Saturday, July 7, 2018

World Cup today, knockout stages

A quick World Cup today post and mornings have lately been the busiest part of Johnny's day.

England vs Sweden
"The one who doesn't hop is a Mumman troll" so says a really really bad Swedish cheer and Johnny in no way wants to be a Mumman troll (it was explained to Johnny Mumman is a Swedish cartoon character) so he'll cheer for Sweden today though he does think the Harry Kane Train will head onto one semi-final. Unless Sweden parks the bus and starts knocking in set pieces Johnny thinks they have come as far as they could.

Fearless forecast
England 2
Sweden 1

Croatia vs Russia
Russia have the home fans believing anything is possible now with just three wins needed to win it all. Those fans are in for a midfield masterclass from Croatia. Johnny thinks Rakitic and Modric with Mandzukic up top spell big trouble for Mother Russia.  Russia won't see much of the ball and will be very hard pressed to keep it or move up field with much success.

Fearless forecast
Croatia 2
Russia 0

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