Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jets and Giants football GAMEDAY!

Well pigskin fans, the calendar has turned to December. One New Jersey based team is alive in the playoff race and one, if they lose today, will most likely get the coaching staff broomed and the players purged at season's end.

In the dog game (with apologies to dogs) the Swamplands Jetropolitans travel to scenic Jacksonville to see if they can't somehow get a win against a team with a total of two thus far. The Jets aren't horrible in road results at 2-3 and Jacksonville is 1-5 in ____________ Bank Stadium. Since Mark Sanchez got the hook last week and the Jets won, and both Tebow and McElroy available his leash is short indeed. But let's face facts, sans a great effort against Houston these are toothless Jaguars. We think this game will play out the way the Rams game did a few days back.

Fearless forecast:
Jetropolitans 20
Jacksonville 19

Air Brees rolls into the New Meadowlands and gets ready for takeoff around 4:30pm. This is a dangerous game for the G-Men. Brees normally doesn't suck all day long and is capable as anyone of hanging a 4 TD game on you. Today's insurance policy is the fact Baltimore plays at Washington and not Cleveland. Dallas is in Cincinnati because the league made them go there and will face a very hot Bungles squad. Sure the Giants have a better record than the Saints. Sure they're at home. Sure they should win.

So why is this game scaring the bejeepers out of Giants fans? Johnny has that same sinking feeling. We think it'll be point filled and crazy but we think the Saints make a stand.

Fearless forecast:
New Orleans 35
Jersey Giants 27

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