Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hoboken HS basketball standout disappoints, attacks man and steals his wallet--UPDATED

Eddie Canary, listed at 6'2" and 175 in the team program is being charged with beating a man unconscious and then stealing his wallet. Ouch. It gets worse. The all county basketball star is then being charged with attacking another man a few minutes later. No word yet on what led to the supposed crimes.

We'll follow this story today and hopefully have an update later today to these sad developments.

UPDATE 9:46 am

Well it appears Eddie was indeed a very very naughty man. As the report gets fleshed out here, we find out Eddie who is a junior at Hoboken high is already 18 years old and therefore ready for the adult criminal justice system.

The story tells us Eddie beat a 21 year old man from Dover Plains NY unconscious near Third and Madison streets in Hoboken and took his wallet. That's classy. He, along with his posse of friends then took off leaving the victim face down and unconscious. Police caught up to Mr. Basketball Star in Church Square Park where he was beating yet another victim with his little friends.

You know what we love Eddie? We love big tough guys who travel in packs and attack people. That really shows how tough you are. You'd never think of taking on somebody one on one but when you get your little cement headed friends together you're all about the violence and intimidation. What a tough guy you and your friends are. We hope the Hudson County lockup has a basketball league just for you, but we tend to doubt it.

In the words of Sergeant Hulka in Stripes:



Anonymous said...

One thought comes to mind, if he is guilty, charge this scumbag as an ADULT and send him away.

its sad when there is NO REGARD for human life anymore and its even worse when its a young person charged.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Well Eddie is 18 we find out and ready for the adult criminal justice system