Monday, July 18, 2016

3 years in a row

Mayor Fulop submitted his latest budget and for the 3rd straight year this growing city will have no tax increases. We're adding cops, giving hundreds of millions in new abatements, giving loans to developers and that's before the reval, and Jersey City is still an Abbot District city.

Even a Spendy McSpendface children's character would have to realize the ride stops sometime. The time to sock money away is now. Johnny is president of a local board. That board, now that there are no emergencies and things are going well, are still collecting for that rainy day when it comes. Collect the money and invest it back smartly. The day is quickly approaching that this city will need some fall back money and the time to collect that is now while things are supposedly good and can be done in small doses.

What is we need another surge in cops? What if the roof over part of the PATH falls in somewhere, sure it's PA but you'd better have money and a plan. What if winter causes plow trucks to double planned overtime. All things even a nominal increase could be used for.

Don't cry poor later when the time for this was, well, now.

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