Monday, August 31, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny, for as big of a Rolling Stones fan as he is, hadn't ever given much thought nor really learned the backstory to the death of Stones guitarist Brian Jones in 1969. A longstanding rumor has been that builder Frank Thorogood murdered Jones in his pool. Suddenly this case is getting a fresh look by British authorities after claims Thorogood confessed to the murder on his deathbed. Before bed tonight a good article on the case by MSNBC. Plus it's an excuse to play an old Rolling Stones clip...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny's first Fearless Pigskin Forecast pertaining to the Big East Conference

We all know from reading this blog Johnny's a Big Ten/MAC guy, it just goes with where you grow up. But, he does love all college football and is ordering his college football package for the teevee tomorrow. He'll do a proper Rutgers breakdown later this week but here now is the Jersey City Desk Big East prediction for the 2009 season.

1. Cincinnati
2. West Virginia
3. Pittsburgh
4. Rutgers
5. South Florida
6. Connecticut
7. Louisville
8. Syracuse

Rutgers could go as high as third but playing patsies on their schedule doesn't really prep you for bigger conference games.

Monday morning open thread

Johnny has editorial board meetings that'll keep him out of the office this morning and part of the afternoon. In the meantime feel free to talk about anything you want to. If you need a conversation starter feel free to suggest the best possible type of dog for Johnny in his new digs...

Late night open thread

If your birthday is Monday, you share it with singer Van Morrison who will be 64. He was born August 31, 1945 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday open thread

Johnny's off in search of brunch but he's gonna leave you with some reading material. As a Michigan State fan nothing could be funnier than Rich Rodriguez quite possibly landing Michigan's football program on probation. Some of you Rutgers fans may remember Rich Rod from his days at West Virginny...

Late night open thread

No rain on Sunday, now that'll be a reason for a Pagan festival...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jersey City police pull a body out of the water near 2nd Street Pier this morning, NYC's Michael Bloomberg nowhere to be found yet

Jersey City emergency services pulled a floater out of the Hudson River this morning about 10:30 am. The medical examiner has made no determination as of yet. Absent from the scene is New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, 'Media Whore of the Hudson' who shows up at any and all events/tragedies/anything that might bring a camera/bake sales/ on either side of the Hudson. Apparently there is not enough news coverage yet to lure Bloomberg out of hiding and tell the cameras what's going on in Jersey City.

It would seem the Hudson County prosecutor's office would rather protect businesses than citizens

OK, here's the set up, a waiter a at least one Jersey City restaurant as well as a Newark restaurant has been using a "skimmer" or a quick swipe machine that records credit card personal info that was then sold off to identity theft criminals.

Dayron Rendon of Belleville is the waiter who police are looking for, they say he was the one using the skimmer in both Jersey City and Newark restaurants and did his dirty deed over 100 times. Nice job Dayron, you're a real jackass. We hope the police get you before the citizenry does. Also already arrested were the masterminds of the identity theft operation, Joaquin Martinez of Weehawken, Anuar Prado of Elizabeth, and Julian Garcia of Newark. So far so good on the police. But then again the problem here isn't with the police, it's with Hudson County First Assistant Prosecutor Guy Gregory who REFUSES to list the restaurants where Rendon stole credit card info.

Thank you so much Mr. Gregory. Way to stand up for the business and screw over the general public. Classy move. Not everyone who eats at a restaurant knows to check their credit score every month. Not everyone who eats at a restaurant knows what to do when they become victims of identity theft. You COULD be giving them a big heads up here but you refuse. You'd rather protect businesses than people. We'd like to know which restaurants do thorough background checks on their employees and which ones allow people like Dayron Rendon prey on society. It might make our choice of restaurant easier.

While you stay classy Guy Gregory, the Jersey City Desk will find out the names of these restaurants by hook or by crook and WILL Publish their names, something for whatever reason you were afraid to do.

Late night open thread

Johnny doesn't give out the restaurant love very often but he had an excellent meal tonight at a little Thai place on Grove St. across from City Hall called More. That friends was some good stuff. Great steamed dumplings to start and a delicious duck pad thai entree. Words can't describe how tasty it was. The duck was perfectly prepared and the noodles were absolutely spot on. The peach smoothie was a treat as well. So if you're around the Grove St. restaurant row, Johnny highly suggests giving it a whirl.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, August 28, 2009


Sometimes you just gotta rock out ya know? Here is somebody that fits the bill with one of those all-time rocker tunes. Neil Young and Crazy Horse with 'Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)'. Come on, you know the words, get the head bob going and sing along...


Let's face facts, smoking is cool. It makes you look cool, if you are cool like Pat Benatar it makes you look even sexier, and if you smoke you can still have that 5 octave voice like Pat does. The people in the audience get it, look at them, smoking like chimneys. This video is just, well, cool. It must be all the smoking going on.

Pat Benatar with 'La Bel Age'


"In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey..." Truer words have never been spoken, or something.

The beginning of the chorus to this song nobody ever seems to get right is as follows:
"Soy un perdedor"

Here's Beck with 'Loser'

The Jersey Journal actually asked this question this morning....

"Has Tiger experienced the real Jersey City?"

So, Tiger Woods is golfing in Jersey City this weekend. Big deal. Who really cares if he eats at the Brownstone Diner? Does it REALLY matter? Do we really care if Tiger Woods, and golf is truly no big deal, sees the "real" Jersey City? Quit it Jersey Journal, we're fine without ANY kind of Tiger Woods feedback on our fair city, really. This fawning has to stop. Earlier this week had a picture of Tiger coming out of a port-a-potty. They REALLY did. Is this how big of a crush you have on the guy? You follow him out of port-a-pottys?

Blow Hurricane Danny blow, show people how really immaterial this whole golf tournament is. When the mayor and city council start caring about something other than the rich man's waterfront in Jersey City maybe then we'll care if Tiger Woods sees it.

Nah, probably not...

Friday morning open thread

Speak your peace

Late night open thread

Tonight before bed a few good minutes with the late great Bill Hicks. If you know Bill Hicks you know to use headphones on clips like this or tell the kids to go play in traffic while you listen...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stupid Bono---U2 have changed their 9/25 show at Giants Stadium to 9/23

U2 have announced a change in show dates. The show scheduled on Friday September 25th at Giants Stadium has officially been moved up two days to Wednesday September 23rd. The Thursday September 24th show is still on for that day as planned.

Again, if you have tickets for the show on 9/25, you'll now be using them on 9/23. If you need a refund those will begin to become available tomorrow, 8/28, until 9/22 at the point of purchase.

Thanks Bono, thanks a lot. You'll be lucky if Johnny isn't kicking you in your Irish trousers over this with his backstage pass on the 25--er the 23rd.....

Suddenly, New York is having quite the dust up over food carts

The New York Times has yet another story on city officials cracking down on food carts outside famous municipal buildings, this time it's the MOMA. Some vendors are being fined $1000, some are being shut down entirely, all while disabled veterans cry foul and cite an old city law that allows them to set up shop just about anywhere they want to. It all makes for a good read.

Late night open thread

So, what were your plans on Saturday? Out and about, maybe some shopping, a trip to the shore (Johnny WAS planning that), maybe a picnic? Well you might wanna keep an eye on what is expected to become Hurricane Danny and is now projected to hit our area as a category 1 storm beginning early Saturday and going into Saturday night.

Johnny will no longer be a hurricane virgin, awesome.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Todd Meany, Fox News reporter out of Cleveland is SO BAD...

(How bad IS he Johnny?)

Todd Meany might well be the worst on the scene reporter of all time. His producer can't be much better. The person who let this on the air is worse than that. Be thankful we live here people, and if you ever set his kind of thing passing as reporting in the NY/NJ area, let us know and we'll go beat them senseless.

Hat tip to an old friend W for pointing this out. THE most lifelike recreation EVER...

OK Jersey City, it's official, you're stuck with Johnny

Papers signed, a long term contract with Jersey City if you will. You're just gonna have to accept the fact Johnny will be serving you these cold cups of coffee daily for a long time to come. Consider Johnny signing on here long term as Jersey City's answer to 'cash for clunkers'.

Note to local small plane pilots

We've had two small planes have to ditch for whatever reason lately. One in a neighborhood and yesterday on in a mall parking lot. The Jersey City Desk would like to remind pilots who are facing this kind of problem--that's what the Hudson River is for.

Thank you, that is all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny was going to talk about other stuff tonight until he realized that today is the 70th anniversary of perhaps THE greatest pop culture icon in American history. It's not a person, it's not a product nor is it a food item. It was August 25th 1939 when The Wizard of Oz opened in theaters. Johnny has long said this is the one movie that connects us all here in the USA, rich, poor, black, white, Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Whig. He'd dare say everyone over the age of 30 has seen it. More than likely 85% of those under 30 have seen it as well. It's iconic on so many levels. It's probably the first movie you saw as a kid where things really didn't go well for the star. It was probably the first movie that terrified you. Has there ever been a better tornado scene in movie-dom even in the movie Twister?

Then there are the incredible influences it has had on other movies. There is a great article you can read here as to just how deep the movie's influence goes in television and film (and yes they make mention of the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon legend). Do you or have you ever found yourself doing the Lollipop Guild song or dance? Have you ever asked if somebody only had a brain? A heart? Da nerve? Ever repeat the line "We're not in Kansas anymore?" Mockingly imitate Billie Burke by saying "Toto too?"

It's Johnny's favorite movie to this day. Tonight before bed a tribute to the bestest movie in film history, The Wizard of Oz.

And now some awesome Wizard of Oz history, the famed 'Jitterbug' scene which was cut from the movie. If you listen to the Wicked Witch of the West in the final cut of the movie as she sends out her flying monkeys she makes mention that they should have no trouble with Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion because "I've sent a little bug on ahead" to take the fight out of them. Also you'll notice in the final cut of the film The Scarecrow has an old school bug spray pump with him. Without the Jitterbug scene both of these references seem odd. The clip is in rough shape but sometimes historical gems are.

Here's your homework assignment, how would YOU recast the major parts with today's actors and actresses?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Neko Case November 16th at the Beacon Theatre in NYC

Yes kids it's true, the one and only Neko Case will be performing uptown at the Beacon Theatre on Monday November 16th. As her Middle Cyclone tour winds down and returns from Europe, you'll have another chance to catch the fabulous Neko Case.

The Beacon Theatre is on Broadway between 74th and 75th. Tickets are on sale now, get 'em while they last.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Late night open thread

Cintra Wilson, get over yourself, we have.

The supposedly sharp witted poison tongued columnist took full aim at the new J.C. Penney in Midtown in her New York Times column a couple weeks ago and hurled invectives not only at Penney's but the clientele as well. Well the column turned out to be an epic fail on Wilson's behalf.

Well after readers were fully insulted and Penney's protested one of the NY Times top dogs Clark Hoyt weighed in with an apology and took Wilson to task. Bill Keller, the executive editor of The Times, was a tad embarrassed by it as well. Wilson walked her nastiest comments back, slowly, until she herself apologized.

Ya know, for someone who is supposedly a big name famous columnist, why would you take aim at such an easy target. You're supposed to be a little better at being the Critical Shopper than clubbing Penney's like a seal. Save the easy targets to clowns like Johnny, that's why bloggers like us exist, to whack the low hanging fruit.

If you want to hang out with us lowbrow shiftless 'columnists' the meetings are Tuesday nights at The Iron Monkey here in Jersey City. Bring your own vicodin, and Johnny's buying the first round of Jim Beam as always.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Looking for some good advice

Johnny is planning on heading down to the famed Jersey Shore this upcoming weekend but hasn't settled on a town or any activity. He'd love to hear from you veterans as to what works for you and what to avoid. Tips and tricks of the trade are much appreciated.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Late night open thread

Nutty factoid:

If you add up the numbers 1-100 consecutively (1+2+3+4+5 etc) the total is 5050.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Oh are we gonna have some fun today kids

Some very clever students at Michigan State University (Sparty On!) have invented a website that broadcasts many text messages that most likely should never ever see the light of day. The text messages have been sent in from all over the USA to these two.

The mantra of the site is this: "Remember that text you shouldn't have sent last night? We do."

Now some of them are pretty unhinged and if you're a delicate flower this site might not be for you. For the rest of our readers we offer you the link to hilarity found here, txts from last night

A smattering of the texts:
(317): and parents always said I was only motivated by money. Pfft they forgot vodka.

(850): this girl ate taco bell on my bed naked last night, it was the sexiest thing ive ever seen

(512): I thought I was at a rave until the paramedics started chasing me. You win again tequila.

(781): I was just told by a cop that my party was the most epic party they ever crashed

(215): It was my birthday today and i decided that i am not checking my notifications on facebook so ill feel popular
(610): Wrong number and your a loser

Late night open thread

Strange but true factoid edition:

If the Earth was smooth, the ocean would cover the entire surface to a depth of 12,000 feet.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday open thread

Johnny just got back from checking out his new condo and he's getting excited that he might just be able to move the Jersey City Desk offices downstairs from the living space. Consolidation is a good thing. Granted the interns will get keys but that's why you put up electric fence in your condo isn't it?

Also, a delightful lunch at the Light Horse Tavern in Jersey City was had by the staff. Great place, Johnny looks to going back sometime soon. If you are a beer lover, this is your place maybe on BOTH sides of the Hudson.

Late night open thread

Eddie Izzard will be performing at MSG on January 16, 2010 (That sounds odd doesn't it, 2010?)

Anyhoo, tickets are on sale now at places we're not advertising. Johnny will see you there!

Language warning but damned funny...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, August 21, 2009


Like Crash Davis said to Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh in Bull Durham "I know, write it down." This will be one of the top three or four songs you will hear in this music series on the Jersey City Desk this year.

The band Gram Rabbit is out of Joshua Tree California and has been around since about 2004. The band consists of vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Jesika von Rabbit, guitarist/vocalist Todd Rutherford, drummer Henri Benard and guitarist Ethan Allen. The song is called 'Devil's Playground' and it is in a word, dynamite. The video is awesome which for some reason always helps. Looks like it could be a David Lynch joint it's so cool.

Enjoy hipsters


In honor of all the 500 trees stupid nature murdered Wednesday night in Central Park we'll dedicate the Belly classic 'Feed the Tree'. Tanya Donelly in that black leather jacket is too hot.


This is listed as 'Into the Gap' but the song itself is called 'The Gap' if you're looking for it. Into the Gap was the name of the album this track appeared on and tour the Thompson Twins put on.

East is East....

Why does nature hate America?

That giant storm that cut through the area Wednesday night took a huge toll on Central Park. Central Park where we all enjoy chillaxing. Upwards of 500 trees were felled. You read that right, 500. The conservancy that tends to all things green in Central Park said they would be collecting donations to replant trees and it could cost upward of half a million dollars to do so.

Stupid nature, now all that's left is the Fargo-esque job of breaking out the woodchippers.

We have a severe thunderstorm watch until 8 pm tonight Hudson County

Is it really a surprise? Can it get any more humid around here? If Johnny wanted to live in Guatemala he'd live in Guatemala.

From our friends at Wunderground:
Severe Thunderstorm Watch 727 in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...

This Afternoon
Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms may produce gusty winds. Hot with highs around 90. South winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent. Heat index values in the upper 90s.

So, if you're playing the lottery, maybe 727 is your number tonight....

Minor league baseball, in Hoboken? It's a pipe dream for now BUT

We can have fun trying to come up with a name unique to the mile square city. 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason was recently waxing poetic about her ideas for development of the northwest corner of the city when the idea of building a minor league baseball park came up. So, what might they or you call this team?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight a few good minutes before bed with Lewis Black. Lewis took a 22 hour flight to New Zealand. Lewis did not like. The usual warnings about bad language and what not...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, you've just been indicted, congratuations

The first public official to be indicted in July's graft arrests is Jersey City's own Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini. She is being charged with one count of a felony for extortion. Edward Cheatam, a city housing authority commissioner was indicted a close second. Congratulations to both of you. This is just the kind of publicity a city can't buy. This will really help improve civic pride and really encourage investment perhaps even more than Mayor Healy's arrests after drinking.

Ralph J. Marra, the acting U.S. attorney for New Jersey, said this about Beldini's indictment: "In exchange (for financial gain), she promised a developer official favors not available to the honest business person." Mayor Healy should know all the details about this as according to the FBI he was at two of the meetings Beldini was at.

On a side note, Mayor Healy has been having the toughest of luck with his own picks for Deputy Mayor. 3 of the 4 he has chosen recently have been arrested. Besides Leona Beldini, Ador L. Equipado was arrested and resigned in shame after trying to charge over $100 for the free service of being married at city hall and then trying to sell the newlyweds phone service, like ya do. Kabili Tayari was arrested last summer for not paying his rental car bill but got those charges dismissed. Well done mayor, seriously, a great judge of character you are.

We the people need to tear down the current power structure of city hall and start over. Steve Fulop, you shall lead us.

You can't do better than a farmer's market for good, fresh, healthy food

And luckily for you bunky, Jersey City has a farmer's market in Journal Square every Wednesday from 7 am til 7 pm. The farmer's market will continue until Thanksgiving. Farmer's markets are great deals as they cut down on the amount of fuel it takes to ship food, normally cuts down on pesticides used, and you're getting fresh picked food with a huge lack of processing which makes it healthier.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Late night open thread

It was 31 years ago tonight Johnny attended his first concert. He's been to hundreds at this point but you never forget your first. It was a band called New England, then Eddie Money and headlined by Boston. It was at the Pontiac Silverdome where Johnny and his best friends 'F' and 'R' and his girlfriend 'G' went to hang with 80,000 of their closest friends. Underage drinking? Check, rum and coke. Tickets were $8.50. Boston played like 6 songs from their first album and then they just left. Seriously, 6 songs, goodnight. And the crowd said "Booooooooooooooooooooo."

So, what was the first concert YOU went to see?

Boston with 'Foreplay/Longtime'

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Dave Carroll is back to take another pound of flesh off of United Airlines

You may recall the Jersey City Desk was all over this story back when Mr. Carroll's first video admonishing United Airlines for breaking his guitar due to employee neglect and abject stupidity had a mere 500 views on YouTube. Mr. Carroll promised United he would make three videos in this David vs Goliath tale of consumer woe, and the second video just hit yesterday.

Quite a few industry analysts said the impact of the first video was in the millions of dollars lost to United to which we say good. You brought this on yourselves thinking you could simply tell customers to "talk to the hand." Well as it turns out you came crawling to Mr. Carroll after the first video for absolution and he told you to talk to HIS hand.

You know what they say about payback.

Wednesday morning open thread

Feel free to jibber jabber. That was one intense storm through here last night was it not?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Late night open thread

The wonders of space edition.

If you could find a space ship that would take you anywhere in the universe you wanted to go at the speed of light, do you know how long it would take you to get places? If you simply wanted to fly from one end of the Milky Way galaxy to the other, even at the speed of light it would take you 100,000 years. To reach the next closest galaxy to the Milky Way, it would take you at least 6,000,000 years.

You know the routine, click the image of the Milky Way for a cool big old image (NASA image)

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A robbery results in murder in Kearny

The son of the owners of Rachel Jewelers in Kearny was shot twice, killing him inside the jewelry store this morning. Two suspects were captured on videotape it is believed both entering and exiting the store. The man's parents were both on the scene earlier today to try to make sense of something so senseless.

We can only hope that these suspects are caught, and soon, and the full weight of the law can be brought down upon them. We mean the full weight of the law.

95º again today Jersey City

Let's keep cool and again, make sure you check on pets. They need extra care on days like these.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Late night open thread

Johnny hereby declares the weekend of December 5th and 6th a hockey weekend of great importance! Saturday December 5th the Red Wings play at the Rock vs the Devils in Newark and on Sunday December 6th they cross the Hudson to play the Rangers at MSG. Johnny just secured his tickets to BOTH tilts today. He could not be any happier if he were a pig in slop. Yes, the Wings and Devils at 7 pm and then head home to catch the 10 pm game on the hockey package on CBC and then get up the next day and go tailgate (as it were) and hobnob with Rags fans before the game. Original Six fans always have time for each other.

It's always such a demure and respectful rivalry...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A couple pretty severe customer service issues to pass along

We've got Verizon violence and legal sleaze here at the Jersey City Desk tonight.

First, the story of a Verizon "customer service" rep in Queens who beat a customer bloody, choked him, and chased him down the stairs when the customer broke free and bolted. The most incredible part? Verizon will be taking no action against the rep. You can read the sad story here. He's a good looking feller.

Secondly, a Newark law firm placed a 'contact us' flyer on the windshield of a sexual assault victim's car apparently to drum up some business. A woman known only as "K.D." in court papers, as victims of sexual assault are not publicly outed, got a flyer from Fred Zemel’s Newark law firm offering their services if you were a victim of “rape and assault in your building or apartment.” Now, Zemel's firm says they didn't specifically target the victim, they said they were just putting flyers on cars as they sometimes do. Not so said victim "K.D.", she said hers was the ONLY car with a flyer on it. Wow, stay classy Fred.

Next weekend could get nutty with Hurricane Bill

It seems that hurricane experts say that Hurricane Bill could grow into a major hurricane by next weekend and landfall could be anywhere from Cape Hatteras North Carolina to the Canadian Maritimes. That would put our little corner of paradise right in the path quite possibly.

Just something to keep an eye on, especially with these 90 degree days we're having all week. Our portion of the Atlantic Ocean is getting nice and warm. That's food for hurricanes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Late night open thread

Boy, there sure are some assholes calling themselves police officers out at Newark Liberty Airport. Give some people a badge and watch 'em play tough guy. Acting like jerks en masse to a bunch of people will not help your cause. Simply put, some of those guys are nothing but rude. Johnny certainly hopes he can repay the favor one day. Pinheads.

Time for Jersey CIty, After Dark

Dear Governor Corzine

Since you live just a few blocks up as the crow flies as a resident of Hoboken, maybe you can help. Your neighbors in Jersey City are suffering. We're suffering under the weight of some pretty corrupt bastards running the show here. As you are certainly aware quite a few members of the Jersey City political machine were arrested and also implicated in the FBI sting last month. It obviously goes right up to the mayor's office here and as high in City Council as its president. Now, we know you took an active public interest in Peter Cammarano's situation in Hoboken. Right away you came out and said you were very much against what he stood for and had done and publicly urged him to step down. You used your bully-pulpit to speak out against graft in Hoboken so here's our question.

Why can't you do the same thing to Jersey City?

As governor, you represent ALL the people in ALL the cities, town, villages, townships, bywaters and even those living under bridges and in cars. Why are you so deafly silent on the CRISIS here in Jersey City? Certainly you're not afraid to take on Mayor Healy just because he'll help turn out thousands of votes in the election as a Hudson County Democratic Party big wig are you? If you can use your bully-pulpit to specifically to call out corrupt officials by name in Hoboken you can certainly do it in Jersey City. We not only want you to, we expect you to. If you won't stand up to graft and stand up for us in a time of crisis can you give us one good reason why we should stand up for you in November?

Late night open thread

Summer failure edition

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers...

Late night open thread

Johnny caught a couple of minutes of the Jets preseason game tonight. They had a feature at halftime where a Jets fanboi reporter interviewed the Jets owner Woody Johnson at the site of the new Jets Stadium across from Giants Stadium where the Jets currently play. The new stadium for the Jets will open next year. Johnson pointed out how important it was that the Jets have this one billion plus dollar stadium that gives the New York Jets their own identity because it didn't say Giants on it.

Hey, Woody, forget for a moment the fact it's still in NEW JERSEY. Yep, New Jersey has two professional football teams, the Jets and Giants. New York has zero professional football teams.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, August 14, 2009


The line "Drowning, in the sea of love, where everyone would love to drown' has always hit Johnny like a ton of bricks whenever he hears it. One of the great haunting songs in music. Nobody but Stevie Nicks should ever even attempt to sing this song. All you YouTube wannabes just take your videos down, quit it, the song has already been perfected. There is nothing more you can bring to it.

Fleetwood Mac with 'Sara' from 1979


Johnny has never tried nor wanted to try barbecued iguana. It's just a palate thing you understand.

Here's Wall of Voodoo with 'Mexican Radio'


Shivaree is a three person band with Ambrosia Parsley, Danny McGough, and Duke McVinnie. This song, Goodnight Moon, was used as the closing credits of the Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill: Volume 2

Shivaree with 'Goodnight Moon'

We've got one whack-a-doodle traffic backup this morning on the Pulaski Skyway

If you're heading north into the Jersey City and New York City areas this morning on the 1 & 9 via the Pulaski Skyway you have quite a long wait ahead of you. At least a two car accident with one of those being a cab that was ground into dust in the right lane, has traffic on the 1 & 9 north backed up to the exit for the 1 & 9 truck route, which this intrepid reporter recommends taking. Johnny had an early morning airport run out to Newark and could see the burgeoning mess and made for the truck route on the way back. Smooth sailing out to Communipaw and then up to Kennedy. Johnny does get proud of himself from time to time knowing alternate routes in his relatively new home city.

Traffic copters all buzzing over the scene now but they don't have websites like this to keep you informed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Late night open thread

Strange but true factoid edition:

The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin in World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

What can you do, the elephant was in the SS...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Johnny's gotta rant that has nothing to do with any of you

You can just skip this this is aimed at the people who surf the web looking for complaints about their particular company or brand.

The Detroit Free Press updated their page today, as they seemingly do every 6 months or so. The last time they did it the javascript was FUBAR for those of us web surfers. This time Johnny wants to know if you people who handle such things did ANY kind of testing for those of us who might use an RSS reader to get our news. If your company did research to decide we absolutely couldn't live without yet another drab and dreary update to your site did you even test it with various RSS readers? It's quite apparent the answer is NO. The actual story page hides in soooo nicely behind the folders/articles option.

REALLY nice Job Free Press, seriously. Classic. Are your users the testers? If they are just come out and say so. "We at the Detroit Free Press just put out updates and we then fix things as angry users contact us."

Johnny made quite good living for a long time and won some awards in doing web design and page layouts a while back, the kind the Free Press can't seem to get together. He's one of the guys who KNOWS when you've messed up and Detroit Free Press, you've really messed this one up and so here's your free feedback.

Bust out the canoes....again

The Jersey City Desk 'viewing area' is under a flood watch until tonight. Heavy rains are expected across Hudson County today with most of the soaking rain this afternoon. Johnny wonders how this kind of thing will affect him when he moves real close to the river this fall.

No, not in a van.

Keep the waders handy Jersey City.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Late night open thread

Mariano Vega still says he won't step down from Jersey City Council. Now he's stopped going to meetings. One he missed he said he instead had to meet with his attorney which is proof positive he can't stay on council while dealing with his graft arrest and do city business.

Stay classy Mariano.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Charity begins at home--Mayor Healy will give the crooked money he received to charity

Good stuff eh Jersey City? Mayor Jerramiah Healy says he's done absolutely nothing wrong. Forget the fact his Deputy Mayor was arrested for graft which puts the corruption right in his office. Forget he was there in person when pay to pay schemes were discussed. Now he says any dirty money that might just be in his possession will be donated to charity.

Isn't that something? I've done nothing wrong but this $17,600 in dirty money here, I'm giving that to charity. Anybody think the dirty money would be going to charity if the arrests of July 23rd hadn't happened? Nope, that money would be funding more family days down in Bradley Beach is our guess.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today you share it with actress Rosanna Arquette who is 50 today. In honor of her 50th birthday we're gonna break some Jersey City Desk rules about bad language. Here is the now famous scene from Pulp Fiction featuring a very pissed off Rosanna Arquette in the epic overdose scene. This scene is epic chaos and is so well acted. Yes, very bad language and a disturbing scene in general.

That was f****** trippy.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The surest sign that happy days are here again soon enough, hockey news

Hey hey Devils fans, Brendan Shanahan has been signed to a one year deal for a cool 1 million dollars for the upcoming campaign. This next year will be Shanny's last most likely so make sure you get out to The Rock to see this class act one more time. Last year Shanahan chipped in with 6 goal sand 8 assists and had some quality time on the second powerplay unit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Late night open thread

Did someone say Rotomatic power steering? Now THIS is a car, with the all new linear look for 1959. Cash for clunkers, here comes Johnny. He's gonna trade in his 1952 junker. Ya think they still have any tailfins on the lot?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So an off duty Hudson County sheriff's officer walks into a bar....

So, OK, he walks into a restaurant, gets to drinking, gets boisterous and the owner of the Ole Restaurant asks him to quiet down. We wish the next part WERE a punchline. Roger Eubanks actually pulled a gun on the restaurant owner before leaving the establishment. He drinks, he gets loud, he annoys patrons and then he pulls a gun.

Stay classy Roger!

Eubanks has been charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes.

Monday morning open thread

Johnny's gotta tend to some business the morning so in the meantime amuse yourself with tall tales of the sea.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Late night open thread

Gonna be a blistering hot day tomorrow Jersey City, upper 90's with heat indexes up over 100 degrees. Make sure you check on your pets and see that they have plenty of water and if need be bring 'em inside out of the yard into the air conditioning or in front of a fan. Same thing goes for grandparents.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Mayor Healy breaks out the smoke and mirrors over citywide corruption

The mayor who was present when payoffs were discussed is now trying to tamp down the citizen protests and heat being brought to bear on city hall by coming up with some dog and pony 'blue ribbon panel'. 'An independent audit of the city's development process and for ethics training for city employees involved in development' is being proposed by the mayor.

Too late, bzzzzzzzzt, WRONG. If you need ethics training to not take money for development plans you are just too stupid to be in Jersey City government. This means YOU Mr. Mayor. To even suggest this is proving you to be too stupid to stay on as mayor. Some things are automatic, taking bribes is WRONG, period. You must think the people are really really dimwitted mayor. YOU were in the room discussing these payouts. Your deputy mayor was arrested. Your BFF Mariano Vega was arrested.

This panel and training is a non-starter for us. You need to resign. Mariano needs to resign.

Anyone in the room where payouts were discussed is the absolute wrong person to propose this. We'll buy into it when you're gone mayor.

The protests are to continue until Healy and Vega are out.

Late night open thread

The age-old debate of cats vs dogs has a long history in America and all over the world. Cats are better because... Dogs are better because...

The debate is pretty one sided when it comes to the interwebs. It's pretty apparent with animations of cat heads committing crimes, and things like LOLCats, it's the kittehs who have won.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, August 8, 2009

BREAKING NEWS--A helicopter carrying six people has collided with a small plane over the Hudson River

News sources better than this one are reporting that a Liberty Tour helicopter carrying six passengers has crashed into the Hudson River after colliding with a small plane. Click here and here for more.

Office supply store workers injured in freak accident when giant cat head goes plowing through the business

Yes you read that right. An office supply store in Secaucus on Paterson Plank road was destroyed yesterday when a giant cat head (and the Jersey City Desk has tried to warn you people on the dangers of giant cat heads....repeatedly) came barreling through the business Friday afternoon. Store employees Eileen Down and Chuck U. Farley were listed in stable condition at Secaucus General Hospital with a couple broken bones and cuts and scratches this morning. Eileen Down (shown below sitting at the checkout counter in the store video below) also suffered an allergic reaction. A customer near the back of the store, Amanda Hugenkiss told the Jersey City Desk "THAT is f***** up." Secaucus police said they have no leads on where the cat head came from or where it went after trashing the business.

In-store video surveillance of the incident.

Get out your Jersey City corruption scorecards, it's time to dog a couple scofflaws this morning

L. Harvey Smith sat down for what they called an interview with The Jersey Journal in Friday's publication. Except, he sat down for his interview with his lawyer at his side which to us doesn't make it ANY kind of real interview, it was image rehab. Anytime you can't sit and openly and honestly answer any and all questions, that's not really an interview now is it? There are beauty pageant contestants answering questions more openly and honestly. L. (can we call you L.?), give up your Assemblyman seat. We the people (remember us?) need representation that isn't tainted. We need representation that isn't accused of taking $15K in bribes.

Here are a couple highlights from L.'s 'interview':

Do you think you're innocent of the charges? "I think so." THINK, he's THINKS he is, yikes.

Of course L. HAD to bring the Lord into the proceedings as all those accused of something do. Does anyone notice how steadfast Jeebus clings to those public officials accused of graft? Not just in Jersey City, in fact with all the corruption that just went on in the City of Detroit a local writer for the Detroit Free Press Bill McGraw made note of it in a fabulous article you can read here. Here's a sidenote to L.'s staged interview, the attorney sitting by his side, one Peter Wills, the one making sure he didn't attempt to answer the wrong questions also represents disgraced Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega. Awesome.

Now, onto the sad case of Florida/Jersey City resident and apparent taxpayer in Florida and Ward C Councilwoman Nidia Lopez. A judge has allowed Ward C candidate Norrice Raymaker to replace chief Lopez litigant and arrested and disgraced former city council candidate Jimmy King (we said get out your scorecard, you can't keep the corrupt folks in Jersey City straight without one) who is dropping out of his suit accusing Lopez of being an actual Florida resident. Hudson County Superior Court Judge Maurice Gallipoli is allowing Raymaker to in effect take over King's lawsuit to see if indeed Lopez has any business being a city council person in Jersey City while claiming Florida as her permanent residence. Imagine that. Lopez's attorney's didn't want Raymaker added to the suit because their client is a Jersey City resident and the case is nonsense, they didn't want her added because she waited too long to petition the court to be added. Nidia, (can we call you Nidia?) you need to go. Not for the same reasons that people like Healy, Vega, L., Leona Beldini and Boy Blunder in Hoboken have to go, but it's a hideous embarrassment to us all nonetheless. You don't even live here most of the time. Johnny is buying a condo here and you're taking tax breaks from and are registered to vote in Florida. Johnny is more qualified to be a city council person and he didn't even run. Go, go now.

Late night open thread

Well Jersey City, you're stuck with Johnny for a while. He has signed a long term contract (a mortgage) to stay on and bring you the Jersey City Desk along with the interns for the forseeable future. He could have purchased property anywhere he wanted, Hoboken, Bayonne, New York City, or Newark. He had choices and he CHOSE Jersey City. This city has character along with quite a few characters.

Good news for Johnny, good news for you the readers, and bad news for the crooks in the current city government.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, August 7, 2009


Tonight we're having a special tribute to one of the bestest back up and duet singers in rock and roll history, Ellen Foley. What's that bunky, you're not sure who Ellen Foley is? That's why we're having this tribute night. Ya know she dated Clash singer/guitarist Mick Jones for years don't you? No? She sang on some Clash records, you do know that right? She had some minor hits on her own you know that right? No? Ok, then tonight is for you...

She sang the classic 'We Gotta Get Out of Here' with Ian Hunter (and in this clip you'll see Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend's dad Mick Ronson on lead geetar--we threw that in for the cool kids who stop by). Pretty as the day is long ain't she?


"Huh, Johnny ya know she sounds SO familiar but I just can't place her...She's got a stunning voice but I'm gonna need one more to really know who she is"

Here's Joe Jackson with Ellen Foley from 1984's 'Happy Ending'


"Oh THAT Ellen Foley, the 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' gal, yeah, ok....Why didn't you just say this song, she's awesome, I've loved her for years"

Jersey City utility supervisor pleads guilty to taking bribes

And believe it or not, this had nothing to do with the graft arrests of two weeks ago, this was already being prosecuted. Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority supervisor Angela Bellizzi pled guilty to taking bribes in order to illegally help developers get bargain basement sewer connection permits. Bellizzi would falsify records showing a building had say two bedrooms instead of three.

Bellizzi actually pleaded guilty to the charge of extortion. Nice. She faces up to almost 4 years in the clink. She had disgracefully been doing her job in Jersey City since 1992.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight this blog, along with a gazillion others, will have clips of a John Hughes film he either directed or was the screenwriter for. His influence on people Johnny's age is immense and seemingly neverending. The classic films, the lines Johnny still uses (even here) from said films is a labor of love. Nobody in Hollywood connected with Johnny's generation better than John Hughes. A lot of lines from Hughes' films have become everyday expressions in the American vernacular. Not many in the film business can say that.

We mourn his sudden passing with what else? Clips of his work...

National Lampoon's Vacation (note a very young Jane Krakowski with her arm in the Kool-Aid jar)

Planes Trains & Automobiles (A line Johnny loves to use while traveling: "Lessen you're a hog or a cattle")

Weird Science

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

L. Harvey Smith, don't listen to your lawyer, you're a crooked public official, you need to step down

Maybe your attorney telling you that despite getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar and being arrested with the other losers two weeks ago today, staying in office isn't in OUR best interests. Sure you pay him to tell you what YOU want to hear. Maybe your attorney could also remind you about the very vocal angry crowds outside the home of former Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano. Maybe he could remind you of the angry mobs outside Jersey City Hall.

Step down you crooked bum. That $15K you pocketed disqualifies you from representing honest hard working citizens.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Late night open thread

Tonight before bed a few good minutes with The Kids in the Hall. Bruce McCulloch as one of Johnny's favorite characters, Gavin...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Steve Fulop, our hero

And by 'our', Johnny means Jersey City.

Tuesday night City Councilman Steve Fulop led a demonstration of over 300 people at city hall to demand the resignation of crooked city council member Mariano Vega. Many in the crowd also were clamoring for the resignation of Mayor Healy who was present at meetings where dirty money was discussed if not given out. Said Fulop at the rally:

"Every single time that we hire somebody's brother, somebody's cousin based on political patronage. Every single time that a contract doesn't go to the lowest bidder. Every single time that an envelope is taken it is a tax that you pay for at the end of the day"

When asked about Councilman Fulop's positions, Mayor Healy who was attending a 'National Night Out' event a ways away from the rally got all pissy and said:

"Tonight is a great opportunity to get the community involved with the Police Department. Attempts to make political hay out of it by some folks with his own political agenda and ambitions, trying to usurp this event ... I don't have a lot of respect for"

What a little tantrum THAT was Mayor Healy. Wanna know the irony of your idiotic words? National Night Out was a way to fight crime. Wanna know what else is a crime? Taking illegal money for favors in government. The only difference is, those crimes happen in broad daylight and there is no need to turn your porch lights on or stand outside against it. Apple Jacks boxes filled with money are passed in the middle of the day, not in the dark of night. Meetings are held to buy influence in the Jersey City government in the diners at lunchtime, not in a back alley or street corner at 3 am.

You are one crooked embarrassment to this city mayor. You and Mariano Vega should step down for OUR sake. We don't need your taint on our city government any longer. The crowds will only get bigger. Next time maybe we bring torches and pitchforks.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Late night open thread

Do you ever wonder what Jersey City would look like if it were discovered by Salvador Dali? Wonder no more...

Click for the big version

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Heroes all, Jersey City firefighters save a man from a burning building

While conducting a sweep inside a burning building with zero visibility and high heat, four Jersey City firefighters came across an unconscious man in the basement at 17 Suburbia Terrace early Monday. Capt. Paul Drennan, Capt. Robert Daley and firefighters Robert Belfiore and Paul Cerniglia got the man out of the building in time to save his life though he remains in critical condition.

It's comforting to know should the worst ever happen the JCFD is coming in despite 500+ degree temperatures in some cases.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Late night open thread

State trivia night.

Which state has the the highest capital city in the United States at 7,000 feet above sea level?

Answer here

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

So, All Points West turned out to be somewhat of a washout

Friday night and most of Sunday were a muddy bust it appears. Two bands from host state New Jersey were bumped off the card yesterday because they must have been deemed expendable after a 5 hour delay. Steel Train and The Gaslight Anthem deserved better treatment. Jay-Z we hear did a nice tribute to the Beastie Boys on Friday night. Plenty of Gogol Bordello coverage and not one mention in the entire coverage from the Jersey Journal and Star-Ledger of Neko Case's set? Criminal.

Anybody you the Jersey City Desk reader would like to see on the 2010 stage at All Points West?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Late night open thread

So, Johnny was over on 13th St. in the Big Appletini tonight waiting for friends outside the Fig and Olive restaurant. He met Bill Guerin formerly of the Islanders and late of the P-P-P-Penguins. Yes, the same Penguins who beat the Wings in game 7 for the Stanley Cup. Johnny introduced himself and Mr. Guerin was very nice and polite in briefly discussing hockey.

He was also parked illegally. That's when the battle of Johnny's conscience began;

He played for the Devils in 1995 when the beat the Wings for the Cup

He does play for Team USA in international hockey

He played for the Penguins in the Final this year

He does drive an American car

Then the thought of the Penguins and the cup won out and Johnny had to call the parking cops. Without laws we're just like the monkeys. Besides, Guerin got a mint for winning the cup. Johnny never did find out if he got towed, he had dinner plans to see to so Billy, if your whip got hooked, sorry but the Wings and the Wings and you've hurt him deeply, lolz.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday open thread

"This music speaks to me" edition. Something fun on a rainy Sunday...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Late night open thread

It's always so great to see New York City through the eyes of those who have never seen it before. It was a good day...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday open thread

Johnny's entertaining and now you must do the same only with yourselves. Feel free to tell us about All Points West if you were there or tell us about anything else that's eating at you...