Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rutgers football Gameday!

On the road for the last road game of the season in Bloomington Indiana today with a noon kickoff as the Scarlet Knights look DOWN at the Hoosiers in the B1G East standings.

What's that? There are TWO teams below Rutgers in the B1G East right now? It's true, a very strong second half of the season shows RU ahead of both the Hoosiers and Maryland. A win today would assure the Scarlet Knights of no less than 5th in the loaded East. Who among you had RU coming in right behind the Murderer's Row of Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and Pedd State? Maryland and Indiana, who are they?

OK, let's not get too cocky but it's fun to even jest about these matter this late into November.

Indiana comes into the game in last place at 1-6 in B1G conference play. Wait a second, it's around here somewhere...

So, Indiana comes into today in last place in B1G conference play as the offensive juggernaut of the last few seasons never materialized. Can Rutgers keep it good and hibernated for another week?

That's why Johnny's writes these things.

First off, records aside, Johnny thinks this one will be close. Rutgers gives about about as many points as IU averages. The Hoosier defense gives up a tad more scoring than Rutgers. So our key to success? The same way they beat Illinois and Purdue, KISS, Keep.It.Simple.Stupid. Run the ball. RU averages around 166 yards a game on terra firma and will most likely need something close today. At Michigan State the mantra when the ground game is going well is, "Pound Green Pound" and if RU can get a "Pound Red Pound" today and control the clock they'll at least be in the game with better than a 50/50 chance to win. Indiana gives up a stingy 150+ on the ground so effort and lack of holding or false start penalties will be needed. Johnny's actual game key today for the Scarlet Knights is penalties. Composure on the road for a young growing team is vital.

If there ever was a time for Chris Ash to play the 'no respect' card it is today. Huddled away in a dump of a locker room in Bloomington Ash can point out despite being two games ahead of IU in the standings they are 10.5 point underdogs. The ESPN Matchup Predictor has IU at 76% likely to win today. Win today, and hope for the best vs Sparty next week in Piscataway and this season, this expected moribund season could end at 6-6. Could, might, maybe. All those words start today.

Fearless Forecast
Rutgers 30
Indiana 25

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