Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mayor Fulop's bill to Jersey City taxpayers for his reval cancelation lands at $3.8 million

Fulop's petulant attempt to protect downtown taxpayers from the state ordered reval has a final total, $3.8 million pulled from taxpayer pockets and guess what, his new city spokeswoman hit the ground telling fables like the old one did.

Now first off, spokeswoman Hannah Peterson who just because she's new still can't be absolved for getting basic facts wrong in her statement trying to still spin Fulop's attempt to protect his base. Let's go through her statement and show her how we do in Jersey City:

"For the last four years we have kept taxes stable (not really, we've just played games with the numbers while developers get everything they want from Fulop), while expanding the police department (Who you cut off at the knees by not negotiating their contract fairly and let's face it, the JCPD despise Steve Fulop and on his watch the police force is a disgrace anymore), building new parks (ORLY? Now we know you're a noob) and stabilizing the city's finances (No, again, your new boss has done nothing but play budgetary games with a willing council to kick the problems down the road)," city spokeswoman Hannah Peterson said. "The route it was on in 2013 was extremely dangerous for the city and its residents (Just saying it was somehow dangerous, DANGEROUS LOL, doesn't make your word salad so Ms. Peterson), and we now feel that this process is being done properly. We made the right decision. (You cost city taxpayers 3.8 million dollars for Fulop's tantrum)"

There you go Ms. Peterson, fixed all that for you and please don't insult our intelligence with such nonsense in the future.

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