Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Put the MetroCards away Jersey City, if you're looking for 'rat-infested firetraps', no need to go to New York City, we've got 'em here!

But maybe not for too long so act now!

Jersey City is now serving up some 'rat infested firetrap' food trucks on this side of the Hudson River. JC's city health inspector, H. James Boor, said the 'Banana Leaf' food truck won't be serving meals to people around Exchange Place anytime soon if he has his way. Boor, can now legally become President of the "Bring your lunch from home program" for his overbearing propensity to do his job and save us from bad men like Shaik Mohamed Manzoor who ran the Banana Leaf.

Because Boor wants to be a killjoy and make Jersey City residents get on the PATH to visit other rat infested firetraps look at what YOU the strolling food customer miss out on:

Rat Droppings
Mouse feces
Rotten food

In fact, task force member and fellow killjoy Mark Redfield told the Jersey Journal "We had food taken out of there was contaminated, there was food kept in the cellar, a dirty, wet moldy cellar. Eggs were un-refrigerated."

See what happens when Jersey City public officials actually do their jobs instead of selling out their sworn offices? Rat infested firetraps have to go away.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Manzoor should be on some kind of hit list with all cities in the area that won't ever let him run another roach coach ever. he's lucky he got off easy without killing some unsuspecting citizen.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

That's just disgusting as you know he's gotten away with it for so long