Saturday, August 12, 2017


Friends, what we've witnessed by American citizens acting in unAmerican and unPatriotic ways simply cannot be allowed to stand. Nazi flags, confederate flags, idiot groups like Proud Boys and the so-called 3%ers that support and participate in this shit and beyond the American pale. Anyone who doesn't call this out for what it is, shameful white supremacists, inciting violence, showing up dressed to fight, and then using ISIS style tactics by driving a car at speed into a peaceful group of citizens has no place here, not for any race, religion, creed or especially political party. Sadly, one seems ok with the president emboldening this nonsense with weak almost denials this was Nazi and right wing related because he doesn't want to upset his base. It's beyond disgraceful and your inaction, GOP, WILL be remembered. If you can't stand against this kind of swill and the heinous human beings behind it where DO you draw the line?

Speak up and speak out America, rip this shit out root and stem.

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