Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Ah, the rallying cry for so many guys and gals like Johnny back in the late 70's and tonight is the anniversary our talisman in the fight against disco said no more. WLUP radio jock Steve Dahl (who Johnny has met a couple times) blowed up a whole bunch of disco records at Chicago's Comiskey Park between games of a doubleheader with Detroit...A LOT of disco records which inspired a lot of the crowd to charge the field, start fires, climb the foul poles and come roaring in from outside once things got out of control.

Tonight here is a magnificent oral history of the Disco Demolition, which was originally called 'Teen Night' from Steve Dahl, the White Sox organization, police and fans who were there that infamous night. A night you'll come to see might well have been the best baseball promotion in history; The White Sox were drawing about 18,000 fans a game in a stadium that seated 45,000.

Disco Demolition/Teen Night brought 70,000 to Comiskey. A must read on a hot summer night when the All-Star game in on elsewhere.

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