Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So sorry for the late update

Johnny serves on a couple boards and one needed his immediate attention tonight and so he never got around to doing a proper review of the Garbage and Blondie show last night. Without going too into the details as he's dog tired, it was a fun fun and really good show. The bands brought out the best in each other, it seems they both lifted their game playing with such esteemed colleagues. Debbie Harry seemed completely at home, and why wouldn't she, as they did a nice mix of the classics and the new. Debbie commanded the stage and you could tell was having fun doing it. Garbage sounds so big, and the music seems like it'll just jump right through you was sharp, tight and on point. No jitters, just good sonic rock and roll. You know how they say some movies might not win an Oscar but they are a great fun popcorn movie? This was a show like that, fun, awesome sounding, funny and great music done by great music visionaries who still pay close attention to the little things on show night for the fans.

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