Thursday, March 23, 2017

Steve Fulop and the Jersey City Council art of the $10 deal

Well, the gang that never met money they couldn't spend did it again last night only on a scale SO GRAND it defies belief.

You know the story, Liberty Science Center (they of the soft-porn "science" nights) wants a new science-based school (SciTech Scity,) on their land but the problem was this land, worth millions, was something they'd never afford so Steve Fulop and 6 council members gave it to them. Actually, Johnny's wrong on that and supporters bristle at calling the millions in real estate a "giveaway."

The city paid 10$. Yep, a Hamilton for land worth millions. Fail. Yes, really, ten bucks. That's their level of contempt for you taxpayer. They just gave away millions you were part owner of. Forget the fact we're being slow-walked to a Reval and here's more property that won't be collecting money.

But, we got 10$.

The supporters claim, this school will bring kids in from all over falling over themselves to get in. The claim this one school will transform Jersey City educationally. That's kind of the problem isn't it? Jersey City kids, those of normal means won't see this school unless they drive by. This school (Hear Johnny now and believe him later) is not for kids from Greenville or The Heights or Journal Square, it's for the richies and well-connected. Make bet on that.

But Johnny's isn't this slated to be a "public school?" Yes, suuuuure it is. The only public school our city council expects  TURN A PROFIT!:

City officials have argued that the deal isn't a giveaway, citing a revenue-sharing portion of its agreement with SciTech Scity. Once the complex turns a profit beyond $78 million, the city would share in the profits, initially getting 50 percent and, once the value of the city's land is paid off, 20 percent.

A school complex, turn a profit. $78 million. WTF?!

This was one miserable deal that NOW Jersey City can't control once the JCRA gets the property. Seems only Ward C Councilman Michael Yun noticed that:

"...once the land is transferred to the JCRA and "it is completely out of our control."

"The JCRA, their own board members, (are) not elected by people but appointed by the mayor. They're going to do what the mayor asks them," Yun said.

There are city council members that need primary opponents. Good solid citzens who realize planning for the long-term beats panicked giveaways. Thank the lord Frank Gajewski isn't running again. A complete waste of a seat. Daniel Rivera, champion of cars in yards, needs a serious wake-up call. Rubber stamp is no way to go through life. Candice Osborne, who actually said last night this deal won't make dime one STILL voted for it. There's some solid thinking. Remember this about Osborne, she'll vote for anyone's abatement or construction variance -- except those in HER own Paulus Hook neighborhood. Rolando Lavarro, who sees Fulop as his meal ticket will never do anything to upset the mayor because for some reason Lavarro thinks he'll be mayor after Fulop. Great he's voting like it's 2021 on issues today. Also, remember when Lavarro said he was going to curb spending? Yeah, he's holding the city back and needs to go. Joyce Watterman has been failing JC taxpayers for far too long, she needs a swift exit through a side door too. Jermaine Robinson, we're watching you. You voted poorly last night but it's just too early to see if you're going to be a yes man like the rest listed here, but we're watching you. You blew it last night Mr. Robinson.

So, Jersey City taxpayers, unless you take matters into your own hands, by either running a primary campaign against one of these rubber stamp council members, supporting a primary opponent or simply voting against those in their seat now, you're at least able to say you, if nobody else, is looking out for the long-term financial health of Jersey City. Look at their track records, it's not going to happen with Fulop, Rivera, Lavarro, Gajewski, and Osborne in their current jobs.

It's not. We're going to give the Jersey City Desk famous last word to Daniel Sexton former Jersey City attorney under Bret Schundler. When it comes to long-term planning and why it's important:

Daniel Sexton, a former city attorney under Bret Schundler, called the land transfer "scandalous."

"You saw it's swampland. Well so was Newport, swampland. So was Harsimus Cove ... so was Liberty National," Sexton said. "This is a valuable asset."


Anonymous said...

Read the ordinance. Jcra gets for $1 and then resells for $10, complete with commercial apartments, a hotel, tax abatements, and city loans included in paperwork. What you also missed is fulop turning over 7 affordable housing condos downtown to jcra at same council meeting.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It gets worse and worse and worse and once it gets to the jcra, goodbye oversight.