Sunday, June 26, 2011

O'Hara's Downtown, maybe you should go clean up after yourselves this morning

Johnny was out and about yesterday and wandered over to the 'Not Your Mama's Craft Show' at the Morgan lot at Warren and Morgan. Hundreds if not thousands of happy people just listening to music and getting their crafts on. Later, as Johnny was walking back home he began to notice DOZENS of pink flyers blowing through the Powerhouse Arts District. Not just one or two that could have carelessly been tossed by people who don't want giant pink flyers under their windshield wipers, but dozens just blowing like trash against fences, under cars, through open lots etc.

All these pink flyers were advertising O'Hara's Downtown. Hey, O'Hara's, don't you have a better way to advertise than dumping flyers on cars and in the streets? Again, there were far too many flyers lying about to say it was all disgruntled car owners tossing them. Whomever you hired (If you didn't have your own employees do this) did an atrocious job of 'advertising'. We think someone from O'Hara's owes the PAD an apology for this littering. O'Hara's really should send a cleanup crew around this morning.

We just wanted you all here in Jersey City to know which businesses actually take care of the city they do business in.


Anonymous said...

yes, and what about a fine for littering??

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Or something