Friday, September 30, 2016


Who do we love? Garbage! Every few months Johnny can get on a real Garbage jag and right now we're in one of those windows SO, let's start off tonight with 'Special' performed for a teevee show in Europe in 1998. Everyone in the band truly shines on this song. It's all there, just put the headphones on and it's musical YAHTZEE!


Anybody here wanna doubt he's a 'Soul Man'? Nobody? Good. Let's get right to it, Sam & Dave batting second tonight.


"With Autumn closing in..."

That line in this very very fall-like song, talking about high school summer love fading into fall, cornfields, backseats, ah the midwest, Johnny knows it well except for the back seat part, he was a late bloomer. Braces, flood pants, and a bowl haircut took care of that.

Bob Seger and the classic 'Night Moves' sending you on your way into a very fall-like evening in Cool City.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today you share it with the great Madeline Kahn, who has made Johnny laugh so many many times.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

With the Hoboken's Lackawanna Terminal in shambles from the NJ Transit train...

...Johnny's first going to send his condolences for the three confirmed dead and his best thoughts for the over 100 injured.

Secondly, today Johnny is going to do something he never does, he's re-running a post from last year about Positive Train Control and how our local congressperson, Rep. Albio Sires was part of a cowardly voice vote to give the transportation companies an additional 3-5 years to add PTC. Sires never stood up in an area rife with train commuters and pushed the issue. He didn't stand on the floor of Congress and demand a quicker fix. Nope, Rep. Albio Sires simply joined everyone with a voice vote, the coward's way out so as not to put your name to a vote, and now we have a huge train crash that quite possibly could have been mitigated by PTC. Time will tell.

SHAME on you Rep. Sires and here is that article:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Late night open thread

Well, wasn't today an eventful day after all...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So, Fulop's not running for governor, analysis time!

According to now many sources, Mayor Steve Fulop will hold a press conference at Jersey City Hall at 2pm and announce he's not running for governor (His, "Oh boy there's so much going on here in Jersey City I just don't ever want to leave it" speech) and his support will go to Democrat (duh) Phil Murphy.

Johnny has opinions. First, Fulop diddled around way too long to truly run. Secretive meetings, throwing some party people under the bus, secret SuperPACS, and "I might but I might not though I probably will but won't say it now" comments over the past couple years really begin to grate on the citizenry. He had to make a choice and it was NOT going to wait until after the general election as Fulop had previously said when he'd make his official decision and announcement. Phil Murphy stepped in and announced his run in May, began a campaign in earnest in late July and August ramping up television ad buys. Murphy is sitting in the exact "slot" Fulop would have taken in the race, the furthest left progressive guy in a world of Sweeneys, Lesniaks and Wisniewskis. Murphy took that slot and solidified it with each ad that ran. Not only was Fulop going to have to battle Steve Sweeney et al, but just to get air he'd have to tangle with Murphy to again, get that "slot". That's a big hill to even start to climb with less and less time each passing day. Nobody can say Fulop can't read tea leaves, he was going to get beaten around on crime, Abbott Districts, his reckless abatements, his SuperPAC, you name it.

Plus, and feel free to call it piling on, thanks to Johnny, certain other candidates have pictures of Fulop and Rolando Lavarro in Transmission the night it was raided by JCPD. Those wouldn't have looked good in teevee ads. Plus, Johnny said don't put that craptastic club there and you did anyway. Call it piling on but do read Johnny's mission statement here:

He moves silently, like a shadow in the night collecting dirt on the powers that be. Now he calls on a silent army of many to expose the corrupt and irretrievably stupid around town.

Fulop would not have been a good governor in Johnny's opinion. He's wasted almost four years dabbling with the governor idea and giving our fair city short shrift in doing so. Some of his decisions absolutely look as though they were made with Trenton's best interests in mind, not Jersey City's. Whatever it was going to take, whether bad planning, dodgy work on the city he was elected to govern, questionable financing, his run had to be stopped and it's a good thing Murphy got going when he did.

Breaking News: Steve Fulop will NOT run for governor, to endorse Phil Murphy

According to the usually source-solid Hudson County View, Steve Fulop will hold a press conference at 2pm at Jersey City hall where he will make the no run for governor announcement. No word on if Fulop will endorse Murphy or if he'll be at city hall with Fulop.

Stay tuned to this Jersey City breaking news station...

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Bridgegate hits Ward E; Christie's minions approached Candice Osborne for support

We'll end any and all speculation -- she told them NO.

The best political reporter anywhere, Terrence T. McDonald points out Osborne's name came up when Christie operative Matt Mowers asked to meet with Osborne around the same time Christie was trying to get Mayor Fulop's support (Which Fulop did not give) to see who in a big city like Jersey City they could get support from:

Mowers said he and Christie campaign staffer Pete Sheridan sat down with the Downtown councilwoman in August 2013 on the recommendation of Fulop and the mayor's political advisers.

"They believed she was going to endorse Gov. Christie's re-election campaign," Mowers testified. "And they thought Mayor Fulop wanted to be helpful towards the governor's campaign, or seem helpful while also not endorsing himself."

Johnny wonders why the hell they'd think that, as Osborne herself pointed out to them but you'll have to click this handy link to see her response to Mowers and Sheridan. Couple questions do arise, why Fulop would send them to Osborne if he wasn't planning on endorsing or supporting Christie, the Candice Osborne Johnny knows would have no interest in helping Chris Christie. Also, did Osborne know her name had the possibility of popping up in Bridgegate at any point? Inquiring minds and all. If so that info is best gotten out ahead of moments like this.

The real story here though, and as usual in this story, is just how bad Christie's people were at reading people.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Late night open thread

All aboard the Trump Train, no refunds.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Quite the train wreck for Trump tonight

Nobody thought he looked good, just a while back in the spin room Trump acolyte Rudy Giuliani said Trump might not do any more debates. That's a red-assed beat down kids.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Late night open thread

Johnny was just a tad off on his football predictions today, but of you lost money listening to a boob like Johnny, that's on you.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jets and Giants football Gameday!

What a day it is out there football fans, the first true fall-feeling afternoon on tap for two big games for the New Jersey-based NFL ballclubs.

First the Giants are at the New Meadlowlands at 1pm to take on arch-rival and division foe, Washington with their 0-2 record. Thus far, well, they're a mess. Last year's breakout QB Kirk Cousins isn't having a "You like that!" kind of season.

First off the Skins cannot run the ball. They average an abysmal 68 yards a game so far. Big Blue should be able to use this to an extreme advantage and get after the pocket-passing Cousins. The Redskins CAN pass, Cousins is capable of throwing for 300 yards but the New Jersey defense has to make those "trying to play catchup" yards.

Now let's get back to where the real fun might pop up, Odell Beckham Jr. and Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and their ongoing grudge. Let's look back at last year when Gordon was with Carolina shall we? (Tom Coughlin sighting)

So, with all the extra-curriculars that might go on with age-old rivals today could be a knock-down drag out fight where the Redskins pull the GMen into the deep water of the 4th quarter but Johnny doesn't get that feel today.

Fearless Forecast
New Jersey Giants 31
Washington Redskin Potatoes 21

Now, off to the J-E-T-S- Jets Jets Jets game out in Kansas City at 4:30pm, Wilbert Harrison won't you set the mood:

Ah, Kansas City, you never know what the hell to expect from the Chiefs at home do you? Could be an all-time performance with great screaming fans or they could easily lay an egg. Johnny thinks betting on games in Chiefs-land are a fools errand. Let's go to the tape:

Pretty simple today Jets fans, run the ball. The Chiefs have a fairly well balanced offensive attack with passing being better but on defense they allow a lot of yards on the ground, a Jets forte'. This should help cover for the hideous Jets pass defense if they can keep the Chiefy Wiefies offense off the field. If this game were being played in New Jersey Johnny would have no trouble going with the Jets. This one is tricker and road games in the NFL are notoriously difficult. Coin toss time.

Fearless Forecast
New Jersey Jets 23
Kansas City Chiefs 20 OT

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

Alabama 48
Kent St 0
Johnny for sure would have thought that the MAC team that took the biggest red-assed beat down this week would be the Golden Flushes at #1 Alabama. He was wrong...

Memphis 77
Bowling Green 3
Good thing for BG it wasn't a shutout, it will help their team morale as they get ready for...

Eastern Michigan 27
Wyoming 24
Johnny's alma mater is 3-1 for the first time since 1995. Yep, this moribund program is 3-1 right now and where is your God?

Wisconsin 30
Michigan St 6
It's not often Mark Dantonio's Spartans are outprepped, outcoached and his team outworked but boy did Bucky do it today

Ole Miss 45
Georgia 14
Ole Miss won the toss and elected to kick the bejeesus out of Georgia

Tennessee 38
Florida 28
The Gators got all liquored up at halftime and ate at least 3 bowls of Cocoa Puffs each, it's the only way to explain it

Syracuse 31
Connecticut 24
It was a gorgeous fall day in Stamford and yet some people insisted on going to see UConn play football

Wofford 31
East Tennessee St. 0
The one Saturday Johnny doesn't wear his Wofford shirt

Northern Michigan 29
Northwood 24
Homecoming in Marquette is a happy one and thus no freighters will have to be sacrificed to the icy Lake Superior waters this November

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week!®
Drake 30
Morehead State 28
Morehead State led after one quarter 8-6. Then someone put Ambien in the water supply and by the time they finally woke up and scored 20 points in the 4th quarter, well it was too late for Morehead. Maybe next time

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Late night open thread

Get the woolies ready Jersey City, fall arrives tonight.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 23, 2016


Johnny is so very excited to bring this one to you tonight. He was close to picking the actual band Yaz and or Yazoo if you prefer and instead he found the incredible Alison Moyet live from last year performing the Yaz classic 'Don't Go' and ladies and jellyspoons this is a 10-bell must hear song.

Johnny follows Alison Moyet on the Twitter and man is she a great follow and she's still bringing it SO BIG!


If you can't fight the Seether then why even try. Life is too short. Get rid of the Seether, as in bye seether bye.

Veruca Salt and 'Seether'


Every so often The Who's bassist John Entwislte would contribute a song or a great idea to brass up certain songs with his very talented french horn. Kind of an offbeat kicky song written and sung by Mr. Johnny Twinkle. Also listen to the joy with which the greatest drummer ever, Keith Moon, has with this song. The Moon unleashed, or as he put it once, 'I'm best Keith Moon style drummer I know."

The Who with 'My Wife' wrapping up another Music Series

Late night open thread

Definition of an ass day right there folks. God damn Johnny was stupid throwing his body around playing all the sports for all the years.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bryan Cranston will be appearing at Loew's October 11th

Loew's Theater in association with Word Bookstore will be presenting Bryan Cranston who is talking about his new book, well a press release well written is a job half done:

Join WORD Bookstores at the beautiful historic Loew's Jersey Theatre for the launch of A Life In Parts, a coming-of-age story and meditation on creativity, devotion, and craft from Bryan Cranston, beloved and acclaimed star of one of history's most successful TV shows, Breaking Bad. Hear Bryan discuss and read from his poignant, intimate, funny, and inspiring memoir with acclaimed TV and entertainment critic Alan Sepinwall (HitFix). 

Johnny will be there, he thinks Mr. Cranston is a very intense actor with a really broad range. Can't wait. You get a book along with the ticket, not too shabby!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Only in Jersey City

Naked Trump along the route to the Holland Tunnel goes missing and then questions arise about just who took it. Really.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny appreciates the business as usual attitude during this terror cell tantrum

Johnny wants to commend his fellow citizens who, while showing great concern, never panicked nor freaked the fuck out over these past couple three days with pipe bombs and trashcan bombs with pressure cookers being used.

Ever vigilant, never bend the knee.

Late night open thread

So funny tonight watching the pity party fans of the teevee show The Americans is having on Twitter after rightfully losing to Game of Thrones as Best Drama Show. It's like all their dreams just went:

Ah well, the better show won.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Giants football GAMEDAY!

Hey, if the Jets have the discourtesy to play of Thursday fuck 'em, they'll get no Sunday write-up.

Points ahoy matey! The Giants and Drew Brees and the Saints are gonna pout some points on the scoreboard at the New Meadowlands. Dr. Johnny is going to tell you how and why he thinks the Giants air show could be more effective. Eli Manning doesn't seem to need to throw for 350-400 yards to get two or three passing TD's a game. For all of his brilliance, Brees does seem to need to get that many yards to get the same amount of TD's. The Giants can shorten the game with deep aerial success which after watching the Saints play the Raiders he thinks the G-Men can pass deep, kick off, and make Brees go 80 yards. Run the ball at least 100 yards and that'll also shorten and choke off the Saints offense. The Raiders ran well last week in New Orleans.

Yes, lots of points but if the Giants are smart and hit on their best chances and have their defense become enough of a breastwork (it's not dirty) to slow the Saints and claim a victory and move to 2-0 and depending on what the Sheagals do with the Bears tomorrow night hight atop the NFC East.

Fearless Forecast
New Jersey Giants 34
N'awlins Saints 28

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday night Scoreboard Show!

Michigan State 36
Notre Dame 28
When MSU clinched the game with that long pass on 3rd down and the TV cut to the ND sideline and Brian Kelly admonishing his defensive coordinator, Johnny harkened back to when he was supposed to rake leaves as a kid but went and played football instead and heard about it later.

Sure, let's rub it in, it IS Notre Dame after all, the MSU fight song from South Bend tonight:

Louisville 63
Florida State 20
The Birds are the word

North Dakota State 23
Iowa 21
The more you watched this game the less it seemed like an upset

Nebraska 35
Oregon 32
A good old fashioned popcorn game from Lincoln goes to the Huskers

Houston 40
Cincinnati 16
Oh Houston still won but compared to Louisville in one week they went from new and hot to old and fat

Cornell 24
Bucknell 16
In the battle for the Nell Fenwick Memorial Trophy it's Corn over Buck

Maine Maritime 42
Massachusetts Maritime 35
Not only do they keep our shipping lanes and coastal waters free of Krakens, they find time to ball a little bit

Ohio State 45
Oklahoma 24
Nobody from the Big 12 can talk the rest of the year

Western Michigan 34
Illinois 10
Illinois paid WMU $1.2 million to come to Champaign-Urbana and kick their asses

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
North Dakota 47
South Dakota 44 2OT
North Dakota came back in the 4th quarter from 20 points down and in double OT got power up and won the game. North Dakota may now move the state line one mile south and collect taxes on anyone or anything within this newly claimed land at least until next year's rematch

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 16, 2016

Late night open thread

Only Notre Dame was won more in South Bend than Michigan State. Tomorrow that hatred is renewed. So, Saturday night then, you South Bend bastards.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark


So Johnny is all NyQuil'd and cold medicine'd up these last couple days and trying to draw breath he likes to put the headphones on and zone out as much as possible. Earlier today he heard an old song from Travis, 'Side' and Johnny thought that's exactly the kind of song that would class up the Music Series this week so here you go fans, because medicine!


The AP stylebook can kiss Johnny's ass.

Johnny asked himself what might really get people in a happy and dancing state of mind, like pronto. A few songs popped into mind but the pronto Johnny was having issues with. Leave it to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5ive and 'I Want You Back' from their 1971 special.


Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for 1980 and the first DEVO album and 'Girl U Want' sending you on your way tonight. DEVO was a brilliant and very forward band, one wonders how they came from Ohio.

Late night open thread

Here's 15 funny minutes before bed...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The house always wins

As promised last night the real reason we have police standing around construction sites still, even after Mayor Steve Fulop said he'd end the practice while running for mayor. It has to be an affront to those in high crime or really any crime areas that the reason they still do would be money.

It shouldn't surprise us but it's the case. Johnny, private citizen Johnny, wrote letters and emailed Mr. Fulop about his promise not being fulfilled after he took office but got ZERO reply. Nothing. They were civil and intelligent requests as to why the practice of having upwards of 15-20 police officers standing around downtown construction sites, some who have been injured working those sites, continued when Fulop himself said citizen volunteers are all that were necessary. No reply. Nada. Of course private citizen Johnny has never made a donation to the Fulop campaign so that could be a reason, no?

A case in Newark exposes the real reason why this goes on. A Jersey City police officer who was working what might seem to be a lot of these construction stand arounds from the amount of money the Feds says he didn't claim on taxes. C'mon Johnny. how much could a cop not have claimed from simply standing around a construction site?


Again, $230,000.

The U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, Paul Fishman, announced Wednesday that Juan Romaniello, 54, of East Hanover, pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges Wednesday, after Romaniello effectively cut out the JCPD as a middleman when he took work and accepted payments directly from construction companies.

The direct payments were in violation of a city ordinance requiring such work to be arranged through the department. Fishman said the ordinance also requires that payments be made by companies to the city, which then pays the officer after deducting taxes and an administrative fee kept by the city.

THEEEEEERRRRRRE it is! The city gets a cut. The city doesn't get a cut with citizen volunteers. Did Fulop not know this set-up when he ran for the office he's in over his head doing? Mayor Fulop, what IS the city's cut and how much does the city get from this program? Tell us, why do we have cops standing around making money for the city while some wards bleed nightly? Daily. Monthly. The Fulop Administration could put an end to this and get more cops out on the streets but he CHOOSES not to.

And for what? For a little bit of money

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Late night open thread

I have seen war. I have seen war on land and sea. I have seen blood running from the wounded. I have seen men coughing out their gassed lungs. I have seen the dead in the mud. I have seen cities destroyed. I have seen two hundred limping exhausted men come out of line-the survivors of a regiment of one thousand that went forward forty-eight hours before. I have seen children starving. I have seen the agony of mothers and wives. I hate war.
 -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt August 14, 1936

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny finally figured out why cops stand around construction sites all day

We'll have a story on this in the morning but for tonight remember to always keep your eyes and ears open when you want to research something. Maddeningly answers don't always come right away. Maybe Johnny's ability to research and keep plugging help him be an asset in looking into cold cases as he sometimes has. Something you need IS out there, just keep digging and listening. It might be auxiliary to what you're looking for but on those good days you see it.

A court case in Newark today brings us the reason tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Another 4 million dollars from the council and the Reval is back on

Remember this people of New Jersey, when Steve Fulop throws hit hat in the rong for governor and starts touting his business and budget record here, his good news will be heavily glided. He's wasted yet another 4+ million dollars as City Council will approve a new Reval contract with Appraisal System in their meeting tomorrow night.

Another 4 million, great fucking job everyone. What petty shit from a mayor who'd happily let others pay for his schools while he cuts sweetheart deals with his developer friends that further tax city residents.

Sure would have been nice to elect a mayor in 2013 who truly and Johnny means truly gave one shit about the city he was going to serve. It ain't Steppingstone Stevie.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Late night open thread

Today is National Video Game Day, get your Galaga on!

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The Pep Boys/Bruce Ratner development could be in trouble

How funny would that be? Hey it'd hopefully save Jersey City from writing Bruce Ratner and Forest City a check from OUR city bank account.

James Riffin is a man who knows how to file a lawsuit. He's filed quite a few. He's filed one that seems to have the Forest City folks up in a tizzy, calling a legal claim he's filed on their property as "sinister." Riffin has made the following argument:

In his lawsuit, filed on July 20, Riffin alleges that because the lines of rail that formerly traversed the Metro Plaza property were never abandoned by Conrail, the developers of the high-rise don't have rights to the property. He says because he told the STB last year that he intends to acquire the entirety of the abandoned rail line, he could end up owning the site and re-starting a rail line on it. He wants construction on the residential tower halted until that federal matter is resolved.

Sure be a shame if that project just died. Have you seen that first building going up Jersey City? It'll make your eyes bleed. While this lawsuit stands little chance of success, it is trying to protect your eyesight because the architects who drew up that hideous look must have come from the Greg Brady school of design.

Late night open thread

Taken from a roof deck at a Giants/Cowboys watch party.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jets and Giants football GAMEDAY!

Hey hey, you've waited an entire offseason for your favorite area football teams to get going and today is that day! We'll start with the Giants because they would seem to have a better game with more meaning today:

The Giants are in the Jerry Jones Funhouse where anything, however improbable can and does happen to opposing teams. The Dallas Dome is fast becoming 3 Rivers Stadium/Heinz Field for the Stoolers getting magic plays and really odd calls. The "luck" the Steelers actually moved stadiums, funny how that happened. The Giants it would appear have more going for them than Dallas right now. No QB in Big D could well spell doom if the Giants can stop the Dallas run. Ezekiel Elliot must be given a rude welcome to the NFL because no backup the Cowboys use is going to beat the G Men on his own throwing. Stop. The. Run. We're guessing the Giants offense, unpredictably spotty at times last year may well be the same today but we think Eli Manning can move Big Blue more often and longer distances and they'll score just enough to get a win to start the season.

Fearless Forecast
New Jersey Giants 22
Dallas Cowboys 17

The Jets today face a team in Cincinnati that no doubt stewed in the rarefied juices of their pattymeltdown at home vs. the Steelers in last year's playoff game. They can't not have heard the jokes, the crying Jordan face memes, the Andy Dalton criticisms, the Vonteze Burfict commentary and will be ready to burst forth at the New Meadowlands today at 1pm. That can cut both ways. We know the Jets are at home but if they can keep Cincy close the first quarter and a half and draw them into a bone crushing running/field position game they have a chance. Drag Cincinnati into the deep water in the fourth quarter might be their best and only hope. The Jets are already beat up and it's Johnny best guess they won't score a lot today, they may even need like 3 field goals and a safety to get it done. Barring a Bungles collapse and bad behavior hangover we just don't see the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS winning today. Johnny hopes he's wrong but...

Fearless forecast
Cincinnati Bungles 30
New Jersey Jets 18

Late night open thread

It's the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

Arkansas 41
TCU 38 2OT
Hogs over Frogs said the guy with a blog

Central Michigan 30
Oklahoma State 27
What a wild finish on a play that should never have happened. That's OK, neither should T. Boone Pickens. If you haven't seen it here you are:
Ole Miss 38
Wofford 13
Johnny wore his Wofford shirt for nothing today

Pitt 42
Penn State 39
A wild game bringing back a rivalry over the same goddamned mascot. A panther is pretty much the same thing as a Nittany Lion, right? Yet argue they do. Signature win for our old Spartan pal Pat Narduzzi

North Carolina 48
Illinois 23
Lovie Smith meets the true Illini team and is 20% less Lovie tonight

Louisville 62
Syracuse 28
Normally if you play badly on Friday night, by Saturday nobody cares. Sorry 'Cuse, Johnny sees all

Hobart 42
Endicott College 20
Speaking of seeing all...

Johns Hopkins 41
Susquehanna 7
Johnny just likes saying Susquehanna

Fordham 83
Elizabeth City State 21
God damn Rams, be some kind of host will ya

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Utica College 34
Ohio Northern 30
The Pioneers of Utica College scored not 22, not 23, but 24 points in the 4th quarter to get power up and win the game and may now loot and pillage greater Utica NY area for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Late night open thread

What the hell do you know about surfing, Major? You're from goddamned New Jersey.
 -- Apocalypse Now

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 9, 2016


Johnny keeps looking for ways to keep the Music Series fresh for you the loyal viewer and listener. Johnny refuses to play crap but sometimes it's fun tot hink that could somehow happen. Tonight sitting around the bullpen we recycled a very old idea we used at the old Ypsi City Desk, the next three songs that come on in order on the all inclusive playlist ARE the songs for tonight's Music Series, with the exception of a Mike Ness song who we just had last week and the Michigan State fight song Johnny insists on keeping in, here are the three in order as they came up.

First off Alannah Myles with a song we have not yet played on the Music Series and honestly we wonder why, it's still a great song even after all these years. Johnny got to sing backup on this cut and a few others with an actual singer (She's won Motor City music awards but no way Johnny embarrasses her good name here) on this song at the Cabbage Shed in Elberta Michigan so very long ago. Johnny was her backup singer of choice because he knows all the words to all the songs but more importantly he knows where the backup singers come in on almost every song and how not to sing over the star.

Bet you didn't know Johnny could sing.

The aforementioned Alannah Myles and 'Black Velvet'


One of THE great song intros in music history eh kids? That grinding almost urban factory metal on metal sounding guitar announces its presence with authoritah, you just feel the it and you know it's a great 80's song, top 10 maybe. Johnny would be happy to throw this song's hat into the ring anytime.

Romeo Void with 'Never Say Never' straight outta 1982.


Johnny could send you off with a treatise on the prominence of piano and guitar in the early rock and roll songs vs perceptions of the singers voice tracks in making many hits, but how about we all just pop our fingers and be real cool for 2 minutes 20 with the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley and 'Lawdy, Miss Clawdy'

Late night open thread

Jesus, Johnny got up and started work at 4:30 this morning and just finished so he can get back up tomorrow and do it again. He does try to keep the complaining to a minimum but today its merited.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Late night open thread

All bow down to our FC Barcelona overlords who have opened an office in NYC because kids, they get social media and outreach, as seen tonight on the Empire State Building. Don't worry, they will employ the best players and win many titles. They make for great overlords.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

One does pause each time the WTC lights go up

When Johnny sees those Pillars of Light lights at the WTC site it does cause him to stop and take pause.

Here is a list of all 9/11 memorials and events for this year, the 15th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Mayor Fulop is throwing a BBQ!

No kidding, out in Paramus. September 14. For two hours. Seriously, a two hour BBQ.

Well worth the click.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Late night open thread

Ah fall, bring it on...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Happy Labor Day!

The one day Johnny makes it into the office this weekend is Labor Day, of course. First off Happy Labor Day for those lucky enough to have the day off and for those working Johnny promises not to shop or order food today and make you who don't have the day off work harder.

In other good Labor Day news, this Storm Hermine seems kaput. Warnings have now been lifted, go out and enjoy the rest of the weekend and enjoy the nice cooling breezes, it gets back to hot later this week. Too bad the storm projections were so far off, a lot of businesses along the shore lost a lot of needed end of season cash and the beaches and more were closed when they didn't have to be.

Finally today, a salient and smartly written editorial from, questioning of exactly what kind of politician Steve Fulop has become as he has now been ensnared (FAPS) in of all things Chris Christie's Bridgegate.

The Mackinac Bridge, where in Michigan you get to walk across it on Labor Day

Late night open thread

Have you ever had a day where some people drop by and via phone they network with others and ask if they can invite their friends over and on and on until like it or not your home becomes a social hub until the late evening? Then you'll understand why Johnny never made it into the office today, just being a good host.

Plenty to talk about on the morrow!

Time for Jersey CIty, After Dark

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Late night open thread

Nobody in the office today, storm prep plus it was the first big day of college football which means only one thing, the Saturday Night Scoreboard Show!

Alabama 52
USC found out what it was like to play themselves in the 70's and 90's

South Alabama 21
Mississippi State 20
Oh the SEC had a bad day

Western Michigan 22
Northwestern 21
The B1G and the Purple Helmeted Warriors from Evanston got a face full of MACTION!

Georgia 33
North Carolina 24
Georgia will pay for this one day in basketball

Wake Forest 7
Tulane 3
24,398 paid to watch this awful mess

Washington 48
Rutgers 13
The Chris Ash regime is off to a tough start

Monmouth 23
Lehigh 21
South Mountain immediately begins to worry about playoffs

Eastern Michigan 61
Mississippi Valley St 14
Johnny spent a LOT of time at Rynearson Stadium in Ypsilanti, he never saw EMU ahead of anyone 54-0 (at one point) or even on Playstation for that matter

Northwestern Oklahoma State 59
Arkansas-Monticello 56
Almost your game of the week as Arkansas-Monticello (The Weevils) scored 35 points in the 4th quarter to almost get power up and win the game...almost

The Jersey City Desk Game Of The Week®
Quincey 38
Drake 35
What an upset for Division II Quincey (As far as we know) who came and ate the division 1-AA Drake Bulldogs' lunch, and then dinner

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Late night open thread

What is it people so want to live in a black and white world where nobody has to think on solutions and fear even the tiniest inequity in any solution. The answers to problems are rarely black and white. People need to think and assess and not just react, ya know?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, September 2, 2016


When you say ladies and gentlemens, Mr. Barry White, you get people's attention. Sure you giggle a bit but deep down you know you love Barry White as much today as the day he stole your woman from you back in the 70's. It's ok, you had no chance. He's Barry White, the Walrus of Love, back taunting you with 'Standing in the Shadows of Love'


OK, get settled, there's a lot to take in with any vintage 80's video, mostly adjusting to the pixels as big as fucking hams on any computer screen. But, Johnny didn't come here to bury old technologies, he came here to do the Dogcatcher while listening to George Clinton and 'Atomic Dog'


Mike Ness, Social Distortion, what's not to love? Let's get out of here tonight and take this party to the streets with this one, 'The Devil in Miss Jones' and then go get in fights, yeah, yeah, fights, acting like young toughs outside the PATH Station at Grove St. and getting into rumbles and so forth.

Sorry, Johnny got carried away, hopefully you will to. He blames the music.

Spartan football 2016; And awaaaaaay we go...

Johnny's Spartans kick off the 2016 season tonight in East Lansing as defending B1G East and B1G champs. This season will have many challenges but if they can pass well and consistently they CAN win the B1G again though Ohio State as always sets a high benchmark and Michigan has a window this year with MSU and the Buckeyes losing an awful lot last year. Michigan had better make hay this season as both Urban Meter and Mark Dantonio have their highest rated recruiting classes coming in next year.

Ah well, whatever will be will be. Tough games loom in South Bend and also vs BYU. For now however let's get fired up to mash the visiting Furman Paladins (and Johnny has seen the Furman campus outside Greenville SC and it is one of the most beautiful college campuses anywhere) with this series of three major moments on MSU's path to the B1G titles last year:

Hope all they want, this play will NEVER go away for Michigan fans

You swing that arm Michael Geiger, and send Urban back for some more golf cart personal pizzas

22 plays, 9:04 on the final drive for Sparty, a drive Paul Finebaum on the SEC Network called one of the greatest drives in college football history

Sparty On Wayne!

Late night open thread

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

If you're in New Jersey and near the water a Tropical Storm warning was just posted for you

The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for late Saturday night and into Sunday maybe through Monday for heavy rain and gusty winds. Some spots in the southern parts of the state could get 3-5 inches of soaking rain from now Hurricane Hermine:

TIMING: Winds are expected to increase around mid-day Saturday, then continue through the Labor Day weekend. Rain is expected to begin on Saturday, then continue through Sunday, heavy at times, with as much as 3 to 5 inches possible in southern New Jersey. The weather service said gusty winds could knock down trees and power lines.

HEAVY RAIN: Based on the latest storm track projections, the highest risk of heavy rain is along the coast and coastal plains of New Jersey. "The primary flooding hazard will be street and flash flooding," the weather service said. "The recent dry weather will lessen but not eliminate the risk of river and stream flooding. There is expected to be a sharp cutoff in the heavy rain dependent on the track of Hermine. A track further off the coast lessens the threat for heavy rain."

Late night open thread

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