Saturday, February 6, 2010

Awwwww, poor New York City restaurant owners don't want grades from the health department posted in their establishments

We think it's is GREAT idea. Why oh why shouldn't restaurants NOT have their grade from the health department listed? Things like cleanliness, and not passing along food bourne-illness are somewhat important to the dining out public. Of course the restaurant owners showed up at the meeting proposing this en masse to complain they'd be unfairly given a scarlet letter. He's a clue gang, try keeping your kitchens clean and your food prep areas clean enough to meet city standards.

There was one luddite at the meeting all about the owners whom you'll actually have to hear to believe his tunnel visioned stupidity:

"Robert Bookman, legislative counsel for the New York City chapters of the restaurant association, argued that “a mandated posting against the wishes of the owner raises significant free-speech issues.”

Free Speech? Are you kidding Mr. Bookman? We're talking safety of the general public and you throw something completely unrelated to the discussion and try wrapping yourself in the flag over freedom of speech? Yikes.

Obviously we here at the Jersey City Desk are all for letters being assigned to restaurants so you can decide if you want to drop in for dinner to a place with a 'D' rating or if you'd rather go across the street to a place offering a 'B' rating.

Why is it businesses (and hospitals are the same way, good luck finding out how many bad doctors there have been brought up on ethics charges) are always against their customers right to know?

Wait, Bookman.......Bookman, that name rings a bell, hmmmmmmm, Bookman, OH YEAH, BOOKMAN! From 'One Day at a Time'


Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny Bookman is the Super from "Good Times" and Schneider was the Super from "One Day at a Time".

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Oh man you caught me there. Should have done a touch more research. Well played anonymous! Good call and hats off for knowing your bad 70's sitcoms better than I do!