Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ain't no party like a Conrail party 'cause a Conrail party don't stop!

With apologies to Kid Rock and the city of Detroit for the headline but it simply fit so well with this story. By now many of you have heard of the train derailment in southern Jersey near Paulsboro. Because the train contents were toxic people had to be evacuated. Conrail set them up in a Motel 6 until conditions in Paulsboro could be made safe.

Police received a call from said Motel 6 last night about a noise complaint. It was then they realized just how good Paulsboro parties can be. Those who were staying on Conrail's dime decided to throw a huge bash and throw a huge bash they did. When police arrived they found 22 people in one room (in a Motel 6 no less) and police arrested 16 adults and six juveniles and charged them with disorderly conduct, said police. But wait, this is a Paulsboro party, there's more!

In the room, one of 14 rented by Conrail until Saturday for Paulsboro residents evacuated because of Friday's train derailment, police allegedly found unspecified amounts of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol, said police. Additional drug charges, as well as charges of maintaining a nuisance and providing alcohol to minors, are pending, police said.

Didn't Governor Christie ask us all to pull together after disasters? Sounds to us like these people were trying to do just that. Mental note to self; Paulsboro for bachelor parties.

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