Monday, February 8, 2010

The Jersey City Desk Action Weather team is tracking a potential whopper of a storm Tuesday night into Wednesday

Early computer models show this storm could drop anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of white stuff. The main portion of the storm will be Wednesday so now would be the time to go empty Target and Shop Rite or A&P of all their perishables and sidewalk salt.

The Jersey Jersey City Desk Action Weather team will keep you updated as we get all giddy at the thought of a near blizzard.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

We've got the same thing headed to Chicagoland. I have stocked up on the essentials: milk, bread and Pop-Tarts! Bring it winter!

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

All the news stations will be live in Secaucus tonight because they have many of the outlet type stores.

"Stocking up for the storm?"

"Yep, buying food for the kids and a shovel."

"That's great"

Edge of your seat type news viewing