Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey, it's a new preview clip from the new season of Jersey Shore....

Oh, no wait, it's just a portion of Mayor Jerramiah Healy's trial for obstruction of justice in Jersey Shore town Bradley Beach (Da mayor was arrested outside a bar his sister owns) in 2007. His arrogance appealed but that was tossed out of court with a snicker. If you think we're being unduly harsh on the Jersey City mayor and council anymore, we are. Just wait, it'll get a lot more amped up in the coming weeks as Johnny is working on a story with a few insider tips that's gonna leave one JC government employee butthurt.

The out and out ARROGANCE of Mayor Healy, Mariano Vega, Viola Richardson and others in is on display over free city vehicles

FOX NY has put pretty much everyone involved in Jersey City politics, from Mayor McCheese to every city council member (again EXCEPT Steve Fulop) in their Hall of Shame over city vehicles that council members refuse to give up even after tagging the rest of us with a tax increase. Indicted pinhead Mariano Vega even ADMITS taking his 'city business only' Jeep out to the Catskills.

Not only do these sense of entitlement luddites think that a car for a part time job is a birthright, they will NOT stand for any kind of sticker on the vehicle owned by the city that says "Jersey City Business only" so taxpayers could see if a city vehicle spends a lot of time hanging outside bars, shopping centers and or being driven down Bradley Beach way (Mayor Healy anyone?) or to the Catskills (Indicted Vega anyone?). The situation is so ridiculous that when Mariano Vega was indicted for taking bribes and lost his county issue vehicle, he just asked Mayor Kwame Healy for one and it was GIVEN to him.

Citizens, the time has come. These people have shown they hold the voters and residents of this city in the highest contempt. They feel the ONLY time they answer to people is on election day (and as we learned after election day one city council person, Nidia Lopez is actually a Florida resident yet we pay for her ride). Well THE HELL WITH THIS.

From now on when you see a city council member with their Jeep or other city issued vehicle, follow them around with your camera phone. Take movies and take pictures of the actual 'city business' they find themselves on. Hound them until they can't stand the sight of you. Don't be afraid to get in their faces, this is just as much YOUR city as it is theirs. DO NOT be afraid to stand up to these little Napoleans. Take those images, take those videos and send them here, we'll HAPPILY publish our crooked city council (again apologies to Steve Fulop who is NOT one of them) wasting OUR money as they see fit. Better yet, if you see one of them taking their city owned cars shopping to to Target or anywhere else, CONFRONT THEM. Get in their faces, give them not a minutes peace. If they don't like it tell them hard cheese.

Let's remind our mayor and city council who runs Bartertown. Next up, a ballot initiative to permanently take away city cars for council members and the mayor. The trains work just fine here in Jersey City.

City government in Jersey City can start paying attention to it's residents or there are ways to make sure they do.

As V said to Evey in the movie 'V for Vendetta': "People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Late night open thread

Tonight before bed a few good minutes with Beavis and Butt-Head, stranded on a desert island at the mall.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Chris Christie does it again -- Blames teachers and school administrators for the walkouts

Not that kids can have minds of their own, not that kids really can understand important issues; Governor Chris Christie out and out BLAMED school administrators for encouraging kids to walk out to protest HIS choice of words and positions on school millage elections. Kids could never just think of this on their own Christie is saying, they HAD to have had help.

Guv, do you even know what Facebook is? Did you even think to do ANY reading at all about the students in New Jersey Facebook page that planned this walkout? No, no you didn't, you immediately fell back to your 'blame everyone else' for not supporting your controversial policies. THIS Mr. Christie, is the height of arrogance. #1 you sell students short. You think New Jersey students are brainless little things that only do what the teachers tell them to do. That's a nice opinion to have of the children whose best interests YOU as Governor are supposed to help uplift and educate. #2 you are perilously close to parroting your former benefactor, one George W. Bush, when you claim people are either with you or they are to be marginalized.

You need to stop being so thin skinned Mr. former Federal Prosecutor and understand not everyone will agree with you. You need to address the corporate welfare happening in New Jersey, something you have failed to do thus far. THAT would help cut the budget deficit a hell of a lot more than having teachers freeze their pay for one year. No, that wouldn't work for you, teachers have unions which you hate. The robber barons who support you and you support in your words and deeds are where you can balance the budget.

We won't hold our collective breath for you to move on the top 1% of earners here in the Garden State as part of our 'shared sacrifice'.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Late night open thread

Well well well, Johnny didn't have the final of the Red Wings game 7 last night at press time. He does now. Johnny has also been enjoying the NHL promo videos that run in reverse and ask a fateful type question as the video fades out to white at the 'beginning'. For example a Wayne Gretzky video of him shown scoring on the Islanders in 1984 asks "What if there was never any Greatness....History will be made."

Johnny's particularly fond of two. One needs no introduction. The gist of the second is that Detroit superstars and two of the more highly decorated players when it comes to awards the last few seasons were drafted in the 6th (Datsyuk) and 7th (Zetterberg) rounds.

Timer for Jersey City, After Dark

The Jersey City Desk would like to congratulate the high schoolers who walked out of class in protest of Governor Christie's attack on school funding

Somewhere along the line Gov. Chunky McDonuts had a bad teacher or two and now wants to exact some kind of adult budgetary revenge. This much is obvious. Sure times are hard in New Jersey right now. Yes we face HUGE budget issues. In our opinion education is the last place you cut. That's exactly what these kids were questioning and protesting about. They realize that when their most basic needs as students are cut, education suffers. We here were most pleased at the efficiency of the social networking that went on inside the schools and school-to-school in order to make these walkout protests so successful. We are pleased at the above board response and the fact the kids didn't use this as some lame "I'm skipping class look at me" event. These students were serious and KNOWLEDGEABLE about this process. Johnny wouldn't want to go to a school where each class had 45-50 students because teachers had to be cut. Johnny wouldn't want to go to a school where 15-20 year old textbooks are the norm because budget cuts or freezes require no new books be purchased. Johnny wouldn't want to go to school where bus service is cut to the point his parents MUST drive him.

Governor McDonuts urged New Jersey voters to vote down local millages if teachers didn't accept one year pay freezes. Even when towns had teachers accept this freeze, McDonuts DID NOT make any kind of special dispensation for that town or have any kind of message to those local voters that YES, this district did accept pay freezes, go ahead and vote FOR the local measure. No, he didn't do that which to us is the height of irresponsibility in messaging. Christie wanted them all to fail and judging by his 'no comment' on how he voted (way to stand up there and take accountability for your words and actions there Guv) he most likely wanted them to fail in pay freeze districts for his own political expediency.

Well done students. Your next lesson is to find Gov. Christie's house on Google Earth and surround his home with your message, he'll be inside poking his "teechur"voodoo doll with pins.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Late night open thread

It was 30 years ago today legendary NYC disco Studio 54 closed it's doors 3 years to the day after opening.

Sooooo in honor of that hows about we play a song that seems the perfect narrative of that time, Blondie with 'Heart of Glass'.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Thanks NYPD for unleashing bad cops charged in heists on this side of the Hudson

The NYPD has a growing public relations problem. An ill trained, ill prepared "officer" of the law, who was basically grabbed out of a Foot Locker job and given one with the NYPD has been charged along with other NYPD officers in a perfume truck heist.

Officer Kelvin Jones did not undergo rigorous training to become an undercover police officer nor did he attend the NY Police Academy. He was just signed up and given a badge and told to infiltrate suspect groups. Anybody wanna guess how bad he was at his job? A source told the Huffington Post:

"And although he quickly failed in his mission because, as a source put it, "He could not be trusted," the NYPD kept him on the force."

Good stuff NYPD, really. Jones was then transferred to the 46th precinct. But this is where it really goes off the rails.

In March, Jones along with his posse (including two other officers from the 34th precinct) were arrested in Carlstadt New Jersey for the heist of hundreds of boxes of high end perfume. How did Jones know the inner workings of the warehouse? Easy, sources say he used a data base from the precinct to obtain the names, addresses and license numbers of company employees.

Niiiiice. So either the vaunted NYPD has issues in hiring good help OR they have no internal controls from precinct to precinct. Either way is shows some of the depravity the police unions claim either doesn't happen or ask why you want to run good people down over the actions of, apparently, dozens.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

The golden keys will take you anywhere on the NYC Subway you wanna go -- all for the low low price of $27 dollars

But how, how can a mere citizen get the golden key that unlocks ALL the subway gates at all 468 subway stops all for just $27 dollars? Well you need to find the right person. More than likely it'll be a disgruntled former MTA worker but that's not the only place the golden keys come from. Read the NY Daily News on this expose where you'll hear delighted New Yorkers declare:

"I've been saving a lot of money. There are 468 stations in the city and you can use it at any one of them," said a Brooklyn man who says he obtained a key from a transit worker for $27, the same price as a one-week unlimited MetroCard.

Just don't get caught, the MTA golden keys can't help you in the clink.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late night open thread

If your birthday is today you share it with Academy Award winning actress Renee Zellweger who was born in 1969.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Sunday open thread

It's just too rainy and wet today for Johnny to venture over to the JCD offices and make the coffee and turn the lights on. Besides he's just too comfortable at home waiting for the Red Wings at 2 pm. So have your say, make a comment if you feel the urge to and we'll check back on you kids later tonight...

Late night open thread

Fordham baseball, catch the fever.

Johnny's seen a lot of runs score at baseball games but damned if he's seen one like this before.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A gorgeous Saturday to be out and about with a camera

How about a picture looking south down Warren St. at Jersey City's most famous landmark. This was shot not entirely far from the Harsimus Cove light rail stop. Sometimes when Johnny opens his eyes he sees good things. Big image coming.

Hey 60's hipsters, Loew's is the place you wanna be this evening...

Loew's Theater in Journal Square will be showing two iconic 60's films this evening for the low low price of $6. At 6 pm it's The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" while at 8 pm it's Dustin Hoffman in the classic "The Graduate".

That's a lot of entertainment for just $6.

Late night open thread

Three blondes are sitting by the side of a river holding fishing poles with the lines in the water. A Game Warden comes up behind them, taps them on the shoulder and says, "Excuse me, ladies, I'd like to see your fishing licenses."

"We don't have any." replied the first blonde.

"Well, if your going to fish, you need fishing licenses." said the Game Warden.

"But officer," replied the second blonde, "we aren't fishing. We all have magnets at the end of our lines and we're collecting debris off the bottom of the river."

The Game Warden lifted up all the lines and, sure enough, there were horseshoe magnets tied on the end of each line. "Well, I know of no law against it," said the Game Warden, "take all the debris you want." And with that, the Game Warden left.

As soon as the Game Warden was out of sight, the three blondes started laughing hysterically. "What a dumb Fish Cop," the second blonde said to the other two, "doesn't he know that there are steelhead in this river?!"

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, April 23, 2010


Johnny mulled over which song to send you out the door with into the good night. What could stick in your head as you walk to the train, get in the car or just get ready to something abso-cool. It better have a bass that your head bounces to. A reggae beat would help. A cheap organ? Toss that in. A washboard? Bring it. Maracas? Better bring those too. Bongos? A must. Horns? Well duuuh.

Johnny decided The Clash masterpiece 'Revolution Rock' was the correct answer. Everybody samba...


Johnny met Billy Corgan after a show in Ann Arbor one night long ago. The first thing that hits you is how goddamned tall he is. Six and a half feet maybe. This a behind the scenes shooting of the video to the song 'Ava Adore' and you can kind of get an idea how tall as he hovers over James Iha and D'Arcy.


Rod Stewart back before his balls dropped off and Ronnie Wood with the reddest pants in rock and roll. All together now on the awesome riff known as 'Stay With Me'.

New Jersey Devils playoff post-mortem

Find some guys that WANT to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs, guys who care what happens. The Devils were far too soft, far too slow and frankly, far too lazy in getting beat to so many loose pucks. We'll give them a proper post-mortem when they give up proper playoff effort.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Late night open thread

Anybody else find it ironic on Earth Day an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico burned down to the waterline and sank creating an oil slick?

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

It's Earth Day which can only mean one thing -- The Hoboken Earth Day Tire Fire and Bar-B-Q

That's right, it's FuHo's annual Earth Day Tire Fire and Bar-B-Q. Last year's event was a huge success and drew people from as far away as Weehawken and Bayonne. Mayor Dawn Zimmer is looking forward to this year's 'Flaming Wheel Roll' where tires are filled with gas, lit and then tapped along Frank Sinatra Blvd by kids using the same idea as the old hoop rolls made so popular in dreary early America. We're pretty sure Zimmer is looking forward to the Flaming Wheel Roll, and we're willing to take a "Stop calling here" as proof.

Popular FuHo entertainer Sooty the Clown will make a return visit to make all the kids uncomfortable. Another favorite from last year, the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade simulator, will be available for adults only. A new event this year, the Oak Tree Clear Cut Competition will be held at 6 pm and contestants are asked to gather outside city hall for a plastic disposable number by 5:30.

It's fun for the entire family. Hoboken city officials have said they hope to surpass the length of last year's fire which wasn't out until June 5th.

File photo of Hoboken Earth Day Tire Fire and Bar-B-Q ©2009

Holy Moly, Johnny just checked how much this dump is worth on the open market

Well reader let's just start by quoting Pink Floyd's classic song 'Money':

Money get back
I'm all right Jack
Keep your hands off my stack

$564.54. According to the Business Opportunities website, the Jersey City Desk is worth a WHOPPING $564.54. Most people can't even imagine having that much money to spend.

Let's put this in perspective however, compared to two other popular blogs, The liberal leaning hippie lovin' Daily Kos and right wing firebrand (and nutjob) Michelle Malkin, Johnny is running third:

Daily Kos is worth $6,204,859.14

Michelle Malkin's blog is worth $2,688,904.02

So why the big difference? We're pretty sure it's the fact we don't take advertising. Yeah, that's GOT to be the reason we're lagging in the millions. Of course there are some cynics who will say content and web traffic help, what sad lives those people live.

Johnny isn't ready to cash in just YET but an early retirement based on this stupid site grows with each passing workday...

Interesting story in today's New York Times on the humble, yet mysterious doorman

As many of you know the condo/apartment building doormen almost went on strike. It was a big deal in the area here. Johnny saw people walking up to doormen Tuesday night asking if they knew anything about the negotiations. Johnny has made friends with a doorman who works a hotel in his own building. While not part of the negotiations recently (hotel doormen were not involved, only apartment and condo doormen), Johnny was just too lazy to ask M for a quote on this story.

So, who are the doormen of New York City, what do they do and how does one become a doorman? Well friend it's good you're come here this morning because the Jersey City Desk (Ok and the New York Times) have you covered.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Late night open thread

Ruh ro, a radical Muslim group is mad at South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for dressing the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit while the death of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was discussed in the storyline (ok strong images). Van Gogh was murdered by another violent Muslim in Amsterdam in 2004. They are threatening death for the depiction.

Johnny's thoughts? These radical Muslims (or radical ANY religion hint hint) can blow Johnny in bear suits. We KNOW you want to kill us anyway. We got that memo. We know you don't need special dispensation, so put on those bear suits and pucker up buttercup.

When South Park is under attack the only solution is more South Park

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Amazing shot of tulips as you enter Madison Square Park from 23rd and Broadway yesterday

Click it for the big version, you may even wanna keep this one...

Last night's Hudson County election results

Hop on over to the Jersey Journal to check out the election results of yesterday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Late night open thread

Sarah Silverman gave a great reading (and she's a trooper as she wasn't feeling well) and Q and A over at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square. Thus far in reading her book it's a very very personal book and while she can make a a lot of things funny by putting them in context it doesn't change the fact the subject matter is sometimes heartbreaking. Johnny is maybe a third of the way through but her book 'The Bedwetter' is an eye opening look at a life told by someone who Johnny very much enjoys hearing tell stories to begin with.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

And while we're on the Brady Bunch theme today, let's talk volcanoes

Since some Lufthansa staff and crew are stranded in Jersey City by the monster volcano eruptions in Iceland that have pretty much broken Europe, we thought an explanation of how volcanoes work would help you understand your changing world.

As everyone knows, the best documentary ever shot on volcanoes was done on the Brady Bunch as Peter had to make a working volcano for his science class. We think this video will explain a lot...

With apologies to the theme song writer for The Brady Bunch -- Here's the story, of a three week mayor...

Who was grabbing up some healthy stacks of cash.
He was young, hip, had it all together
Until the police came...

Peter Cammarano, former three week mayor of Hoboken will plead guilty today at 12:30 in Federal Court in Newark for last year's graft arrest for taking $25K from faux developer and part time FBI informant Solomon Dwek. He is expected to garner himself 2 years in the clink for his actions.

$25K? See this is the difference between Jersey City and FuHo, the MAYOR of Hoboken can be bought for $25K while in Jersey City the DEPUTY MAYOR and some other city officials need $30K before they sell their mortal souls. Business is just better, and life costs more in Jersey City.

So for those scoring these graft cases at home our score is now FBI 100%, defendants ZERO.

5:30 an the very first cracks of light rise in the east

It's times like this Johnny feels all midwestern and new out here again. Not a lot of time in the midwest does it start getting light in April at 5:30 am. The Merrill Lynch HQ is always a nice silhouette against the breaking dawn.

This is Radio Nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Late night open thread

Johnny's evil side almost showed itself but his better angels and mathematics won out. In honor of Sarah Silverman whom Johnny is going to see tomorrow evening at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, how about one of her NSFW, put the headphones on, never around the kids routines.

Oh, yeah, the better angels. Johnny wasn't going to mention this ahead of the event, he was going to sit on the info. Then a moment of clarity hit and he thought it would be rude to keep Sarah to himself and the fact that of the tens of readers this rag has daily the percentage who would actually go too and keep Johnny from a seat was pretty much zero.

Here's a few good minutes with Sarah Silverman, you've been warned...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Mayor Healy in over his head? Don't just take our word for it

We'll let deliver the hard truth about the Mayor...

It's a sad state of affairs -- You can't even win a dice game on the streets of Jersey City without being assaulted

A man told Jersey City police late Saturday night he was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious by three men he called sore losers he had supposedly just taken for about 2 thousand dollars. Dice game money payoffs must be getting bigger Johnny thinks. A $2K dice game win? Here's where we suspend belief, the man was knocked out and yet a witness found him snoring before she called 911. The man didn't notice his money missing until police arrived and when they did try to question the victim he became "uncooperative and combative" with Jersey City's finest.

Color us sad if a man can't win at dice without being assaulted but also color us as skeptics this morning.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Late night open thread

Between the Red Wings and the Devils ain't nobody happy tonight.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

It's not an open thread per se....

More of a potpourri of consciousness kind of day. Talk about the Devils in Failadelphia, Talk about the Mets win in 20 innings yesterday 2-1 over the St. Louis nine. If you have any scientific heft you can add to the volcano cloud of death or even if you just want to make something up we say go for it. The Blue Ribbon Bakery is a gem of a place for a late dinner -- discuss. You all have to promise you'll visit this link to the brilliant Cinematic Titanic, the latest project of the old original Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew with a phenomenal ensemble cast. They verbally destroy a terrible movie in hilarious ways they couldn't necessarily do on basic cable. If they come back around or show up where you live (Shout out to the Ann Arbor peeps, this show is coming to you July 2) it's a must see.

Grab a coffee and have a gab.

Late night open thread

Steaming monkey head miniature golf.

You just had to be there...

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Anybody Johnny's age knows EXACTLY what you're talking about when you say 'Budokan', maybe the most famousest Japanese word in the states in the 70's. The Cheap Trick Live at Budokan album CONSUMED the radio airwaves in the late 70's kids. No less than 5 songs were in heavy rotation on Detroit radio. There are so many choices to use here but the song 'Come on, Come on' has long been one of Johnny's faves. The backing vocals by Rick Nielsen just weave so well with lead singer Robin Zander's vocals in the chorus which is so perfectly done, which is rare for a live cut, is what got this track picked this morning.

Nielsen: Come on, come on
Zander: Well I know you can do it
Nielsen: Come on, come on
Zander: Well there ain't nothing to it
Nielsen: Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Zander: Well I know you believe me
Nielsen: Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Zander: You can see the real me


1975. In one FINE album from Elton John called Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, 'Sir Elton' who was just an Elton back when unleashed this classic of hateful outpouring and yet salvation. Now this song has been interpreted a million ways from Sunday but deep down Johnny thinks Elton's line 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' is his way of coming to terms with his homosexuality and being helped to see there was no shame in it and in fact there was more shame in the pretend life he had in public by running around with and being seen with many women. Is this song about his attempt at a Sylvia Plath type suicide as some suggest? We're not so sure about that as when you put your head in an oven, yet unlike Ms. Plath you leave all the windows open, you don't really NEED saving.


That's right kids, Saturday morning (Johnny's out again tonight) so we'll get our swerve on just like we're watching some really cool musical cartoons. Now this one comes to us by the request line and for a very good friend of the JCD. Now Johnny's email address is down below if YOU have a request hipsters. We'll wrap it up today with a HOT live performance by The Pretenders with the awesome tune 'Message of Love'.

One sad bit of irony, within two years of this performance both guitar players on either side of Chrissie Hynde would be lost to drug overdoses. Pete Farndon's (Bass player with the Japansese theme paint job) heroin issues became so bad he was fired from the band. But it was just two days after Farndon's dismissal lead guitarist James-Honeyman-Scott died from heart failure due to cocaine abuse. Soon after, Farndon died by drowning in a bathtub after a heroin overdose (Jim Morrison anyone?). Another odd factoid in the annuls of rock history; Before his passing and after being dumped by the Pretenders Farndon was working on forming a new band with former drummer for The Clash, Topper Headon, who was also dismissed from his band for heroin issues.

How 'bout them Devils last night?

As promised a little pictorial from last night (and the Jersey Journal only gives you those tiny one or two shots a game in their stories unlike here at the JCD where you get PLENTY of BIG images). Johnny wants to give a shout out to the Devils undersized and ever-tenacious no-name defense corps. They just keep getting the job done with no guys named Lidstrom, Pronger, Chara or Gonchar. Hey, the Dolphins won a Super Bowl many many moons ago with a defensive group called 'The No Name Defense'. Last night was very very intense and exciting. When is game 5 again?

Without further ado, the pics for YOU the Devils fan.

Late night open thread

Wow, so much to talk about and yet so late as well. We'll share some pics from the Devil's HUGE win over Failadelphia tonight tomorrow sometime. That was by far and away the loudest the Prudential Center has ever been since Johnny's been there. There was first class taunting going on, a fist fight in the restroom, vile chants and promises to litter the next time we all go to Philly. We've got the music series to get to yet this weekend as well. All this and Johnny's got tickets to the MST3K show tomorrow in Times Square at the Nokia Theater.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Friday, April 16, 2010

Looks like we have to wait until October to watch Mariano Vega crash and burn and head off to jail

Mariano Vega, disgraced Jersey City council member and vile human being has a trial date set more than a year after his arrest on graft charges stemming from taking money from fake area developer, Mr. Laughs Solomon Dwek. The FBI who has yet to lose case in this graft sweep says Vega took at least 30K in bribes. Slappy Vega's trial is set for October 12.

The Justice Department has filed fraud charges against our Paulus Hook neighbors, Goldman Sachs

Johnny doesn't know the ins and outs of securities The Justice Department says Goldman failed in it's disclosures that were sold tied to subprime mortgage securities. He'll never figure it out. From what he HAS read and what he DOES understand there ought to be villagers with pitchforks and torches outside Goldman Sachs chasing employees to their cars to and from work. Goldman in our opinion committed terrible malfeasance on this nation's economy and then tried to use the confusing nature of the matter to get out of all responsibility.

Your day is coming Goldman, it's coming and the sooner the better....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

People, no need to panic, it was just a mortar shell on a Jersey City Heights street corner

A local resident being all alert and stuff saw a cardboard tube on Sherman Avenue on Monday and looked inside and saw a mortar round inside. He actually moved the tube out of the road and put it in his front lawn to keep kids from playing with it (Because standing there warning them away wouldn't have worked, no had had to pick it up) and then called police.

The police evacuated nine buildings in the area before a bomb squad arrived and found the shell was not live.

OK, who left the mortar round on the street? You really need to make sure those stay in your backpacks or handle bags.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Late night open thread

Tomorrow after working on the JCD Johnny will head home and build his Red Wings shrine. Old player cards, playoff game tickets, waving towels, bobbleheads and yes a working goal light that goes on when the Wings score and Al, the squeaky toy octopus that whomever grabs when the Wings score gets to squeak. A high honor indeed.

Here we go again kids, gut wrenching, ulcer inducing, staying up late for those west coast starts for the greatest reward in sport.

Play off Havlat Keyboard Cat

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Tuesday open thread

Johnny's got a bug of some note which he's hoping for relief from ASAFP. In the meantime feel free to talk about whatever floats your boat. NHL Playoffs, or if you were Barack Obama whom would YOU nominate for the Supreme Court, or whatever else floats into your mind.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Late night open thread

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Dear Dweeb who thinks they somehow own the Jersey City Wikipedia website...

Are YOU the one who thinks they can decide which blogs or social media sites qualify to be included? Johnny very respectfully added the Jesey City Desk after the Jersey City Independent, a blog which we link to, and yet Skippy the Wikipedia Dweeb took down the Jersey City Desk reference. Does this site not comment on exactly what Johnny said it did on Wiki? 'A Local blog that comments on local politics, community activities and sports'. Is this misrepresented? Hardly.

Some of you Wikipedia dorks need to realize the true idea behind it is that everyone can access it and make factual changes. It's not just the personal fifedom of some kid who lives in his parent's basement with an American flag where curtains should be. We're going to perfect this posting one more time and add it again. If Johnny has issues with someone deleting his info, woe be to the entire Jersey City page. Ask Trixie here the havoc one Johnny Action Space Punk can wreak upon website after website should he get the urge.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Late night open thread

The Devils playoff run starts Wednesday night at The Rock against Failadelphia. Wednesday night at 7:30 and then Friday night (and Johnny will be in attendance Friday signing autographs and patting kids on the head and telling tall tales of the sea). Friday's game is also at 7:30 so you get a game and you can be in the Big Appletini by 11 for a late supper. Johnny loves this town.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

A very somber moment of remembrance last night in Jersey City for the tragic plane crash that killed Poland's heads of government

Of course Johnny being the newsbug he is had spent a lot of time watching the horrible news about the death of so many Polish heads of state and government near Katyn in western Russia. Imagine the horror here if half the administration and much of the military brass were killed in a plane crash. Johnny and the missus wandered down by the riverside last night after dinner as it was a spectacular evening to be out. As they got closer to Exchange Place and the Katyn monument they could see a very large crowd and hundreds if not thousands of candles on and around the monument. Crowds there, many speaking Polish or with heavy Polish accents were so very upset as they prayed and conversed and drew strength from each other. For those who may not know of the Katyn massacre where some 20,000 Polish army officer were slaughtered by Russian secret police in 1940 for now assimilating to Russian occupation, the full story can be found here.

The great irony here is that the Polish contingent was in Russia for the 7th anniversary of the Russian government even admitting it's part in the massacre. A somber remembrance turned horribly tragic.

Late night open thread

Some good pictures of a very somber event tonight in Jersey City. We'll bring those to you right off the hop tomorrow.

Til then.

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's talk some Devils hockey this morning

Johnny was stunned and then distraught that the Devils coach Jacques Lemaire was considering resting players for the playoffs vs. trying to top Pittsburgh for the division crown in this last weekend of the regular seaon. The Devils and the Flightless Birds are dead even. Even Steven. Exact same record. BUT The Devils gave Pittsburgh a red ass beat down every single time they played this year.

The New Jersey Six hold the tie-breaker.

Would you rather face a tough hard nosed Ottawa club in the first round? No, in Johnny's opinion Johnny would want the Bruins in the first round. They have a glass jaw. It's not as famous as the glass jaw worn by the San Jose Sharks but it's there and if the Devils could win the first two at home the B's might just go away. Sure Chara is a beast but the Devils could easily work around that.

The Canadiens in the first round wouldn't be a horrid matchup for the Devils but they do score on the powerplay at a clip that could win a game and send one or two to overtime. Always a good idea to stay away from hot powerplay teams in the tournament. Halak has used his strong Olympic performance as a springboard to much better play in the NHL.

The Flyers have just enough up front to win a game or two. Mike Richards seemingly scores 1 or 2 shorthanded goals a series. Their netminding might as well be that Capital One goat that goes skiing only on skates but their forwards can score. Then there is the Pronger factor. Take it from a lifelong die hard Red Wings fan; Chris Pronger is capable of any evil. The Wings have been playing against Pronger since seemingly the dawn of hockey time. He will and does take cheap shots and is capable of injuring ANY Devils player. Plus, looking at those orange sweaters would make your eyes bleed by game 4.

All of this speculation is out the window if the Devils shut some players down and don't win the division. Excuse me Mr. Lemaire but didn't the core of this team just get a couple weeks off for the Olympic break? Marty Brodeur certainly didn't wear himself out. Patrik Elias didn't play a ton of games either. Parise is the Energizer bunny so he needs no break.

Johnny thinks it'd be a horrible error to rest guys at this point and not spend the energy to win the division. A couple games now could mean 4-5 days off before the second round when you REALLY need to rest guys.

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Friday, April 9, 2010


How about some early early 70's funk with The J.B.'s the original backing band to James Brown. Turn this up, smoke 'em if ya got 'em and grooooove with the J.B's on the elongated cuts from 'Doing It To Death'.


Growing up, Johnny's best friend 'R' was also 3 and a half years older than Johnny. R was always getting to do things ahead of Johnny. R was of course driving a good long while before Johnny could as well. He had a stunning blue 1976 Buick Regal. He waxed it three times a week and yes he drove Johnny and some neighborhood kids to school. The Regal had a state of the art speaker system for its day but was saddled with an 8-Track player. R owned 2 8-Track cassettes; Changes One by David Bowie and Fly Like and Eagle by The Steve Miller Band. Hearing this song made Johnny realize he left his science book at home and he has an open book quiz second hour.

The Steve Miller Band with 'Take the Money and Run'


Classic Motown. Detroit's own Temptations with 'Ain't to Proud to Beg'.

It's tax season again citizens, and here's a tax prep place you might just want to avoid

According to a class action suit, and backed up by New York City detectives, the H&R Block at 3736 Riverdale Avenue in the Bronx MAY have hired identity thieves to work the seasonal tax preparation jobs so prevalent this time of year. Two women claim they went to this particular H&R Block and after filling out their taxes for a refund got calls the next day saying they had already filed and their thousands in refunds had already been paid out. That's a fine how do you do, no?

According to the New York Times article on this:

"Both Ms. Hawa and Mr. Johns said they were told by police detectives investigating their cases that at least 20 customers of the branch and possibly many more had been robbed by identity thieves who were very likely H&R Block employees. Both said that the fraudulent filers used their previous year’s adjusted gross income as proof of identity."

At LEAST 20. It seems upon doing some research this particular H&R Block in the Bronx isn't the only place tax-chickanery is taking place. In Indiana "two former H&R Block employees were charged last month with stealing the identities of more than 60 customers and pocketing at least $290,000.". Similar lawsuits to the one in New York have been filed in Arizona, Michigan and Illinois.

It seems kids that H&R Block could be doing a far better job of screening their employees, temporary or not. Maybe it costs a little more to run thorough background checks on all the seasonal help. Hard cheese, it's called cost of doing business H&R Block and until you learn that, stories like these denting your public image will continue to proliferate. In other words, worry more about your customers security than your own bottom line.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Late night open thread

For years Johnny and his best friend Paco have sworn by the Mmmmm Mmmmm SO GOOD taste of Queen Bee Barbeque. Now you too web traveler can learn about the magical faux Queen Bee Babbycue:

"Mexican soup, with goat guts in it." It's soda spittin good!

In the mid 1980's, Texas Radio Personality "Harley David" Belew created a series of humorous radio commercials for the fictitious fast-food restaurant, Queen Bee Barbecue (pronounced: "babbycue"). The commercials were created around 1985 while Harley was employed at radio station KSBJ in Humble, Texas. They were recorded in the production facility of this radio station using royalty-free stock production music, over which Harley vocalized an impromptu radio jingle using some of his many character voices.

The Queen Bee Barbecue commercials have received nationwide airplay on many local and syndicated radio programs, but the legendary friend-to-friend distribution method of these elusive radio spots generally overshadows the public broadcast of this material.


1: The Original Queen Bee Barbecue Radio Commercial
2: Queen Bee Barbecue Drive Thru Window
3: Queen Bee Barbecue All Night Service
4: Queen Bee Mexican Menu
5: Queen Bee Chittlin' Pita Supreme
6: Queen Bee Breakfast

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

If you're going to rob a supermarket, here's what NOT to do

Our teacher in this robbery exercise is one Charles "Fat Chubby" Boxton of Newark. Fat Chubby decided to rob a supermarket in Kearny. So in he sauntered and went right for the DVD section in the Passaic Avenue ShopRite. Fat Chubby didn't know he was being watched by store security who promptly took him to the back of the store to answer some questions.

This is where the learning part comes in. Now, Fat Chubby knew he was in hot water. So, he decided to raise the stakes by pulling out a black 9mm handgun and make his escape running from the ShopRite as fast as a Fat Chubby can run. His plan was flawless if by flawless you mean leaving his wallet in the security office as he bolted AND left behind his mother and 17 year old son in the ShopRite as he fled in a 1999 Ford Contour (Ford--Drive One).

Oh Fat Chubby, don't look at this as time behind bars in the clink, look at it as a learning tool for others like you who might want to steal from a ShopRite but were planning on leaving personal identification and family members behind.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Late night open thread

In honor of the new baseball season how about this nugget--Yankees legend Babe Ruth used to keep a cabbage leaf on his head under his cap to keep cool. He'd change it every couple innings or so.


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Nicole Ferraro--Bitter much?

Nicole Ferraro wrote a screed published in the New York Times earlier this week in which she took to task those expressing public affection on the subway and in restaurants. Now, some can go to far but the amount of venom Ms. Ferraro relays is quite over the top for something that could also be seen as a positive thing in light of the wilding going on in say Times Square. People loving one another, holding one another and showing they really care for each other. How horrible is that? Johnny kisses the missus and holds her hand in public, newsflash, that's not stopping because you don't enjoy it.

Johnny you say, can you give us an example of the rant? Of course citizen:

"I have news for you, canoodling commuters: These are subways, not private gondolas. Consider the probability that the spot where you are kissing each other was just inhabited by snot-faced children and several people with swine flu."

Huh? Yeah Nicole, but just because they're kissing means NOTHING. Even if they simply sat in their seats reading a magazine it wouldn't change the fact that snot-faced children with swine flu (and maybe diphtheria) still were sitting in that seat previously. Don't yawn while reading the Jersey City Desk on your iPhone, a snot-faced kid was sitting in that seat and you could get germs (thanks for the concern trolling on your part Nicole).

You can read the whole rant here and tell us what you think. It's our opinion Ms. Ferraro should, in the words of John Riggins to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor long ago "Loosen up Sandy baby".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Late night open thread

Sunny as the day is long and 86ยบ tomorrow here in Cool City. Start working on that 24 flu bug excuse for the boss right now.

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Either it's a world class trolling or we've found the world's dumbest person

No matter which one it is it's just plain awesome...

So, ah, going forward you might just wanna stay out of Times Square on Easter night

NYC police arrested 33 people while four were shot in Times Square on Sunday night in what Mayor Michael Bloomberg referred to as 'wilding' (And who said he wasn't paying attention to the 80's?). Witnesses said “They were fighting up and down the street. All you saw were kids running.” Onlookers said hundreds of youths, some thought to be gang members (but only two of the arrestees were in the gang database) were fighting all over the Square.

Police said this trend of 'wilding' was first noticed in 2003 when they thought it to be an offshoot of, are you ready for this, the New York Auto Show. As you know auto show attendees are known to do violent things and carry weapons; "Did you see that sweet Cadillac Converj concept? Ima have to bust a cap in somebody's ass I'm so excited but I'll wait until I get to Times Square to do it." Uh huh. To quote Marge Gunderson in Fargo "I'm not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou".

Leave it to local business owners to lend some reality to the situation. They think these yearly Easter night 'wilding' situations are nothing more than a gang initiation night. They told reporters and police there were a lot of kids wearing the red and blue so often associated with the Bloods and Crips (and some trivia here--the Crips got their name as before they became a violent menace, gang members would walk around Los Angeles with walking sticks or canes ala Mr. Peanut, the name became a play on the word cripple). Just because only two that were arrested were in the gang member database doesn't mean the local shopkeepers aren't right. Gang members are rather good at evading police.

Nobody has been charged with any of the shootings at JCD press time.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Late night open thread

Notable quotables night:

"I'm as pure as the driven slush."
--Tallulah Bankhead

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

Jersey City, we have a task today, help wash the streets clean of human trash

Two young and in love Jersey City residents, coming home from their engagement party and were parking their car on Randolph Avenue near Union St. about 3 am Sunday morning when they were attacked and brutally murdered over what police are speculating was a carjacking gone wrong. We have our suspicions this may have been more than that as both were carefully shot twice including one in the head execution style. The suspects are described as a man and two women who were seen in that area earlier in the day Saturday.

The Jersey City Desk would like to offer their heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of Michael Muchioki and his fiancee, Nia Haqq.

Police say the animals who did this drove away in a gold colored Pontiac Grand Am. Police also need help in locating the savages who did this. This is no time to play the no snitch game kids, these animals need to be rounded up and thrown in a cell as animals deserve to live in cells or cages. If you have ANY information call the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office at (201) 915-1345. If you don't want to do that you can leave tips here anonymously and Johnny WILL Pass them along to JCPD. It's that easy, an anonymous tip and we'll get your info to police.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Late night open thread

It was 46 years ago today The Beatles made music history by holding the top five places in the singles charts with: "Can't Buy Me Love," "Twist and Shout," "She Loves You," "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Please Please Me."

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Johnny wades into the fray at the pillow fight in Union Square for your entertainment

Even though pillow fighters were urged not to swing at people with cameras Johnny took many many shots with pillows to bring you, the Jersey City Desk reader, the action up close and personal. There is nothing the reporters here at the JCD won't do for your enjoyment (unless it's really dangerous, or difficult, or annoying, or, well, you get the point).

So do enjoy these images from yesterday. Click them to blow 'em up real good.

Late night open thread

Riding the PATH into NYC for the big pillow fight (pictures on the morrow) Johnny heard a perfect dig at the town of Hoboken where the train takes you on the weekend route on the 33rd St line. We're so used to neighborhood nicknames around there here parts. SoHo, NoHo, Tri-Be-Ca, Jersey City now being referred to as 'The Sixth' as in sixth borough in some circles as so many of the NY financial houses have relocated to this side of the Hudson post 9/11. So Johnny hears Mrs. Johnny (credit where credit is due) refer to Hoboken as 'FuHo'. She said they should announce that name as the stop. "FuHo...33rd Street train". Yes kids, a new term was coined today. One day someone may wonder aloud "I wonder where the funny as hell nickname of FuHo originated'. Now you know. On a train ride to a pillow fight one of the funniest ladies in the world rebranded Hoboken as FuHo.

We're pretty sure you can figure out what FuHo means yourselves.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pssst wanna know the best places to catch a cab in NYC at any given time?

An algorhythm of sorts has been created for you the cab grabbing public. Now you can find out where the best place to catch a cab at any given time during the week. The Taxi and Limousine Commission has been using GPS to help map out a virtual strategy for those who want to know which street is easier to catch a cab on say a Saturday night--Sixth or Seventh Avenue. By reading this article in the New York Times one can get an idea as to how this is being mapped and to give those who might want it, the explanation of an app from Apple called 'CabSense' for your iPhone.

This IS a helpful little slice of information, highly worth the read. However, if you're ever in a pinch, there are plenty of Subway stops and those trains do kinda run all over the city.

Late night open thread

Well Johnny's Michigan State Spartans play in one national semi-final in the NCAA Tournament against hometown Butler Saturday night. MSU is strangely cast as villain to the cinderella Bulldogs. Johnny reads a lot of newspapers and websites from around America and has gotten the impression college basketball fans really appreciate the high level the Sparties play at, they like head coach Tom Izzo's candor in interviews, they like how hard MSU plays and they sure admire how clean a program it is.

They also want Butler to beat Michigan State without a doubt. Of course these same people will be right back behind MSU if both they and Duke win Saturday. As much as they want Butler to win and as much as they admire the Spartans they detest Duke that much and more. No longer can the Dookies and people like ESPN 'Duke man crush' analyst Duke Vitale claim the Duke hate is because they always show up at the Final Four. So does Michigan State over the last 12 years (equaling Duke's count) and people really like MSU. Perhaps it's that rat-looking coach they have who never seems happy. Old Jewish men at the deli do less complaining than Duke's Coach K.

So it's root root root for the Spartans Saturday in hopes of another crack at the national title Monday. First up the semi-final, a game Johnny really really really enjoyed last year.

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Yes that eclectic bunch featuring Tina Weymouth of Talking heads along with Heads bandmate and husband Chris Frantz. The name Tom Tom Club is taken from the club in the Bahamas where Tom Tom Club first practiced.

Tom Tom Club with the bouncy, catchy and ever cool 'Genius of Love'.


Oh what a sweet sweet voice Annie Lennox has. One of, if not the premiere blue eyed soul singers of her generation. Here are The Eurythmics with 'Love is a Stranger'.


Former Rockpile member and all around cool daddy-o Dave Edmunds with a swingin' little number called 'Sweet Little Lisa'.

Friday, April 2, 2010

One big pillow fight will be held tomorrow at 3 pm in Union Square

That's right pillow fight fans, tomorrow is a day made just for you. Bring a pillow (a website said feather pillows were fine too) and show up at Union Square tomorrow at 3 pm and just wait for the signal. Give your glasses to a friend jump in and wail away.

Look for pictures of this event on these very pages tomorrow.

Here is some video of the 2008 Union Square pillow fight

The boil water advisory remains in effect for Jersey City

At least through this afternoon. Residents of Cool City are advised to boil water for at least one minute for cooking, drinking, or brushing your teeth. No need to boil water for showers, washing dishes or laundry.

Late night open thread

We're twisting your melons with this one man, it's no April Fool.

The star Sirius B is so dense, a handful of it weighs about one million pounds.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Parks Department--Statue of Liberty to be lifted, turned one quarter turn

The National Parks Department (hopefully not the one run by Amy Poehler on teevee) has decided that the Statue of Liberty is to be lifted one quarter turn and face lower Manhattan and not Brooklyn any longer. The Parks Department isn't saying exactly why Lady Liberty is going to be lifted and turned but we have a pretty good idea it's because the big wheels in southern Manhattan want a better view.

Oddly, Johnny is OK with this as it will allow a far better view of the Statue of Liberty from his roof, she'll be almost facing him.

Hard cheese Brooklyn, Lady Liberty is about to turn away from you.