Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jets and Giants football GAMEDAY!

What a glorious morning out there today Jersey City, perfect for getting in brunches, dog walks, the Sixth Borough Market at the corner of Bay St. and Marin, the last outdoor market of the year, and any projects you may have. Again, a great day for getting those Christmas lights up in October. You'll wish you had this day back in late November. What's a month between friend anyway?

OK, football and nowhere is football less appetizing than in Cleveland today, where the weather will be awful and the teams stinky. The Jets roll in with a cool two victories while Johnny's Browns have NO WINS and Johnny sure hopes that keeps up today. The Jets stink, let's face facts. BUT with a third win today they move three games up (really four with head-to-head tiebreakers) on the Browns for that tasty first overall draft pick in April. Honestly today nobody in Cleveland, with the Indians on the brink of a World Series title vs the Cubs tonight and with the Cavaliers title in June, NOBODY FUCKING CARES if the Brownies lose 47-0, the coach up and quits and the fans riot. Today would be a perfect day for the Jets to roll in, play fundamentally sound football, don't turn it over and go home with a win.

Of course it's never that easy. While we're not sure who the Browns BQ will be today on the Wheel-O-Starters, might be Tim Couch, Brady Quinn or Jeff Garcia. Might be Josh McCown or might be Terrell Pryor. The fact it it does not matter. If the Jets can do any kind of job stopping the Browns on the ground, they stand a great chance. If they can run, and trust Johnny when he tells you this, there are good high school teams who can run on the Browns, the Jets should stand a great chance. Not that Jets fans shouldn't watch today, the Cleveland 11 comes up with stupid and unique ways to loose weekly but the Fearless Forecast says go to a cider mill today.

Fearless Forecast
New Jersey J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS 24
Factory of Sadness 14

The Giants simply CANNOT lose this week. They have a bye...

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