Friday, February 10, 2017


This is a hard day and especially hard music series tonight friends; Johnny found out through the grapevine early today his good friend Col. Will Stewart passed away this morning. Johnny and Will worked together, sat next to each other and became the office peanut gallery. They enjoyed getting in early and turning the music up. Like Frodo and Gandalf they had an adventure together. Will played in The Ypsitucky Colonels and Corndaddy until he just couldn't anymore. When Johnny moved he gave Col. Will his prized record collection because he just couldn't bring it east. He also couldn't sell it to a friend who just loved music. Will was the John the Revelator who tried to keep the old Ypsi City Desk going but just didn't have the time. He was the only one Johnny offered it to as he got Ypsi and loved music. If Johnny is a music knowledge Jedi Will was Yoda.

The good and kind and wonderful Will Stewart out front here for the Ypsitucky Colonels and 'Heart of the Matter.' Til' next time around Colonel!

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