Sunday, November 25, 2018

Late night open thread

So here we are at last Jersey City, the final late night open thread. In some odd way Johnny hoped it would somehow bring each day in Jersey City to a close with a hope for something better tomorrow. He wished this for Ypsilanti at the old Ypsi City Desk and he'll wish it at the new Oscoda City Desk.

You've all proven to be such admirable Hobbits to live amongst and Johnny is happy to have shared ten years of his life with all of you if only through this website. He wishes each and every one of you who read this today, perhaps in a month or even years from now the very best. You don't have to make Jersey City yours friends, it already belongs to you. Take ownership of it and never settle for the stewards of your city giving back half-measures or slapdash work.

If you're ever up north on the Lake Huron side of Michigan, give Johnny a shout, he might just buy your dinner.

Until then...

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