Saturday, February 3, 2018

All hail Sania Naik, winner of the 59th annual Jersey Journal-Hudson County Spelling Bee

Now Johnny was (still is) a very good speller and participated in all of the spelling bees he was eligible for and usually finished in the top ten and once even finished second once but he sure appreciates what winner Sania Naik of Jersey City did and can certainly commiserate with runner-up Adnan Rafi. Adnan, if you ever read this yes, the word you miss is one you'll always remember, Johnny's Waterloo was "license" the year he finished second in the district. After three hours he blew the S and C order. Look at him now though, he has a no count blog so there's always that to look forward to ;)

Again, a Jersey City Desk tip of the cap to Sania Naik who will now get to represent Jersey City and all of New Jersey in the upcoming Scripps National Spelling Bee. We wish her the best of luck!

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