Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here's a look from our intrepid New Orleans correspondent Ms. Oddzymandias of yesterday's Rex Mardi Gras parade

Beautiful floats and we thank you for the rights to show the pics Oddzy!

You know the routine by now, click for a bigger image

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Anonymous said...

sorry i'm so late with the ed-op piece...i'm just now recovered!

one of the things that really stood out this year was the remarkable reduction in crime during mardi gras. it was down a full 31%, even though the crowds were the largest in years. officials attribute this to the "superbowl championship effect", believing that people are just that much nicer and mellower for the saints having (finally) won. i think they're right.

at any rate, mardi gras was spectacular, and the weather finally cooperated fully after several days of unseasonable coldness. with a high in the upper 50's and remarkably low humidity, it was a gorgeous day!!