Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The city has to stand strong on planning with Citibike

Recently, Citibike released a plan to start pulling their bikeshare bikes out of northern and southern areas of Jersey City. They claim there is simply not the usage numbers to make it worth their while to keep them at these supposed outposts; the city is standing up and saying, no, they need to stay there.

The city needs to and should make this stand if they truly believe their outward-bound growth plan from downtown to Journal Square is going to catch elsewhere. They have to stand tall and demand this plan be given time to work, otherwise why even bother with a plan. Terrence T. McDonald has more on the specifics:

Citi Bike was successful largely Downtown, where about 60 percent of its users live, but much less so on the city's northern and southern ends. Ridership stats from its first year in operation showed that 26,480 trips originated from the system's most popular station, at the Grove Street PATH stop. Only 171 trips originated from the least popular station, located at Columbia Park.

The stations initially slated to be removed account for 4 percent of ridership, according to Fulop.

Hold tight Jersey City, because saying these far reaching areas of our Jersey City are just not even worth the investment of bikes is just depressing.

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