Saturday, June 6, 2009

There's a word for people like Cheyenne Cherry--skank

Now, first off, Johnny's not gonna pull any punches here, Cheyenne Cherry being 17 and all. The teenage crime wave from the Bronx is just that, a skank. Oh but Johnny, should an adult male be calling a teenage girl a skank, that's pretty harsh and over the top.

Read this piece and then at the end you can pass judgement on old Johnny.

Cheyenne Cherry was arrested for clubbing a woman in the head with jewelry in 2007.

Cheyenne Cherry was arrested and is serving 5 years probation for robbing a man of his iPod at gunpoint. She claimed it was a "joke".

Cheyenne Cherry was busted for larceny and extortion in a dog-napping plot in which her class act boyfriend shoved a BB gun in the face of a woman in a Bronx park and stole her teacup Yorkie dog. She then had the nerve to send friends over to collect the $500 reward after it was posted in the paper. She said it was all just a "joke".

Cheyenne Cherry is also now claiming her roasting of a kitten this past week in a 200 degree oven was also just a "joke". You read that right, she let a kitten die in an oven and again claimed it was just a "joke".

Know what Cheyenne, you are a joke of a citizen. So is the judge who let you out after this latest offense. You are obviously a menace to society, and a disgrace to all 17 year old females who don't act like you do. We think you're trying to game the system since it has let you get away with your garbage for so long. We can only hope you see the inside of a jail cell real soon. Would you think what happens in there to you would be a "joke" as well?

No, Johnny thinks you've earned the title of 'skank', in your attitude towards animals and your fellow human beings and you know what, we're really not that interesting in HOW or WHY you came to be this way. The fact is, you have and it's time to pay the fiddler.

It's not easy to call out the young 'uns, but sometimes one really really goes above and beyond and thumbs their nose at the rest of us and then it's time to give them the publicity they so richly deserve.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

You know, they make industrial-sized ovens. I'd like to see her in there. Of course it would be just a joke...

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Human beings, of any age know better. Not SHOULD know better, no, they know better.

She has played the system it appears for years and it's shameful.