Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Johnny's been looking for a good Jersey City story all day

And look here.

Sometimes Johnny gets tired of just harping on Trump's many debacles, Christie's foibles, the mayor and council here spending like teenagers, and wants to show yes indeed there is a good side to life and it's going on right here around us.

Bike Hub, a new bicyckle shop in Jersey City in June on Monticello Ave., has launched what they call "The Bike Hub Children's Project."

What does that do? Great things friends:

With help from Manhattan-based Apollo Jets and price cuts from distributors, Behzad Pasdar will be receiving a shipment later this week of 41 bicycles he purchased that will be assembled and given to underprivileged kids in some of the city's toughest neighborhoods.

"We just have a different approach to interacting with the community," Pasdar said by phone yesterday afternoon.

Fantastic. Great job Bike Hub and welcome!

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