Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rutgers football Gameday!

A quick Gameday thread today as Johnny has thangs to do.

Nebraska comes into Piscataway at 3:30 today on an emotional high. Who wouldn't be after the B1G officials allowed to knock off the #7 by running out of bounds then hiding behind those refereeisms about intended meanings of rules. Until last Saturday this was a lost season in Lincoln, something you don't normally ever see. In fact Nebraska entered November with 6 losses last week for the first time ever. RU is having a bad season without much hope but then again they're only a week behind Nebraska with a win and hope. Nebraska is a funny team. Quite a few of their plays wind up looking broken and thus defenders must hang on in the secondary that much longer. If the Rutgers secondary can play like they did against MSU they'll have a punchers chance as Johnny thinks the front 7 or 8 or the Scarlet Knights can minimize Husker running damage because well, they'll have to.

RU was embarrassed last week at Michigan. Michigan kinda sorta ran things up. How badly does RU want to get back some of that pride and stand up at home and get some of it back against a beatable team with a great pedigree. Will they have enough offense?

Special teams will help decide this one and RU are great at those.

Fearless Forecast
Nebraska 28
Rutgers 20

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