Sunday, December 3, 2017

Giants football gameday -- The Geno Smith era dawns

Yeeeeaaaah. Johnny remembers when Bill Belichick took over the Browns back in the 90's and ran the very popular Bernie Kosar out of town so he does know how Giants fans are feeling shocked and betrayed over Eli Manning. Of course Kosar was traded to Dallas, took over for a half season when Troy Aikman was hurt and won his Super Bowl ring.

Then the Browns moved so the comparison ends there.

What.A.Mess. Head coach Ben McAdoo is rumored to be broomed as early as tomorrow morning but then again didn't we all hear that last week? Let's see but onto the Raiders.

The Giants need to---Oh screw all that. Nobody cares. They want McAdoo to lose (as if the Giants somehow can't) 40-0.

Cleveland 0-11 (At the Chargers today, 25% chance to win)
NY Giants 2-10 (That loss to SF pays big dividends)
San Francisco 2-10 (JUST defeated the Bears 15-14)
Denver 3-9 (Getting whipped by the Dolphins now)
Indianapolis 3-9 (Taking the ziggy vs the Jags today)

When it comes to the draft thing, keep Eli on the bench. When it comes to what's right, fire McAdoo and put Eli back in.

Fearless Forecast
Oakland Raiders 28
NJ Giants 17

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