Monday, March 27, 2017

Getting things done with those you may disagree with sometimes

Johnny can be a rough cuss. No, really Johnny, we uh, heh, never noticed. He has certain opinions that he's probably not going to meet someone halfway on some, one being abatements and spending. Do understand when Johnny digs in his heels on the budget for the future; he grew up on welfare and food stamps and sans a generous set of grandparents might have been homeless. That's true. When Johnny talks budgeting and making sure things are set for the future as we navigate the now he means it with a passion. 3/4 of the buildings are now abated. You know he holds mayors and governors and councilpeople to account by name. This is such a story. Johnny has held out Candice Osborne as someone he thinks votes too friendly with Mayor Fulop on monetary matters. He's gotten emails from her after certain articles with oftentimes solid pushback. We talk. It' s not personal. Smart people get that.

Last Friday Johnny was taking pictures of his dog looking at the park being rebuilt he's often spoken on. That was until he heard a scream and a car locking it's brakes and he whirled around to take an image of a Mercedes SUV being selfish and turning right onto a one way (the wrong way) to then turn left into the BJ's parking lot, (a distance of about 30 yards) to get back out to Washington and avoid going out to Marin. A little girl was almost hit and killed as the Mercedes gave itself no wiggle room going the wrong way and just missed two cars and missing the girl by a foot and a half to two feet (note car to Mercedes left, almost unseen):

Johnny posted this pic to the city and Councilwoman Osborne on Twitter. She was immediately upset by it and within a few minutes she was asking to meet and take time from her weekend and do a walk around so she could better explain to T&E what was happening and suggestions on how to fix it. Offering her personal weekend time when one of the residents in her ward was put in harm's way. That's the best response you can get Jersey City. Let me get personally involved. Weekends being what they are and since Johnny lives closer to the intersection than the Councilwoman he went over and took a full video of how it happens, where the danger is at and his own suggestions. That video, through the councilwoman, is being used today to make a part of the city safer and that's a great weekend story, no?

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