Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday....Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

As a nation our worst nightmare has come true. The Philadelphia fanbase vs. the Boston fanbase for a championship. The last two weeks for people in this area have been beyond annoying. Philly fans managing somehow to continue an imagined fight with Vikings fans and ESPN sportswriters actively looking for the manger Tom Brady was born in.

Ya know Bunky there's not only a puppy bowl but also a dog bowl for older pups, all of whom are up for adoption! Um, let's see; old movies, a Game of Thrones marathon, posting vacation pictures to Instaface, horsing around on the computer, or even catching up on Booth and Brennan on Bones on the Hulu come to mind as better alternatives than having to watch this pig slop of a game. Then again so does yelling at traffic, chewing foil and starting food fights at Bill Knapps, so really how you entertain yourselves is up to you.

If however you're looking for a place to crap all over the game, the halftime holograms, the announcers, the First Down Dancers®, and cutaway ads for Sheehan's Rustproofing on Route 440, let the Jersey City Desk be your Super Bowl Sunday oasis.

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