Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dear Christmas shoppers -- Best Buy INSISTS on only giving your your return credit if you come back into the store

We figured since Best Buy isn't going to trumpet this little known "company policy" this holiday season Johnny would do it for them. Johnny warned Mrs. Johnny about shopping at Best Buy, especially for a large ticket item. Sure enough, the refrigerator was mis-measured for the space it was supposed to fit into so it was sent back before it was even deboxed.

So why can't Johnny get credit over the phone with the credit card used? Well a manager at the Vauxhall locale (Hi Nabilia) said it was company policy not to give credits for items unless you trek back into their store. Nabilia wouldn't give a reason as to why. We have a good guess, so when you go to return something they can grab the appliance/television and video/home electronics "manager" to come upsell you something else. They won't give you your money back (and save us the sad story about not KNOWING who you are over the phone) unless you come in for the Best Buy equivalent of a time-share pitch.

Well Nabilia and Best Buy there is a way Johnny is going to get his refund, it's called a chargeback on his credit card. He'll soon have his money back in his account and you'll still be on the verge of going out of business.

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