that game but then you'd be missing valuable TeeVee time.

Quit it Johnny quit it, I can't stand anymore. Oh yes you can and you WILL.

At 7:30 on ESPN it's South Carolina against Alabama in a good old boys ballgame. VERSUS on channel 206 now brings you Stanford at Arizona.

At 9:00 it's Missouri at Oklahoma State from Stillwater on ESPN 2.

Hey bunky, don't forget the late start of the west coast hockey games, at 10 pm you can watch Minnesota at Vancouver or St. Louis at Anaheim.

At 10:30, imagine that a 10:30 pm kickoff that'll run well past 1 am, on MSG you can watch Washington at Arizona State.

WHEW, can you believe this Sporgy Goodness? Good GOD, from noon til 1 am you can be watching live sports. Not a bad deal.

Only in America.

Pass the remote and the chips...

Late night open thread

The 1000th post here at the Jersey City Desk will be a sad one as Rutgers couldn't get over the hump tonight in Piscataway losing to Big East rival Pitt 24-17. Rutgers until tonight had made a habit of beating Pitt and had won every meeting since 2004. Tom Savage and Mohamed Sanu were strong for the Scarlet Knights who fell to 4-2 overall and more importantly, 0-2 in the Big East. Pitt on the other hand improved to 6-1 and 3-0 in Big East play.

Rutgers will travel to West Point to play Army next weekend as the Scarlet Knights take on the Black Knights of the Hudson. Kickoff next Saturday is at 8 pm.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey hey, let's head back to the 80's with this top flight song from Romeo Void from 1982. The band members met at the San Francisco Art Institute, and most worked in visual arts. It was Romeo Void's suggestive lyrics that got a college radio station's rooftop speakers shut down at CJSW at the University of Calgary in 1985.

Here's Romeo Void with 'Never Say Never'


Some of that smoov Detroit sound now with the Motor City's own Spinners. Even though the band members met up in 1954 in suburban Detroit, it wasn't until 1961 when they charted with 'That's What Girls Are Made For'. It was even later, in 1972 when the Spinners, who went by the original name The Domingoes, became the stars we know today with their first hit 'I'll Be Around'.

Here's the Spinners with 'Could it be I'm Falling in Love'


Candlestick Park in San Francisco can be one cold place to be on a summer's night. In fact the Giants used to hand out pins to fans who made it through an extra inning game. Another saying is "The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer I spent in San Francisco." It is with this in mind Johnny howled with laughter when he read a review once where the critic was reviewing an Eagles show. He said in Candlestick Park at 11:45 at night the LAST words you want to hear are "Ladies and Gentlemen, Joe Walsh!"

So, open your windows now Jersey City or anywhere in the tri-state area tonight and let that cold, wet, windy weather in. Let it fester for a half hour. Now....."Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Walsh!"

'Life's Been Good', the looooong version

Good to see city council helping with a little do-re-mi to refurbish the Loew's Theater

The Jersey city council has opened the city coffers to the tune of $92,500 to hire Holt, Morgan, Russell Architects to perform a historic structure report. The Journal Square iconic building is currently being run by Jersey City and a non-profit group Friends of the Loew's.

It's nice to see cooperation on such a grand old building and feather in Jersey City's cap. It really is a spectacular venue and one the city should save and promote. They just don't make 'em like this grand dame anymore.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Late night open thread

It's dumbass night here at the Jersey City Desk

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny just went outside and he could see his breath--DO SOMETHING STEVE FULOP!

Johnny's your humble peasant (read problem) now, and he's pretty agitated sometimes (no, really?) and today, at noon he went downstairs and it was raining/misting and he could see his breath!! It's October 15th for god's sake. DO SOMETHING, you're in charge in Ward E, put a top man on it, hold meetings, but good god man, help a brother out.

It's D-Day over in Newark for the criminal enterprise known as the Manzo brothers

Former mayoral candidate many times over, and former state assemblyman, Lou Manzo and his older brother Ron Manzo will be arraigned in Newark today on counts of conspiracy to commit extortion under color of official right, three counts of attempted extortion, and two counts of travel in interstate commerce to promote and facilitate bribery.

Momma Manzo would be so proud.

The two faces eons in the pokey if convicted, we mean decades. It'd be well deserved but they do get their day in court first.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Dear New York, that's what you get for trusting Chicago glue

Well well well, it seems the State of New York has a real sticky wicket on their hands, or actually a lack of one. The inspection and registration stickers don't stick to the car windshields, bad glue from companies in Chicago beg a couple of questions; couldn't you find a company in New York or New Jersey to handle such things (And hell in New Jersey we can make anything stick to anything, check out the sidewalks near Journal Square), and when you are pulled over here in the Garden State for not having properly adhered inspection and registration stickers, we'll happily sell you some scotch tape or Elmer's Glue at $2.99 a pop to 'assist' your compliance with the laws of the great state of New Jersey.

Think of the quick revenue streams, a Jersey cop could carry a case of scotch tape or glue in their trunks and sell it like an elementary school bad product showcase to raise money for new monkey bars, or in New Jersey's case, a new state government. We simply can't allow New Yorkers to ride through Jersey with non-compliant stickers---for their own good ya know.

So, until they get their act together across the Hudson (and some people there HAVE resorted to tape but not all have), Johnny thinks we'll have to ignore the New York Department of Motor Vehicles plea for a mulligan with law enforcement types and ensure proper enforcement of laws is happening here.

With apologies to Marge Gunderson in 'Fargo':

"And for what? For a little bit of bad glue. There's more to life than a little bad glue, you know. Don'tcha know that? And here ya are, and it's a beautiful day. Well. I just don't understand it."

Nathan Brinkman sure didn't pull any punches yesterday

Hoboken mayoral candidate Nathan Brinkman sure stirred the pot yesterday with his ideas on how to better serve the people of Hoboken. We here at the Jersey City Desk love people willing to hit the hornet's nest with a stick and Brinkman sure did that:

"That’s how it is that our Chief of Police right here in Hoboken makes more money than the Commissioner of Police of that big city across the river – New York City. Does that make ANY sense to anybody in this room?"

Awesome, calling out the pay of the Chief of Police.

Some of Brinkman's ideas on transparency were a little boilerplate these days; putting proposed legislation online 72 hours before voting on it and a database of all city contacts and their specifics. However going the next step and doing the same thing with Hoboken city employees by name, job title/description, and compensation package, including health and pension benefits certainly sends a strong message as to what kind of mayor Brinkman would be.

The Jersey City Desk has yet to hear Mayor Dawn Zimmer, or Beth Mason or any other candidate come out and act as if they are willing to swat the hornet's nest. Are they offering more of the same or do they have real ideas about how to take on real challenges the city of Hoboken is facing?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Late night open thread

If your birthday is tomorrow you share it with Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines who will be 34. It's also the birthday of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower but he doesn't sing nearly as purty. Eisenhower would have been 118 tomorrow.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Hoboken mayoral candidate Nathan Brinkman will be rolling out his ideas on spending cuts today

Nathan Brinkman will be in the upstairs private area at the Wild Ginger restaurant and will be answering questions on the spending cuts he will outline for the Mile Square City there today at 2 pm. If you'd like to ask questions or just go meet Mr. Brinkman, the Wild Ginger is located at 518 Washington Street.

This is a fine how-do-you-do, Newark man tries fixing up his neighborhood, and is fought at every turn

Not by the city mind you but by neighbors. Kevin Lewis is the kind of guy who moved to Newark because he saw something saveable in it. He moved there to make his stand and enjoy his new home. Kevin would like people to not drive like bats out of hell down his street, he'd like people to pick up their dog's leavings. His neighbors detest Kevin for these reasons and more. If he calls the police on a drug house, he gets harassed. In fact it's become so bad that the neighborhood losers aren't JUST taking it out on Kevin's house by writing 'nigger' on it, no they've decided people who talk with Kevin or heaven forbid try to help him clean up the neighborhood are having their cars vandalized.

The entire sordid story is here and if you have any suggestions on how to help Kevin fight back leave them in comments and we'll try to pass them along...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight a few good minutes with the Kids in the Hall before bed. Johnny asks what did you have for dinner?

A few rough words so use the headphones...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

When ninja swords are outlawed, only outlaws will have ninja swords

Credit for originality anyway on this one. After so many BB gun robberies, a Jersey City woman swung a ninja sword at another woman outside of a party WHILE a policeman was standing there making another report. A man at a party was urinating against a tree and an off duty cop saw him. So as the cop was talking to the man and writing him a ticket for his act, a few people came out of the house to argue with the off duty cop. While the argument was taking place, Thanh Huynh came running out and swung the sword at one of the women arguing with the cop. She was then arrested for aggravated assault, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and unlawful session of a weapon.

That's Johnny's kind of party.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny popped up onto the roof of his new digs tonight to take some snapshots he might share with you. So now, here from high atop the Jersey City Desk offices, one such picture. You know the routine. click it for the bigger image.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

New Jersey Giants open thread

The Jersey Giants take on the Oakland Raiders today in a 1 pm tilt and here is your thread to yell, scream, swear and mock the horrible Raiders and praise the Giants who should be up by 17 at the half...

Some fine Sunday readin' is running an AP article about Jersey City's own Amy Coplan who after a visit to the Amazon and rather tha being blown away by the flora and fauna, she was smitten with the children there. So, she supplied those same children with digital cameras and taught them how to upload the pictures and the collection she's gotten is part of her Ninos de la Amazonia project.

The story is quite wonderful and is well worth a few of your Sunday minutes today.

Late night open thread

Saturday night scoreboard edition

First off a non college football score to share, the USA soccer team won in Honduras tonight 3-2 thus clinching a spot in the 2010 World Cup. Good for the US team. Maybe they can do some things in South Africa this time around. The victory over top ranked Spain and tight loss to Brazil earlier this year show they can be dangerous against the top teams.

Michigan State 24
Illinois 14
Good win for the Spartans on the road. Any road win in the Big Ten is a good one

Iowa 30
Michigan 28
What the hell was that dolt RichRod thinking putting Denard Robinson in the game on the last drive? The guy can't pass a lick. Forcier would have gotten them in field goal range. Now in one quarter because he was mad about a delay of game penalty RichRod has broken the confidence of his two freshman QB's.

Around the Big East
Rutgers 42
Texas Southern 0
A good practice game for Rutgers. 7 sacks were nice, better competion would have been more enjoyable

Pitt 24
Connecticut 21
A strong 4th quarter wins it for the Panthers

Louisville 25
Southern Mississippi 23
The Cards uphold the Big East pride

West Virginny 34
Syracuse 13
Greg Paulus, former Duke hoops star continues to be brutal at QB for the Orange and was 5 of 9 for 30 yards and one interception. That's six picks in the last two games for Paulus

Elsewhere around America

Central Michigan 56
Eastern Michigan 8
Well EMU USED to be able to beat Central. New head coach Ron English continues his stellar job of coaching Eastern and is off to a fine 0-5 start. Johnny KNEW this guy was the wrong hire, they should have gone with Chuck Martin from Grand Valley State. But, EMU was dumb enough to let Lloyd Carr former Michigan coach help with the choice and lo and behold he picked a former assistant of his. Stuuuuuuupid

Washington 36
Arizona 33
Washington has made awesome strides after being 0-12 last year. They are now 3-3 this year with that win over USC to boot

Lehigh 27
Georgetown 0
Lehigh gets power up and wins their first game

Brown 34
Holy Cross 31
A big upset. You'd know that if you followed the Patriot League

Georgia Tech 49
Florida State 44
Bye Bye Bobby Bowden

Elon 43
Citadel 7
Damn, Johnny had the Citadel and the points

Sacramento State 38
Idaho State 17
You can't stop Sacramento State's Terrance Dailey, you can only hope to contain him

Army 16
Vanderbilt 13
There's joy in West Point tonight

South Carolina 28
Kentucky 26
Brought to you by the cool refreshing taste of Skoal

Navy 63
Rice 14
No Rice for you!

And tonight's Jersey City Desk Game of the Week
Findlay 14
Michigan Tech 5
In heaven there is no beer. Johnny, what the hell does that mean? Well friends, if you know anything about Michigan Tech it's that they are a hockey school. They suck at football and will continue to do so. BUT when it comes to hockey they have a fine pep band and one of the highlites is when said pep band plays a rousing version of 'In Heaven there is no beer'

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Mayor Healy wants to hand pick the Ward B City Council replacement? Oh hell no...

According to the Jersey Journal political insider, Mayor Healy is pushing city council to deliver HIS chosen mayoral aide David Donnelly to replace shamed former Ward B councilman Phil Kenny.

Not just no, but HELL no.

Is city council actually going to capitulate to a person whose name was all over indictments of other corrupt city officials? Why on earth would they let Healy choose a replacement? Healy, who had to know money being funneled into his campaign had a stinky kitty smell to it, as he was in the room for certain discussion on the matter, is going to choose a replacement?

Not just no, but HELL no.

All eyes are on you city council, there are consequences for bowing to the mayor on calls like this. Heaven forbid YOUR names start showing up on placards being waved outside city hall. Capitulating to the mayor on this is bad for your job security, just sayin'.

Late night open thread

Did you know the chances of having a white Christmas in New York City are only 1 in 4? It's a fact....

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 9, 2009


We kick off the music series tonight with a cut from 1974 on the old Dick Cavett Show from right across the Hudson River, here's David Bowie with a superb version of the classic 'Young Americans'.


We love all kinds of music here at the Jersey City Desk. Johnny is pals with all the stars from all the genres. He never met Hank Williams, that would have more than likely been impossible, but tonight we take you all the way back to 1947, yep 1947 for Hank Williams' first country hit that reached #4 on the country charts, 'Move it on Over'. Love the old WSM microphone in front of him, the standard microphone of the Grand Old Opry. If you are ever in Nashville, you HAVE to go on a tour of the Ryman Auditorium. Johnny would argue NO venue in America has seen more music stars (not just country as you'll learn) and has more great stories to tell. The Ryman is America's concert venue. It's acoustically perfect for starters, and the pressure to play on THAT stage is overwhelming as it's a cathedral to music. From Tallulah Bankhead, Ethel Barrymore, Mary Pickford, and W.C. Fields, to Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Minnie Pearl, and Roy Acuff, to Feist, Smashing Pumpkins, REM, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. Everyone has played the Ryman.

There is a sign that hangs on the door to the alley outside the Ryman, down stage right that reads:
"Hank stepped outside to smoke, you will too"

Johnny won't hip you to this factoid, you're gonna have to go on the tour but there was no air conditioning in the Ryman back when, it was HOT in there on summer nights. Women would use fans and programs to fan themselves and this bothered Hank Williams. Why? You'll have to go see for yourself...


How about we end the series tonight with a real rock and roll standard. It's been done by many performers but for Johnny's tastes never better than by the guy who wrote it.

Nick Lowe with 'I knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll)'

Hey kids, Johnny just got hold of some HEINOUS information...

Toys R Us that usually gave their employees Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter off is now going to be OPEN for business on Thanksgiving to give them a competitive advantage over their rivals who wait for the day after Thanksgiving for those Black Friday sales. According to the Consumerist website, the higher ups at Toys R Us are ready to sacrifice their employees day off (you didn't actually think the people who made this decision were going to work on Thanksgiving did you?).

HEINOUS, shame on you Toys R Us.

Everyone, this is just GREED. Too much greed. How much money is ever enough? Now you're going to f*** over your employees who were going to face down mobs the next day with another day of fighting the mob.

Johnny is asking everyone nicely, DO NOT shop at Toys R Us this year for the holidays. Sooner or later somebody has to stand up to this abuse of the American worker. Shouldn't THEY get to spend the holiday with their families and friends like the rest of us? The answer is yes, they should. Toys R Us pulls this crap then next year it's Best Buy, Macy's, Sears, and every other company.

Johnny will bludgeon the first person in comments who tries to play devil's advocate by saying 'yeah but if you boycott them they will lose money and those people won't have jobs.' Money is not everything. If the President of Toys R Us and the VP's and Regional Managers and District Managers want people to work that day I suggest they start with themselves. If you draw a SALARY at Toys R Us, volunteer to work or everyone should stop shopping at Toys R Us until the end of 2009.

Jersey City corruption--it's not just for the men

That's one thing about the corruption in Jersey City, corruption and guilty pleas are not just a manly thing, no, here's it's equal opportunity for equal bribery pay. LaVern Webb-Washington, a failed city council candidate this last time and housing advocate pled guilty in Newark yesterday to accepting $15K in crooked Solomon Dwek cash in exchange for promises of zoning approvals for luxury condos. She faces 18 months in prison.

Stay classy Ms. Webb-Washington, stay classy...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Late night open thread

Cabbie fight!! 53rd and Broadway between a Yellow Cab driver and a pedicab driver, enjoy!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Plan on using the NYC subway system this weekend? Better read this

There will be a LOT of changes to the NYC subway system this weekend; skipped stops, trains running at different times, trains running on different tracks, it could be a mess. Your pal Johnny and the New York Post have you covered. Click HERE to check out the many many changes.

A pancake breakfast to help Norrice Raymaker continue her court battle against Nidia Lopez

Look, the Jersey City Desk has been quite clear in it's disdain for Nidia Lopez's antics in trying to benefit from living in Florida for the tax issue and not paying taxes here in Jersey City while voting FOR more taxes for the rest of us. Well the person who is fighting the good fight to once and for all prove Lopez is a Florida resident and unable to legally and properly serve as the Ward C councilperson, Norrice Raymaker, is holding a pancake breakfast to raise money to continue her legal battle.

If you'd like to help her cause or are looking for a syrup injection system, the website can help you buy tickets to Zap's Bar and Restaurant, 153 Oakland Ave. for this Sunday's event. From 10 til noon you'll be able to drop $15 for the cause ($10 for seniors while kidlets 10 and under wolf down Johnnycakes--love that name--for free) and get your eat on.

See you there, aloha!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny's in a good mood. He just found the YouTube video of Michigan State's entire drive in overtime against Michigan last Saturday from a fan inside Spartan Stadium. Now, you can enjoy it too. We gotta find Rutgers a rival like this, someone they despise and have for decades.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The charge for pooping in someone's yard in Hoboken is "lewdness"

Just thought we'd clear that up. If you make a pile on somebody's lawn in the Mile Square City you'll be charged with 'lewdness'. Johnny had 'assault with a weapon of ass destruction' in the office pool, while intern Zoltron said 'Being a hideous person' and intern Kiki said it would be 'Littering'.

Oh, and you may be wondering how we know this. Yes, that part, here ya go....

High wind warning beginning today at 10 am

From 10 am until midnight we're under a high wind warning kids AND it's going to be rainy meaning your umbrellas are useless, but not without entertainment. Nothing beats people fighting with umbrellas in high wind. Would you rather get wet or pulled out into traffic looking like you're wrangling a small animal at the rodeo?

Gusts up to 50 mph today are possible.

Be ye warned...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Disgraced City Council President Mariano Vega steps down until he says he's "completely exonerated"

Which means Mariano Vega is taking a permanent leave of the President's office because folks, he's never going to be completely exonerated.

Here is Vega's statement:
For the betterment of the City of Jersey City, the Municipal Council and under the current circumstances, I am temporarily stepping down, effective Friday October 9, 2009 as of 4:00 p.m., as City Council President until such time as I am completely exonerated.

He remains on the city council in an at-large seat.....for now.

Funny this would happen the same day Ward B councilman Philip Kenny marched his sorry ass over to Newark to plead guilty as charged on graft charges brought earlier when Vega and half the city government were arrested. Mr. Kenny you need to go too, and fast.

Keep up those protests folks, do not stop, it's keeping the heat on and now the rats are jumping ship and or looking for a soft place to land. Don't give it to them. Johnny told you he'd be after Vega night and day until he left. We're one step closer to bring that promise true today

Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett will be giving the glad hand to voters tonight in Jersey City

Independent candidate (and thorn in Chris Christie's side) Chris Daggett will be holding a meet and greet tonight in Jersey City at the Embankment restaurant located at 234 10th St.

The event kicks off at 7 post meridian. Show up with hard questions and lots of 'em.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Late night open thread

The Rangers came across the Hudson River tonight over to Newark and beat the Devils 3-2. The Devils are off to an 0-2 start and a couple things are troubling, it doesn't seem like there is a lot of speed through the neutral zone and finishing ability is lacking. The Devils simply can't exist as a one line team, they simply don't have the defense corps for it.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Cell phone use and texting in the theater and the movies....What say you?

It's not that it's just rude and wrong, but how do we combat it? The kids these days, oh the kids, they are growing up thinking since texting makes no sound it's OK to whip out the cellie and have a text-a-thon. People's cell phones are going off during plays, the glow of cell phones distracts during movies and other public performances but how do we STOP people from doing this?

You thoughts Jersey City and elsewhere...

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today, October 5th, you share it with former President Chester A. Arthur. While Arthur was born in Vermont he spent much of his professional life as a lawyer in New York City before becoming President. Arthur argued and won a landmark case in New York that would forbid the city's streetcars from discrimination based on the race of the rider.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Late night open thread

Saturday Night Scoreboard Edition:

Michigan State 26
The Great Satan 20
There are good Saturday scoreboard editions and then there are great ones. Johnny has spent a great deal of time reading the comments of heartbroken Michigan fans online today and he is reminded of an old joke. What's the difference between a Michigan fan and a puppy? Eventually the puppy stops whining.

Rutgers was off this week and hopefully healing up

South Florida 34
Syracuse 20
Former Duke basketball player and now Orange QB Greg Paulus had FIVE interceptions today. FIVE. Is he their ONLY Quarterback? Is some redshirt freshman punter his backup? FIVE interceptions. Paulus stinks outloud.

West Virginia 35
Colorado 24
Again, this is how people in Morgantown practice couch population control

Cincinnati 37
Miami (OH) 13
Cincy is looking very strong and ranked #10 in the land and will no doubt vault even higher. Of course they won today over an 0-5 Mid American Conference team. Speaking of which...

Temple 24
Eastern Michigan 12
OK, so EMU is only 0-4. Like the old saying around Ypsilanti says, I-94-Eastern nothing...

Toledo 37
Ball State 30
Good GOD, another 0-5 MAC team in Ball State. Bad week for everything David Letterman, a grad of Ball State

Maryland 24
Clemson 21

LSU 20
Georgia 13
LSU sets up a huge game in Baton Rouge next Saturday with what's left of Tim Tebow's brains

Navy 16
Air Force 13
Who pray-tel was protecting America during this game?

Texas Christian University 39
Southern Methodist 14
No fight songs in the crowd on this day, only hymns

Kansas State 24
Iowa State 23
So Iowa State gets power up and scores a touchdown with 32 seconds to play to get within a point. Austen Arnaud becomes the most despised man on the Iowa State campus by having his extra point blocked

Harvard 28
Lehigh 14
Lehigh's head football coach is gonna show up at his office Monday morning and see his name scraped off the door. Lehigh is 0-4, one more loss and they have to join the Mid American Conference

Elon 19
Furman 12
Bet you didn't think Johnny could dig up a more worser game than this did you? You thought wrong

Tonight's Jersey City Desk Game of the Week
Bryant University 6
Wagner 2
This game was 0-0 at halftime. The fans in Smithfield, Rhode Island were having the time of their lives no doubt. Wagner took a 2-0 lead in the third quarter and it held up until Jerell Smith scored with 10 minutes remaining in this tight, see-saw battle of BCS giants. Apparently Austen Arnaud's brother kicks for Wagner as they missed the PAT. With the win today Wagner moves to the top of the NEC and our hearts.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello loyal Jersey City Desk readers, the eagle has kinda sorta landed

We've got the servers and AP wire machines moved and set up but we still need to rearrange the office furniture, do a few things utility-wise and Johnny needs to track down the damned interns. We'll be easing back into bringing you the infotainment you love slowly over the weekend...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark