Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jets and Giants football gameday!

What a GREAT Sunday we have here in the Tri-State and the surround for the Jets game at the new Meadowlands today against the Kansas City Chiefs. The sun is warm and the opportunities for the Jets are huge today. 8-5 is a MUST coming out of this game. Kansas City is an odd team, one which you never know what you'll get. Recently they played Pittsburgh tough before winning in Chicago. A loss for the Jets may mean they'll barely qualify for the playoffs if at all. They can't keep giving away games to teams like the Chiefs.

The Giants are 6-6 and one game behind the homestanding Cowboys whom they play tonight. Again, this is the kind of game that will define the Giants season. They are battling with Detroit and the Bears and Atlanta, all 7-5. Lose tonight in Dallas and the Giants are 6-7 and dancing to the Paul Simon song 'Slip Sliding Away'. Tom Coughlin needs to find the magic to get the Giants pass rush going and keep the Cowboys front seven from mashing Eli Manning into the turf. Eli CAN win games like this if he's vertical and his receivers are hanging onto the ball.

Fearless forecasts:

New Jersey Jets 24
Kansas City 13

New Jersey Giants 21
Dallas 20


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

2 for 2, just sayin...

Pferm201 said...

You sir have got it correct. the NEW JERSEY Giants