Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jets and Giants football gameday!

And have we got a Santa Claus special this afternoon from the new Meadowlands, Jets V Giants, New Jersey V New Jersey, Ryan V Coughlin and the team with the Santa looking head coach aren't lacking confidence coming into today.

Rex Ryan, who never met a microphone he didn't like, has been claiming this week is about the Jets "winning" New York. We'd say that even if the Jets win today and miss the playoffs in the AFC, a win today wouldn't mean Jack Squat...

First things first, if Mark Sanchez is feeling the effects of whatever head and or neck and or concussion that caused him to sit on the sidelines with a towel over his head to keep the bright lights out of his eyes last week this could get ugly for Gang Green. Both teams desperately need a win but the Giants are just about mathematically eliminated and will no doubt play with some desperation. It would seem each time the Giants have their backs to the wall they can come out with a strong effort especially from the front seven -- bad news for Mark Sanchez. While w're not sold on the local viewpoint being tossed around that Eli is an elite NFL QB he's still light years ahead of the Jets' 'Human Interception Machine'.

We KNOW the Giants can come out with a great defensive effort. We KNOW the Jets can too. What we don't know is if Sanchez has to come off at any point if Mark Brunell can do anything to move the Jets offense. We doubt it. If the Jets can gain momentum by running consistently it takes pressure off of Sanchez and puts it on the Big Blue secondary.

We can see the Jets winning this game. We can see the Giants winning this game. Rex Ryan has been talking....and talking....and his team is only 8-6. The Giants haven't said too much and are 7-7. Two teams enter, one team leaves, it's Christmas Eve Thunderdome in about an hour and our fearless forecast says:

New Jersey Giants 23
New Jersey Jets 21

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Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Dear Rex Ryan, in the words of Mike Myers as Dieter on SNL's skit Sprockets "Your story has become tiresome."