Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sounds like Cory Booker has his eyes on something bigger than Newark

A federal political action committee known as CoryPAC has been formed in Newark, named after Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Those in the know say the funds raised now through the 2012 election will be used to help Democratic candidates for office. After 2012 however the stakes get raised. Senator Frank Lautenberg will be over 90 by the time his next term expires in 2014. Guess who's mayoral incumbency ends around then? Cory Booker.

The Jersey City Desk genuinely likes Mr. Booker. He's a hard worker who really lacks only the finds for a Newark turnaround. He's open, he's honest and he's very accessible. You can tell Booker really means what he says and cares quite a bit about his city. Are things in Newark great? No, far from it BUT it doesn't mean Booker hasn't done a lot of good things for the city.

We'd like to see Booker run for Senate. He'd be a strong candidate that's for sure...

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