Tuesday, January 11, 2011

North Bergen Housing Authority security chief needs a lesson in social media

So, 23 year old Justin Italo (and who the hell puts a 23 year old in charge of the North Bergen Housing Authority?) was feeling his professional oats. He was large and in charge and wasn't afraid of letting people his status in life. Trouble with a status is it often finds it's way online. Italo's MySpace page was a trove of bad behavior and unprofessional actions.

The Chief Security officer was seen in one picture (below) holding a handgun with the status 'ILL KILL YA KIDS'. Professional AND classy eh? Wait, it gets better. In another picture Italo showed himself with a red plastic cup (and we know how those are used) behind the wheel of a car asking the timeless question "Who said drinkin n drivin was illegal?" NJ.com gives us this bit of classy professionalism:

In another picture on the MySpace page, Italo has a loaf of bread hanging out of the front of his pants. A caption reads "F-- Subway," followed by a derogatory remark about people of the Hindu faith.

Not surprisingly, Italo has been suspended without pay since the NBHA found out about his social networking mad skillz.

Justin, I KILL YA KIDS is just bad grammar.


Anonymous said...

hey look its the mini italian mafia!!'

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

lol, well played!